April 2011


School Journal
 30 April, 2011

A group which can co-create each behind world

After the first week when we started to learn "Quiet House", students co-created each piece's behind world together.
We learned Hijikata's sunken logic of "X reduction", students apply it to create a reduced cobody together, and choreographed each other.

Silent shout behind mirror
Decayed poster passing through
Nest of forest
Aproaching nightmare
Unconfortable squeeze
Waiting desperately angry
Stuffed spring

Now students get the both ability to choreograph each other and to be choreographed each other flexiblly.
When we could take off our ego, and open life resonance, it becomes so easy.
To become a flexible group which is able to co-create various behind worlds is one of the target of this year, but students group almost got it only for two months. It took for half year at the two year before, and had disappeared immediately.
That kind of flexible group has never appeared on the planet.
How far can we go this year?
It's big pleasure of the year.

26 April, 2011

We started to study "Quiet House"

 We started to study the last butoh score for Hijikata's solo of "Quiet House".
This is one of the deepest source of Hijikata Butoh which was translated in other language from the original Japanese text.
The Japanese text was published at 1998.
I needed for twelve years to understand it and to translate into English.
There are folded the essense of the secret of Hijikata's butoh method in each sentense.
Today we could learn just a few sentenses at the first chapter, but the darkness of student's body resonated so deeply that unique and tasty dances came out.
How far can we go from here?
It will be the big pleasure of the year.
Please watch and share together the deepening process.

Kats D improved the translation of the first chapter as the follwoing;

“The Red God”

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain
Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time
Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively
Stuffed spring
Nest of Forest, Nest of Eyes, A moth placed on a wooden plate
A vaporized candy maker or the Christ drawn as a Samurai warrior
A fine Spider’s thread that runs on the forehead
Cat Waist
Behind World
Garbage disposal facility
When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed
Can factory
Regenerate a reduction by X
Behind the mirror

26 April, 2011

Proto Dream Theater


Students created each dream body piece together.

It has real and deep qualia which we cannot forget.

These real qualia become the blood of butoh.

The taste of student's dance became much more thicker than ever.

We met each own secret for life

We need to solve the secret someday.              

It connects to our necessary butoh dance which we have to dance for surviving.

This is the entrance to the necessity of dance for living.

This is the ticket to travel into the depth of Hijikata Butoh world.

Without own necessity we cannot approach the world.               

Now everybody get the ticket.        

The preparation was ready.

We can sink down into deeper realm.        

 22 April, 2011

Kangra Dream-body Theater

We have proto dream which is the strongest nightmare, or

A repeated dream for many times, or

A deepest impressive dream unable to forget even only once.

Proto dream is the deepest qualia which is imprinted on life.

We call it original dream or proto dream.

Students danced own proto dream during this week.

In the deep layer of subbody world, there are no boundary between self and others, students entered others dreamland and co-created each dream world together.

On Thursday, we visited Kangra fort near the school which is a ruin of the Middle Ages of India, and each student found the constellation and landscape fitting to own dreamland.

Every student entered into each other's dreamland and and co-created nine dream worlds.

The Himalayan mountains came out from the cloud and watched student's dream theaters.


22 April, 2011

Gio gave me a feedback for 5 weeks.
I'm happy to read it , so deeply she could resonate with subbody in such a short term so deeply as if she were my twin sister.

Amazing Resonance for 5 weeks ---Gio

Actually,I can't tell you how I've been feeling.

Oneday (after starting this course) I dreamed. In the dream, i was changing my clothe in front of the mirror. The first clothe was nice, but some times later I changed again. I saw me through the mirror. I wore a beautiful clothe, the most beautiful...

It looked like an unique coat really nice. It's fitting for me, most fitting...

I said in the dream, "It's really fitting for me, most suitable!!"

Sometimes  I think of that dream. I feel like to take off, change clothe, wear new clothe, these days doing butoh.

Some one said to me about "[empty house] which the wind and air go and come easily". I imagine that my body become like empty house.

and I'm searching so many faces, so many bodies, so many sounds…

So many stories of body…from ancient times to now…

From other life to my life…


Amazing Resonance!


As I said when I went to Cambodia I had some strange feelings.

Why they live there (on the big river)? Why they stay on the street begging?

Why I'm walking passing them without doing together something?

Why I live in Korea at this time?

What relationship between them and me or you and me or me and even street dogs ,small trees, wild flowers…


Now I think, maybe it's resonance. I read some words like this.

"Sympathetic resonance"!! Anyway now I'm looking for various resonance through body.

Resonance will be one of the most important word in my life like a solidarity of various life in society.

You said " life resonance" Yes, life resonance.

Also the resonance with other students was amazing.

With deep emotion really I love their subbody.




Too many Qualia! In our life… Can see can feel or can't see, can't feel…

In my case strong Qualia was in some memory.

One day you said "Close your eyes, and walk forward to your past life"

I was walking but suddenly I couldn7t walk.

I didn't want to see my past. I hesitated to go.

But, sometimes later, following your direction, I was walking in the unconscious condition. You said "Ask your life"

Yes, I did, and I waited for some answer.

And… you know what happened! My body answered for my asking.

My body remembered many things. Really amazing moments!!

The memory of the body!! I followed my body.

Sometimes I forget "I", erasing ego slowly.

When I gave up ego maximumly, there was a new world.

It's the greatest moment. I felt like "meditation of body"

I had an amazing experience in the vipassana.

But it's not enough to keep equanimity in my mind and to observe my body.

I want to express my pressure through body.]I want to comminicate our pressure in the social system… looking for the hidden "I" or nothingness.


Subbody methods


The methods were enough to help me to look for hidden "I".

It made me relax extremely and dissolved me.

Amazing methods to research skin,, bone,, joint,, all of inside.

Yes, I can be everything. It was enough to make me shiver.

Do you know? Why I started this traveling. I wanted to be born again.

You remember? One day I was baby in the new world…

I love some deep darkness beyond the line between darkness and light.. between happiness and sadness.

This body is wearing too many clothes. So heavy!!

I'm taking off one by one. Someday I'm wearing wind, darkness, some eyes and other creatures.

It's new road in my life. I've never thought about this, but I don't fear. I'm falling in love with subbody.

Coming back soon.

Just I'm thinking of the date.

Which is better? This September or next March for one year course.

Of course I want to come back as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot!!!



19 April, 2011 

Autobiography on the ROAD/ GIO

Actually I started long travel to find something, somewhere, some body, some face..
While doing BUTOH I asked to my life at every moment and waited for the answer.
My life answered through my body.. My body remembered the answer
Please read this POEM in your body. Taste in your subbody.
10 minutes later, we’re traveling to this road.

I walk down the street
There is the deep hole in the side walk
I fall in.
I am lost..i m hopeless.
It isn’t my fault
It take forever to find a way.
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don’t see it.
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I m in the same place.
But it isn’t my fault.
It still take long time to get out.
I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in…it’s a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.
I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I walk around it.
I walk down another street..

"Autobiography in the five chapters"
(The Tibetan book of living & dying)

Make a big standing circle.
Close your eyes and calm down with your breathe.
Calm down.. Calm down in the deep silence.
And slowly walk as you like, not so fast.

I’m walking.. Walking for somewhere.
Walk and walk passing friends, strangers, buildings, trees..

Suddenly some strange feeling appears on my arms and between legs.
I feel like to pull from every direction, right side left side above head under the feet, even the front side.
Pulling me more and more..

Finally I can’t move.. anymore.

Open third eyes.
Look around!
Ah.. This world is so different from mine.
Where am I?
Beyond the time and the space..
What happened?

Oh! I’m dead. I’m on the end of life.
Look above!
My soul is looking at my dead body in the ceiling.
My body and Soul.. We’ll never come together again.
My dead body is looking at my soul on the border between former life and further life.. in a big chaos.

I want to move.
But I still have attachment to former life
My mother, father.. family, friends and happy memory.
The memory of former life.. starts to appear under my feet like a motion picture.


Now I’m out of all senses.. eyes ear nose tongue…
Sound smell taste.. every feeling and thinking..
My body is empty and slowly melting
Bones and muscles go back to the soil
Mucus goes back to the water..
And all of my body goes to the fire and somewhere.

I take off old body
And wearing new air, wind or flower or animals or human or something else.

With new cloths I’m enjoying resonance with other body in the new world.

 16 April, 2011

Co-creating Jo-Ha-Kyu of the theater

Students found own place around the school, and danced one after another.
We didn't decide the order, nobody knows what will happen next. It's real stray nomad theater.
We co- created the total Jo-Ha-Kyu of the theater together.

At first Eleanor started in the pool, and moved to Subbody hall,
Jonathan, and Syv danced at the hall.

Ha: Changing
Natasja moved to back yard, she resonated with Himalayan mountain, some bodies resonated with it.
After finishing Natasja, some one found Pilar in the sky!
Surprizingly, Pilar was dancing on the top roof!
This was one of surprising Ha(=changing) of today.
Akshi danced at the entrance of hall.
Next, when we moved the garden, some one was shitting on the grass.
Also this is another kind of Ha( =changing) for today.

As like this, slowly we are studying how to co-create the total Jo-Ha-Kyu of the theater, with finding each deep, numinous and necessary subbody and constellation, in the realtime resonance one should find the best timing to show it in the total jo-Ha-Kyu.
To find the best timeing of subbody is also creating the best Jo-ha-Kyu of total theater.
Through these rich experiences of life resonance, we can become oneness as a life, as a subbody and cobody.

Welcome to join in Street Nomad Theater

When: pm 2:30 Sunday 17th April
Where: Gather at Rompa Cafe on the Jogibara road and will move on the Bagusu road

Butoh Contact Dance Workshop
When: am 10:00-pm 3:00 every Saturday, April, May
Where: Subbody Butoh School
Fee: 444RS (555RS incl. jam)

Open Jam
Fee: 150RS

Subbody Butoh Theater
When: every Friday, April, May, June. pm3:00-5:00
Where: Subbody Butoh School
Fee: 100RS

Nomad Theater spreaded to the town 
 12 April, 2011

Street Nomad Theater

Students of this year don't stop dancing.
Not only usual weekend Subbody cobody theater became a Stray Nomad Theater, on Saturday, some of them open "Butoh Contacy Workshop and Jam", and on SUnday, they danced on the street of macleodganj.
Honza (from Holland) has alrady started it before last Sunday, and Akshi (from India), Gio( from Korea) joined last Sunday, and they performed on the Jogibara Road for an hour.

There are only three road in htis town, they already danced on the two road, Temple road and jogibara road, maybe they will dance on the Bagusu road next week.
Also the Workshop, Jam and Butoh Theater will be as usual.

Welcome to join in Street Nomad Theater

When: pm 2:30 Sunday 17th April
Where: Gather at Rompa Cafe on the Jogibara road and will move on the Bagusu road

Butoh Contact Dance Workshop
When: am 10:00-pm 3:00 Saturday 16th April
Where: Subbody Butoh School
Fee: 555RS

Open Jam
Fee: 150RS

Subbody Butoh Theater
When: Friday 15th April pm3:00-5:00
Where: Subbody Butoh School
Fee: 100RS

11 April, 2011

Butoh Poem /Isabelle 

Dear Lee,

Butoh poems are spilling out of my fingers at night.
Beginnings and ends, shiftings sliding. Personal non personal.
Maybe last one too personal.
But now I share them with you.
From last and this week.

Thank you

Butoh Poem

moving mountains shifting grounds
lifting birds eating sounds

watching herds burning earth
rest in peace winter breeze

etching windows losing time
sowing doubts taking rights

hunting ghosts shaking veins
tracing steps wasting selves

climbing down tumbling shelves
shaking floor risking greed

growing vain wandering grains
give me your life and i’ll share your pain

wrath and evil
hatred shines
waits and lingers
jealousy fingers
eternity eternally
like clouds

pastime present

whisper madness shiver like a bee
trust immediately shape
around your waist
drive me naked in a gun

grasp this bone joint was joined
who was lost
like an old oak tree
shame and grief cramp creep peace
change wait watch yearn

pace train strain
grab humid hay
hollow goat lay
numb sway straight
great play wreck crack
shock fake frame

wrong fail flirt steal love void
make way move
wave shave save next
next next dive below brave soul

dried dirt
mud dark
dream draw touch
rhythm raven
jung jones lee lama lobe
contain well wall well

ring gong string
strange life
gone gross beyond
beauty fate
fight lay low long
longing glow glance gland

hunger hiccup hurl hush grudge
game hunt stay slave frain judge
nothing never none just choose
knife fork spoon eat sky shit lust

take smile trust broad junk ink
lick floor blood tramp
over rim ramp
shove knee hang threads up ram
she throws
jump fall break goes

see her leave
wink blink shrink don’t think
lamb stew hidden skin
prtotected head layers held
laid in line pointed out
fetus found shoveled trout
lame lung heart hard thrust stone

roll folds clothes bold last law liver fish
nipple thigh hip juice eye blows balls womb

strong state grace fade safe shriek sound stiff
tread luck lurch fog fig figure
taught brought times tv lines
like wash water wish wasp was loud LOUD
round strange urn urge frawn forth
further sought
broader brought wait hold let light
shine drop
drop point pin one soft slow ssh turn
way jaw tail jam jay jail

young gone in on hug try
gain flood afraid moan
glide vase smell less small joke shift
build rain left said
tomorrow noon brew save stay tray gave day say
some guy gown hold
truce bay bought prayer begin
man must lush found
second of rude road roar scream
shout tap clap leap
up back turn twist leave
me mist wrist

sweating eyes drooling toys lingering dreams
seriously shoveling fears
words out taken
of the whisking way
drink jugs full
bugs barking
where there every lie
lies everywhere
follow track just straight like that no moving
drown dread drum head bang why wake up to now
let leash unleash ashes
splash slugs grey sand fry hide
eyes of mud

raise race razor blade rush blush stroll
long lonely grace
nonamely samesamely
grace graciously
chase water women sex same flee fled flow flush trust
lay close shut voice low organ in motion warm notion
worm germ strung out viraciously
light hung beside bedside life
breath chef tame teas juice lush bees blow street honk
home fold plough eat raw shake tree tape wall wound break
bound stay aid vain litter flicker flash great year your ill
little small live win cry die

feel show brew taste tongue ear
toe car moan may
beg pay poke type slime slide
gods last
lime oil cave drive chat laugh breathe gain
grain walk drain stone still chaos
storm stay sway astray again

moment pause time tell lie
magic watch future clock grandpas crutch
filthy notch showing groans simple and worn
neighbouring dog bothering gone glimpse of bird
leaping low lame loaf land faint
shy work saw strain same fetch
couch mouth teeth limb beg buy guts dead thread sway
wings faith angel dry dust
tongue murmur scorn find
through just sun stem trunk
deep worn hord

watch word
word is god
god is dead
dead is alive
moving slow
desperate desire
ask tell will
will find

just this
just now

behind below
worlds unite
friend foe
human stone
/why how
go gone
none no
loathe won

see see with eyes blind
leap long ask life
love hand mourn sting
stand bow guard guide
torn town small boy
church rhyme
drawn dream stretch time
receive rage fear find
fate see eye eye
sold blind
belate bound sane profound

mystery door wicked and worn
tunnel of light entrance at night
shallow a pond vivid new born
bottom lay open
seek and find
your personal world
enter share pray walk
sway roll all but talk
seed stain
water rain
leaf of love
blinded dead gone
shame is a point on a tight rope trembling
wiggle your joint shave your armpit wicked and long
shame has no glory
just little a dime
take your time
I don’t want it no more
wasted late strained wait
don’t go
go don’t stay stand up and do it for
fine free feel
like a lime pie cake with icing and cream
leave no mark trace my steps bark at noon
fold your forehead beneath your arms
crack a skull repair it again faint and let go
you’ll wake up I’m sure
face your truth mine is blood
bubbles and sun
glasses of gold
coctails for fun
I don’t steal what I already bought
liver and wine hell is a cone up at the bottom
show me your grief
it’s there alongside beneath laughter and foggy brew
wish you would taste it this muddy stew
lips of concrete shady with mould rotten from the inside
leave it open that fuzzy wound
responsible criminal try only once
learn the lesson go home and forget
forgive me have mercy I beg you my saints
I didn’t do it or mean it or want it not anymore
a moment of bliss I’ve heard it before
boring a drag give me some core
been around long enough I know there is a cure
lurching behind ragged tears leaking pants
shaking heads edgy nerves taste my fear
made it myself quite proud of my ways
wash your cheeks color them fine
fuck this loophole, again now I’m blind
sexy men don’t hang from trees care them caress them make them go mad
love them to death and bear them rebirth love is sweet apples cherries
juice flesh meat
faint for me folded one listen lover I’ve let you down
shoulder to shoulder a shore on the line
over the ocean over the time fly baby fly there’s a rainbow sky
flames them flames I can see them now
we all go to hell the trick is to leave I’ve shit in my pants when I tried
wasted and stoned I watched the lonely and few
shiver and freeze and then I fucked someone new
gave them a blanket said this one’s for you
it’s red like your eyeballs I’ve cut them with knife
spare me your bullshit would you worlds of compassion is over and out
I love you to death and I mourn you tonight
you said you said while you watched me crawl
from where you stood I could feel it all
I see and did it all and nothing but fall
heavy arms head legs so easily torn
I am strong I can stand I mustn’t scorn
who said who was who would who went who should who loved who lost who
sent who who echo

now all we share are hidden tears

 Stray Nomad Theater
10 April, 2011

Entering into Non-dual realm


"Shisha (the dead) transform their shape quietly and infinitely.
It is not rare that they use shapes of others flexibly and naturally."

(" Quiet House" Hijikata Tatsumi")


Moving Nomad Theater grew up to Stray Nomad Theater.
This week all ten students became a group and separated as a subbody at various place around the school. Uncertainty increased than the last week. Every moment the constellation is changing from a shape to another quickly. When some one lost the timing to start, then another world came out imedeately. This is the Stray Nomad Theater. All students entered into non-dual world which the group and the individual shift each other momentary, the qualia of self and the world change mutually.
This is the true reality of the realm of life. Life resonate with Shsha (the dead) and behind world dynamicly.
Slowly students have experienced the Hijikata's Butoh world which"Shisha (the dead) transform their shape quietly and infinitely".
I was aware of it suddenly.
I have pursued the Nomad theater for long years without recongnizing the relationship with Hijikata Butoh under influenced by philosopher; Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze, I just reseached the novel way of being after the human. But that way was connected to Hijikata's Butoh world.
Subbody method was developed independently from Hijikata Butoh method for these fifteen years, but finally both of them became oneness.
In the non-dual realm the boundaries to separate each thing disappear, and become oneness. Everything is defferent from daily world, there are no boundaries between cobody and subbody, between group and individual, between world and self. It is very real world where life is resonating with everything in non-dual and multi-dimensional realm.
We could find the entrance to the non-dual relation-ship world through the stray nomad theater.
We will enter the non-dual realm with learning the "Quiet House" in this month.


5 April, 2011

Moving Nomad Theater


Each of students danced at one's favorite place one after another, and the others follow it as a cobody group. This is the Moving Nomad theater. Surprisingly, this year's subbody school is proceeding so quickly.
Normally, we used to try the nomad theater in June or July, but this year it came out at the third week of March.
What is happening? Time becomes so condensed. And so rich creations of subbodies and cobodies came out from the darkness of ten student's bodies.
Anyway, the very good conditions for infinite creativity of life is ready through the resonance by all.


 Fragile stone / Jonathan
1 April, 2011

Landscape and Constellation


We have been in the Himalayan Rock garden this week.
There are a lot of rock and stone as the teacher of quietness.
We became the quiet body at first, and listened to subtle qualia.
There are a lot of slopes as the teachers to learn different qualia of the gravity.
There are a lot of variation of the landscape which gives us a lot of variation of the constllations. Landscape is physical thing, and the constellation is invisible thing which only life can resonate. We learned both of them in the Rock garden.
People are moving on the physical landscape, but they are dancing with invisible constellation which each life resonates.
Students crated own Jo-Ha-Kyu in the variations of landscape and constellation.
The constellations are connected with various other worlds behind this physical world. Students listened to the subtle qualia of the behind worlds.
Slowly our subbldies and cobodies grow up through these rich experiences.