January-February 2013


Subbody Journal
 3 March, 2013

Site name has changed;
Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya

The most important is Resonance.
To mprint it in Life, we changed the site name as above.
Already Japanese site name was "サブボディ共振塾ヒマラヤ" from five years ago. 共振(Kyoushin)means resonance.
I was afraid if we translate it directly in English, it becomes too long.
But, now I feel without resonance, we cannot go ahead any more. Because, subbody has small Ego. Even small Ego, if it wishs to express itself too much, it disturbs resonance so strongly. Charactoristic of subbody is disonance, it doesn't know how to resonate well with others. But, when it strat to express itself, it is bound by the strenth of Ego. Charactoristic of Ego is Dominance.

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 23 February, 2013

Dancing the Resonance with various Behind worlds

During winter workshop, we experiment to resonate with various "Behind worlds" learning Hijikata's "Sick Daning Princess".
We are opening novel dimenssion of creation of Butoh of Life.
Life is always resonating with multiple-dimensional behind worlds. Sick Dancing Princess is infinite rich Mine of resonance patterns of Life.
What we are trying to create is "Multiple resonance of Life and various Behind worlds".

Essense of 1st chapter of Sick Dancing Princess is the followings;
-Gloomy air which invisivle beings are hidden
-Shady things which something is pretending to rest
-Bodies eaten, attacked, invaded and twisted by the various behind world
-Shrink and sensitive attentiveness with behind world
-Sick people who was warped, collapsed and disabled by the multi-resonance with behind worlds
-Unknown and unexpected resonance among those qualia
・・・・・・and so on.

Participants; Gio, Pan, Santeri (Finland) and Gabor (hungary) partcipated in these strange resonant qualia and try to dig own darkenss of body, dreams, nightmares, illusions, imaginations, fantasies, emotions and so on.
Our darkness of body is not independent, it is resonating each other beyond the borders of self/others, inside/outside, subbody/cobody with so complicated resonant ways which we don't know yet.
I could find surprisingly new deeper practice ways daily.
Overcoming the distinction of subbody=personal subconscious body and cobody=resonating subbody, that has been used of convenience so far, we could find the concrete practical ways during this winter.
How does it become possible that we take off the binds of Ego, Self and all conditions of human, is slowly becoming transparent.
This researching is so rich. Participants has experienced so many hard edges and novel creations.
This year's Subbody Resonance Butoh School will be changed dynamiclly to co-create a behind world and Life resonance together.
It would be something unprecedented.
On March 1st of the last day of the winter workshop we will integrate all experiments and have a performance as part of the world life resonance.

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 10 February, 2013

Kingdom of Himalayan Griffon

After the season of step eagles immgraton, Himalaya becomes the kingdom of Himalayan Griffon Vulture.
They are pretty larger than eagles, with almost 3meters wide wings. It seems like the descendants of The Mesozoic Pterosaurs.
When a cow died slipped down the cliff, so many eagles and valtures come together. But all of the other birds have to wait untill the Griffons dinner party finished. Next is the turn of Step eagle, Middle sized Valture, Kite, and at last Crows have eaten up.
They would also become the leading role of sky burial in Tibet.
It is not so bad to imagine that our meat becomes Griffon and Soaring in the high sky.

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Figure 1: Six-layered structure of the cerebral cortex of Brain. Ⅱ&Ⅲlayers connect both semisphere, Ⅳ & Ⅴlayers
connect with sensing qualia, Ⅵ layer connects with movement qualia of Glia.


 Figure 2: Memory is stored in the Glial cell (red) and
transfer to Neurons (blue).


 Figure 3:  Glial cells control the transmission of signals between neurons by neurotransmitter, in the synaptic cleft of neurons.

Figure 4: Actually, 85 % of the brain is packed with Glias.
As if Neurons are running like long ivy among close-packed bushs of Glia while listening to the whisper of qualia in the Glias.
 2 February, 2013

Letter to new and old students and readers 3

Opening Subtle Sense of Listening

So far, I have written how to condition from daily mode to the sub-body mode through Vibrating Conditioning.
Today, I will tell you what is happening in this process in our brain and body.

1. Stop the activity of surface brain

Cerebral cortex is made of 6 layered columnar units as shown in the above figure 1.
Neurons of Ⅱand Ⅲ layer are contacting with the left and right brain by electric signals.
Neurons of Ⅳ and Ⅴ layer are contacting with sensing qualia of Glial cells, Ⅵ layer is involved in the movement qualia of Glia.
That glial cells have ten times number of neurons in the brain.
In brain science in the 20th century, had been captured only as Glia cell has a supporting role that nutrition support of neurons.
Brain science until that time had been focused on neurons, because Neurons communication is made with the electrical signal, it was easy to observe.
To communicate between neurons and glia, and glia and glia, not electrical signal, but subtle chemical neurotransmitter signal are used.
However, in recent decades, brain scientists found that the qualia of memory and learning are actually stored in the glia,
It was a revolutional finding. What the Glia control Neuron communications by the neuro-transmitters in the synaptic cleft of neurons, has been elucidated. (figure 3)
Ⅳ - Ⅵ layer neurons are in resonance with qualia that are stored in the glia.
During the conscious mode of daily body, theⅡand Ⅲ layer which is surface of the cerebral cortex is active.
Neurons of these Ⅱ&Ⅲlayers are used for contacting between left semisphere and right semisphere of brain, and the language center of left brain communicates with right brain's qualia by electric signal.

2. Listen to the qualia that are stored in the deep layer's Glial cells

The condition of meditation and subbody mode means to stop these surfaceⅡ Ⅲ layer's activity which use language,
and to focus on listening to the deep layers of Ⅳ,Ⅴ & Ⅵ layer's qualia.
The left and right sides of the brain neurons to contact Ⅱ Ⅲ layer works through the electrical signal.
On the other hand, it is by chemical signals by mediating neurotransmitter which is extremely subtler energy level than electric signal's energy for the communication between glia-glia, and glia-neuron as shown in Figure 3 above.
That why we need to stop language in the meditation and subbody mode. Because if we are in the thinking mode the subtle qualia of glia are masked by the extremely stronger electric signals.
WhileⅡ Ⅲ layers of surface cortex are activated, we can not listen to the qualia streaming and transforming in the deep layers brain and body.

3. How to calm down the language consciousness

While the vibrating conditioning, try to taste a comfortable qualia are spreading in the whole body.
In case of an "Inner talking" with using language is coming up unconsciously, be aware of it immediately and speak to your brain gently.
"Language consciousness is important for daily life, but it is not now. Now you can have a rest for a little while."
In case of you force to suppress the unconscious inner talking, it resists strongly against the outer force to control it. Because it has the property that stubbornly resist it, then we need to bring it towards another aspect which enjoy the comfortable soothing qualia, and let it rest calmly.
Listen to the comfortable soothing feeling that flowing all over the body while vibrating the body.
Since pleasure is one of the strongest proneness of body, gradually, your whole body will calm down in the comfortable feeling.
And if the comfort spread to whole body, slowly open to the diversity of qualia. There are so many kinds of qualia in the darkness of body, taste every qualia equally, not just pleasure, you will come to feel faint experience of countless diversity of others qualia. And enjoy the travel in the darkness of body.

4. Accept the edge qualia

When you encounter uncomfortable qualia during the travel, your consciousness might be awaken and put a stop spontaneously.
Because it is the natural habit of the consciousness.
Consciousness has a habit against faint discomfort among the body to ignore it and to dissociate it.
But it is so hard to be aware it in the beginning of the travel in the darkness of body.
You may be felt as if you were attacked by something unknown from outside of you, and you might become not able to move at all. We cannot avoid the phenomena.
It is called the "Edge" between the first process of daily body that you know well, and the second process of subconscious that is unknown for the first process of daily body.
Because it seems that they disturb the way of thinking and judgment for the consciousness. But the fact is that the consciousness is always influenced and being controlled by various qualia including the pleasure and faint discomfort qualia flowing in the subconscious body.
Be aware of the whole process of them, and accept every thing.
( Read the "Edge work" of the Practice Guide for learning more about the Edge, Crick here )

5. Toward the multi-dimensional resonance of Life

When we could overcome the Edge, it would become able to meet the rich diversity of qualia which Life resonate in the darkness of body constantly.
The Edge is not only once, we will have to meet new kind of Edge qualia in each time we sink down into deeper realm of the darkness of body.
The travel will be a countless repeat of meeting Edge and overcoming Edge. It is unavoidable and infinite process of real creation in the multi-dimensional and non-dual realm of Life.

In the next letter, I will guide the variations of the Edge qualia.

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 29 January, 2013

Letter to new and old students and readers 2

"Vibrating conditioning" to "Multi resonance researching"


In the first letter of the last time, about the importance of making a daily habit of regulating body
Body from trembling tone, this time to enjoy the resonance multidimensional way of life,
I will tell you how to go one step further.

One breath of life

Find a comfortable place, we are the breath of life.
What the heck attitude.
I will be a little bubbly cells in the body will get the fresh oxygen,
I feel relaxed and wriggling bulge Dari, the're Dari Sibon.
I will continue to listen to the body,
Heart gradually subside, we will deepen the peace and comfort.
Please enjoy it to your heart's content.
(Click here for details)

Two very fine tremor

I listen to the body.
It is included in the wither and swelling of the breathing of life
Let me focus on feel fine tremor of the more wiggle wavelength.
From somewhere in the body, fine tremor gulp if nature has begun to
I will follow accordingly.
Our body's cells, from a fixed position when sleeping
I can feel that it wants as when unto.
I keep up with it to find the most pleasant rhythm.
Pleasant is tremor spread to the whole body,
I follow it will be moved to another location.

Fluctuations and, three different rock

Various directions, size, parts of the body, the strength,
I left the body swaying Dari, but wants to be shaking.
Up and down, back and forth, is shaking left and right in the direction of the three-dimensional
Experience is fresh never tasted so far
I'll be full of body.
, Please enjoy it to your heart's content.
So far, the movement of the three-dimensional physical.

I had forgotten memories and dreams will be solved solve four

While I enjoy, and feel that evokes memories had been forgotten,
I might will lead to dreams and imagination.
The memory cells of very diverse types of tremor is stored.
Cold, fear, surprise, such as memory, trembling amusing, such as trembling of excitement
I can not count.
I think since I'm connected.
And casual whim, movement might come out.
I would taste everything that comes out by itself because from.
Changing the size and rhythm, a different qualia comes out.
I enjoy the change.

Multidimensional resonance with the world behind 5

In a random direction, instead of shaking and trembling size, and strength
There will also be amplified.
Broken or bent, and twisted, body or I might fall.
I will leave the body with the body to begin moving on its own.
Life is resonating space and world events and fine always.
I was reminded of a natural disaster or incident that took place on the other side of the world far away,
Details of the body that you have and in what way it resonates,
I keep up with every body listened.
As well as current events, both past events
I have always resonate.
Trembling of childhood might be suddenly resurrected.
It may touch the visceral feeling faintly disgusting.
Touched it, while I remember it,
I will jump to another part of the trembling different.
I, instead of being bound to one feeling and emotion,
I will touch on all the various feeling in the body all over.
This is the aim of today.
Qualia and you do not know the reason of non-dual and always multidimensional
I'll touch the reality of life that resonate.

Explore multidimensional body 6

Consciousness was almost touching to feel even a little creepy
Ignore it, I will try to deny.
It is a habit of consciousness.
While trembling, but are fluctuating, consciousness subside,
I will also urge such at rest.
Then, also in the feeling you feel creepy first
I noticed that qualia is surprisingly interesting lurking.
It is called multidimensional resonance.
Not only one resonance always qualia,
Countless different qualia is full of body Naka.
I'm going to enjoy it all.
Enjoy the various unexpected encounter with qualia, I explore.
This is the body explore multidimensional.
I will continue for about 20 minutes.
While moving the way you like it,
If unexpected storage and movement come out
I will make a short dance Tsuitei~tsu it.
Creativity in the darkness of the body that were not known in his lurking.
Sabubodi - Kobodi technique and is
It is a method to fully open its creativity.
Please enjoy.

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 Eagles in the Himalayan sky
25 January, 2013

Letter to new/old Students and Readers 1
Build a custom of conditioning every morning

Spring is coming with Eagles in Himalaya.
Pleae prepare for the new semester to build a custom of every morning conditioning.
To build up this custom is the most important thing for creation. I can recommend for all readers, too. Without any doubt, just continue it every morning at first.

1. Breath of Life

Find a comfortable place, at any position.
Ask your body, "Do you prefer standing?
sitting? or laying down?"
Just follow your body depend on the day.
And start the Breath of Life.
Our adult body has a hundred trillions of cell.
When each cell get Oxygen, it's activated and spread faintly. Each cell's spreading is so subtle, but if hundred trillion cells spread together, our whole body spread a little. Taste the spreading for ten seconds to one munite, and fading too.
During you enjoy it, your body and mind will be released and deepen relaxing slowly. Enjoy the comfort of the chanigng.
(If you don't know it yet, Crick Here)

2. Listen to the Life

Imagine subtle resonance in your feet which viblate with the emvironment by invisible subtle size. We have hundred trillions of cells in our body.
Ask the cells, "How old are you?"
All of them will answer,
"I'm four billions years old."
Respect them, they've got a much more years older than you.
Each of cell has huge Life memory which is reserved during the four billions years Life history.
Each moment, their memories resonante with present condition with environment, too.
We learn the multi-dimensional resonance of Life from them at Subbody School Himalaya.
At first it is OK just to imagine the resonance by your brain.

3. Shivering of the Detail of the body

Listen to your body.
At first, you might not feel anything.
While you continue to listening to each detail of the body, gradually it will be able to feel the subtle resonance of cells. They are viblating with minimum size always. Just taste it, and enjoy it.
It must be felt as a strange comfort
Listen to carefully to your feet.
A detail of your feet might start minimum sized shivering. Enjoy it, if it occurs.
Slowly shift to focus on the other part; your knee , hip joint, pelvis, sucrum, lower back, stomuch, chest, shoulder, neck, head, face, jaw, mouth, eyes, and so on.
Each detail of cell has rich memories of resonance with cold, hot, fear, surprise, happy, and so on.
If a forgotten memory or shaking comes out spontaneously, enjoy it.
Just taste all of varieties of Life resonance.

4. Swaying, shaking, waving of your Part of body

While you continue the listening, gradually the subtle vibration might be amplified to a shaking, swaying, or waving, twisting of a part of body. Eyes, mouth, tongue, face, neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, finger, chest, stomuch, pelvis, tale, thigh, lower leg, heal, and toe would be released and moving.
Feel the comfort of the released movement.
If any unexpected movement will come out in various size, derection, speed, just folow it and enjoy by your whole body.

5. Self reseach

During the conditioning above, when your condition becomes very comfortable and flexible, we shift to the "Self reseach" in the Subbody School.
When we meet a novel unexpected movment in the self reseach, we create a short butoh dance which we have never seen and never done.
Each day's creration is very short, but when we will continue it for one year, it grow up to one our unique creation. You can see the sample in the photos or videos of Butoh Festival on this site.

This is the most basic method of conditioning for shifting from daily thinking mode to listening mode.
It is so simple. But if you will continue it for one year, every student must grow up an unique creator.
Please continue it every morning and be ready untill the first day of the new semester.

24 January, 2013

Step eagles have came

This year's winter in the Himalayas is so warm.
Only once the snow have fallen.
However, Step eagle have come as usual.
From January to March each year, Step eagles gathered in Dharamsala from all India, and on sunny day, they soar up to several thousand meters altitude.
They catch the Westerlies, fly toward the east to around Nepal,
and spread to Mongolia grassland across the Himalayas.
Here at Dharamsala Himalayas that extends from east to west is bent to the north.
It's a point at which the westerlies hits the Himalayas first.
It is one flight to Nepal if they ride on the wind here.
When their journy will end at the beginning of March,
students will come together from all over the world, instead of the eagles.
Here is the place where we can dream of the world without borders as real.
Early spring in the Himalayas has began.

 Calaendar 2013
23 January, 2013

Letter for new and old students 2
Information and Qualia

What is subbody?


Subbody means subconscious body.

In conscious realm the body and consciousness is separated, but in subconscious realm subconscious and body are not separated. It is oneness. We call it subbody.


Difference between Information and Qualia


The first step to become subbody mode is to stop information, and listen to qualia.
This is the basic of basic.

Qualia is everything which Life resonates. Life means each cell's Life.

Our adult body has hundred trillion cells. Each cell feels each qualia and they are resonating together. Qualia is resonance, and information is object.

Our human can create information from qualia. Qualia is multi-dimensional resonance, and Information is dualistic object, without resonance.

Information is able to be shift to binary number (by 1 and 0, =on /off of electric signal) , and it is able to be used by machine like computer or digital camera, CD player and so on.

But machine can neither feel nor use qualia. Only Life can feel qualia.

This is the big difference between information and qualia.


Our daily body and daily mind are bound by too much information.

Information( by language(words), images, sounds and so on) is dualistic, and too rough and strong comparing qualia which each cell feels. Information is trillion times rougher and stronger than qualia. Information is roughly simplified from multi-dimensional resonance of qualia to dualism.

At first, you need to understand this incredible difference between information and qualia.

This is the most important thing to learn subbody method.


How to release from the binds of information


Stop reading newspaper, magazine, and book. Turn off TV and Computer.

Stop talking with others, and stop inner talking with using word.

Inner talking is automatically coming up. When you notice it, just inhibit it.

And try to listen to the body.

Sit at quiet place, and calm down all tensions of your body.

Breathe in and out with long breath.

If you find some part of body has tension, release it by the following method.

1) Inhale and give air to that part.

2) Hold your breath for a while.

3) Exhale at once and release down the tension.

4) Try this releasing at various part of your body which is bound by a tension or stiffness.


Shifting from thinking mode to listening mode


Now you can feel various subtle bodily feelings are streaming in your body and changing at each moment.

We call it qualia stream.

Qualia is everyhting which Life feels; qualia of Gravity, qualia of light, air, sound and so on.

Life is resonating with various qualia, not only present physical qualia, but also inner qualia which is folded in each cell; as memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, and so on.

Duble resonance of memorial inner qualia and present outer qualia is characteristic of qualia. Inner qualia and outer qualia are resonating like duet always.


Stop human. Become Life


Sit quietly. And listen to your Life. Accept all qualia of Life.

Always ask your Life "What do you want to do most?" and follow it.


Slowly you start swaying with subtle rotating your sucrum and each spine one by one from bottom to head in the three dimension; water, arrow, and slide door dimension.


Just listen to the qualia stream in your body without thinking and judgment as a human.

Not to translate your feeling to language. It happens unconsciously, be aware of the process and just inhibit the unconscious language process. Because language is bound by dualism (good/bad, right/wrong, in/out, self/others, individual/group, subject/object, and so on).

Especially we are bound by very strong archetype as Ego and Self. It disturbs the transparent resonance as Life.

Take off all condition of human, and become Life.

This is the hardest edge which we have to overcome in the process. 

We need to release from all dualistic judgments as human to accept multi-dimensional and non-dual resonance as Life.