April-May 2016


School Journal

1.5 Million Views of Subbody Butoh on Youtube

Views 1,514,890 ; Subscribers 1,531

 Thanks! 1.5 million views on YouTube!
It took ten years until one million viewing in December last year, and then in just five months it breakthrough
1.5 million views.
In every month more than 100,000 people enjoyed Subbody Resonance Butoh videos.
Thank you for your watching!

 Carrying the Secret/ Inga, Julie, Pamela, Pilar, Yoko, Janik, and Sati Gio
Secret meets Secret/ Nao and Sati Gio 
Carrying the Secret 
30 April, 2016

Carrying the Secret

In the co-creation of the end of April theater,
every students integrated for two months research
in the darkness of body, and carried each own Secret.
The total duration became over 3 hours, with 1 solo, 3 duo, 1 quartet, 1 all cobody piece.
Sometimes, a Secret met another Secret, and entangling through.
Now, each student got many Secret and Mysterious Qualia.
They could have collected the sources of the own creation
during March-April.
In May course, we will polish them to the unique Beauty with gathering, reducing, amplifying and invent various Flowers.
Flower has deepest Life Resonance beyond human aspect.
We will learn Hijikata Butoh of Life method and struggle with it.
The most important thing is to find own necessity to be weakened body that has the deepest Resonativity of Life.
And to grow up to the Transparent Resonant body (subbody=cobody) as One Life.

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 Octopus Tomato/ Shai and cobody
22 April, 2016

How can we support each other Transparently?

This year's Subbody Resonance School is focusing on sharing everybody's hopes and problems as own hopes and problems each other.
We have been promoting the mutual co-creation that co-create a specific world that most want to dance in for each one.
As ever, not a person directing all as a choreographer, we threw away that kind of Tree system.
Yes, one of us initiates to share a specific Qualia to co-create a world that is necessary to deepen the research in own Mystery.
And the others share the specific Qualia and co-create the world to support it.
But, it is not taking a role like as in the theater play, we always keep the Transparent condition which supporting others 50%, and researching own Secret and Mystery 50%.
Transparency means listening to inside half and outside half, not being bound by anything.
It is the richest environment to research in each one's forgotten Qualia or Unremindable Memory.

Today we co-created Shai's world who is second time short-term student followed in 2014.
The Qualia we shared are pretty complex hard to say by word, simply symbolizing as the encounter of Octopus and Tomato on the dinner table.
Students shared the Qualia and tried to be Transparent that is co-creating 50%, researching own Secret 50% during the performance.
Strange and interesting world was born in just a practice of about an hour.
Everyone could enjoyed it Transparently.
This Transparent work which we have continued every week should bring the most rich environment for everyone to encounter the forgotten or unremindable Qualia.

If one can not stop thinking, just strapped by ego trap resists to sharing "the others Qualia!". But the boundary of self/others is illusion in the darkness of body.
Because, It is non-dual and multi-dimensional world of Life Resonance.
How is it possible to enjoy this wonderland?
Maybe we need to get the technique of "De-self conditioning".
Immediately to stop thinking that denies others is essential.
Denying is characteristic of Ego-trap.
The biggest difference between Life and Human is this Ego-trap.
It will be a key to enter this nonchalant transformation of Butoh of Life.
We are going to focus on it for next step.

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Kangra Rhizome 
 Three Solos/ Vishal, Janik and Pilar/
From Green Grass to Water  
Solos to Rhizome 
15 April, 2016

Solos transform to Rhizome

Each student researched own important Ten Qualia, and created 20-30 minutes solo.
Only a few students could perform solo and the others
danced each solo at the same time in the Stone Garden theater.
Twelve Solos gradually transform to Resonant Rhizome that connect freely, and separate flexiblly in the Subbody Hall and Garden.

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13 April, 2016

Letting your Problems devour you

“I usually solve problems by letting them devour me.”
Franz Kafka

How can we create a neseccary solo for living?
This week students research unique ten Qualia in the darkness of body and created 30 minutes solo.

We are bound by various strange Qualia; thinking habits, addiction, desire, emotional attack, childhood trauma, birth trauma, hidden charactors, shadow, not-me, dissociated personality, and so on.
And all of them are resonating with Proto Qualia, Archetype, Life memotries of cell and so on.
We try to dance all the resonance of unique Qualia.

Each student research ten unique Qualia and letting them devour oneself and danced all the process, with opening various dancing places, ten bodies, carrying densities, Jumping wild among various demensions with imaginary Qualia of the world changes.

Till the end of semester, students will create one hour solo with imaginary Qualia of the world change, and one hour cobody piece with real co-creation of the world change with subbody-cobodies resonance at the Butoh Festival in the end of semester; 29th May- 12th June.

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"Quiet solo" Naoki
8 April, 2016

Proto Qualia Rhizome

We upstreamed the Life history for four billion years, and research in the <Proto Qualia>; primitive Qualia of Life.

The Origin Life was born in the Ocean near the black smoke.
What were the most primitive Qualia of the Origin Life?
Qualia of Heat and Cold from the very hot black smoke, spreading and shrinking.
Floating up, and sink down with
Gravity and Levity.
It was
Qualia on the edge between Life and Death.
Life spread the Hidden skin to the unknown world with sensitive attention and if Life met strange Qualia, it shrunk.
During from the first Life to spreading to diverse species, plants, animal, and primitive human.
We research them with
Proto Walk posture between animal and human.
It is one of the most flexible Resonant Butoh body which is able to transform other Ten Bodies;
Ptoro body, Hidden body, Vaporized body, Animal body, Plants body, Stone body, Kugutsu body, Weakened body and so on.
We followed the big immigration of the ancient human from Africa to all over the world. We met so many troubles, disaster, ice age, flood, earthquake, and so on.
Today, we separated into three groups, and dance the
<Resonant Rhizome> which is able to separate freely and connect flexiblly, supporting each other.
When a dancer danced with one's own qualia at one's favorite place, the other supportd it with various resonance patterns; same or different resonant patterns, and transfered to next place of another dancer as the
<Nomadic Rhizome>.
Qualia is always resonating beyond time and space.
Important Qualia for each individual resonate with Proto Qualia, it is double resonance process or multi resonance process.
This is the
Transparent duble process to research own Secret and Mystery, and to co-create the world change, listen inside 50%, outside 50%.

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Spider's thread theatert
6 April, 2016

Sharing the Each Own Qualia

We shared Ten bodies which we studied in March with new students.

Ten bodies of subbody

Quiet body
Ash body
Vaporized body
Fluid body
Proto body
Animal body
Plants body
Stone body
Kugutsu body
Hidden body
Weakened body
and so on

We start to share each own qualia with various cobody
resonance pattern.

Stuffed Spring
Dismal Air
Gabedge Disposal space
Stone garden
Chimera cobody
Jungle Gym
Another planet

and so on

Students research own most important qualia, and invent unique resonance pattern to co-create the world.
We share all world with co-creating it, with carrying own Secret and Mystery at the same time.
Yesterday and today, we shared qualia and co-created various worlds as the following;

Sati: "Ruthless Spring".
Honza: "Hopeless Boredom"
Julie: "Infinite Tunnel"
Pamela: "Small People's Surcus"
Sarah: "Wasp lost a wing and Butterfly trapped behind the grass.
and so on.
It's currently in progress.

It's earlyer development in more than one month compared to the previous years.
This is by what the world co-creation method has been matured in the last decade.
This week we continue it and share every student's unique world with researching each own Secret and Mystery.
This is the novel creation process in the non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance.
Student's free resonance has developped to the <Resonant Rhizome> which is 50% subbody and 50% cobody, half open to inside, half open to outside, Invent half and Infect half, naturally.
This is the way to investigate in the
<Transparent Resonant Butoh>.

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 Revival Series of Subbody video

Student's videos before 2009 are difficult to see, because they were posted to another account so far. This time all of them have been moved to the current account. The picture quality is bad, but dance is fresh. Some of dark videos are improved brightness and contrast. Please enjoy.

Sayaka & Cobody collaboration at Himalaya  
A Beggar's Dream _ Xavi  
Ancestral Part 2_Chiara_  
Approaching the Twilights Ozerk Sonat (Turkey)  
Fallen From Grace Odile  
Picking the darkness Igu いぐ・闇毟り  
Rock Uterus _Gadu  
Hanging on the cliff _ Silvian (Holland)
Requiem for a dream _ Pit  
Steps _ Ricardo  
When we didn't know we were human _ Gessuri  
"Far Forest" Kiyoko