April 2017


Subbody Journal
 Bear Alive / Dara and Silas
Suballet / Aia and Lidiane
30 April, 2017

This is the <Ha> of Jo-Ha-Kyu

This piece Suballet has typical Jo-ha-Kyu.
Especially, very clear <Ha>.
<Ha> is to break <Jo> and unfold novel dimension.
Aia and Ridianne showed unison duet ballet as <Jo>, and broke it remarkablly.
Everyone, learn from this what is <Ha>!
Does your piece have enough <Ha>?
Jo-ha-Kyu is resonance method to share your important Qualia with the world. Without <Ha>, you would lose the deep resonance.

Until April, performances of co-researchers has not enough <Ha>. Most of people bound by the first idea and forget Transparency that keeps the exact balance of 50% inside, 50% outside.
Someone was bound by inner listening and forgot to break it.
Someone is bound by outer intention to show fun or idea to audience, and forgot Transparency.

Be Transparent!
Not bound by anything.
Break your self, it is <Ha>.
Surprise yourself, it is <Ha>.

Without surprising yourself, how is it possible to resonate with others deeply?
Hijikata wrote it as the
<Peacock>, in "Quiet House".
Stop thinking!
And remember the moment that your Life was moved by something deeply!
Life know well about the <Peakock> that your Life was impressed deeply in your life.
Stop thinking and listen to the Life.

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 From the Dark Hole / Alex
 2 Trios / Freda-Yoko-Vishal and Dara-Kaori-Silas
 3 Solos / Emilia, Alex and Isa
3 Duos / Aia and Jaime, Dara and Lila, Naireet and Jaime 
 Out of the broken mirror / Anna Lena
 Water Girl and Wave Man / Pamela and Honza
 Holly Anger / Pilar, Lee and Cobody
 Front and Behind / Silas, Honza, Naireet and Anna Lena
22 April, 2017

April Harvest

Big Harvests continue in this Spring.
Last Friday persormance proceeded 3 hours, and deepened the diversity.
We experiments how can we develope the rhizoming creation method through only Life Resonance without tree system role as choreographer or director.
So rich and novel challenges were born in a theater.
Today was richest day in the 15 years history in Himalaya. But it is just the beginning. One and half month is remained in this semeter.
What invention and crisis will be emergenced?
When the creation process is deepening, the crisis of edges, chaos are increasing non-duality toward the unknown Abyss.
Unexpected subtle strange change of mind and body condition will occur.
Already, a phenomena that "a hurrying up super ego" possessed me happened in the forest.
We can only keep the 24 hours conditioning and Transparency sensitively for it.

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 Cobodies share in the forest
8 April, 2017

Cobodies share in the forest

In the Himalayan forest, we co-create various cobody resonance pattern.
Everybody asked to Life, "What world do you want to dance in?",
and co-created them together.
A variety of cobodies came out one after another.
We create both of one hour solo and one hour cobody peice in the Butoh Festival at the end of semester.
In order to enrich it, we will invent much more various ways for the birth of cobodies from next week.
It will be rich harvest of subbody=cobodies this year!

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 Dali's House / Anna Lena and Cobody
Gone Bear / Dara and Andrew  
Life a Life / Pilar and Cobody  
 Lovers Entanglement "Anata wo Aishiteiru" / Kaori, Vishal and Cobody
Five Solos / Yoko, Naireet, Pilar, Jaime and Lidiane  
Strange Cafe  
 Kangra Dream Fragment
 LWO / Dara
Weave / Lila and Cobody  
Prelude / Andrew and Dara  
 Black Fire / Isa
Water and Knife / Jaime and Pilar  
 Coffee and Cigarettes / Andrew, Dara, Freda, Naireet, Yoko
Melting Transition / Alex, Anna Lena, Lidiane, Lila  
8 April, 2017

Reduced body Share

Each researcher find own reduced body, by "Reduction by X and regeneration" method of Hijikata.
We share it and co-created each reduced world while moving by the Nomad Rhizome.
Various variations of
"Stuffed Spring" such as "the subtle vibrating bodies world", subtracting gross movement, "the super slowmotion world" subtracting speed, "the world of collapsed body" with flexibility subtracted (the world of Kan flowers) were born one after another.
Also many different Qualia resonate multi-dimensionally, it becomes
Chimera body and Chimera cobody.
When gross motion is subtracted, the mutual resonance also becomes a subtle level.
We must focus on the subtle listening a lot more, because it would not be seen and heard.
It can not catch up with the daily watching eyes and ears. Better closing it, one big eyes on the forehead. The third eye is that all the skin and the
Hidden skins would become eyes and ears. Hijikata called this as <participation into skin> in the last part of "Quiet House".

Gradually, we will dive into the
Unexplored Butoh of Life.

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 Ensemble Himalaya
 Harvest of March 2017
Absence of Mama / Anna Lena, Lila and Yoko  
 Black Gust / Alex and Jaime
 Sheep and Spider
Resonance Dance April Course
at Resonance Studio
 Butoh Performance Every Friday
 Butoh Jam Every Saturday