July 2014


School Journal
Italy Workshop in Piedinterra 2014
4 August, 2014

Subbody=cobody Jam in the Piedinterra

Last day of Italy workshop, we just dance with free resonance. It is called subbody=cobody jam.
The word of 'jam' makes participants relax and free.
Before I used to call it 'Subbody=cobody theater', but in the short workshop or beginning of llong class, it is better to name it 'Jam'.
It started at the wood floor and spread to unexpected space. Some one slided down the slope into the stream, and everybody danced there and opened another places.

31 July, 2014

Nomad Rhizom in the Italian mountain

3rd day of Italy workshop, we went to a mountain near Piedinterra. And danced with using 'Awase-hanare' resonance method. One subbody danced at a favourite place, and the others resonated with similar resonance pattern or defferent resonance pattern. With only this simple method, diverse formations came out.

25 July, 2014

Nomad Rhizom in a river near the Piedinterra

2nd day of Italy workshop, we danced in a river near Piedinterra. It was so clear stream. Particiants found each favorite land scape and danced. Some participant who want to be stillness became a stone in the stream. The stone is the best teacher of stillness. Someone who want to unleash from locked body became the stream. In the river we could meet so many teachers.
When we entered in the stream, our body became a child body. When we became a stone, we noticed that the movement of water was so beautifull.

24 July, 2014

Free Resonance in the Piedenterra Farm, Italy

Old student; Chiara and Francesco made a wonderful place, "Piedenterra Farm" in north Italy.
It has wide green field and practice floor, Morrocan big tent for residence, dining space, kichin, solar shawer, composit toiret. We got one od the most ideal place for workshop, event, festival for all subbody=cobody.
Participants of subbody resonance butoh workshop in Piedenterra enjoyed it a lot.
It situated in the highlands of northern Italy, near Mirao.
There are beautiful rivers, and rich forest, nere here, also we danced there. You can see the pictures next day.
I felt that this is the one of the most ideal place for us.
Chiara is going to organize world midwives exchange meeting and open workshops next July, 2015 and hopely after next year, 2016 we will co-orgnize the first world subbody=cobody meeting at this amazing place. We will send you the first proposal plan of them soon.
Greece Workshop in Syros 2014
29 July, 2014

Nomad Rhizome in the Syros island

Last day of Greece workshop, we moved from the harber to an abandoned house, and forest. Each participant found specific place and resonated together. Also my subbodies were involved into it spontaneously, after long years absent. The Ocean and the Sun of Greece might melt my body.

22 July, 2014

Nomad Rhizome in the Syros harber

Once, Syros island was a main shipyard in Greece. Now only repairing, but still many ships are landed and waiting for repair.
One day in the second week, we have danced the Nomad Rhizome there as usual. Gradually, participant's has been relaxed and diverse faces and movements are coming out.
Form of Karitta 83-year-old is like a Noh mask carved in years.

17 July, 2014

Nomad Rhizome at the Mediterranean coast

On Friday of the first week of Greece workshop,
we visited a quiet coast, and danced each one's proto Dream
(most impressive dream in life) together.
A dream is chased by people, another dream is lost jacket,
collapse house, and so on. All participants co-created eight
The oldest lady is Kallitsa. She joined my workshop following
the previous one, three years ago. She is 83 years old,
and still dancing energeticly. I am so happy.

17 July, 2014

Method of the 'Clouding body'

In the Greece workshop, we learned 'The clouding body
method' for ten days.
I condensed the essense of "Sick Dancing princess" by Hijikata Tatsumi into a short butoh score (See below).
This is the first part of it. It will be increased to several parts.
This is one of the best tool for reseaching in the darkness of body for everybody.
We can research what Hijikata want to explore in his last
He shift the focusing point from 'Quiet House' (1974) to
'Sich Dancing Princess" to explore much more subtle
resonance between Life and the invisible behind world.
Each part of body has to transform sensitive resonant
sensor, like feeler, antenna and tentacle.
Then totaly, we can trasform 'Multi-dimensional resonance
body' through each part accept deverse qualia and become
different being, as the 'Chimera body' in the fine segmentation.
We can use also 'the method of reduction by X and
regeneration', then the transfomation could be reduced to
subtle size. It will be 'Clouding body' to obscure our physical body into unknown body.
You can carry your own secret and mystery with this clouding body.

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17 July, 2014

Butoh score of “Sick Dancing Princess” part 1 ‘Clouding body’

1. “Hey look at them!
Insects are alive without breathing.
Look! The thinned down smoke bugs have come walking this
Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating
into something.”
2. An old man who knew the uselessness of body is walking
with paying sensitive attention and shrinking the body.
3. Learning the method of clouding body from them.
4. Your skin spreads with paying sensitive attention and
shrinks with encountering unknown qualia.
5. Your feet step into unknown world, they suck up things
prototype from the darkness with shining mysteriously and
6. Your face become many feelers to catch invisible
something with extending and shrinking.
7. Your tail and back is listening to the spirits behind
8. Your spine is slided and twisted into strange
9. The unknown world attacks you, eats you, invades you in
various ways. It kidnaps you and put your body in a
strange world.
10. Open all ears and all fingers fully to be aware of
unexpected attacks.
11. Put the third eye on your forehead to sense something
like a huge invisible creature in the air.
12. The brightness and darkness of your short breaths
connect with your body.
13. Many worms, strange heat, steam, anxiety, and unknown
things enter into your body through skin.
14. Your body loses the outlines, and becomes the smoke
bugs, flying together above the field with seeking some
forms to borrow.
15. You become a bee swarm, mole’s tunnels, and infectious
16. A lady glares at you, and you become a stick.
17. Your body is cornered, and it starts huddling (=secret
talking) with only by the body.
18. You become a fetus in the mud, and dreaming a dream in the womb with twisting another fetus’s head.
19. Infinite variations of things storms into various
parts of body, and become Chimera body.
20. In that condition, you are aiming a chance to
fabricate fake things with wearing a haze to the body

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