July 2011


School Journal

Himalaya Butoh Festival #2, 2011


Shining in the Darkness / Jonathan

 I am very happy with the talk & dance experiment. I am done I think. I agree with you : you can go way deeper into your body when you don't talk. Now I know it from within. I have learned a lot of things about the place from where I talk, about the disconnexion between body and mind and so on... It was very interesting...


And for the pieces... I don't know... I want to explore something more experimental, less fixed but prepared more deeply. More strange... more abyssal...

 Mermaid / Ikuko 

 Ga-Chou-N / Shisha X / Kats D

"Ga-Chou-N" was the culmination of my effort for the last four months. But I wasn't satisfied with it. It was too conventional and boring to me. So, I decided to break it and transform it into "Shisha X." The method I used in "Shisha X" was something I have been working on for a while. I want to eliminate the gap between "showing" and "watching" and create new ways for the audience and performers to resonate with each other through the event.
 Debugging the Fool /_Honza

My piece is a game with lots of freedom for the dancers. It is written as a computer program, some simple rules and sequences that focuses the choice of motion. Within these rules anything is possible.?
It is a ritual to create a flow for the development and intergration of your and my class-mates teachings that are sleeping in my body.
It is the seed for further work...
Kind Regards
Honza Svasek.

(now) ICCUUCCI now /Isabelle

About having been blind and remembering how to see. About not fearing the unknown but being in control. About letting go of trust and love to find a bigger one. To travel through darkness willingly, breaking silence, re-encountering madness and reaching out without attachment. Falling through a labyrinth of mirrors, seeing oneselves in everyone and everything. Drowning in an abyss of fear and addicitions and confusion, to die there. Dragging the pain into the light to release it. Letting others see, and thereby seeing it myself. How you see is what will be seen. We are each others mirrors and what we neglect in our selves we will see in others. ICU, I see you, now. Where you is oneself, others, the past, the truth, whatever...

Like a manifested wish, to make it come true. Which mysteries do I need to unfold to make these eyes see clearly again?

I did not know what it was or why, I surprised myself. But afterwards I believe the essence was to become all the things I fear to be, everything I do not wish to be, or be seen as, everything I normally not are, hidden ridiculities and self indulgence, ego deflations and death wishes, difficulties, madness, awkwardness, anger, selfpity, jealousy, disconnection, overcare... because the fear of hurting someone, and under that lies the fear of course of not being loved...

It was an experiment to see what happened... One of my biggest fear is even self exposure, to show myself, or rather to give fully of myself, fearing to be too much, fearing to take space that others should have... even though I’ve done it so many times with joy and ease... Another one is to make decisions, clear plans and especially tell others what to do, to be in charge, responsible. And to let people down, anyone, especially the ones bigger than me, like teachers, but also I see everyone as bigger. Fear of not being understood, fear of making people confused and so on.

And fearing that I do not know what I want, or what is good to do. So this was a really good challenge. because I see how all these fears are what blocks oneself from doing the opposite. And that we will face them again and again until they become smaller and smaller and we become more free. When I trust the higher will, when I trust the unconscious, and subconscious, when I trust others, then I can also trust ”myself”, my conscious acting self.

And even though my cobodies and audience enjoyed the piece, they still felt confused and lost, so also these fears came true.

And in the three times I did the piece, every time I danced more being these things fearful personalities more and more, as opposed being scared myself.

So I used the fear, the reversing of all the love, trust, divinity and gratitude I firstly see and feel before anything else. But for me the result was a big letting go, a big peace, and a deepening of that love.

So the essence of the mirror (now) ICCUUCCI now is to become everything you try not be, everything you fear to be, everything you think you are not, all rottenness you see in others, to be a constantly moving mirror of internal and external fears, in full spotlight in a chaotic room in deep silence. That was really scary.

...When you can see that then you are more free to see, and be, the opposite...


All is purple/ Akshi

2 July, 2011

Akshi from Delhi is the first Indian long term student.

She learned various dances and tried to integrate them as her own life butoh.

Sha has so flexible spine that she could get the basic Weakened body technique at first which each spine moves different dimensions at the same time.

Her piece has pretty complex composition which combines many different world; marchen, deep ocean, humanoid factory, chimera cobody, strange relationship and so on.   In the beginning of creation process, other student could just follow the role of her choreography, and Akshi's solo  was not integrated yet.

She and cobody danced this piece two times in the Festival, at the first time, students slowly released from the role and created various resonance with each behind world in each moment of the piece.  

At the second performance, a miracle happened. All cobody created so unique dances with resonating different own behind world, and Akshi could integrate almost of her subbody dances which she met in these four months. Suddenly everything become oneness and crystalized. It took time, but we could experience the very rare and precious moment which every dancer become transparent life without thinking.  We noticed that an important  characteristic of life is " Infinite variation" in multi resonance world.

I cannot explain it by word even using million words, but in each student's body the precious qualia of life resonance must be imprinted.  The infinite freedom of life is completely different from individual freedom.