January 2016


School Journal

2nd India Life Resonance Tour
Dharamsala - Auroville - Bangalore - Tumkur -
Kolkata - Pune-Dharamsala

India Tumkur and Bangalore

Devanjalee, Gorka, Honza
Iza, Kaska, Pamela, Sati

Butoh Resonance

Multi Art Exhbision and performance

Jan 30 - Jan 31
Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices · Bangalore, India

Tickets Available

 Workshop at AntZ farm
  Performance at AntZ farm
India Tumkur

Devanjalee, Gorka, Honza
Iza, Kaska, Pamela, Sati

Workshop with children

on the Flower Carpet

Resonant Subbody Butoh Residency at antZ farm, Tumkur
Bhutha(Sprit) of dancing. We see the beauty of village butoh.

With Devanjali Sarkar, Kasia ?ejmo, Honza Svasek, Pamela Garcia, Gorka Ferrero, Iza Waszak and Sati Dust Gio

India Tumkur
 Workshop at AntZ farm, Tumkur, India
26 January, 2015 

 Workshop at AntZ farm
2nd India Resonant Butoh Tour

This video is at AntZ farm for Butoh residency and workshop.

First day of the workshop was guided by Honza to very comfortable
state through body, no thinking no concept just toward subconscious
world. I was taking video with observing each participant's condition.
They looked like in the womb without knowing how to move, breathe..

Many sounds landscapes vibrated the space. One of new participant was
in deep sub mode and the sounds got louder, like coming back to
childhood. Another participant told me later, she was in completely
different mode from her actual age, feeling like 80 year old losing
the function of legs. Some of them was in the state that the body was
not able to move.. Like Kan body.

After taking this video, I suggested to have some talk for sharing
about own experiences with this video, learning transparent eyes.
The talk was so beautiful. We learned how midwife has to keep aware to
support subboies. Or how to support each other in the resonance.
With the curiosity about subbody, the role of midwife and more…
We, midwife learned from participant's honest feedback and rich sharing.

Right now I'm at city to check this weekend performance.
It would be great!

Warm resonance
Sati Gio

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18 January, 2015 

 Auroville Second Workshop
2nd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Sat Miracle community Circus...
There was small beautiful miracle, too.

Photo by Lavanya and more

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India West Bengal
 West Bengal Butoh Caravan 1st India Resonant Butoh tour Part 2
13 January, 2015 

 West Bengal Butoh Caravan
1st India Resonant Butoh Tour

We traveled to West bengal and Jarkhand after Rajastan in the 1st tour 2015.
It is a rice feild so similar as old Japan in the "Sick Dancing princess" of Hijikata's home palce in his childhood.
Now it has disappeared even from Japan, but here it was remained.
People work in the muddy rice feild, live with various domestic animals and birds. Children play with earth opening infinite creativity.
The darkness is so deep.
I wanted to bring young Butoh students to experience it.
People are living just as Life as resonating with invisible "Behind worlds".
Our body could remeber the forgotten Qualia of Life Resonance there.
Participants danced with opening ancient Archtype or Prototype qualia in the nature or contacting unremembered Qualia in the darkness of body.
India is so deep. That's why we did the India Butoh tour.
It continued to the 3rd part at next place, Pune and Mumbai.

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India Aurovile
12 January, 2015 

 Auroville Workshop
2nd India Resonant Butoh Tour

The 1st activity of 2nd India tour is workshop atAuroville.
It is woderfull resonance with many participants.
One of them has already applied to join in the school in coming March.
It is a proof that a fresh and strong stimulus we could share with participants.
I am so happy to know it.
Please keep free resonance with everything.

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India Rajastan
 Camel Caravan in Rajastan
1st India Resonant Butoh Tour Part 1
 First encounter with Rabari people
1st India Resonant Butoh Tour
 Dancing Caravan in Rajastan
1st India Resonant Butoh Tour
5 January, 2015 

 Camel Caravan in Rajastan
1st India Resonant Butoh Tour Part 1

We did ten days Camel Caravan in the beginning of the 1st India Resonant Butoh tour in the desert of Rajastan last winter.
Fortunately, we found some videos when we have met with Rabari people in the desert which Laurence took in the tour, and edited it as a short video clip with some pictures.
Please enjoy it.

Rabari people is typical nomadic tribe in Rajastan and Gujarat.
Marriage women wear long metal arm rings and tatoo.
In the beginning, they did not loosen the hard wariness.
Tribal people are positioned on the further outside of the four major classes of Caste system in Indian society.
We learned deeply how afraid they are against the unknown visitors from outside.
In this video, the scene that Wodico could entertained them well was shot. She has over ten years experience as a street performer in Japan. She used most primitive body language which they will be able to resonate with; comical bird's voice, bird's walking, crying and laughing.
At first boys gradually also women, Rabari people shared her movement and joined in it.
We could learn the basic method how to resonate with at the first encounter beyond the borders of culture, Caste, and inner boeders in our mind.
It's just beginning.
We will deepen the resonance method further in the future, untill all borders disappear.
Please enjoy it.

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India Tumkur
 Devarayanadurga heritage hill

Dear friends

At the
antZ farm with a residency in Butoh called viButoh workshop [18th to 23rd Jan 2016].  In collaboration with the Himalaya Subbody Butoh school

antZ farm is at the foothill of Devarayanadurga heritage hills near Tumkur/Banglore. It is a collective that is concerned with art, ecology, culture, architecture, bio-diversity and community friendly technology. It is a space for exploring cross dialogue and narratives which may emerge when rural and urban sensitivities collide.

Details, directions and registration information at
j.mp/vibutoh ; also fb.com/myantZfarm ;
antzfarm@janastu.org ; Devanjali 9740140151

Looking forward to your participation. Please pass this on to friends
and also use the poster attached for your pin boards.

love and light

Devanjali Sarkar
Coordinator, Subbody Butoh
Curator, antZfarm narratives

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 Oneness in Kolkata 2015
1st India Resonant Butoh Tour

Chandana, Emanuel, Laurence, Pamela, Wodico and Lee
Organized by Ashinagar Project, Arka
India Kolkata
Good News from Kolkata!

Ashinagar Project, Kolkata which we collaborated with in the 1st India tour sent us an invitation for
Kolkata Contemporary Art Week 2016.
It was good timing between Tumkur and Pune, we pleased to collaborate with them in the beginning of February, 2016.
Tour Schedule also swelled as the map below.

Wherever we go, we resonate beyond all the barriers, including the Caste that remains in India, we cultivate the resonant network with various local people and artists, there are infinite possibilities in India.
This Network are going to formed also in Europe and the World,
Beyond all barriers, Nation, Race, Religion, Culture, Rich and Poor, and various Disablities.
We will continue this journey, until the world is connected by a flexible Life Resonant Network.
Plans of the tour will be still changed in the middle of the journey.
It's a real-time resonance journey.
We introduce the collaborative performance in Kolkata in the 1st India Resonant Butoh tour. It was perfect fun.
Please enjoy it!

Dear Mr. Rhizome Lee
Greetings from the Arshinagar Project!!
Hope you are well.
You will be happy to learn that we are organizing the 1st ever Contemporary Art Week in Kolkata, from Feb 1-7, 2016. As a part of the art week, we have managed to secure the Park Street Cemetery, which is a graveyard with great historical significance in Calcutta, as a performance venue.
We would be delighted if you could come to Kolkata during the period and grace the art week with performances at the Park Street Cemetery.
We would be happy to cover the cost of your travel ( train tickets) and stay in Calcutta during that period. W
e can also think of organizing a small workshop.
We would be really grateful to you if you kindly confirm your visit to Calcutta.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Many Thanks
Sudipta Dawn

 The nature, culture and tribal people in South India
December 27, 2015

Let's wash our brains in the diverse cultures!

South India is a living treasure house of
diverse kinds of humanity of each era

This year's India tour is to wander from place to place of
South India.
Karnataka where Bangalorew and Tumkur placed, has so
many variations of nature, culture and tribes, where I
travelled 15 years ago, and visited various tribal villages.
Especially, the first comer from Africa to India 100,000
years ago, before the Dravidian and Aryan people are living
in the deep forest apart from Hindu people.
They are similar with Pygmy people with deep black skin,
curly-haired, short stature, and keep the original way of life.
I learned a lot from them the Animistic way of life.
They are very sensitive listener to the subtle Qualia between
Nature and Life.
"Nature is our Gods!" said one of them.
I was reborn in the Indian jungle 15 years ago by the deep
Resonance with them.
The real teacher of the < Life Resonance> would be those
people originally.
Minority tribal people keep the wisdom of the forest since
the Stone Age.
After them, so many different people in various Era,
immigrated to India, Dravidian and Aryan from Mesopotamia,
they are now the mainstream of the Hindu people.
There are remained many caves and underground ruins of
primitive meditators of Buddhism and the Gina people.
Greek descendants, which is a remained of the expedition
of Great Alexander, also keep the ancient way of life.
African descendants thet Portuguese people brought from
also alive to observe their culture.
South India is the living tresure house of various ways of
life from the Stone Age through the various historical era.

The way of life of modern advanced information age is not
only one way of human, on the contrary it is so limited ways
of life that is bound by narrow modern Ego and flood of
We have lost the most important sense of Life Resonance as
One Life.
We need to grow up to be transparent that is not bound by
any thing specific, depend on the original nation, culture,
religion, sexuality, knowlege and so on, and be able to go
and come back flexiblly among different way of life in the
human history, to get the transparent view from the past
and from the future.

South Indian jungle is the ideal place to stop the modern
thinking, calming down the consciousness and judgement
to concentrate to listen carefully to the very, very subtle
trembling of Life that is never changed throughout the
whole human history.
It's a hidden source of the Subbody Life Resonance method.
(Oh, I can't stop the wish to go ....)

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 Highlights of 1st India tour
 25 December, 2015

Unleash your naked Life on the earth of India!

The 2nd India tour starts on 5th January to travel various places of South India.
Already some workshops and collaborative performance are scheduled.
But, not only that, the real thrill of India tour is dancing in the new landscape as the 1st tour.
We will dance in the village, in the jungle, in the ocean.
We perform in the street, square of various Indians come and go.
Beyond the borders of nation, culture and ethnic, we dance to polish our resonance ability Life.
We have to realize how much we are limited by the common illusion of modern advanced informational society.
We need to encounter the amazing difference of ethnic, cultures.
Our naked Life has to be unleashing in the earth of India literally.
Common senses of modern developed country are not working at all.
It is a journey to polish our Life that is bound by modernization and information technology, and to get universal resonativity of Life.
We have to wash our whole brain in the earth water of India.

Sati who guides the tour on behalf of Lee, made a page of Resonant Butoh Tuor India on facebook.
We will upload many interesting pictures and videos on it.
Please visit it and enjoy!

You can participate in it even from now.
Inquiries and application :womandocu@gmail.com.

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India bangalore
Resonant Butoh Workshop in Bangalore

CMTAI, Bangalore presents A Butoh Workshop, by Sub-Body Butoh School, Dharamshala at Bangalore on Jan 15th-16th, 2016. The workshop will cover basic principles & techniques of Butoh, a form of Japanese dance-theatre. The workshop is part of the 2016 India Butoh Tour organized by Sub-body Butoh school.
To register: http://www.meraevents.com/event/butoh-workshop

with Devanjali Sarkar

India Tumkur
Resonant Butoh Workshop in Tumkur

Dear all

The Banglore workshop in the city is on 16th-17th Jan.
i have booked Gandhi bhavan that is a guest next door from the 15th jan till 18 early morning for 4 people who replyed me, and then we move to the farm in Tumkur outside Banglore.

i am setting up for
the workshop at the Tumekur farm 19th-26th Jan.

The workshop is in 2 parts over 2 weeks.
first week with body workers and dancers,
second week with local people ( possible a theatre group).

Dear Honza THE POSTER is electric!! Thanx very much.
will use it at some point.

Devanjali Sarkar


Dear All
I can offer resonant voice worshops. Open voice un many different ways. Please include it. ¡¡¡
Gorka Ferrero

Every participant of India tour!
Please invent new experiments to deepen Life Resonance too, this tour without Lee, it is big chance for all of you to grow up to be a midwife.
Enjoy it together as One Life!

 Tour and workshop images
Sati who guides 2nd India tour instead of Lee (by knee injury) made a Proposal for the tour as the following;
All participants and organizers can add or change any proposals and experimental ideas. We co-create this tour richer together as One Life.

2nd India Tour _ Theme Proposal
Title:Resonant Butoh India

Imagine! No borders of nationality, religion, sexuality, indentity, age, disability...
We can't imagine it truly in everyday life flows already bounded by many borders.
Originally life doesn't have any concept, border. Life is life as it is.
We are oneness as life. This tour would be one of the richest path recovering to life itself.

<Activity #1>
Resonant Butoh Workshop
-Sharing pure life language - Workshop and Presentations

With Subbody Resonant Butoh Method which is developed by Rhizome Lee.
Subbody means subconscious and subtle body. With various conditioning technics we create movements through exploring subconscious realm, away from boundary of ego and daily consciousness. Encountering with hidden pure life languages through body. Recovering resonant life through dance!

1. Transform from daily thinking to subbody, cobody (resonant subbody) mode by original conditioning methods.
2. Listen to hidden realm of body, catch and follow the subtle tendencies of life in it.
3. Research in the abyss of life(=Necessity of creation, the reason of own dancing) for each and share them together as own issue with opening empathic imagination.
4. Enter and share each other's mystery, secret and flower of Llfe. Co-create subbody=cobody butoh dance pieces together with opening transparent life resonance.

Experimental perfomances "Life Celebrations from India"
--Exploring true creativity which will be arised from life resonance!

This is kind of a small nomad festival in resonance with local community.
This is celebration as recovering that we are oneness as life itself. Listening to local community, people, deeply and visible, invisible enviroment. Ane we go to very organic resonant improvisation toward oneness as life with local community. Go for Butoh Tribes spreading to modern socity.
: This performance will go as another activity from workshops as very open improvised score.

Midwife and creation facilitator

: Sati(Dust Gio) / Honza / Kasia / Pamela / Gorka etc
Basically Sati will bring Lee's method, experiences from school. But this is very open to all midwives and would go in deep communication each other. Let's go to create new form of midwiving.
Attached Sati's CV here, If the organizer needs more midwife's information, ask directly through mailing list, please.

<Sati (Dust Gio) CV>
She is a Butoh Dancer, Facilitator of Subbody Butoh, Organic Improvisation class, Researcher of hidden dance in the resonance with children, disabled body, sick body and all bodies.
_Got certificated as subbody butoh facilitator(midwife) from subbody Butoh school after 4 years course
_ Teaching at subbody Butoh school supporting Butoh master Rhizome Lee.
_ Has been collaborating with Dance company, Ten Pen Chii (Germany with Yumiko Yoshioka), 14th Baktun (Canada with Gessuri Gaitan) and Residency collaboration with Indian contemporary dancers and local musicians. _Influenced strongly by Butoh master Rhizome Lee, Yumiko Yoshioka, Masaki Iwana and many dancers of life.
_ Giving Subbody Butoh workshops in Europe at Holand(2014) , Greece (2015), organizing for 2016 at Spain, Italy etc.

Tour schedule

Auroville - Bangalore - Pune -
Dharamshala or North India (depends on participants)

Auroville : from 5th Jan
Bangalore : from 15th Jan
Pune : From 10th Feb (not finally decided yet)

This schedule is quite depens on our resonance ability with local community.
Now Bangalore is going to be extended time and richer space.
If there is more space, we can give more workshops or do more activity in Auroville or Pondicherry. Let me know about any possibilties for workshop and performance.


Hi Sati,

I receive your proposal.
Looks great and really like the dream of free
resonance can flow.
I am in Tso Pema at the moment and in few days I
will have more time to think and bring some ideas
about our tour.
Happy to see us all soon.

lots of love and resonance beyond any borders,

Participating Dancers, Musicians
Organizers at each place

Devanjalee (Bangalore), Gorka (Arzentine), Honza(Netherland)

(Poland), Janhavi (Pune), Kaeridwyn (Auloville)

Kaska (Poland),, Mago (Korea), Pamela (Mexico)

(Kerara), Sati, (Gio) (Korea), Snehal (Pune)

Varun (Pune)

You can join now!
Contact: subbody@gmail.com

Summer Workshops Guide 2016
in Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland

Now the organizers at each place has exchanged own plan each other.
The total schedule will be fixed as the following:
Please plan to join it!

Italy: second half of June. organized by Chiara

: first half of July. organized by Andrea,
Judit and Tamas

Spain: second half of July to 1st week of August
organized by Jonathan

: second half of August. organized by Kaska

The details will be informed in some weeks!

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