August 2014


School Journal
Poland Workshop 2014
12 September, 2014

'Solo in a Stone hole' Katherine ---Mini Subbody Festival in Poland

Katherine(UK)'s grandmother is from Poland, and she visits Poland first time.
She always walked around her ancester's land and tried to landing to the earth.
On the last day she found a big stone hole in the mountain and started dancing in the hole. Sha put the ash and charcoal of trees in the forest to the body, and kneading the flour in the hole, slapping, piercing, and painted it on the face, she tried for grounding with earth. At the last moment, a big cry and dance has welled from the body to resonate with the ancestral land.

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10 September, 2014

'Solo' Santeri ---Mini Subbody Festival in Poland

Santeri is second year of subbody experience. It is growing up each time when I met him. This time, his subbody grew up in subtle dance of detail part, and jumping wild a lot.
To see the continuos growth of subbody was big pleasure for me.
Subbody butoh is growing and deepening like this.
Santeri keep deepning!

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9 September, 2014

'Dance with a Door frame' Jordi ---Mini Subbody Festival in Poland

Jordi danced with a heavy Door frame in the darkness.
It was too dark to catch by camera, but so intensive walk with struggling in the darkness and the unkown weight of the world.

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7 September, 2014

'Solo' Ola ---Mini Subbody Festival in Poland

It became a mini subbody festival on the last two days of Poland workshop.
During four weeks work, we tried to open only Proto body, Hidden body Bottom body in Ten-bodies and just various resonance patterns among subbody=cobody and behind world.
I didn't guide the Hijikata Butoh method and technique so much.
But the last performances bloomed extreme diversities of creation.

I noticed that I might bind hte potential diversity of the criativity of Life by consisting to guide to the Hijikata method in the Subbody School.
About this, please read an article below, "A narrow definition to poor, deep definition to enrich" of "Sinking into the darkness'..

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28 August, 2014

Sink into each depth in the Poland rock mountain

Fourth week of workshops in Poland, each one reseached own depth with finding strange land scape in the rock mountain; on the rock, under the rock, between rocks or on the tree and so on.
By passing through various land scapes, it reminded own inner constellation of the darkness of body. This reseach which sinks into each depth prepared the extreme explosion of the own creation at the end of mini-festival of Poland workshop.

24 August, 2014

Back to the wild in the Polish woods

Fourth week of workshops in Poland, we danced Nomad Rhizome in the forest.
We put the powdered charcoal of bonfire on the face and body.
This is the metamorphic magic for dancing in the woods with 'the behind world'.
When the body wore the Spirit of the forest, it regained the wild as if we went back to the mind and body of the distant ancestors, such as the Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal in the Stone Age.
Unexpected subbodies came out from one after another.

14 August, 2014

Free Resonance by Honza, Kaska, Monika

One day, three old students; Honza, kaska, and Monika performed in the Poland workshop.
They showed various resonance patterns with trio, though it is the first time to dance together.
Some day in a few years, we will hold "The 1st world Subbody=cobody gathering", probably at the Fiedinterra in Italy( Chiara and Francesca's farm) or other place. Please wait for the notication.

12 August, 2014

Mutual resonance with subbody drawing

After long conditioning to enter the subbody mode, we draw inner subbody world on the paper.
It is multi-dimansional resonance world of non-dual qualia.
It has no border between self and others.
Then we can resonante freely beyond the border of self/others, and beyond each channel.
We started to resonate with a drawing with body channel.
And exchange to other drawing, we resonate with movement channel, visual(=eye) channel, audio (=voice) channel, emotion channel, relation channel, and world channel.
So much unexpected faces, eyes, voices and movements came out on after another.

10 August, 2014

'Gloomy Jam' in an old Polish House

The house where we stay for the workshop is very old house that was build 1620, and change to Hotel, Cimema theater, and Art exchange space it the history.
It is really 'The Butoh House' which holds deep gloomy air, fishy things, hidden state, as if unknown spirits were floating and activates our archtype and prototype qualia.
It might be too much mysterious for young sensitive participants.
One day of 2nd week, we danced in and around the house.
Naturally, some shape became like ghost or monsters.

7 August, 2014

'Painting performance' Honza, Jordi, Aga and painters, Music: Felix

Weekend of 1st week, Honza, Jordi and Aga did Painting performance in a space near the house. Three painters who are the son of owner of the house and friends painted on dancers body. A music composer, Felix gave his 17 munites music.
The dreams of each dancer's body and music,nature sound, colors,resonated unexpectedly. Various scenes appeared and disappeared through the multi-dimensional resonance.

5 August, 2014

Nomad Rhizome at a stone pit in Poland

One day of 2nd week, some students found an old stone pit trace, and we visit there with slow walking meditation to open our body to the nature, and danced there.
Someone chose a flat place, another one in the puddle, or on the cliff.
It naturally shifted to a subbody=cobody jam.