August 2013


School Journal
31 August 2013 

Sharing Life Resonance as fetus in the same womb

An old student, Isabel shared two interesting pictures in Facebook .
At the moment I saw it, like the synchronisity beyond the time/space, I felt yes! this is what was discovered in Himalaya in this first three weeks in the second semester of subbody school!
We continued to be the twin fetus in the same womb, and listened to the darkness of the body of each other through various layers of hidden skin.
Sometimes two people became twin fetus, sometimes many people became multi numbers fetus in a womb, and listened to subtle qualia of Life Resonance. When we were the fetus, we did not know that we are human. We did not know the outer breathing and did only the breath of Life for 10 months with tasting the subtle Life Resonance in non-dual and multi-dimensional world.
There, fetus and womb were not still different Life.
Also the differentiation of self and others were not yet.
We were tasting the non-dual and multi dimensional Life Resonance. To remeber this non-dual experience as Life is the best way to take off the thinking mode of daily body as a human being, and listen carefully to the subtle qualia as Life.
It has been discovered that it is one of the best way of conditioning to shift to the listening mode from daily thinking mode.
We continued to try in various way during the first three weeks.
Though we had tried enormous variety of way to begin a new semester until now, it was confirmed to be one of the best way.
By my bad habit it was too hurry to pack too many things from the beginning in the past.
In this slow experiences of life Resonance, also the freshmen might be able to get how to stop thinking, What is the subbody=cobody by own bodily experience, and how rich infinite resources of creativity, originality and resonativity (=Resonance ability) are hidden in the darkness of body. All of us are the fetus of subbody=cobody which are not born yet.
It is so happy that we can open the novel realm of creation as a fusion of subbody=cobody in the unprecedented.
Thank you Isabelle!

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9 August 2013 

Welcome to Himalaya in the Monsoon!

New semester begins on next Monday.
It is the first time to start second semester in the midst of the monsoon .
Also from next year, it will return to the normal schedule for starting in September.
Now, Dharamsala, daytime temperature is 20-24 ℃, 85% humidity.
It is a climate of a typical rainy season. This followed a month later.
However, the school is on the path of valley wind, it is welcoming quite good.
We can enjoy amazing view of clouds like white dragon every day crawling up the slope.
We will learn the basic technique of subbody method for some freshman this month, and from September, we will deepen in order to enter the world of "Sick Dancing Princess", the deeper level condintioning and researching method is ready.
To the darkness of non-dual realm of Life before the differentiation of self and others, to the country of transparent Life Resonance.
It is a new attempt everything.
The wonder what unknown happenings shall we come across in the new journy of the darkness in this year.

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9 August 2013 

A letter from a new student

"A core intent of Butoh practice is to reintegrate a mind/body functionally divorced by socio-cultural forces and realize a state of total awareness where one’s moment by moment perspective reaches deep within as well as far outside to the reality of the surrounding world as directly experienced. Artists attempt in each fleeting moment to peel away at psycho-physiological tendencies rooted in social structures, spontaneous perception unmasking preconception."

Ankur Pandey

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