April 2014


School Journal

8th International Himalaya Butoh Festival

Ankur, Robert, Olga,
Pamela, Chong, Jaime,
Mickeal, Laura, Shamaayal,
and more 

8th International Himalaya Butoh Festival
8 June (Sun) - 20 June (Fri), 2014
at Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya
Every morning workshops, and evening performances
All of free of charge

School Journal
31 April, 2014

''Unexpected happening and laughter by Trickster' Jaime and Mickeal

Jaime and Michael did a little unexpected happening.
Jaime asked dancers to sit in front of audience after ending of Gio's part, and stared at the audience's eyes seriously.
Then, Jaime moves to Gio along the top of the dancers body from the far ends.
Suddenly he blew a black ink that is contained in his mouth.
"Wow!!", surprising voice was leaked from the audience.
Mickeal appeared with full mud painted naked body.
He spoke unknown strange things, and played with public hair, took up laughter of audience.
In general, performances of subbody=cobody tends to be quite heavy, then it is necessary such elements of surprising, humorous laugh between heavy performances, such as 'Kyogen' in Noh dance.
There are unconventional tricksters in this year, and let me surprise and laugh.

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29 April, 2014

'Sugar Death, Hell Birth' Robert

Robert made ​​his second part by integrating music and dance, too.
He danced, and danced in an extreme dynamic range, soaring in the air, rolling on the ground, and glaring at the audience in the variant faces.
It will be the most intense <Ha=Break> part of the total creation.
What will happen in the third part?
It's fun.

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 "Surrender to Nature" Gio and Cobody
29 April, 2014

After cobody experiment Dust Gio

First of all, thanks to all subbodies deeply from my bottom of heart, life.
I could feel how much you opened resonance ability, the full of honesty from your life, abyss.
This cobbody experimnet was very short but very intense for me.
I was dreaming the real beautiful resonance life to life without any judge, idea.
Actually this is a big experiment for me as practicing to listen to air, wind, flower, life, me and you.
The moments in the cobody was the most beautiful encountering in my butoh experience.
I can't describe my feeling with words. Just I want to share this video.
The moments, constantly life and body cross creating new space, relationship, qualia, world..
And actually I feel very sorry at the same time.
I tried to listen to the space transparently all the time but the last moment, after chaos I've lost the transparency. We were supposed to find an ending together in full of resonance.
But my ego made ending in different speed from another subbodies. I was following my qualia after Chaos. So I felt very sorry about that somehow I disturbed your own deep world was continued. Because I know, all subbodies were one of the deepest moment.
I will learn more how to listen. This experience would be precious message for my dance of Life.
Warm hugs and resonance to all the subbodies, cobody.

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27 April, 2014

"Surrender to Nature" Gio and Cobody

Gio integrated these years investigation in the darkness of body before leaving to Canada for collaboration with Gessuri and Javier.
She shared her best or deepest Mystery, Secret and Flower with cobody.
The piece has four parts.

1. Stones
Dancers became a stone which is the smallest bottom body, and became rolling stones.
To becoming quiet stones is 'Jo' ; the beginning part to invite every dancer and audience into another time-space from daily human world.

2. Seeds to Flowers
When they met and became a big stone, slowly each part of body started subtle resonance with the world, and transformed various Flowers.
In butoh world, 'Flower' means not only a beautiful normal flower. Any ugly shapes and movement could be novel 'Flower' when it finds the best timing, even inner monster.
Everybody researched in the darkness of body and bloomed own monster or flower.

3. Walking on the life
She introduced a poem. It was a Tibetan poem about the mystery about why we fall into the same problem many times. She also danced it three years ago. It is so hard to solve the problem, because it is connected with other unknown problems in the complicated multi resonance in the darkness of body. The infinite depth is one of her Abyss. She has continued to enter the Mystery for many years and researched the Secret.
And now she found a certain way how to share her Abyss with others.
So, we can share own deepest issue by becoming cobody.
She guided others through an original way of conditioning, in the morning.
Every subbody could face the own problem which each one encounters many times, and danced it.

4. Chaos
The last part is 'Chaos'.
"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Already long term students have met so strange chaos in the darkness of body. It is quit discombobulation without any clear direction and no orientation. We take off all conditions of human; the identity, sexuality, nationality, and sink into the Abyss as non-dual Life. We need to accept it to open the infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.
Every dancer developped dancing with jumping wildly among diverse dimensions. Random encounters, strange relationships came out one after another.
This is the three years integration by Gio.
It could open new perspective of subbody=cobody which is able to share own best and deepest qualia in Abyss. It is the richest world of the Quest for everybody. I was eager to realize it for many years. We will share the harvest soon.
Thank you. Gio!

The Tibettan poem is the following;

I walk down the street
There is the deep hole in the side walk
I fall in.
I am lost..I'm hopeless.
It isn’t my fault
It take forever to find a way.
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don’t see it.
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I'm in the same place.
But it isn’t my fault.
It still take long time to get out.
I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in…it’s a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.
I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I walk around it.
I walk down another street..

"Autobiography in the five chapters"
(The Tibetan book of living & dying)

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25 April, 2014

Ankur, Aymon, Marie and cobody

'System based' Marie
'Blossoming' Ankur
'Steps' Aymon

Marie asked cobody to carry her from garden to hall, and one stone. She caught cold and sick this week. It is the chance to become weakened body. When subbody wants to dance as a weakest body, sometimes we need others support.
Ankur did free improvisation with audio resonance of audience and cobody standing on the window. Many unexpected novel subbodies blossomed.
Aymon also improvised in the garden.
We encounter novel subbody-cobody through free resonance, and can integrate them into a necessary dance with precise choreography.
Slowly every student are finding own world to enter. Next week we will sink into deeper realm of own Abyss in own proto dream, possessed body through audio channel and share them together.

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24 April, 2014

Aless, Micheal, Shai and cobody

'Falling Stone' Aless
'Untitled' Micheal
'Strawberry' Shai

Aless shift her qualia of 'Falling Stone' which her subbody resonated at the Chetru Rock Garden
to the stair of the school. Other cobody and audience moved together.
Micheal danced maybe an edge qualia which he met during the week. It is also the most important but hard to change to a creation. We must meet various edge qualia which we don't know how to resonate with it yet. He met an unknown edge and could not move during the week. Sometimes we need to keep safe distance with it, find the best timing to overcome and dance it. This is almost main work in the creation process of subbody=cobody resonance butoh, though it's so hard.
Shai who is short term participant danced in the garden with painting her body with the same color of the stone in the garden. She jumped a lot from a world to another dimension.

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23 April, 2014

'Ourobiography' Robert

Robert composed a music for this piece.
When the music and dance become oneness, it deepens to to a whole a little. Audience were involved into his own world. A big crap has occur this day.
Slowly long term students are completing the whole piece from a part and another part.
The title of 'Ourobiography' means "Ouroboros+Autobiography'. Ouroboros is a symbol of the non-dual world from the Ancient age. No begining and no end, no inside and no outside, everything is resonating as oneness.
So, we entering to the non-dual and multi-resonance world of Life.

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21 April, 2014

'Quivering Space' Gio and cobody

Gio is on the way of creation of long piece.
At the Rock garden, she tried a cobody part.
Started swaying on the rock, with resonating the environment, silence of rock, streaming of air, quivering of leaves. They swayed in a fetus position, someone might remember the confortable sway of fetus age. At that time we didn't know about ourselves and the world at all. We were just resonating with all unknown qualia.
To enter the fetus condition is also optimum to access to the non-dual and multi resonance world of Life.
The exploration in the fetus world has no end and no direction, because it connects to the Abyss (=bottomless depth) of Life.

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20 April, 2014

Sucking up proto qualia from the earth

'Sadness' Ankur and Jaime
'Egg in Air' Marie and Gio

In The Chetru Rock Garden, Ankur and Marie found a pit in the forest, and hided body by leaves.
This position is also optimal to listen to the earth and suck up proto qualia from the ground and underground.
Our skin starts resonance with ancestral qualia and proto qualia as Life. All cells have four billion years Life memories. We need just waiting till a part of skin starts resonance and moving. And let diverse hidden qualia come out from the darkness of body.

Jaime and Gio resonated from behind to add another dimensions.
We call it behind position or behind spirit position.

In Hijikata butoh world, always these invisible behind world had main roll of creation and unexpected dynamic wolrd change.
He called it by various name;

'Red God'
'Behind world'
'Huge creature that lives in the air"
'Dark hole'
'Gloomy air'
'Hidden state'
'Shady things'
'Smoke bug'
'Dusk of vague mind'

・・・and so on.

And important thing that Hijikata investigated in "Sick Dancing Princess" is infinite resonance pattern of Life and those behind worlds in non-dual and multi-dimensional world.
We cannot explain them by word.
It is able to enter the invisible resonance world only by body. Most important thing is possible to experience only by own body and Life. It is the Raison d'etre of the Subbody resonance school. Slowly we will start to enter the world during the semester.

Students have already learned 'Transparent duet technique' which taking off all human illusions and becoming everything in the Universe. They resonated as different worlds, and jumping wild among multi-dimensional resonance patterns. Slowly we are getting the method how to co-create the multi-resonance world of Life.

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19 April, 2014

'The Living Part of This Stone' Aless and cobody,
'Delivered Into The Wild' Jaime

In The Chetru Rock Garden, Aless and cobody became quiet bodies as still as stone or tree.
They unified with extra slow speed of the stone and tree.
Indian boys who watched it, also became stillness as them. They seemed like 'Hijikata boy' who was grown up in the wild feild. Hijikata had often entered into ultra-slow time-space with watching a slow movement of worms. Butoh has grown up in these feild of subtle and infinite resonance of life and death.

Jaime and cobody entered into a tall bush of grass.
Hijikata wrote,
"When we enter into the bush of tall grass taller than our hight, we would be miserable feeling mood." ("Sick Dancing Princess" 1976)
Jaime might resonate with the fear of flog which is threatened by signs of what we can not see.
Three cobodies became the invisible something behind Jaime and cornered him.
He jumed out to become an escaping flog from fear.
The wild is the place to learn different time of other being and suck up the primeval motion and prototype emotion from the darkness of the body.

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18 April, 2014

'Big Tree Lover' Olga,
'Michelangelo Is Showbiz in Purgatory' Robert and cobody

We visited Chetru Rock Garden' in the foothills of Himalaya.
Olga danced on an old tree. It is oldest tree in the garden, various kind of plants and insects, bird live together for long year. It is already an Universe. She just resonated with it, many novel subbodies came out through Life resonance.

Robert found a rock on the top of hill.
Through the resonance with the rock, maybe his Life reminded
Michelangelo, as an extreme resonator with rock. He carved out countless purgatory from the rock with becoming one Life as Michelangelo, and also many goddesses and ghosts were carved out from behind the rock.

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16 April, 2014

'Ash Girl' Gio and Pamela

Gio continues to create her master piece with trying various experiments. This week she tried self conditioning to become 'Kan body' which is most weakened disabled body for a long time.
Through it, a novel subbody-cobody was born.
And she developed her composition with trying a duet part with a female student, Pamela, last week she tried a duet with a male student, Ankur. Slowly various resonance between inner female qualia and male qualia are getting new subbody-cobody.
In this May, she will join in Gessuri's international project to co-create a butoh piece with him and an old student, Javier in Canada.

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15 April, 2014

'Father' Ankur and Aymon

Ankur daced qulaia of Father.
An old student, Aymon who is visiting Dharamsala for self training, joined as a behind spirit or shadow of father.
The qualia of Father and Mother is one of the strongest qualia which includes so many qualia between love and hate, heaven and hell, sometimes forgotten trauma might wake up.
We need to calm down to be able to pay sensitive attention to the diversity of multidimensional qualia. It takes time, but worth to dance someday for the necessary growth from individual human to Life.

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14 April, 2014

'Honest to God' Mickeal

Maickeal opened audio channel, starting speaking unknown language. What he talked? It's his secret. Nobody understood, but Life could resonate with various qualia, with various voice tones, postures and movements.
At last he opened visual channel and human relationship channel to watch each audience face to face, with close distance. Many reactons occured.
When we open a specific channel one by one, various inner qualia are activated thorugh Life Resonance. Also this is the method to travel whole world of the darkness of body.

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12 April, 2014

'Give Yourself Permission' Jaime

Jaime started from opening a dancing place of back.
In our back, so many forgotten qualia are hidden; pressure from outer world, climate change, social stress and resistance against them, because back has to be forced to protect our inner organs.
He tried to open diverse memories and struggles of the back. Gradually he opened other dancing places; face, body, mouth, and relationship with invisible something. Each part of body has own memory of Life Resonance with visible world and invisible world.
What did he give permission to himself?
It is his secret.
Anyway, our bodies are bound by so many restrictions as a human being.
Slowly we need to give permission each part of body to release from the binds.
"You have endured well for long years.
But, now it is the time to come out from the darkness of body."

And gradually we open diverse forgotten qualia of Life memory including hidden charactor, ancestral memory, proto emotion and motion, as shivering, fear, dizzy, twist, shock, struggle, wish, escape, collapse and everything.
We continue to segment our body infinitely from a part of body to each cell level to open those very subtle forgotten qualia of Life Resonance. Slowly each part of body remind infinite Life memory.
This is the researching process which continues in Himalaya for year long.

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10 April, 2014

'Bottom' Ankur and cobody

Ankur has already found his main motiv to explore the Abyss of fetus world.
He asked others to share his bottom.
Everybody co-created the co-fetus=womb world, and he entered into his bottom.
When we take off own self and become cobody, we can give best support to our friend's necessary investigation.
This year every student got the subbody=cobody only for one month.
Then everybody is able to explore own Mystery and Secret to bloom unique Flower.
After then, when we will dance solo, it will be able to dance with imaginary worlds by alone.

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9 April, 2014

'Transformation' Olga and cobody

Olga started dancing at a dinner table of poolside.
She asked the others to become participants of a dinner party. And she dropped out from the party with becoming various being, melting down from chair, floating on the water, and rolling up the stone stairs. We are reseaching the many entrances and divierse exits to become "Shisha".

“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance.”
-Hijikata Tatsumi "Quiet House"

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8 April, 2014

Shisha Terracotta Soldiers Qin Dynasty/ Chong and cobody

Chong transformed to a Kugutsu body of soldier statues which were buried with the death of the Emperor of Qin in Ancient Chaina (See the slideshow above).
Kugutsu is a human shape medium of the dead world. It is one of the essential way to become Shisha in Butoh.
About the Kugutsu body, read "The Ten bodies".

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7 April, 2014

'La・die・bug' Pamela

Pamela integrated all subbodies in the first month; from bug as a proto body, ro vaporizing body, and materializing into various being.
The proto body as Animal body, Insect body and so on is one of the most important pass way to take off human and become Life. And most certain tunnels to the infinite transformation in the Universe. Hope to deepen it forever.
She asked others to resonate with feminine sounds. Investigating into the mystery and secret of the sexuality is also deep abyss worth to explore. Slowly each student meets own necessary field in the darkness of body.

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5 April, 2014

'Spectrum Demon Stration' Michael

MIckeal danced in the garden with becoming various subbody; animal body, hidden body and so on. He named it "Spectrum Demon Stration".
From his darkness of body, many subbodies; Demon, Monster, Animal, Hidden charactor, and other defferent tendencies came out and dance like a demonstartion of them. In the beginning, they are felt like strangers or aliens for our daily mind/body. And gradually we become friend with them, and find the best timing of their appearance for the creation.

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 Photo by Jaime
5 April, 2014

'Sooty Tomato Love' Gio

Gio (from Korea) is the third year student.
She has already prepared to create her master piece "Sooty Princess" for over years. This trial is also experiment for some part of it. This day she tried to add a short duet part with Ankur.
Sometimes, we need optimum partner, when we investigate in the qualia of 'Human relationship channel' or the mystery and secret of resonance.
So, after we continue to reserch through those explorations in novel dimenssions, the final long piece will be integrated surely.

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5 April, 2014

'What do you remember? Little Stone' Marie

On the last day of March course, students danced at own place where one resonates deeply.
Marie (from Sweden) resonated to a stone in the garden with ancestral qualia. She asked two other students to become the ancestral stone.
So when we take off the individual body, we notice that we are deeply resonating with the ancestral. To explore the resonance of the ancestors is one of  a certain tunnel leading to the Abyss.
Through the tunnel to the ancestors, we will go beyond and approach the secret and mystery of Life and Death.

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4 April, 2014

'Candle Blame' Ankur and cobody

Ankur (from India) asked other students to become the behind spirits with candle, and to drop the melted candle draws on his body.
It is so-called 'Candle blame' of the sadistic=mazochistic play.
Ankur continued dancing in some torture always.
It's a way to access to prenatal trauma of him.
Fetus-embryo world is connected to the non-dual Abyss of darkness of body. No result even continue to the death, but it's the most fertile journey as Life.

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3 April, 2014

'Busy busy!' Robert and cobody

Robert (from Venezuella-USA) chose a narrow passway in the third floor, and ask the others to pass through as busy people.
Maybe for his subbody, the world was too busy or another reason.
Anyway peple were passing through with various beings.
Among busy people, so strange body posture and movement came out.
It was a novel resonance pattern then ever.
So, we are going to co-create new resonance pattern of Life.
Because it is the optimum environment for opening infinite creativity of Life.

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2 April, 2014

'Facing to Ego' Chong and cobody

Chong (from Chaina) started dancing at the livingroom.
He asked others to approach him as his previous egos.
Maybe he want to face to his various egos.
Ego is a strongest archetype in Modern Age. It is one of the hardest thing to find optimum resonance pattern with ego in each moment.
But, anyway he started to face it. It is worth to do it, though it must be endless struggle for lifelong

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1 April, 2014

'Unwelcome world' Pamela and cobody

Pamela (from Mexico) started dancing at small space under the stool.
She asked others to co-create an unwelcome world; which all of you dislike me.
It is so hard experience, but all subbody have met like this unwelcome experience and had to hide in the darkness of body. Being egnored or not accepted by parent, brother-sister, teacher, friend and some important person in chaildhood.
To dance these experience is necessary to release from the trauma.
How to re-create those unpreasant experience to a novel creation, this is the Butoh of Life.
You got the necessty of creation.

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