January-February 2012


Subbody Journal

The third eye and the third ear

26 February, 2012

The third ear

What is the most important thing to do for you in Himalaya.
It is listening.
But not using your phisical ears.
Physical ears can listen to the physical sound or music. But the Qulaia are not invisible and inaudible. They are too subtle to catch by ears.
The first thing you do here is to open the third ear to listen to the Qualia streaming in your darkness of body.
We need to be completely quiet body to listen to Qualia.
Because Qualia are so subtle. It is million times subtler than the strenth of language or visual information.
When we stop the influence of information and inner langage thinking and talking, we can listen to the Qualia streaming in our darkness of body.
Concentrate to listen to them whole days without thinking and talking.
Slowly you can taste them and enjoy them.
All of them is the richest source for creation.

The third eye

Also you will learn how to limit your physical eyes, and to open the third eye as the traditional meditation method said.
The third eye is to see everything by your hidden skin as Life.
They are the metaphors for transform from gross body to subtle body in the traditional meditation method.


Letter for new students 1    
Information and Qualia

22 January, 2012

What is subbody?


Subbody means subconscious body.

In conscious realm the body and consciousness is separated, but in subconscious realm subconscious and body are not separated. It is oneness. We call it subbody.


Difference between Information and Qualia


The first step to become subbody mode is to stop information, and listen to qualia.
This is the basic of basic.

Qualia is everything which Life resonates. Life means each cell's Life.

Our adult body has hundred trillion cells. Each cell feels each qualia and they are resonating together. Qualia is resonance, and information is object.

Our human can create information from qualia. Qualia is multi-dimensional resonance, and Information is dualistic object, without resonance.

Information is able to be shift to binary number (by 1 and 0, =on /off of electric signal) , and it is able to be used by machine like computer or digital camera, CD player and so on.

But machine can neither feel nor use qualia. Only Life can feel qualia.

This is the big difference between information and qualia.


Our daily body and daily mind are bound by too much information.

Information( by language(words), images, sounds and so on) is dualistic, and too rough and strong comparing qualia which each cell feels. Information is trillion times rougher and stronger than qualia. Information is roughly simplified from multi-dimensional resonance of qualia to dualism.

At first, you need to understand this incredible difference between information and qualia.

This is the most important thing to learn subbody method.


How to release from the binds of information


Stop reading newspaper, magazine, and book. Turn off TV and Computer.

Stop talking with others, and stop inner talking with using word.

Inner talking is automatically coming up. When you notice it, just inhibit it.

And try to listen to the body.

Sit at quiet place, and calm down all tensions of your body.

Breathe in and out with long breath.

If you find some part of body has tension, release it by the following method.

1) Inhale and give air to that part.

2) Hold your breath for a while.

3) Exhale at once and release down the tension.

4) Try this releasing at various part of your body which is bound by a tension or stiffness.


Shifting from thinking mode to listening mode


Now you can feel various subtle bodily feelings are streaming in your body and changing at each moment.

We call it qualia stream.

Qualia is everyhting which Life feels; qualia of Gravity, qualia of light, air, sound and so on.

Life is resonating with various qualia, not only present physical qualia, but also inner qualia which is folded in each cell; as memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, and so on.

Duble resonance of memorial inner qualia and present outer qualia is characteristic of qualia. Inner qualia and outer qualia are resonating like duet always.


Stop human. Become Life


Sit quietly. And listen to your Life. Accept all qualia of Life.

Always ask your Life "What do you want to do most?" and follow it.


Slowly you start swaying with subtle rotating your sucrum and each spine one by one from bottom to head in the three dimension; water, arrow, and slide door dimension.


Just listen to the qualia stream in your body without thinking and judgment as a human.

Not to translate your feeling to language. It happens unconsciously, be aware of the process and just inhibit the unconscious language process. Because language is bound by dualism (good/bad, right/wrong, in/out, self/others, individual/group, subject/object, and so on).

Especially we are bound by very strong archetype as Ego and Self. It disturbs the transparent resonance as Life.

Take off all condition of human, and become Life.

This is the hardest edge which we have to overcome in the process. 

We need to release from all dualistic judgments as human to accept multi-dimensional and non-dual resonance as Life.


Himalaya Butoh Festival #3

PhotoBooks of Festival

Now we starts to publish Photobooks of each performance of
The Third International Butoh Festival Himalaya.
It's a Degital Photobook which is able to turn over pages.
Free Downlod from following Link

Download "Mumyouki / Igu" PhotoBook

Download "A Dream of Calabi-Yau Fetus
/ Kats D" PhotoBook

Download "Possessed / Kats D" PhotoBook

Download "A Doll /Akshi" PhotoBook

Download "Leftovers After the Ruin /Akshi" PhotoBook
Download "Life in Transition / Natasja" PhotoBook

Download "Zoe / Natasja" PhotoBook

Download "Abyss of a Womb / Pilar" PhotoBook

Download "The Origin of the World / Jonathan" PhotoBook

Download "A Petal / Gio" PhotoBook

Download "Resonance Theater / Isabelle" PhotoBook

Download "Family Day / Natasja" PhotoBook

Download "Dagomara Jose (For U, man EHAKILEVE / Isabelle" PhotoBook

Download "From Game to Ritual / Pilar" PhotoBook

Download "Rhizome / Natasja & Gio" PhotoBook

Download "Grand Finale Performance"

PhotoBooks of Festival

A Photobook of the Festival#3 was made.
It's a Degital Photobook which is able to turn over pages.
Free Downlod from following Link

Download PhotoBook Now

(Festival3FullsizeBook.exe, 21MB)

How to use: Crick the link above, and save it at Desktop.
Crick the downloaded file, and the PhotoBook will appear on your Desktop.
Crick on the page to turn over the book.
Push [ESC] to end)

 Test For Mac, iPad, and ePub reader user

If you use Mac, iPad and ePub book reader. please try to download the ePub file through following link.
Try to open it by ePub reader soft. And send us your feedback.

Download ePub file of Festival PhotoBook

Download ePub file of A Doll Akshi

In case of iPad, Please download 'iBook" through 'ITune'
and open ePub file by it.

Crick here to download other ePub reader.


19 January, 2012

Butoh of Shisha, Abyss of Life

Recently, I received some drawings and photos from several participants of the Butoh Festival. By this chance, I watched all pictures of the Festival, and I noticed what we did.
All dancers and participants have co-experienced of various kinds of Shisha's world. Shisha is the Dead in Japanese, but it is not physical dead body, Shisha can transform into various beings; wind, air, tree, grass, animal, bug, stone, mountain, and so on. Because Life is the resonace with everything including lifeless beings.
We studied 'The Art of Shisha' through 'Quiet House' by Hijikata Tatsumi for one years.

“Shisha (the dead) transform their shape quietly and infinitely. It is not rare that they use shapes of others flexibly and naturally.

Each student researched own Abyss as bottomless depth in the darkness of body. They found various behind worlds; dead friend or family, ancesters, under water, ruin, Amazon forest, Cambosian misery, underground, memories, dreams, nightmares, traumas, and so on. And invited each others into each Abyss. Every students entered into others Abyss behind the daily world. Not only dancers, but also participants experienced various Abyss through their bodily experienced. We could share the Butoh of Shisha with public.
This is the charasteristic of the Himalaya Butoh Festival.

This year, we will deepen it deeper. Each student will become a co-reseacher of different Abyss and we share all of them each other. Abyss of Life is so deep, behind world has infinite variations. We don't know at all about them. We need to colaborate to investigate in it. All reserach will be group reseach. Without Ego and Self we can do it. To take off Ego and Self is not so easy. It takes long time to meet and overcome so many difficulties and egdes about Ego and Self. We will learn with daily Ego and Self, nothing happens. This is the reason that the minimum term of subbody school is at least for one year. Please understand this.

 Calaendar 2012