December 2015


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 Big Thanks!
Million Views of Subbody Butoh on Youtube

Views 1,005,219 ; Subscribers 1,200
"Who am I"
Sati (Dust Gio) and cobody
19 December, 2015

Sati (Dust Gio)

"Who am I" Sati (Dust Gio) and cobody

This improvisation is one of the best work for me. I encountered huge possibilities of infinite creative sources!

Any form, any relationship, any life

No Border Resonant Experiment

We tried to forget all borders.
Butoh, theatre, dance and language..
It doesn't matter.

Dancers, audience, lighting, camera...
There was no border.
Everyday life, stage life...
There was no border.

There was infinite hidden character, relationship, dance and life.

True creativities from resonance and freedom.

Performed by all dancers and Rhizome Lee
Initiated by Sati(Dust Gio)
With 11th International Himalaya Butoh Festival

 1,000,000 Views on Youtube Aniversary!
"Black Fever" Rhizome Lee Budapest 2000 
 Total Views Today 981,054
people left until 1,000,000 Views!

A few views a day -----Now Views/day 8721 on Peak
13 December, 2015

Big Thanks for 1,000,000 views of Subbody Butoh Videos

More than a decade we continued to post a Subbody Resonance Butoh video to YouTube.
Total number of our videos is now
2010, the analytics of YoTube was started, the number of viewers at that time was dozens every day.
I thought Butoh fan would be such a few.
But this year, rapidly increasing the number of viewers, the number of viewing of the day is on the peak
8721 views/day.
Current total number of views has reached
The million views will be in a few days.

Why the viewers of Subbody Videos increased suddenly?

From this year we uploaded videos more than ever. It will be a factor.
But, if the videos itself are not interesting, the viewers must not increase.
What made it increased suddenly?
Because, our Subbody Resonance Butoh opened completely novel Beauty and novel fun which nobody expects what happens next timing.
It is a novel beauty of Life Resonance, and people's Life resonates from the depth of being with it.
In particular, from this semester we began a new trial of
<Resonant Rhizome> which we share all Qualia in the subbody=cobody world each other.
It opened up all student's creativity, originality and resonativity to the maximum range.
All of them opened up 120% possibilities and they multiply each other, the result became 1000% by mutual resonance.
We will promote the way of <Resonant Rhizome> with confidence to the future.
Because it could opened completely unique and interesting world which everybody can open full creativity and originality.
We could succeed to enter the deeper realm which not only the distinction between mind and body has disappeared, but also the distinction between individual subbody and the flock cobody has disappeared and integrated into completely free and lively Rhizome.

Our dance videos that all dancers are dancing extremely freely and livily as never seen before for everybody, must surprise viewers. Then they are increasing.
All were using their 120% of the creativity, and multiplied each other, the result becomes 1000% blooming the Flower, Secret and Mystery.

Anyway, we thank you deeply.
It gave us to able to notice something important.
Best regards in the future.
And, let's experience the Life Resonance together, somehow come to the Himalayas.
You will not able to quit, once you have experience it.
It's the Butoh of Life Resonance.

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空 ガドゥ Kuu (Emptiness) Gadu
2010 Analistics Start -Now Views/day 8721 on Peak
20 December, 2015

One million views on YouTube Anniversary Series 1

"空 Kuu (Emptiness)" Gadu

Subbody Resonance Butoh Video on YouTube
1 million view is at hand!

Subbody Butoh videos that has continued to post to YouTube, now total viewers are almost 1 million people.
<Viewers: 948,209>.
 Since it has continued, now thousands people in the world watching our videos every day, more than 1 million views in a few days has become a certainty.
Thank you very much!
In this commemoration, we introduce excelent videos from the past along with the videos of 11th Butoh Festival.
The first one is the following;

"Kuu (Emptiness)" Gadu
5th International Butoh Festival Himalaya

And we will continue to introduce masterpieces of us from now.
Look forward to!

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