June-July 2017


Subbody Journal
Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

Wheelchair Butoh Workshop in Hungary
Subtle Listening by Ma Dar 
31 June, 2017

Subtle Listening by Ma Dar at the Wheelchair Butoh Workshop in Hungary
Subtle Listening by Ma Dar 

Ma Dar(Dara) guided Subtle Qulaia Listening at the Wheelchair Butoh workshop in Hungary.
She used a paper with chaniging the shape and how to listen to the subtle Qualia with handicapped participants.
Participants was fascinated so earnestly to listen to the physical and memorial Qualia of the paper.
It was so beautiful Life Resonance.
This is the Origin of Ma Dar's midwife.
I did not understand the hungarian words, but the Qualia that she guided was so rich and various transfomations.
After using paper, she guided to listen to subtle invisible Qualia without paper.
This was the 3rd day, and the 4th day, she continued it with using each one's favorite things, and 5th day with water bag.
In the guiding the last performance, she guided a walk with resonating each one's water Qualia.
She finally guided the last performance at the musium.
Lee could just watching the process that a new midwife was born. I was just surprising at the so fast growing of her.
Next year, Robert and Pamela are preparing the USA and Mexico Resonant Butoh tour. Then Lee will not able to come Hungary, but instead of me, Dar will hold the Wheelchair Butoh workshop as a midwife.
It is pleasure what beautiful resonance will emergence.

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 Last performance in Rotterdam
 Nadîja @ Schoonoord historical garden, Rotterdam
 Dancing own world=self image
at Subbody Resonance Butoh workshop in Rotterdam
 Subbody Drawing at Rotterdam
 John Giskes near river Oude Maas, Rotterdam
 Butoh performances /
2nd week of Rotterdam subbody butoh workshop
Ramesh, forever! / Rhizome Lee and cobody 
July 14, 2017

Ramesh, forever!

A week after I heard the death of Romez, I danced Romez at the Forest Park in Rotterdam. A lot of memories overflowed over 20 years spent with Romez. Among them, in the desert of Rajasthan, the bodily sensation of Romes at the moment when sudden cerebral hemorrhage occurred came to my body.
How many times have I danced the dead?
Ally, Yamazaki, Tsuji, Hashimoto, the dead of the Pacific War, the deceased of Auschwitz, a strange death on the streets of Delhi, the dead of Fukushima 3.11 ....
Through dancing the dead and I will be one.
The darkness of my body is full of the dead. It's as if they are playgrounds.
Little by little, it gradually approaches the country of the dead.

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 Riverside Rhizome in Rotterdam

butoh impro from john giskes on Vimeo.

 Fractal Rhizome in Rotterdam / John Giskes, Beatrijs, Bushra, Koffe, Milou, and Rhizome Lee
 Listen, move, and listen / Netherlands
25 June, 2017

Listen, Move and Listen

The Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017 has begun at Rotterdam, Netherlands.
We started it from Listening.
Listning to the subtle invisible Qualia in the darkness of body.
Listen, and if you catch subtle tendency at a part of body, move with following the tendency, and listen to subtle Life Resonance Qualia again.
During dancing, keep listening constantly.

When we concentare on the listening, it is so beautiful.
Why the listening is connect with the beauty.
It is a mystery, but probably the figure of listening to the deep Life Resonance Qualia is
able to lead the audience to the listening itself.
We don't know what are we listening, We cannot explain it by word what are we listening.
The Life Resonance Qualia are invisible and so subtle.
The way you listen to something you can not see is perhaps human beings take off human clothes and listen carefully to their lives. It is listening to the mystery of life and the awe.
Dancer's listening is able to involve others into the listening to the Life Resonance. It is beautiful.

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13 May, 2017

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