December 2014


School Journal
India Rhizoming Tour
India Rhzoming tour 1 Rajasthan Highlight 
1 January, 2015

Happy New Year from India Rhizoming tour

We spread into small group after Jodhpur.
Some f them continued to travel to the desert of Jaisalmer or Ociyan, some of them moved to south, Kalnataka, we will spend the New Year at various places, and will meet at Kolkata in Jan, or Mumbai in Feb.
Some of them went abroad, and will come back the Subbody school next year.
To separate flexiblly and connect freely is Rhizome.
To accept everything noncharansly and find best resonance pattern in it is Life.
An old student, Anneri from Norway will join us at Sundarban in middle of Jan, 2015.

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31 December, 2014

Dancing in the 'Blue City', Jodhpur

We arrived at Jodhpur after ten days camel caravan.
There is a big old fort in the center of the city.
We danced around the lake, in the blue house, and on the huge rock.

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29 December, 2014

Dancing in the Dry Lake

We found a dynamc landscape of dried up lake in the way of caravan.
We danced there in the evening and next morning with the Sun rise.

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28 December, 2014

How to resonate with Tribe people

When we met Rabari tribe people, every core member tried to resonate with them in various way.
Devanjalle talk with them by hindhu to explain what we are doing, Honza and Alon danced Butoh and played flute directly, young female dancers showed Rajasthan dance with Camel rider woman, Pamela delvered sweet dry fruits to children.
The most catchy performance was Wodico, she has 15 years experence of street performance and crown. It had most primitive mime of human, to catch, carry, fail, be attacked, escape, run away, copy children's movement with comical gestures. When she performed it, tribal children enjoyed a lot.
This was the real time training of Life Resonance. How deep fear they feel against outer world and invisible world. How can we share it, and with what Jo-Ha-Kyu we need to approach them, we learned a lot from this first encounter with tribal people.

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24 December, 2

Meeting Rabari tribe people

On the fourth day of the camel caravan, we visited a settlement of Rabari tribe people.
They were pure nomad, and now settle at each places.
The settlement was around a dozen houses with many small children. Camel rider said that at first we should sit and talk together, and see what will happen. But some of dancers suddenly started dancing in strange ways. Most of them surprized and children scared
. We shared their deep fear against the outer world and invisible world. Then we sat and talked together.
Their typical charasterisitic is women's traditional fashion. They said when a woman married, she wears arm ring and tatoo.
It might be a good chance to stay at the close place with them, and slowly become freind. But camel man said their are many settlements on the way to Ocyan, we left the settlement and proceed the caravan. We didn't know this small misjudgement would bring an unfotunate accidient on a member, at this time.

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23 December, 2

Camel Caravan Starts!

"Memories begin from a country of sand
What is unale to remind begins from the country of sand , too"

--- It is a poem that has been sent from my old freind, poet Mikiro Sasaki decades ago.
For some reason, it had been stuck on the bottom of my heart, but I have not expected that I actually come to the country of sand.

In the land of just sand, what subbody which I could not remember would come crawl out from the darkness of body?
We started the Camel Caravan from Pushkar toward Jodhpur with 4 camels 3 karts, 6 camel riders and 15 core memers planed for 10 days.
The 2nd days evening members danced around a dried tree at the Sun set time.

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14 December, 2014

Beautiful Resonance in the morning of the desert

In this morning when finally all 15 core members has joined together, we did morning conditioning in the desert near our base camp.
Then beautiful resonance happened that local people came to see our exercise. I changed the program to copy one person's movement together.
People understand the easy rule and a boy started unique movement and we followed. Next a woman started Rajasthan dancing, and we followed with same resonance pattern.
Immediately it turn to Rajsthan dance party. We were invited to their house for chai party, and dance together. The husband is a guide of camel tour. We talked with him and we decided to start the camel caravan on Wednesday toward next place, Jodpur that is called Blue town.

Dance is spontaneous resonance. We can resonate through body so naturally with local tribe people. We got good start of the desert tour.

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15 December, 2014

Honza, Wodico, Donna on the tree, Pushkar, Rajasthan

Honza and Wodico found a huge wood, Doona found a huge tree near our base camp in the desert and performed.
Tommorow we leave to Jodpur by ten days Camel caravan. See you after ten days.

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14 December, 2014

'Yamazaki, Hit my body by stone!' Rhizome Lee

This is the fifth time to dance this piece, following Poland 3 times, and Himalaya.
I found another Yamazaki Stone the Pushkar lake side.
I was caught cold, but my subbody startrd dancing before thinking.
I will continue to grow up this butoh piece for three years, till October 8 2017 when the monument of the 50 years death aniversary of Yamazaki.
I plan three months Japan Rhizoming tour in Autumn (Sep-Nov), 2017. Please join us.

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December 12, 2014

Pushkar, Rajasthan 1

At the Puskar, the 1st place in Rajasthan, everyday we found the dancing place and performing, at the temple rowd, lake side, local people's house, forest, desert and so on.
Already 13 core member of the tour; Alon, Devanjalee, Donna, Honza, Laurence, Lee, Lilly, Maki(Wodico), Olivier, Raissa, Ramesh, Tala and Udit have joined, we wait for Pamela and Emanuel and move to next place on 13 or 14th Dec. toward Jaismer with total 15 members.

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December 10, 2014

"The Red God" 2nd Delhi Butoh Festival

The 2nd Delhi Butoh Festival is over.
We are starting The India Rhizoming Tour to rajasthan.
Now we are camping at Puskar.

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