December 2010


School Journal
24 December, 2010

Letter for new students 1

1. About Indian Visa

By the rule of extension of Indian Visa, you have to leave India for two months within 6 months from the day when you got Indian visa. You have to stay out from India for two months and after two months you can re-enter in India.

Visa rule for Europe may be different, in some country only for three months is allowed to stay India. There are no firm standard in India, the rule will be arranged by the officer of each Embassy. please ask your embassy for actual rules..!

The best timing to confirm the rule of Visa extension is at the first week of January 2011 ( 3rd to 8th January, 2011), and find the best timing to apply visa according to your situation.

If you can get visa for six months, please apply visa soon at the first week of January so that you can finish the six months stay at the first week of July.
In case of you can get only three months visa, Please find the best timing to apply visa. And let us know, we can find the best solution.

2. School shedule has been changed
It has been changed again. Please check it. This must be the last shedule.

<Course Guide >

One year course
March 14- December 3, 2011

The first semester
March 14- July 1, 2011

●Summer vacation
July 2- August 28, 2011

●The second semester
August 29- December 3, 2011

3. Possibility for another option

Untill this year, we can use the student visa of Tibettan Library for staying for one year, but, from the next year, it will be not available. Instead of it, now we are researching another option to get a Yoga school student visa. it is not sure yet. Wait for a while.

Himalaya Butoh Festival #2, 2011

20 November- 3 December, 2011
Subbody Hall, Cobody theater, and Dharamsala town

Butoh Festival Himalaya
"Ning Tub Ling" Fabricio
16 Februaru, 2011

Ning Tub Ling/ Fabricio

Fabricio from Brasil, living in Germany, the head of Nomadic University is the third time of school.
He brought rainbow color tents, and open it in the "Ning Tub Ling", various abled Tibetan house, apart from school one hour drive.
It was an ideal carnival of pure resonance of life.
How can we enjoy resonance like this?
What disturb us from pure life resonance?
Maybe it is the Ego of our daily body.
We need ego for daily life, but we don't need it as a creator, as a life.
How can we stop Ego?
We learn it for one year at the Subbody School.
This is the main thing.

We put again the last day's record at the next collumn.

5 December, 2010

Pure Life Resonance

Festival has over with the exciting resonance. After the five performances at the theater, on the last day we visited Tibetan Handicaped Home "Ningtobling" in Dharamsala guided by Fabricio (Brazil-Germany). We did various colored performances and art works. People enjoyed with opening full familarity and hospitality. They danced together, laughed together, sang together from the first performance to the end. It was so special real carnival beyond borders. All of us could experience the pure life resonance.
We felt that our lives were washed by their pure resonance without ego.
We were so happy to finish the festival with sharing pure life resonance.
Thank you very much all audiences, participants, old and present students!
The five performances at the subbody-cobody theater will start uploading in a few days one by one.

"Kumadala" Ikuko
27 December, 2010

Kumadala/ Ikuko

Ikuko is the eighth year of Subbody School, one of the oldest student.
For these eight years, she continued to visit Himalaya almost every year.
This year and next year she takes the midwife course for two years.
This year we studyed hijikata's butoh score "Qiet House" intensively.

In the second semester of this year, when she met her own Bottom body and Chimera body, her dance has been extremely deepened.
She has almost completed her peice at the biggining of October, It was almost one hour piece. After that she repeated many times the piece,.
At first it was a rough choreography, and day by day increase the density by the multi-layering technique.

Carrying the density of dance

She put many other qualia movements in each sequence, changing dancing places from leg to stomuch, chin, forehead, hands and so on, by various qualia; Kugutsu body, Animal body, Hidden body, Vaporized body, Arche body, and Chimera of Girl and Samrai, Chair and Cow, and so on.
Then this piece has grew up to very densitive choreography. This is the secret why could Hijikata create such a deep and dense butoh. .
He could shift the degree of the density of dance flexibly, and change the number of dimensions freely by the method of "the reduction by X and regeneration" It took long time, but this was the essense which he could deepen his dance infinitely.
Ikuko got the secret of deepning the creation, too. She is the first person who got this technique in the history of subbody school..
She proofed that we can enter this realm when we continued to listen to the darkness of body for one year.
This will be an ideal standard of creation of next year.

Big Quest(ion)/ Monika
22 December, 2010

Big Quest(ion)/ Monika

Monika from Poland is the second time for school.
She repeats to dance a specific qualia for these years.
It is the qualia of the absence of her baby.
Four years ago, at the end of 2006 course, she threw away her baby into the bottom of cliff at her last dance.
Also this year, she repeats to throw away the baby many times, not only throwing, it variated in many variation, finally she has eaten the baby.

When I saw her last dance, I was moved and almost cried. My trauma is to be thrown away by mother when I was three years old, and to be thrown away by second mother at seven years old again. She is possessed by the absence of baby, and I was possessed by the absence of mother. But, strangely, when i watched her piece, I became sometimes lost baby and sometimes I became mother who lost baby. I could feel the both sadness at the same time.
In the non-dual world, a resonance happens like this.

I noticed that if we could become the both side it may be possible to be released from the trauma. That's the reason why we should dance our necessary qualia repeatly and in various ways..
Monika should dance the lost baby someday, I should dance the mother who lost baby,too.

It must be hard. But through overcoming this hardship, we can be a non-dual Life which taken off our individual history and our small ego.

About the first Festival, I could not have any time to spare for it, because of the role as a midwife for student's subbodies was full.
Monika organized the first Himalaya Butoh Festival instead of me, and invented various ways to openit for people. The success of it was deeply depend on her egoless effort.
Thank you very much, Monika!

Dear Lee,

I think I understand you better without words… and maybe  you  understand  me  better  without  words as well… but I guess its good sometimes to say something…;-)

About this year and festival Monika

This year  at school was difficult, because I had  to  go and it  was difficult  decision to go and  then things get complicated  and I was  late to come back , so I was carrying a bit of  broken heart, but  I am so happy  I made it  at  the  end….fighting  and  fighting  against myself, against obstacle, against difficult qualias…..

This year was also  very  difficult  for me because I had  this constant question of ME AS A BUTOH DANCER. Can I be  Butoh dancer? Can I constantly live in darknes? Can I constantly  dance  death, dying, sickness, sadness?  Can I constantly twist my  body and my  face in uncomfortable positions??? Can I constantly be in weakened  body???  Is it what I want to dance all the time???

I had  witness so much pain in life… do I have to also dance it???

I was saying to Ikuko once …. that  sometimes I feel  I am too young and too stupid to  dance  Butoh…still holding to duality of “beauty” and “ugliness”….

Even when I look at my performance ….i feel it was quite gentle… maybe not so deep as others…but this is as far as I could  travel NOW….

….I realized that in my performance… yes skirt was symbol of giving birth and being like the surface of earth….. but also I realized that I wanted to hide the part of my body that I don’t like and don’t want to show….in my original plan the skirt was as wide as the hall…(9 meters) but it didn’t happen….;-)  but  I made skirt that hides very well …. So I still hide in life… I still cant dance some of my secrets…. Because I  on’t consider it beautiful or I am  isconnected….

…. But the experience of making my own performance… was veryimportant and some of  the feedback I received made me feel that maybe I can be Butoh dancer… also looking at Ikuko and Kiyoko was very inspiring… and I am so happy that Kiyoko joined us …it  made it so special for me …also hearing you talking Japanese…all the time… I felt like  in  Japan ;-)

It was also good to see how each one of us works differently. How our imagination, our process of creating, our choices, our way of explaining is so DIFFERENT…. I enjoyed  being “choreographed” by Kiyoko, Ikuko and Odile…. I was happy to give my body to their own creation…. I was happy to become paint on the brush…. And see the final result… final picture…. It gives me also pleasure to dance to someone’s imagination…. Or vision….it was like entering their own magical world….. transforming into Ikukos bottom body was so interesting…. It was like dreaming Ikuko's dream….

I like this group work….

I feel thatthose 5  performances were so deep and very professional…. The level of festival was very high…and very  interesting….  And it makes me want to create more ….  Its so interesting….

I just hope life will allow me to come again… and emerge myself in the creativity….

I enjoyedorganising those little events around festival and there was great help of Ikuko  and Kiyoko ( I am amazed….with their strength ;-) …..very inspiring….and also lots of fun.

I feel very much connected to Subbody Butoh School…. I  don’t feel I can just go away and forget it….. I am not sure how I can stay connected … and what is my path…  but Ifeel great resonance with this place and the practice….

I just sometimes lose faith ….

Lee it was so great to be there…

Thanks for everything

And don’t freeze in the Winter!

Fallen from the Grace/ Odile
20 December, 2010

Fallen from the Grace/ Odile

Odile created this peice for whole year, and still working in progress.
At the first semester, in the travel of the darkness of body, she met her ancestor. Her ancestor was from Africa via Dominika. She had to experience so many sufferings of them, too. One day she used a chain. It was a symbol of slavary. She needed to experienced all misery of them. It was also suffering for all of us. We resonated deeply. And the end of the first semester, She met a Spirit of the water. The water of the lake in her home town was polluted by oil. The nature was destroyed. She danced as if she were an angry Spirit of the water.
At the second semester, we learned Hijikata's Butoh score of "Quiet House". She translated it into proper English with me. Through the process to repeat reading, she got the essense of Butoh. It was symbolized as the following text.

2. Important

"Shisha (the dead) transform their shape quietly and infinitely. It is not rare that they use shapes of others flexibly and naturally."

The wonder of subbody and cobody

When we sink into one's own history deeper in the darkness of body, it happens that the problems which we regard what is one's own subject, transforms to general problem for all human. It is one of the biggest wonder of subbody and cobody. In her case, the wonder happened. Slowly the connection to the ancestor brought her to encounter deeper archetype for all of us. It was "Dark Femine". She met a goddess "Innana" of Mesopotaminan myth. (See the article "Dark Feminine".

What is the "Dark Feminie"?
Nobody knows exactly, but all students resonated with what Odile encountered immediately by body. It might be an unique approach to the big archetype of "Great Mother". It is one of the oldest archetype which lives in our deep unconsciousness. It was regarded who has both faces. One side is "Good mother" who creates everything and loves everything, and another is "Bad mother" who eats everything, possesses everything, controlls everything. But good and bad is the dualistic impression for our daily body. Actually, it is oneness in the non-dual realm. It is the deepest Mystery which confuse us. After meeting it, she said "I have to say that I don't know anything about this right now".And she had to break down all compositions of her piece she made untill then.
Four dancers resonated deeply, though it was so hard for all.
Because almost of dancers are, more or less, feminist and echologist in the daliy thought. But in this abyss, those daily thought did not work at all. We had to face deep edge "who am I?".
Because, we are mother and killer, creator and destroyer, female and male at the same time, in the infinite realm. It was completely different experience from daily world which is able to stand at only one side.
The encounter the archetype brought us to the depth of non-dual realm which any dualistic thoughts which was bound by one side, didn't work there. We have to accept it. We have to be aware of how deep we are bound by the Ego which makes beautifull fake story about ourselves. We have to take off the borrowed costume as a human, then we could face to the Mystery of Life.

The encounter of Archetype, and entering the non-dual realm was very necessary process to become Life. The Life demand us to take off our ego, our thought, our individual history. All of them were what we regard that this is me. But in the non-dual realm, we face the fact that they are merely illusions or fake stories what ego weared.
Off course, to take off them is not easy. It is extremely hard edge. But the real creation come out fthrough the struggle on the edge. To get enough strenth to endure the hardship of these edges, we really needed for one year training.

She guided the other students into the Dark Femine world by the improvisational experiment. They resonated deeply, too, and invented each unique Dark Feminine.
The cobody part which four witches collaborated as becoming each own Dark Feminie, and transform various monsters, chimeras, kugutsues with resonance is miraculous highlight of this piece. It was the real cobody. It is niether choreography nor improvisation. I cannot say anything else than that "A special miracle has happened by Life resonance at that moment".
Unfotunetely she encountered a problem of toothache in November, she could not have enough time to complete the total Jo-Ha-Kyu of the piece. This dance must be completed as over one hour piece, if she could dance all unknown encounters in the underground world like Inanna of Mesopotamian Myth had done.
The piece must be still working in progress. I believe that Odile has to continue the harder travel and complete this piece someday.
"Yes, it is infinite."
This is the last word of her before leaving Himalaya.
She has met her destiny.

(This process involved all students including me immediately. We were real cobody. It brought me a serious crisis to meet my trauma about mother. How deep I was bound by my small ego. I am struggling in the hardship still now. I will investigate it in the "Sinking into darkness"slowly.)

13 December, 2010

Far Forest/ Kiyoko

This butoh peice was born from a sad memory of destruction of the ocean by a polution at her home beach in her childhood. She could just cried at that time against the lost sea when she was twelve years old. This crying inner girl resonated and transformed into various butoh bodies.
She started dancing kid's plays jofully, skipping rope, hopscotch, mimicking a chikin, cat, dog, and slowly they were transforming strange Chimera bodies.
After then various transformations became multi-layered and muddled.
She met various Archetypes, Animus, Proto body, Kugutsu body, Hidden body and so many Shisha( the Dead). She has to meet Shisha of Minamata desease ( Mercury polution desease in Japan) in the bottom of ocean. Shisha of Minamata desease was the secret origin of the Weakened body of Hijikata Tatsumi, too, though only few people knows it.
She danced their collapsed body, and tried to approach toward the audiense by near death movement. Full audiense were frightened to death. Cobodies by four witches resonated with the Shisha and danced from Hell to Heaven also dynamicly.
After performance, we had a free talking session with audiense, almost of them told that they were moved strongly, especially by extreme transformations of emotions from joy to sadness,suffering, anger and laugh.
Also I was moved deeply, because also I had same experience of the death of sea in my childhood. I have not danced it yet, but Kiyoko danced it in stead of me. Whoever is Ok, just the necessry dance must be danced.
Thank you Kiyoko. Pleae continue dancing this peice and deepen it infinitely. This peice is worth to be seen by various countries people. These unavoidable nesessary dances should be shared in the world.

5 December, 2010

Pure Life Resonance

Festival has over with the exciting resonance. After the five performances at the theater, on the last day we visited Tibetan Handicaped Home "Ningtobling" in Dharamsala guided by Fabricio (Brazil-Germany). We did various colored performances and art works. People enjoyed with opening full familarity and hospitality. They danced together, laughed together, sang together from the first performance to the end. It was so special real carnival beyond borders. All of us could experience the pure life resonance.
We felt that our lives were washed by their pure resonance without ego.
We were so happy to finish the festival with sharing pure life resonance.
Thank you very much all audiences, participants, old and present students!
The five performances at the subbody-cobody theater will start uploading in a few days one by one.

1 December, 2010

Opening with Lung-ta

Students go to in the Lung-ta of the Dharai lama temple, and
Listen to the voice of the wind.
Lung-ta means "Horse of Wind" in Tibetan, also it means the Tibetan flags in the wind.
They have to listen to the wind as the voice of Shisha( the Dead) and the nature.
Wind is the most important for them, because wind tells them the change of wheather, condition of the world.
Students enter the holly place and clean up their daily mind and body to be a transparent body which is able to listen to the Dead.
And performed at the opening event of Butoh Photo exhibition. Ainhoa joined from Spain by her Photographies.
Fabricio who joined the Fes. from Brazil, spread the big rainbow color flags which he prepare for the workshop with Tibetan handicaped people in the feastival space.
Students also spread big banner for Festival and sign boards in the jogibara village.
The quiet mountain village has changed lively toen suddenly.
Many audience filled the theater from the first day of performance. Dancers had to share the half of stage with audience. The breath of dancers effected to the audience directly. But the narrow dense space like this is for the Butoh which is able to resonate with the real qualia of what happens in the Butoh dance.
As if ancient human in the stone age resonated with the Spirit in the dark Cave of Altamira and so on. We need to transform all time and space for real resonance of life.

29 November, 2010

Festival has started --Resonance Workshop

The First Himalayan Butoh Festival has started succesfully.
Before then some opening events were held.
On Sunday morning, Resonance workshop was open leaded by Ikuko.
Verious countries people has participated.
Many of them enjoyed the first experience of the life resonance with deep impressions.
Their impressions are the following;

27 November, 2010

Himalayan Festival of Shisha (The Dead)

The Festival is going to start. Today students performed on the Tibettan Kora (Dharailama temple), and at the Opening of Butoh Exhibition in the Dlaramsala town.
The four Butoh pieces and two waorkshops are ready.
The Butoh peices of students became so deeper. As if we invite various Shisha (the Dead) from all over the world to the Himalaya, and dance together. This is the Festival of resonance among the Shisha (the Dead) and the living.
We manifest as the following at the Himalayan Festival of Shisha.;

Butou Expands Beauty

What is beauty?
We are bound by a very narrow concept of beauty.
Butoh breaks the narrow boundaries of beauty, and expands it from the existing human perception to "The Beauty of Life".

Not only can a healthy young ballet dancer be beautiful, but all beings can create the Beauty of Life. There is beauty even in the falling of dead leaves. Why is a handicapped body not able to create Beauty?

Release your Self from the binds of the small ego. As the human transform towards the Life, we may find the novel Beauty of every being.

Butoh is the pioneer of a novel way of living. After removing the long standing binds od illusion, that our narrow humanity, we may live as "Life".

Program of the First Himalayan Butoh Festival

Date Time Event Place
27 Nov
-5 Dec
9:00-20:00 Butoh Exhbition Heart Lock Cafe
Japanese restaurant
27 Nov 9:00 "Just resonance"
site specific Butoh performance
Tibetan Kora
4:00 Opening performance of Exhibition Heart Lock Cafe
28 Nov 10:00-12:00 Open Butoh Workshop
with Ikuko(Japan)
18:00 Butoh on Screen Cinema, Temple Rd
(near post office)
29 Nov 18:00 "Fallen from Grace" Odile(USA) Subbody School
30 Nov 18:00 "Far Forest" 
Kiyoko (Japan)
●Open discussion after the performance
Subbody School
1 Dec 18:00 "Big Quest(ion)"
Monika (Poland)
Subbody School
2 Dec 17:30 "Change"
Ikuko (Japan)
Subbody School
18:30 "...Important"
Cobody theater
Odile, Kiyoko, Ikuko,Monika
Subbody School
3 Dec 17:30 "Snow Lion" 
Dorjee (Tibet)
Subbody School
4 Dec 10:00 "Unrevelling Rainbow"Fabricio (Brazil)
Color Workshop for Handicapped people
Tibetan Handicapped Home

All performances and workshops are Free!