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Join in the July Intensive!

July 2nd to 27th
10:30 to 1:00

It's half day and half price!
Every Monday, you can start with any duration.

Midwife: Lee, Adam and Pamela

Everyday we co-research in Intensive Butoh technique
At Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya
Jogiwara, Dharamsala, India

Every Friday pm3:00-5:00 Experimental Butoh Perfromances
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 2 Solos in June Ellie and piu
 4 Subbody in June 2018 and Cobody

Summer Intensive July Course

July 2nd to 27th
10:30 to 1:00

It's half day and half price!
Every Monday, you can start with any duration.

At Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya
Jogiwara, Dharamsala, India

Every Friday pm3:00-5:00 Butoh Perfromances

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 Mother Nature | Ani, Gora and Vishal
 In the Depth | Ani
  Reverse twist 1 | Pamela and Berti
14 June 2018

Subtle Llistening and Rhizoming technique

At the resonance cram school summer intensive course,
Every day, we choose the most important thing for the participants and we concentrate on one technique and dig into it.
The second week focused on listening to even finer qualia,
Walking with blindfolds, touching with blindfold walking and giving the stimuluses of "Behind world" Qualia.
I attempted
<Rhizoming share> that the body infects each invisible Qualia.
Vishal guided the
resonance with things and searched for Life Resonant Qualia with stone, wood, paper, cloth, glass, metal, plastic and so on.
Pamela shared
the technique to dance behind the person, the technique to dance between, under and over the persons.

Listen to the subtler Qualia
We listen to the Qualia that have forgotten, marginalized and dissociated Qualia from the daily body.

Qualia that cannot resonate successfully
Many of them are collectively referred to as "Qualia that can not resonate well". There is a secret in which each subbody had to evacuate deep into the darkness of the body.

Clouding the body
Wear the diverse Qualia as possible to the each layer of the Hidden skins around the body.
It clouds the body and carries that clouding body.

Rhizoming technique
We listen carefully to the body. Listen to Qualia that does not exist in the physical realm. Only Life can resonate with the Qualia.
Hunt a moment in the flow of Qualia that changes every moment. And give the body to the flow of Qualia.
Sometimes it becomes a movement such as sway, trembling, shrinking, spreading, shocking,collapsing and so on.
Sometimes it will be a change in the density of the body coming from fear or condensation.
In Butoh, it is important to carry the density of body as well as the movement.
These changes spread and infect from a part of the body to other parts of the body. It is the Rhizoming technique that manages it.
Each moment the resonance pattern of the Life of one hundred trillion cells constituting the body changes.
Differentiate the changes in the super slow-motion and show the details of what is going on in Life.
Rhizoming is essential as a resonance technique of Life.
Dance the most important Qualia transformation occurs delicately in a dance piece and share it with the world precisely.
Audience's Life can be involved in that transformation.
That is the Life Resonance Butoh that is able to change the world.
Open various parts of the body and resonates with those diverse Qualia.

<Jumping Wild>
Each part of the body resonates with each Qualia in as short time as possible and moves from the next Qualia to the next.

It closes to the secret of the origin of the subbody=cobody hidden in the darkness of the body.
At the same time, it will bring us to the world of "Sick Dancing Princess".

On the weekend's subbody = Cobody Theater, participants' dance was little by little, but it certainly changed.
In the third week, we will integrate these, and we will head towards the
<Clouding Body> technique.

After these, the fourth week, we will learn the Qualia of
< Flower of Kan (Disability)> that Tatsumi Hijikata collected for long years, and explore each own Qualia of <Kan> and dance it.
This year 's June is going to be a dense month.

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  Listen and Listen |Ani, Balt, Louve, Maelstrom, Piu and Cobody
Into | Ellie and Pamela 
9 June 2018

Deep Listening

he Subbody Summer Intensive course has begun.
We, three midwives, are trying to share the best in each day.
The first week we shared the following technique in each day.

-Listening to subtle Qualia in the darkness of body and around the body -Bottom body
-Proto body
-Being moved Qualia

To listen to subtle Qualia is the most important thing than other things. Because only it can erase the ego and self-intention to express something. Participants could show the deep listening in the weekend performances. Each one tried to listen so sensitively.
I was so surprised at them, it was so beautiful.
And the audiences were involved in the listening.
That was the Life Resonance theater.

What is the next?
We, three midwives, continue to listen for twenty-four hours.
What will happen in the next week?
It is so deep fun.

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 Butoh Parade for Opening the 16th Himalaya Butoh Festival
Unravelling the Veils Alex, Paz and Santeri 
 Every Subbody= Cobody | Alex, Laurence, Paz, Rita, Santeri and Zalina
17 May, 2018

Nomad Rhizome in Kharotta
We went Kharotta Sactuary in Himalayas and Danced the Nomad Rhizome.

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 Two Duos in Kangra | Paz and Ruth | Zalina and Paz |
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Within | Gagan 

Subbody Butoh
Summer Intensive


           June 4 to August 24, 2018



Dear Dancing Friends

Let's study Important Butoh Techniques intensively
at cool Himalaya, in this Summer!

Here is 2000m hight from sea level.
Temperature is very confortable about 20℃.

We selected most important Butoh Techniques whih collected for the two decades, and study one technique in each day.

For one month you can get 20 important Butoh techniques with Rhizome Lee and Pamela.



June course: June 4 – 29

July course: July 2 – 27

August course: July 30 – August 24


Monday to Friday
:00 to 12:30
Afternoon, you can free practice at the studio, garden
and Himalayan nature

Every Monday you can start, any duration


 Midwife: Lee and Pamela



Every day we study an important Butoh Technique.

                  For one month you can get 20 Butoh Techniques.
Throughout the tree months, you can contact almost of Butoh techniques from beginners to profesional level as the follows;

Becoming a body of subconscious mode
Listen to the voice of Life
Traveling the darkness of the body
Breath of Life
Opening the various dancing place of the body
(Hands, feet, spine, breathing, voice, face, eyes etc.)
How to use deep-layer-muscle
Hidden joints
Hidden skins
Twelve Conditioning methods
Becomeing transparent
Dreaming share
Proto body
Hidden body
Weakened body
Transform hurt of Life into creation
A size walk
Bugs walk
Resonance technique
Quiet House
Behind the world
Opening human relationship channels
Vaporized body
Carrying Density
Reduction by X and its regeneration
Sick Dancing Princess
Clouding body
Subtle listening technique
Rhizoming share
Becoming a body of a herd
Resonant Rhizome
Quest for the Abyss of Life
Flower, Secret and Mystery
Dancng the World = Self channel
Riken (Distant eyes)
Ten bodies
Flower of KAN (Disability)
Jumping wild
Jo-ha-Kyu Completion
How to make your own Butoh score
Free travel among Tree-Rhzome
World Co-creation method

Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya
Dharamsala, India



: subbody@mail.com



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Subbody Butoh Intensive course
 by Alex and Santeri

Starting Every Monday
Monday to Friday
10am to 5 pm
At Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya
contact: subbody@mail.com

 Addiction | Akash
 Ashamed | Gagan and cobody
 Despejadas | Lisa and Leire
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 Exchanging Costume | Leire and cobody
 15 April, 2018

Exchanging Costume

All dancers exchanged the costumes each other.
And also their personality or charactor have changed.
They danced with becoming another charactors.
It is also a way to be released from own ego and self.
Every week someone envent unique ay of experiment.
It is so interesting!

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 Strange World Share
 13 April, 2018

<Strange World Share>

Each one remembered the strangest world Qualia in own life, and found a place to co-create the world with resonance.

Each one invited a person by lotter to that place and approach to the person with the strange world Qualia.

Everybody had to dance in the strange world of others.

Hijikata wrote to dance in the many world changes in the "Bugs walk" and "Sick Dancing Princess".

"A body continued to be eaten by the world"

Frantz Kafka wrote;

"Support the world in the struggle between you and the world."

So, we become the world. This is the way to release from the strong ego archetype and self bind toward to become Life.

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Jamu / Alex and cobody 
13 May, 2017

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Private world Ani from Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya on Vimeo.