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3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kerala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bangalore -
- Goa - Aurovile - Delhi - Dharamsala

Sri Lanka Co


Dancing Resonance

Friday at 18:00-21:00
Prana Lounge Colombo · Colombo, Sri Lanka

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An invitation to expand your dance and dive deeper into the wisdom of your body, to create and express your wild and true dance with Pilar Echavarria.

The essence of this workshop lies in listening to the authenticity of our body, in movement or in stillness, and allowing the inner dance to unfold. We would do this through practices, frames and scores of exploration from different methods of Subbody Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Movement Arts.

Open for everybody that loves to Dance and have the curiosity to explore deeper into your body!

ABOUT Pilar Echavarria

Pilar ECHAVARRIAhas been co*creating movement classes, workshops, and festivals to guide and explore Contact Improvisation, Butoh and movement in the water since 2010 worldwide. She is Organizer and creator of "Liquid Dance Laboratory" in Ibiza-Spain and "Liquid Flow Festival" in Mexico.

Pilar has has been dancing and researching the body since 2006 through different arts and techniques of improvisation, movement and healing: Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Authentic Movement, Continuum Movement, Tao Shiatsu, Body Mind Centering, Axis syllabus, Somatic Arts, WaterDance, Watsu, HealingDance, Jansu and Aguahara; while learning and teaching, performing and creating, living and traveling around the world.

Her inspiration and study in Contact Impro is attributed to teachers Daniel Lepkoff, Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung, Eckart Mueller y Daniela Schwartz, Joerg Hassemann, Frey
Faust, Karl Frost and the CI Commuity in Argentina. In Butoh by Minako Seki, Atsushi Takenushi, Katsura Kan, Diego Pinon and the ‘Himalaya Butoh School’ in India where she studied for two years. And in the Water Movement by Shantam and her own self research.

Cost : TBA
Student Discount 50%, please present your student ID upon registration
India Auroville

Tantra Festival

"What people believe is truly unbelievable. It's a dogma-eat-dogma world out there."
-- Swami Beyondananda

"Mount Meru of Hindu traditions has clearly mythical aspects, being described as 84,000 Yojan high (about 1,082,000 km (672,000 mi), which would be 85 times the Earth's diameter), and notes that the Sun along with all the planets in the Solar System revolve around Mt. Meru as one unit."
Which makes it the black hole in the center of the milky way.
The sri yantra is a 2d mapping of this object.

"Tantra has been labelled as "yoga of ecstasy" driven by senseless ritualistic libertinism.
This is far from the diverse and complex understanding of what Tantra means to those Buddhists, Hindu and Jains who practice it.
To its practitioners, Tantra is defined as a combination of texts, techniques, rituals, monastic practices, meditation, yoga, ideologies that are freely selected based on personal preference, or master-disciple developed, or guru-revealed."
"Tantrism usually refers to a "systematic quest for salvation or spiritual excellence" by realizing and fostering the divine within one's own body, one that is simultaneous union of the masculine-feminine and spirit-matter, and has the ultimate goal of realizing the "primal blissful state of non-duality".

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India Goa
 Dancing on the beach at Arambol in Goa

Dancing on the beach

Bharath, Johann, Keshav, Sasha, Pilar, Lee and Cobody

The last performance at the Rambol beach in Goa. The 3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour is over. See you next year.
We plan the 4th India tour during Jan - Feb, 2018, starting from Rajasthan, Kolkata, Tumkur, Bengaluru, and finishing at Goa. If someone will resonate with and organize some activities at your place, we are open. Please inform us frankly. Warm Resonance!
Thank you, Bharath Kishore for the slideshow!
Videos are being edited by Jordi now. Coming soon!

India Tumkur
Dancing in the South Indian Jungle
Bengaluru Butoh Festival part 1 Tumkur  
Dancing in the South Indian Jungle

AntzFarm which was the first stage of the Bengaluru Butoh festival, is placed in the deep jungle of South India.
In the night leopards and bears would wander and eccentric roar echos.
The middle day of a weekly workshop of <Dreaming Share>, the participants danced in the nearby jungle to find a favourite place.
The young man from Afghanistan who danced first with Banyan tree, dancing the scars of the war engraved on his mind and body, moved us deeply.

Whether it is a short-term workshop or not, it is a feature of <Dreaming Share> that is able to resonate at the deepest place of each other.
The way to cut into real Butoh of Life Resonance finally opened.

India Bangalore
 Trailer of Butoh Fusion in Bengaluru
Butoh Fusion in Bengaluru
Bengaluru Butoh Festival part 2

29 Jan - 8 Feb

An experiment for the Butoh Fusion

At the Bengaluru Butoh Festival Part II,
We experimented the ”Lucid dream share" and "Butoh fusion" in the workshop and performance.
Both were so rich harvest.
Bharath who is the organizer of the festival is a house dancer, and he tried the fusion of butoh and house dance for the past year, so we experimented how to deepen the fusion.

Many of the participants were experienced in various genres such as Indian traditional dance, Belly dance, Street dance and so on.
We explored the dance of the Life Resonance dimension before the human dance differentiated into various kinds of dance styles.
In the workshop, I introduced two important techniques. The first one is " Fine Segmentation", the delicate control technique of Butoh, to segment our face, hand, body into 100 fine parts, and each detail resonates with various Qualia.
The second technique is Japanese resonance method of "Awase-Hanare". It is to resonate with the music, sometimes with the same pattern and sometimes with diffrent pattern.
So that we can resonate flexiblly with various music and inner subtle Qualia stream.

Furthermore, in the performance, each participant created a dance transforming into Butoh from the various dance styles such as Varanaciam, Belly dance and House dance.
That work was an interesting process exploring something about the animism before the ancient dance differentiated into the national dance of each country and the dance that comes out from the pure Life Resonance that is the basis.
Originally, Butoh started from the Quest for the "Butoh of Life" beyond the differentiation of the dance styles. Tatsumi Hijikata learned the ballet, modern dance and social dance etc. He quested the deeper realm beyond the differentiation of the dance styles.
This experiment is the quest for what is the "Dance of Life" before the differentiation into the various dance styles of human.
All participants worked ambitiously on the task of exploring the connection with the dance that comes out from the deeper Life Resonance from the dance circulated in modern times that they learned.
Someday these experiments will be involved into Oneness of "the Butoh of Life" in the future.

India Bangalore
Bengarulu Butoh Festival part 2 Bangalore
 Bangalore Times
India Tumuro
Bengarulu Butoh Festival part 1 Tumluro
 Performance at AntzFarm
 Resonance with Banyan Tree
 Workshop at Ants farm in Tumkur
Bengaluru Butoh Festival

22 - 28 Jan

The Tumkur is so ideal place to open creativity of Life. The workshop at the Antz farm in the deep jungle of Tumkur, the first part of the Bengaluru Butoh festival was so unprecedented deep experiments and many discoveries have come out successively.
The deep quietness and wildlife of the South Indian jungle evoked the primitive Resonance of Life.
Especially the soil of practice ground is so good. If we directly touch earth, stone, grass-burned ash, rocks or big-tree roots etc
It reminds us of the proto Qualia from the sole and skin we have forgotten while we were unaware of the cells memories.
In the night we heard mixed with the roar of the trees such as palms, bananas and banyan and unknown animal voices of diverse beasts and birds echoed away.
Actually one dog in the farm was eaten by the leopard a part of his face three years ago, and the pain of the wound still dragged.
The fear of such an invisible world is the source of the ancestral Qualia that is darkly folded in the darkness body.

Finally reeached the proto scenery
of "Sick Dancing Princess"

Three years ago, while studing Hijikata's "Sick Dancing princess", I was struggling how can I guide to the contemporary young people who do not know such deep darkness of the northeast Japan before the war that is the stage of it.
I felt that we need to touch that proto scenery.
It was the original motive for the Indian tour.
The proto secenery has disappeared from the advanced information society of Japan and the West.
I searched for it to be sure to remain in the backyard of India.
And finally we have reached an ideal place.

We got the method to share the deep journey
of the darkness of body

Not only found the proto scenery, but we goto the method to share the proto world in the each darkness of body.
<Chaos share> which we become the self-hypnosis mode, and open the full imagination, and co-create wach world, is continuing the experiment in the India tour goes through Kolkata. And it was connected with previous subbody method which we share the subbody movement in the silence, and deepened into <Journey Share> in the wild environment of Tumkur.
Explaining by word the different journeies of each person discovered in the self hypnosis mode through the conditioning and self researching, and integrated into a <Journey Share> through the co-creative movement of the body.
Details on this will be given to another article.
So interesting imaginary journeies came up from a collective unconscious region of local Indian people and international tour members.
We were able to share an unprecedented and deep experience of co-creating the diverse world with the body movement.
Denish of AntzFarm who supports the creation of local young people also welcomed this experiment with pleasure.
Next year I promised to do a longer workshop.
Dharamsala in North India and AntzFarm in South India, one more subbody base in India has increased.
The plan to carry out the third world Subbody Gathering in the year after year is progressed, too.
we introduce the nature and workshop scenery of AntzFarm.

Read the "Sick Dancing Princess"

 Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

 Schdule of Summer tour 2017 is almost fixed.

1. Netherlands (Rotterdam): Jun 19-July 3
2. 2nd Subbody Gathering (Barcelona):July 6- 15
3. Poland (Michalowice): July 18- Aug 7
4. Switzerland (Geneva) : August 10 - 16
5. Russia (Uragivostock) : August 20-25

Let's enjoy it!

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kerala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bangalore -
- Goa - Rajasthan - Delhi - Dharamsala

India Kolkatao
 DarknLight・ Anna, Gorka, Jaime, Naireet, Pamela
India Tumkuro
Bengaluru Butoh Festival

22 - 28 Jan

The India Resonant Butoh Tour returns for its third edition and stops by the AntZFarm (iruWAY) for a second time, after healing Dharamshala, Kerala and Kolkata for the Bengalutu Butoh Festival.

The Tumkur leg of the tour will begin with a week long residency and exchange with practitioners, tour participants from all over the country and the world, local residents and enthusiasts like YOU; and it will end with a showing of the week long exchange. The tour will then move to Bangalore for a week filled with workshops, performances and exchanges.

Master Rhizome Lee- a practitioner of Butoh for the last 30 years will be guiding the tour.
You can read more about him and his work here: http://www.subbody.net/

Jan 22 - Jan 28 (The full weeklong residency for ₹5000/- board and lodge included)
Jan 26 - Jan 28 (A partial residential workshop for₹3000/- board and lodge included)

For more information and enquiries please feel free to call Lekha -9844264157

About Master Rhizome Lee:
Rhizome Lee, born 1948 in Japan , was a student of Akiko Motofuji, wife of Tatsumi Hijikata, who is considered as the Originator of Butoh. Rhizome Lee has performed and held workshops at over 20 countries in the world, (1997-2004). He is the proponent of the Subbody Resonance Butoh Method・and started the 全ubbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya・at Dharamsala, H.P., India, in 2005. He has guided international students as a midwife (Facilitator) to foster & fuel creativity of Life. He has trained over 1000 students. Over 20 of graduated students have opened their own practice places at various countries.

About Subbody:
Subbody is another body which lives in the darkness of the body. In this realm subconscious and body become one. It is a creative and communicative dancing body.
Subbody is an excellent creator of your dream, fantasy, imagination and dance. If you find your subbody, you can become an originator of your own unique and true dance which connects to the deepest of your whole self. We have a safe method to guide you into the darkness of body where subbody lives and to return back controlling yourself.

About AntzFarm- iruWAY:
AntZ farm is at the foothill of Devarayanadurga heritage hills near Tumkur. It is a collective that is concerned with art, ecology, culture,...

 Red: New schedule
India Goao

Aia hold Feminine Workshop in Goa

Every Sunday 11:00-1:00
@ Jungle cafe Temple road

Hi Lee! 

I'm in Goa now, and connected with the Subbody. Since I arrived here I could perform 3 times with musicians and also I'm giving workshops for women on Sundays   " The dance of the wild feminine". I can feel that my mission is to work with woman, holding space for the dark feminine. Exactly what  personally I find in school.

Last Sunday was successful workshop with tears and deep qualias and I could feel how Subbody method is been integrated in my creations and the way of listening and working with that. It's really excited! 
For that I just want to give my big thank you for you. Since I started with this research I feel completely inspired. The birth of Subbody mode is a mark in my body. And each day I can listen more to that state of Life resonating through.

I feel that I want more, to go more deep, to learn more, to research more. For that, dharamsala is very possible next semester again.

Thank you for all non teachings- teachings! 
Enjoy the tour
We meet in Goa, I will be here with Pilar waiting for you all.

Big hug!!!

India Kolkata
 2nd Kolkata Butoh Festival
 Some glimpses from the workshop
at The Creative Arts Studio

Derector of The Creative Arts

The chaos share workshop at the Creative Arts studio, which was the start of the 2nd Kolkata Butoh festival, gave far greater results than expected.
Everyone turned to the subconscious mode, fully opened their imagination, and co-creating their imagination world with the group. This success lightly shines the future of the Indian tour experiment.
I regret that it was not able to take a video by technical trouble.
I think it can be imagined from the following voices full of excitement of the participants.
Thank you for everybody!

Butoh is a dance form to listen to the silence of the body...

" I discovered that, when my consciousness becomes quiet enough and calms down to the same level as my subconscious, I can feel the whole flow of qualia in my body very delicately and precisely." Rhizome Lee

Two days with Master Rhizome Lee have been like being in a continuous state of meditation...connecting to your innermost core of the body... to find the organic impulse of your body...


Voices of the Participants

Vineeta Bothra Abhani It has been a truly truly blissful experience

Sundeep Kedia Very strong amazing body language

Priyal Loyalka Brilliant workshop..thank u ma'am for this opportunity!!!!!!!

Saroj Tivary Yes it was a unique experience ..lucky to be the part of this..thanks ma'am for arranging this.

Seema Grover A new kind of experience that takes you to a different level..thank you ma'am for being in our lives!!

Priyal Loyalka Thank u so much ma'am for introducing us to this unique, different, wonderful way of letting go. had never heard of butoh before. three days of so many emotions...felt relaxed, stressed, angry, emotional, happy,s ad, felt like crying ,laughing sometimes. But today just felt freeeeeeee and so so light .thank u sooooo much!!!!!

 Anita Khandelwal An amazing three day session of letting ourselves flow freely in our emotions individually and collectively. The warmth, energy and emotions took us to a different world within ourselves. For the first two days the body felt pain, stress and tiredness but today we felt so peaceful, calm and relaxed and floated together in the most wonderful way.
Thank you ma'am for this amazing and unique experience.



India Kolkata

Butoh: Avant-garde theatre finds a space in Kolkata
Japanese flavour in City of Joy

By Mehk Chakraborty Posted On : January 6, 2017 in Art & Culture , News - India & You , Kolkata

Butoh is being manifested in different forms across the globe, including in Kolkata, India. Image via Flickr,Duc
Butoh is being manifested in different forms across the globe, including in Kolkata, India. Image via Flickr,Duc
The Japanese dance-theatre form, Butoh is slowly finding a place in the cultural space of Kolkata, with upcoming festivals such as the 2nd Kolkata International Butoh Festival serving as platforms for the promotion of the art.
Butoh can be best understood as a performative dance or movement in the space of theatre with performers traditionally appearing on stage with white make-up across the body and movements that are controlled very precisely. Not a theatre form that is aesthetically and philosophically appreciated by all, or easily defined, this avant-garde form has a disputable point of origin. However, most agree that it surged following World War II, in Japan, with key ‘founders’ such as Hijikata Tatsumi, was the turning and starting point for the modern to postmodern foundation of the art.
Kolkata, the capital of eastern Indian state of West Bengal, has found this expressive form of performance art interesting, creating an existence in the city, although the circle is small. “Butoh is finding a space in the city which was otherwise becoming stagnant in its theatrical forms. Although there have not been too many practitioners in the past, with the commencement of the annual Kolkata International Butoh Festival last year, I think Butoh will be more accessible and therefore understood,” states Sudipta Dawn, Director of Culture Monks, which collaborated with others to create this festival. Organisations such as Culture Monks have brought forth theatre nights with Butoh performers in the past, in spaces such as the French cultural centre Alliance Francaise du Bengale.

In the upcoming
2nd Kolkata International Butoh Festival, Butoh, both as a radical movement and dance form is being given a space. Some of the events slated for the festival, which is being organised by Culture Monks, Alliance Francaise du Bengale, Creative Arts Studio and others, are street performances, collaborative performances as well as joint productions. “Because of its expressive nature, which is also highly therapeutic, Butoh is becoming a voice for housewives and students alike, who are some of the people who come and attend these workshops,” stated Dawn, adding, “The collaborative performances are aimed at being a space for those looking to express and we are open to people joining. Those interested can get in touch with me or the organisation as the performances will take place over a while.”
One of the most awaited events within the festival is the workshops by Rhizome Lee, on January 10-12 at Creative Arts Studio as well as January 14-15 at Sparsh Studio, which is a more extensive one. Lee, a Butoh Master, who was born and trained in Japan, is also the founder and director of the Subbody Butoh School, which is based in Dharamsala, in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. “Butoh is a space for the self, to address points of conflict and these kind of festivals also become a space of convergence and exploration of projects for artists getting together,” stated Dawn. Sanghamitra Deb, an upcoming actor and dancer who was hoping to attend the festival, stated that although she hadn’t practised Butoh intensively, “It does help in performance because it opens the mind, and helps in observation and empathy, necessary traits for a performer. The body also becomes ready in the process.”
Butoh in evolution
The sense of aesthetic in Butoh, radical in nature, finds appreciation in limited sensibilities, but it is also evolving with time. “Butoh is a becoming a choice for those who find its uniqueness attractive, those who have an interest in exploring different forms as well as for the physical rather than textual performer,” shared Dawn. Deb is not worried about its current underground standing however, adding her concerns on the growth of Butoh, she said, “I just hope it doesn’t lose itself in the process of making itself more accessible to urban masses.”
Even with a changing socio-political scape since the time this theatre-dance form found a strong base, Butoh remains relevant and is explored by young artistes in Kolkata as a mode of expression. Describing what Butoh meant to her, Deb stated, “It is a form of movement which came out of devastation, death and destruction. So, it looks like every thing is falling apart, like chaos. But like any kind of chaos, there is intense order, and strength within Butoh, which basically comes from one’s own personal discipline, of harmony between body and mind.” For those looking to explore this dance-theatre of the inner self, the 2nd Kolkata International Butoh Festival is a great space to look forward to.
For more details on the festival visit Culture Monks or contact Sudipta Dawn at +91-8697919308 

India Kerala

 India tour is developping in Rhizoming ways, Surprisingly Laura who met a hard edge and had to stop dancing for a while, performed in Kerala.
So, Rhizome can open the way by oneself, and connect freely, separate flexiblly.
Congratulation for your dancing spirit recovery!

Laura Dyduch performing the Butoh dance at Varkala. 

A dance form from Japan, to welcome New Year

Called Butoh, the dance focuses on primal expressions than the performer

On New Year’s Eve, some of the tourists who arrived at Varkala from near and far to welcome 2017 got the opportunity to see a kind of dance they had never seen before.

The dance was called Butoh, and it was performed by 31-year-old Laura Dyduch from Germany. Butoh may not be one that fits the New Year break revelry menu, but it indeed is a contemporary dance form that originated in Japan. Ms. Dyduch told The Hindu that Butoh was seen as a strange dance with the performers looking neither male nor female. “The dance largely focuses on primal expressions rather than the physical beauty of the performer.”

Ms. Dyduch, who learned the dance under the tutelage of Butoh maestro Rhizome Lee at Subbody Butoh Himalaya in Dharmasala, Himachal Pradesh, is in Kerala now on a two-month tour to promote the dance form. She will be performing at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. A sociologist serving children with special needs, she got trained in Butoh because of a passion for it. She said that Butoh was a dance form that took roots in the post-War Japan. “This art form conspicuously rejects traditional styles of both eastern and western dances. Butoh expresses intense emotions through slow, controlled, and even distorted movements,” she said. It is traditionally performed in white body make-up.

Butoh was created in 1959 and the founders are Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo. “The world’s dance started from standing, but mine started from not being able to stand,” goes a famous quote about Butoh by Tatsumi.

The dance form emerged in Japan “during a time of social change post World War-II when the Japanese society was in confusion caused by industrialisation vis-a-vis their traditional culture; horror caused by the bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and urbanisation and political disenchantment against the Japan-U.S. security treaty.

Ironically, Butoh was rejected in Japan during its initial days, but found wide acceptance in Europe during the 1970s, said Ms. Dyduch. It began attracting wide acceptance in Japan only during the 1980s. Nowadays, Butoh is preformed all over the world and mentioned in almost every contemporary dance history record, she said.

India Bengaluru

 First contact with Rabari tribe people who live in the deert of Rajasthan
in the 1st India tour.

(We did not know even how to greet them, it has finished only coming across.
Well, at the beginning, it were a bit like this,
I bite my lip.
How can we meet deeper than that?
I continued digging the body for two years. )

 25 December 2016

Qualia sharing as Life

All Qualia that are shared by all human beings are the Life heritage that Life has preserved in the cell through the Life history of 4 billion years.
There is a wisdom of Life to resonate well with everything on the earth.
Sensory Qualia such as hot and cold, light and dark, sound, smell, taste, touch, etc.,
Proto Qualia such as fear, shivering, dizzy, blockage and so on,. as an organism.
Archetype Qualia such as heaven, hell, god, evil, spirit, ghost, monster, grandmother, trickstar, wiseman and so on.
All of them are preseaved during the long Stone era, with encountering the Climate change, diseaster, war, hard immigration out of Africa, and so on.
All of human beings share the same Qualia heritage in the darkness of body, especially in the collective unconscious realm.

Inter-Qualia method

We could find the novel method to the co-creation beyond the borders.
Everyone turning into the subconscious mode, opening full of imagination freely, and co-create various worlds through dancing.
It is called Inter-Qualia method.

In the 3rd India tour, we will experiment it with local Indian people at various places and international participants of the tour together.

In the 1st and 2nd tour, it was still a superficial resonance.
I could not stop deep chagrin to me.
Instead of invading like Columbus,
Not only to observe like Levi Strauss,
There should be a way for us as a dancer that only we can resonate with.

Even though we do not understand words, we share the same Prototype, and Archetype Qualia as the Life heritage.
We will experiment for the co-creation beyond the borders.
This requires an excellent interpreter to understand both local languages ​​and subbody method.
Such an attempt would be the first in human history.
Looking forward to what surprising experience!

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India Kolkata
 25 December 2016

2nd Kolkata Butoh Festival

Sudipta and Naireet are preparing now.
Thank you!

8 - 13 Jan: WORKSHOP 10:00-4;30

This years activity will be to share the subconscious cobody through new self-hypnosis method.We do not start from Established performance that separate dancers and audience. There are no borders among us. We do everything together with sharing collective subconscious world and share the new method of nonchalance co-creation.together.

*Through the experience workshop on 1st day, Lee will explain and guide it with body experience.
* If possible, one day at somewhere in the outside.Quiet nature, Riverside, Forest or park.
* Collaborative performances are completely free creation Festival by all participants as one Life. Someone can perform seriously, someone dance crazyly or cheerfully, someone perform disabled body and so on including various cobody.
*Any participants can add unique program freely, it is our flexible co-creation in rhizoming way!

We will BREAK AND EXPAND the established boundary of butoh creation, it is real Butoh of Life.

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 Highlights of 2nd India Resonant Butoh Tour
India Goa

A Journey through experiment…
February 2017 in Goa

Read more

In BUTOH, we use our imagination, memory and visions, to take our body into a journey of infinite dimensions, to Become that…
Surrendering to bigger forces of nature and the universe, we are being moved, we are being danced and transformed.

When we immerse our body in the water, all our skin is being touched by that powerful magic fluid that have all the memories of all life and death. When we physically allow ourselves to be moved by it, a cognitive poetry of our liquid body can unfold, awakening ancient wisdoms, timeless memories, infinite imaginaries… our LIQUID DANCE.

Breathing, breathlessness… that subtle constant wave moving us, that natural and dramatic essence that shine or disappear when we are in the water; bringing up fears, pleasure, wildness and vulnerability.

Bringing the Subbody Butoh Method into the Waters and merging it with others practices and methods from Aquatic Bodywork, Somatic Arts and Contact Improvisation; we will explore to surrender to the flow and forces of the water, while being an active initiator of the dance that our life wants to embody.
Researching the play between gravity and non·gravity, transformations of the density of our own inner fluids, opening our hidden bodies, secrets, flowers and mysteries…

How does our dance and body can expand, when bringing these Arts of Movement together in Water and Land?
Which creations may unfold from these explorations?
Underwater performances, mermaid healings, rituals in wonderland, nothingness, deathlessness…?


DANCING RESONANCE - Inward journey

3 Day Intensive Workshop. February 9-11, 2017

An invitation to expand your dance and dive deeper into the wisdom of your body,
to create and express your wild and true dance!

There is movement unfolding in unknown and unexpected directions,
and an intention of exploring and inhabiting a fluid state of presence.
Be an inhabitant of your own inner landscapes,
and dance from your cells, your organs, your heart, your skin, your bones, your tongue…

With the support of practices, frames and scores of exploration from different methods: Aquatic Bodywork (WaterDance, Fluid Presence and Aguahara), Subbody Butoh, Somatic Movement Arts, Continuum Movement, Breath and Sound practices and Contact Improvisation; we will explore how water can nurture, open and transform our authentic dance, while researching our intimate relation with breath and water, and the transitions between water and earth.

* Open to everybody, no previous experience is needed.

- A journey towards creation

3 Day Workshop and Lab - February 13-15, 2017

The Flower, the Mystery, the Secret

Through the Subbody Butoh Methods, you can travel in your whole self world and create your own Subbody Butoh dance, which is entirely unique to you… Feeling the subtle sways in your body and mind, listening to the sub-signals from your subconscious, meditating, breathing, surrendering to be moved and resonating with various other worlds behind this world.

In this Workshop we will open the potential of creativity and authenticity that are folded in the darkness of the waters of the body, focusing on “The Flower, the Mystery, the Secret”, to enhance the beauty of the dance that emerges from our Water being.
The Flower: the deep life resonance between a moment of the dance and the life of the witness or of the world. The flower of timing, the flower of change, the flower of density. The flower is nurture by the blood of the dance.
The Mystery: Which is the mystery hidden in your body that moves you? What makes you dance? Why do you dance? What moves you? How can you go deeper into your own Butoh world?
The Secret: While encountering the deep mystery, flowers start blossoming and our body is being moved by bigger forces. When physical movement and the stream of life crystallize as oneness, it becomes a dance… the secret of the dance. How to hunt the secret?

“The beauty of life seems to be muddled by the chaos of the Flower, the Mystery and the Secret; which are from an unknown world”.

 Spiritual and Physical Map of India tour
 5 December 2016

Spiritual and Physical Map of India tour

Our daily modern thinking is bound by dualistic and hierarchic Tree system.
It is common illusion that is floating in the space separated from the Earth of Life Resonance.
In the Life, there are no dualism and no hierarchy. It is completely modern human illusion.

We need to stop daily thinking, and to be released from the bind of information of modern world.
we take off the blue and black things (see above illustration) of modern human and become pure Life.
Participants are required to do it at every moment, otherwise you disturb the pure Life Resonance in the tour.

We sink down into the Underground of our mind and body.
In India and Eurasia, there are some religious mountains; Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and local Shamanism, and hill of spiritual=somatic Yoga and so on.
They are based on the Aminism that is the oldest mind=body resonance pattern of Human.
Ancient monk people build each mountains of the religious method. they are based on the non-dual Life Resonance, but some of them are bound by dualistic and hierarchic illusion.
In the deepest realm, there is the pure Life Resonance world.
We sink down into the realm of Life Resonance under the spiritual mountains and hills.
It is
non-dual and multi-dimensional realm. there is not any judgment and dualistic boundaries.
There is no distinction of right and wrong, good and bad, self and others, and so on. It is
Rhizome completely opposite to the Tree.

We enter the subconscious mode together and share every phenomena in the darkness of body together as One Life.
It will be amazing experience for all of us in the whole Life.
Please enjoy it!

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2nd India Resonant Butoh tour/
at AntZ farm, Tumkur, India 2016
 2 December 2016

The new experiement of 3rd India Resonant tour

In the 1st and 2nd tour, we danced only each one's subconscious body with resonating with various landscape and local people in India.
In the 3rd tour, we will experiment a new method,
"Chaos Sharing".
It is that all participants including local Indian people enter the subconscious mode, trip freely and share all of them together by cobody movement.

The procedure is the following;
1. Tell yourself "I'm relaxing, I'm relaxing, one, two three" with own mother tongue silently, and we enter the subconscious mode.
2. Choose a part of body that you care about specially, and focus on the part.
The part will guide you to a specific imaginary world, just follow it.
Travel the world of the darkness of body with opening free imagination.

3. After 10 or 15 minutes travel, we share each one's travel with bodily resonance.
There are many ways to share it.
Someone can tell the story of the travell by word at first, and co-create the world with with bodily resonance next.
Or you can share it by bodily resonance without word.
Or you can use both of word and movement at the same time.
4. Anyway, we share each participant's imaginary world together as own experience, and co-create all of them by subbody=cobody movement.

It was so diverse and full of strange development that we cannot create by consciousness at all.
But, when we enter the deep subconscious body mode, the border between self and others disappers.
Even it is full of wiered archetypes and prototypes, we can enjoy it with joy and fun, because it is so intersting and amazing experience.
Our subconscious Life enjoy it deeply. The consciousness cannot stop it, because it is so exciting and intersting from the bottom of subconscious Life.

This is the novel method to open full creativity of Life and subconscious beyond the baundary of self and others, religion, nationality, sexuality and so on, that was found finally at the third trial of India tour.
This is the first atempt in the Human history of the world.
Let's enjoy it!
It must be unforgetable trip for your Life forever.

Wow! I can not stop the spontaneous excitement from the bottom of body.

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 Toward the Center/ Laurence and cobody
 1 December 2016

We are transforming to the being that is unable to name

The half performances have done of the 13th festival.
I felt something different till the previous festival.
It was able to expect the next development till that time, but, in this festival I was always surprised at and able to enjoy the unexpected interesting development of each piece.
They could stop creation by thinking, they are really listening to the real darkness of body.
It is real non-dual and multi-dimensional Resonance of Qualia.
I could confirm that they could really contact with it, and follw the Life Resonance Qualia itself.
In this semester, we have continued to share the strange development of each one's darkness of body beyond the border of self and others from the begining.
Then we could be familiar with the "Jumping wild without any logic" and able to accept any strange development even of others.
Slowly we are growing to the being that is unable to name beyond the borders of self and others. The border is one of the strongest disturbance of this modern world.
It took twelve years in the Subbody Butoh Himalaya to reach this horizon.
From now, it must become interesting.

In the 3rd India tour, also we share it with local Indian people.
We will dance the local Indian people's darkness of body together.
We can share any wiered development of darkness of body even full of strange archetype and prototype.
We got the method finally at the 3rd trial.

It must be much more interesting and exciting!

Enjoy more the 13th Festival

11 November, 2016

3rd India Tour!

We are planning the 3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour as well as the previous tours.

Spread the breath of Life Resonance all over the India among various kinds of artists, young people including tribal people, and build flexible network in India for exchange, collaboration, support young peole, education and so on.
Toward the worldwide network beyond all borders.

<Tour Course>

Kolkata Jan 5- (2nd Kolkata Butoh Festival)
Tumkur Jan 22- (Bengaluru Butoh Festival)
Bangalore Feb 5- (workshops/performances)
Goa Feb 12- (Goa Butoh Gathering)
Rajasthan Feb 19- (Celebration with Local Village People)
Delhi Feb 26- (University Teaching at Shiv Nadar University)

If you have any ideas of activity (workshop, collaborative performance and so on) at your place, Please inform the link below:

Total coordinator: Honza:honzasvasek@gmail.com

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