June 2015



12th International Himalaya Butoh Festival

Proto Dreaming Honza and Cobody  
Shamelessly Shy Honza
 Huge Rock Naireet and cobody
 Binding through Pamela and cobody
- In your tongue, your skin and your heart'
11 June, 2016

Transforming to an Unnameable Secret

Pilar could integrated her ten years subbodies reseach.
She upstreamed into her Peripartum experience, many kinds of nightmares, investigation under the water, researching in South American forest tribes for many years, and collected each subbody pieces in this performance.
She continued to carry her Secret, and finaly she transformed into Unnamable Secret being.
How deep could we dig into the darkness of body, decide how deep can we listen to other's darknes of bodies.
She became a new midwife, congratulations!
She opens June-July workshops in Himalaya.
Please join in it!

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 'A Life Line' Anna Lena and Cobody
"Huge Rock" Naireet, Pilar, Julie and Cobody
'Five Poems' Ajia, Anna Lena, River, Sara and Sati Gio
'The burned bodies' Anna Lena and Cobody 
 Geisha Goya/ River and Yoko
""Shadows of Fire" Naireet Basak 
Opening Performance of 12th Himalaya Butoh Festival  

12th Himalaya  Butoh Festival starts today!
Performances are held at various places at Dharamsala town.
We experiment new Nomad Rhizome Festival.
Workshops and performances are free of charge.
Please enjoy it.

 Opening performance
Immersive Interactive Butoh Theater

 Big Thanks!
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Subbody Resonance Butoh video has surpassed the
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We will continue to pursue the tremendous interesting of
Life Resonance.
Thank you!