April 2012


Subbody Journal
 Dancing Shisha in the Red God
 29 April, 2012

Dancing Shisha in the Red God

On the weekend of the theird week of April, students integrated seven weeks research in each subbody and cobody world.
As same as the last week, eleven subbodies chose a dancing place and the other student's cobody entered the space in various ways with diverse Jo-Ha-Kyu.
Each subbody danced in an unexpected world stream as 'The Red God'.
We continued this method for several weeks, and every students experienced the other's cobody world also. Some cobody worlds became a common wealth for everybody. For exmple 'Under water elephant' and 'Framan cobody' were growing up, so that students are able to use in their own butoh peices.

Slowly we are learning what 'The Red God' is, and what 'the infinite transforming Shisha' is, through bodily experiences. We were slowly entered into "The Meta-logic world" which the self and others are not divided, as the fetus and womb. And an awareness they are not separated, but oneness in the non-dual realm of darkness of body. Don't misunderstand that Hijikata guided you into unknown strange religious world. Hijikata and Lee are not religious people at all. We just use the most ancient concept as a metaphor to upstream into non-dual resonance world before any religions were not born yet.
It must not be able to understand it by head at all.
Because our thinking is bound so strongly by daily dualism; self/others, in/out, right/worng, individual/group, and so on in the consensus reality world. But it is the biggest illusion of human, our Life is living in another 'Reality of Qualia' which resonate with everything beyond time and space infinitely.
Next week we will enter the dream-body world where the non-dual Red God and Shisha living in our darkness of body, too.
The isuue of non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance will become clear before long.
The Shisha and the Red God are the metaphors of the non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance of Life.

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 Subbodies encountered unknown world part 2
 Subbodies encountered unknown world part 1
 21 April, 2012

Subbodies encountered unknown cobody

On the weekend of the second week of April, students integrated six weeks research into each subbody and cobody.
To create each cobody world, student become pair, and give one's original qualia to the partner. The partner initiated a cobody and world by each partner's qualia.
Each subbody danced in the other student's cobody world where many unexpected encounters happened.

Defferent dimensions existed in a stage and met with various ways; passing through, approaching, spreading, involving, atttacked, and so on.
Also all students entered into other student's original world as the cobody.
We could created a special method which we encounter unknown worlds as 'The Red God'.

Slowly we are learning what 'The Red God' is.
And the new born baby of subbodies and cobodies are slowly learning rich resonance methods and growing up through this deverse experiences.
Today we introduce the half scenes of the theater.

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 17 April, 2012

World=Self Storm Theater

Our daily mind regards that the world and self are different, but it is illusion of human.
For our Life, the world and self are not sepatated, but always resonating and transforming.
I investigating in how can we dance this raw Life resonance directly for long time, and finnaly we could find out the basic method as World=Self transforming theater.

On last Friday, after watching the combobulation theather by the first group. the second group co-created the "World=Self Storm" clealy.

The main concept of it is to dance the world qualia.
Last week a dream which people become a pair. It was a suggestion from my subbody to separate a person into the world and self. When a person gives one's original qualia to the partner and the parner initiates a world by the partner's qualia, the person is able to dance in one's own world. I gave each role of the pairs.

First pair's role: Subbody and initiator
Second pair's role: Promoters
Third pair's role; Followers

Each pair exchange own qualia to the partner. The partner initiates a movement by the parner's original qualia as an initiator.
The second pair promotes it as promoters. The third pair follows it.
They co-create a group movement and develope it to the world storm by following the Jo-ha-Kyu of spontaneous cobody movement.
Subbody can resonate freely with the world storm of cobody.

I learned these roles from cancer when I was my thirties.
Everyday cancer cells are generated by encountering the carcimogen.
And normal cells mutated to cancer cells. Thousands of cancer cells are born everyday in our body. Scientists call them "Initiator". When a single cell bocomes cancer, the killer cell whic is a kind of our white cell can find them and eat them. Our inmune system guard our body every moment.
But when we fall into adrenarine mode by getting angry against some stimulus, the inmune system stops and the another kind of cancer cells accerate the initiator of cancer. When the promoter cells amplify the cancer, the inmune system cannot stop it any more.
This is natural fenomena of our body.
I learned from it and found a system to create cobody from an original qualia to a group movement. I named it "Happy cancer method" arround fifiteen years ago. The dream let me remember this method.
And give role of initiator, promoter and followers to each pair of students.

I asked students to find a partner, and give each original qualia to the partner. Partner initiates by the qualia which he/she received from it's partner. The other pair promote the tendency with finding a unique position and distance. The third pair follow it.
Then we co-created a world stream. Subbody can dance in one's own qualia stream.
In the second group, the first initiator was Gio. Gio's partner was Aida. Gio initiated a qualia of 'Mummy' which Aida gave her. The other pair promoted it, and followers amplified the tendency. And Aida danced on the wall with resonating to the world transformation of cobody.

Pair; Aida and Gio, Noah and Eleanor, Kats and Kristine

 Order Initiator  Original qualia of subbody  Subbody 
 1  Gio  Mummy  Aida
 2  Eleanor  Inhibited action  Noah
 3  Aida  Bloody Spring  Gio
 4  Kristine  Stuffed Spring  Kats
 5  Noah  Littel girl and Butterfly  Eleanor
6  Kats  Red boiling butterfly  Kristine

Finnaly I could find the structure which a subbody can dance in one's own world qualia storm.
This structure is so complicated that I could not explain well by words. Prpbably no reader understand it.
But, the transformation of world storm was amazing. Each subbody could danced in various world qualia.
This was the first time to reralize the World Storm Theater by the Happy cance method. It took for fifteen years to complete it.
Then we can find the way which each subbody can dacne in the world storm by each original qualia. And every one can experience others world qualia by becoming cobody.
We will develope it during the semester.

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 14 April, 2012

What is "The Red God"?

We started the study of "Quiet House" which is a butoh score of Hijikata's last solo.
It is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance world which has no direction, no orientation, just there are Life resonance of qualia.
We need to stop daily thinking to travel this special and so strange world.
We could research in only the first seven sentences for one week as the following;

1. The Red God

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Stuffed spring

Nest of Forest (*1), Nest of Eyes (*2), a moth placed on a wooded board (*3)

A vaporized candy maker or the Christ drawn as a Samurai warrior

1. The Red God

The title of the first chapter "The Red God" is the most deep mystery.
I needed almost ten years to understand this.
Also all students took for one month to experience what this qualia of Red God is, including Fukushima shock.
When a big disaster attacks us, we lose all concensus reality; what happens, who I am, where I am, what Life is, and so on, and we experience the raw qualia of Life which is shivering between Death and Life.
Students have experienced deep discombobulation which have lost all reality as a daily body of human during the first month through various hard travels in the darkess of body.

Then finally, they realy got the qualia of discombobulation.
The Red God means just the Discombobulation; which we don't know who moves us, why I dance, what I create, and so on.
The Red God is a metaphor of the combobulation which Hijikata had experienced during his lifelong.

He just followed the qualia of his Life which someone meved him.
He named this 'someone" as 'The Red God'.

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Hijikata was born as the last son after five sisters and five brothers.
He loved a sister. But when he was seven years old, she disappeared from his home, and she had to move Kobe.
Why my sister has left me?
Hijikata could not understand. He did a long travel from Akita to Kobe by alone to meet her during the summer vacation of the elementary school. He received very strange impressions because the sister wore gorgeous Japanese dress 'Kimono' with heavy makeup. But at that time he couldn't understand what happened on her.
After some year, she was sent back as a dead.
This became his biggest trauma and deepest mystery.
When he grew up adult after the second world war ended, he realized everything.
For the world war, Japan military nation-state performed a policy of 'Ianhu' which nation state collect many girls from local ereas of Japan and Korea for giving their body for filling Japanese soldgers sexual desire. many girls were send various place in Japan, China, Philipine. Vietnum, and so on.
Hijikata's favourite sister was one of them and lost life by a venereal disease.
Hijikata imagened so many times what happened on her body and mind. He dreamed of her dream infinite times, until she and he became oneness. Hijikata needed for almost fouty years to change his trauma to the last creation. All his hard inner experiences cristalized as the first sentense.

A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain

In the beginning of "A Girl" which he performed one year before the "Quiet House", the outline of his body transformed from a girl to an animal. The plan of the evil deed changed the outline. The girl tried to hide the plan of evil deed by keeping quiet face.

Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time

But, unavoidablly, the intention appears on her body and face.

Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively

Salmon has so agressive face as an eagle because it eats other fishes.
Not only salmon face, but also many hidden tendencies comes out one after the other.

With learning his butoh score, we need to find our own qualia instead of Hijikata's own qualia. Then we can shift this butoh score as a tresure box for creation. This butoh score is a will for next generation how to dig each own deep qualia in the darkness of each body.

Students research in own darkness of body and found many hidden characters, not-me, shadow, inferior personality, dissociated identities, and so on. Most of them are so strange or ugry, but even ugryness, if it could find the best timing to appear in the whole Jo-ha-Kyu, it turns to the novel Beauty. This is the Jo-ha-Kyu magic of butoh.

( I will continue to update the butoh method how to read "The Quiet House" by your body for these one or two months. It will help you to open infinite creativity of Life. Please enjoy it. Deepen it. Deviate it freely! )

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 14 April, 2012

Discombobulation theater

On the weekend of the first week of April course, students integrated these five weeks research in the darkness of body, and danced as two groups. The first group theater became like a Discombobulaton theater.
Actually I gave to the both groups a complex score for experiencing both of the world qualia and self qualia euqally, but in the beginning of the first group, six students started with closing their eyes by the blindfold, and it might guide them into a deep self-hyponosis condition. They danced in the condition between awake and asleep. It guded the theater as if the Disconbobulation theater.
Everyhting is the experiment. Always I ask students to listen to your Life "What do you want to do the most?" and follow the tendency of Life instead of following my planed score. We need to find a novel way to erase the role of choreographer or director who directs everyhting as the top of hierarchy. For opening infinite creativity of Life, we need to take of these human's illusions which are bound by Ego and Self. In the world of Life there are no top and bottom, no king and no slave. It is just human's illusious invention in the narrow history of human during these tousands years after the nation-state came out. The other long period in the four billions history of Life, there are neither the hierarchy nor Ego.
Next step is to be transparent which we can resonate with everyhting with lucid subbody and cobody condition without being bound by the both of the world and self.
Please enjoy it.

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 7 April, 2012

Co-creation of Original Cobody

The first month of 2012 is over. It started by the attack of Fukushima Shock which the day was one year aniversary of the Japan earthquake,  Tsunami, and Nulear plant meltdown.
Thr fourth Friday, students integrated all subbodies and cobodies of the month.
Especially, we co-created some cobodies which are initiated by each students's own original qualia.

It was the first time which original cobodies are come out at the first month of school.
Probably the Fukushima shock gave us the density of world-self channel experience.
It was hard for everybody, and cause deep confusion,
a student suggested us this qualia as a discombobulation, which we lose the reality in dalily life completely.
 But it was the gift from Fukushima. We had to digest it anyhow.
The combobulation is another reality of the darkness of body, it is completely different world which has no direction, no three dimension, no time dimension, It is same as the fetus world when we were in the mother's amunio fluid in the womb.

When a big disaster attack us, all of us fall into the combobulation which the borders between life and death, self and world, individual and geoup, happiness and misery disapper. Also we have to started from there through inavoidable resonance of Life.

On the last day of the first month, students integrated subbodies and cobodies which they met for one month.
Some students guided into one's own cobody, and students shared it.

Plilar; Undergraund Elephant
Javier; Tropical Cloud
Kats D; Great Mother's Vagina and Golden light

Co-creation of original cobody is deeper experience than subbody.
Subbody is individual subconscious body. Subbody is hedden in the darkness of body for long year, then it doesn't know how to resonate with others and world yet. Subbody's characteristi of resonance pattern is the dissonance.
Cobody is connected to collective unconsciousness.
We need to calm down ego for becoming subbody and cobody, because ego has strong resonace pattern which dominates others.
Each tendency has each chracteristic resonance patttern pattern.

Ego; Dominance to controll others. We need to clam down this tendency.
Subbody; Dissonance which doesn't know how to resonate yet
Cobody; Resonance in narrow meaning
Life; Multiple resonance including all of those resonance patterns

Pilar researched in under water world for long years. Maybe it connects to her necessary Abyss. When we share it, also we can
 travel in the Abyss. Under water world is necessary Abyss for every Life. In the deepest realm all Life are connecting.

Students will continue the travel to the each Abyss for one year via. becoming subbody, cobody, and Life.

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 4 April, 2012

Jo-Ha-Kyu in the ferest

Gio (Korea) and Kats D (Japan-USA) found their own Jo-Ha-Kyu in the Forest. Gio wore a old cloth which was thrown out in the forest. Kats danced simple Jo-Ha-Kyu which climbed up
a tree and down. 
In Gio's 15 munites solo, several kinds of diverse subbodies 
came out.
Thus, students correct different subbodies and cobodies through
the experiences of every week through meeting various Jo-Ha-Kyu which is generated from the resonance between a landscape and constellation of the darkness of body.
Untill the end of first semester, students will meet over ten subbodies and cobodies.
When we integrate all of them as a one hour solo, a whole self peice will be completed.
There is no end, because when we feel to complete whole self peice, the deeper mystery must appear in the deeper realm of the darkness of body.
We don't know what will happen there.
The important thing is to train our resonativity which can resonate with anything as flexible as possible.

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 3 April, 2012

Dancing with a wall of the world

Gessuri (Guatemala-Canada) and Noah (USA) danced on a cliff.
Tried to attack and fail, tried to crimb and fall, as if the Greek myth of Sisyphus.
Probably they were facing a wall of the world or a mystery of the world.
For Life, sometimes the world appears as a steep wall to press us ,force us or as a mystery riddling us. 
It is worth to dance in the world channel, because through the world channel we can complete the Kyu part of Jo-Ha-Kyu of creation.
It is unavodable for Life to dance it, even it is extremely hard.
To challenge to this mystery, we need to train our subody and cobody to get more diverse transformming ability.
If the world poses us mysterious riddles, we need to become a deeper secret for facing it.
If it does not work to confront it straightly, we need to become a foolish trickstar, curious fairy, or slimemold.
In case it is not enough, we can transform Shisha or Rhizome which has much deeper transforming ability.
Our dancing will continue forever, because the moment when we overcome a wall, the world appears as bigger mountain or bottomless depth. 
But, this is the Life worth to live.
Here is the place to be able to struggle to the deepest mystery of Life.

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 2 April, 2012

Jo-Ha-Kyu of entrances and exits

Javier (Arzentine), Kristine (Holland), and Pan (Greece) found each cave or concave place in the mountain.
Their subbody felt a familarity with them as a nest or something.
When we found these landscape, our subbody can follow the spontaneous Jo-Ha-Kyu to enter there and to go out of there.
It connects to the Bottom body in the ten bodies also.
There are so many variations how to enter it and exit it.
A characterictic of Rhizome is many entrances and exits, because it belongs in multi dimensional resonace of Life.
Slowly we will experience the long travel from human to rhizome through becoming subbody and cobody. It's just starting. 

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 1 April, 2012

Learning Jo-Ha-Kyu from Himalaya

We visted Kharota a sanctuary place in front of the Moonpeak (4800m high) which is the highest peak in this district.
There areso many variations of landscape which we can learn Jo-Ha-Kyu of nature.
Jo-ha-Kyu comes out from the resonance between Life and the world.
Also it appears from the resonance between physical landscape and imaginary constellation of the darkness of body.
When we calm down our daily mind and body, and enter the nature, the landscape wispers us and guides us to the most neccesary place.
When we find the place for today, we sit or stand there and try conditioning with remembering all subbodies and cobodies for these three weeks.

We ask to Life, "What do you want to do most here?"
And just move with following the tendencies, "Which direction do you want to move?"
Then the landscape gives us proper Jo-Ha-Kyu.
Exactly saying, The Jo-Ha-Kyu appears through the resonance between outer landscape and inner constellation.
When an imaginary qualia and physical movement become oneess, it becomes butoh dance.

All students found own place and danced each for fifteen munites on last Friday.
So rich subbodies were born, that we need to devide them into several slideshows.
Today we upload the pictures of Akshi(India), Roger (Switzerland) and Aida(Spain). Akshi faced Himalaya and gradually was invited into the steep cliff, Roger and Aida found a favourite rock and
follow the Jo-ha-Kyu arround the rock. Enjoy them!

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