April 2013


School Journal
30 April 2013 

Jogibara Dream Theater 4 Solos

On Friday, Sebastien, Lisa, Kristien, and Honza tried to integrate subbody solo.
The originality and uniqueness of subbody is growing up gradually.
Now we can enter new realm of experiments of multi transforming theater which subbody and cobody interchange, connect, separate and transform flexiblly.

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30 April 2013 

Jogibara Dream Theater

After the day of Kangra, Kaska, Javier and Aymon developed own dream theater at the school.
Gradually student's performances become deepening and developping the resonativity.

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30 April 2013 

Kangra Dream Theater Part 3: Honza, Kaska and Solveig

Honza, Kaska and Solveig danced an empty huge pond, ruined room and old prizon.

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28 April 2013 

Kangra Dream Theater Part 2: Kristien, Lisa and Sebastien

Kristien, Lisa and Sebastien found each own dreamland and danced in the underground space, prizon and a broken house.

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28 April 2013 

Kangra Dream Theater Part 1: Aymon, Javier, Marianne and Monuj

After the Earth Day, students started to
Remember own Proto dream which is the most impressive dream in life of each other. And tried to co-create each dream world by becoming things or characters of each other's dream.
On thursday, we visited Kangra fort which is a ruin of medieval India, and co-created eleven dream theaters in one day. They trasformed into various strange beings of the 11 dreamland in a day.
First part: Aymon, Javier, Marianne, Monuj found various landscapes and we co-created each dream theater.

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21 April 2013 

Breath of Earth with Tibetan Children

Students performed "Breath of Earth" at Tibetan Children School in Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, and collaborated with children. Some children's faces were painted as the same as students like Amazon people. Unfortunately it was rain, but students and children could resonate with the Breath of Mother Earth. It was a rare experience of pure Life Resonance.

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Resonance on facebook

John Giskes

Really nice to see those kids reactions to the dancers! Thank you for sharing this fine pictures.

Marius Soluna
beautiful and warm impressions! looks like you had a lot of fun by dancing joyfully. heartly resonance from the greek abandoned paradiese syros!:-)

Gadu DouShin
That is so awesome!!!

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21 April 2013 

Dancing Earth and Bottom until meeting a Necessity

Students are exploring heaviest qualia, hardest qualia, wildest qualia, quietest qualia, and deepest qualia within the darkness of body as the Earth and Bottom.
Researching within the universe, from wind, fire, water, earth and space.
And purify it by scraping off indipendent element as long as possible.
Purify it to the maximum until all life has to resonate inevitably.
In the process, when you meet a mystery which you can not pass through absolutely,
it's your secret and mystery that must be danced, because it connect to the question of "who am I?", "Where am I from?".
There is a mystery and secret that can not solve only by dancing.
Until you meet it, explore every qualia including earth qualia and bottom qualia.
There is a point where the qualia of self and the world become twist each other and become unsolved mystery somewhere.
The earth and bottom are metaphors of the complexity of the world and self. It's a symbol of multiple Life Resonance. The archtype of Great Mother and Bottom are one of the Abyss which all mystery and secret are folded.
Until you meet a necessity that you cannot avoid to dance for living, your quest must continue.
All researchs are to encounter the necessity for you to survive.

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17 April 2013 

Four Solo exploring the earth and bottom 

Jordi, Kristien, Pan and Solveig danced solos.
Each subbody has each own time, flexiblly we need to find the best timing of subbodies to come out.
Old student's solos grew arround twenty to thirty munites.
Three groups and four solos were proper balance to see.

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16 April 2013 

Bodies in the Stone Garden

Four women's group of Alesia, Anneli, Geo, Solveig danced in the rock garden at the corner of the hot spring.
They placed the bodies in the stones and trees, and explored the qualia of the earth and bottom.

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15 April 2013 

Rhizome of earth and bottom

While exploring the qualia of the earth and bottom, this group; Javier, Kristien, Lisa and Monuj danced in the hall.
Each one's qualia of earth and bottom becoming upper or lower of others, entering each other complexly, and multi-layered world came out.
It seemed like a rhizome world without center, edge, top, bottom, in, out and so on.
It became a multi-dimensional resonance rhizome theater.
Yes, in fact, there are no absolute earth and bottom in Life as same as no center, no bottom in the Universe.
The earth is not stable and it is merely a planet in the solar system.
Bottom which we beleive so could be top of another world.

To understand the multi-dimensional and non-dual world of Life, we need to train ourselves in these rhizoming world, we need to relativize the world and self indefinitely.
Again, this is one of preparation to go into the world of "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata.
Because it is a non-dual realm before the dfferentiation of self and others.

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14 April 2013 

Nomad Theater exploring Earth and Bottom

End of the first week of April course, students performed with three group and four solos. It became 3 hours long. This week we slowly started to studying "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata, and started to research earth qualia and bottom bodies.
Honza, Kaska, Lisa and Sebastien performed as group A in the garden for thirty munites.
Their earth and bottom qualia are entered each other with travelling and exchanging.
It became like a Nomad-Rhizome theater.

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8 April 2013 

Four Witches Theater

Four women found the small place with woods behind the school.
It seemed like four witches performance in the vague space.
In March we just tried to contact as much as subbodies-cobodies in the darkness of body.
Next month, subbody=cobody will learn the various resonance patterns, and will find the best timing for each subbody and cobody to appear.
And, students will study the advanced creation methods of Carrying density, Jumping wild, Finding the optimal timing (Tame), Jo-Ha-Kyu、Zu-Ji-Cho (Picture-Background- Signs), and Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery) gradually.

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7 April 2013 

Subbody=Cobody Theater

A big revolution in the subbody butoh method is proceeding quietly. It is to vanish the dualistic distingishment of subbody and cobody.
Untill last year, we used the convininent distingishment of the concept of subbody and cobody.
As "Subbody is subconscious body. Cobody is resonanting subbody". But this convinient division bound student's daily mind firmly by the dualistic devision of Ego/Enemy, Self/Others. Students remained to be bound by the dualistic illusion of that division of individual and group.
"My piece is mine=my creation." This dualistic illusion disturbed the whole process of Butoh of Life.
Actually subbody is cobody, cobody is subbody, it is the oneness. They have just various resonance patterns, and they seems sometimes alone, sometimes a group.
But until last year, I could not guide students properly.
Then I decided not to use the convinient distingishment of subbody and cobody as much as possible, though not perfectly.
The main process of the first month of this year is to contact each subbody=cobody without clear division of subbody and cobody.
It is almost done, though some edges are still bind students. We will try to solve them during next month.
This process is necessary for learning "Sick Dancing Princess".
Students have to learn how to take off the all condition of human including Ego and Self, and we can enter the unexplored Hijikata Butoh world "Sick Dancing Princess".
It is the non-dual and multi-dimensional world beyond the border between self/others, inside/outside, mind/body, subbody/cobody, individual/group, death/life.
We need to get the technique to release from the humanistic illusion which is trapped in ego.
We are following the road to be Butoh Rhizome as the Shisha which can transform flexiblly and infinitely.
It's going to be a exciting dense exploration than ever.

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6 April 2013 

World Transforming Theater

Students integrated one month subbody-cobody; Proto body, Hidden body and so on, including Fukushima walk, Hijikata's A size wlak and Bugs walk.
They became three groups, and each body integrated own subbody=cobody for five minutes, the others resonated with it in various ways.
Basically follwoing the Jo-ha-Kyu of the Bugs walk, they danced Jo-Ha1-Ha2 part with own qualia instead of Bug's qualia, and in the Ha3-Kyu part, they danced in own Proto dream world. Everybody rememberd the most impressive world change qualia in each own proto dream. We entered into other's nightmare world each other.
Totally, there happened five times dynamic world change unexpectedly. They danced in the discombobulation with full of unknown world changing.
In this year, we don't distingish subbody and cobody. We enter the non-dual world of subbody=cobody. Then we can become Life with releasing from the extremely strong Ego bind and Self bind.

This is the entrance for Hijikata's "Sick Dancing Princess" world. It took for full month. But it is not enough preparation for all students.
We have to dig and find another tunnel for the entrance.
Every day is challenging.

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5 April 2013 

Opening to the Life Resonance

What is happening now in the subbody school.
A big change is happening, but I cannot discrive it by word. Because the change is so big and radical, I was too much involved and interested in it, and my words couldnot catch up it.

Maybe, a revolution which we take of all established concept of subbody method and we are opening everything to the real Life Resonance.

We don't distingush bubbody and cobody, me and you, inside and outside.
We are entering into the non-dual multi-resonance world directly.
All existing ideas are become disturvance, we throw away all of them.

Then, all existing methods became deepen.
For example, "A size walk", it became an entrance to the non-dual world. We found the term of "Discontinuity" which Hijikata wrote at the last sentense of the text of "A size walk", as the hidden entrance to the non-dual and multi-resonance world. It was a hidden gift from Hijikata for future students of butoh.

Also the word (Will is bug/ sense of material) which is the last sentense of "Bugs walk" is an hidden entrance to each own creation.
After studying the bugs walk of the first stage, we can proceed to the second stage by replacing the "bug" to each own qualia, we can open infinite original creation.

Also, this year, we co-create the Ha3 and Kyu part of bugs walk with together. We co-create the world change process with sharing each proto dream qualia. When students resonate with other's world change, suddenly it became dynamic real world change. We could find novel posibility of the bugs walk world.

Resaonance has infinite posibility, we know only less than 1 %, maybe less than one millionth of it.
We will investigate in it during the year.