March 2017


Subbody Journal
Nomad Rhizome in the Himalaya River  
 HOR / Dara
 Butter Knife / Andrew
Resonance Dance April Course
at Resonance Studio
 Butoh Performance Every Friday
 Butoh Jam Every Saturday
 Garden Rhizome / Naireet, Alex, Vishal, Pilar and Cobody
 Ma Dara
28 March, 2017

Moving line as if the "Kamaitachi"

Dara often surprises me.
It's on her unique moving line.
When we went to the riverside near here, she began dancing from the steep cliffs of Himalayas,
It surprised me at dancing while sliding down there.

Even at the Polish workshop I met her for the first time, it was a succession of surprise.
She found the habitat of water moss in the deep forest and danced there.
It was a deep wetland where my feet sunk.
Another day, climbing a tree in the dark, on the final day, sh started rolling on the road in the rain, and climbing the wall of a huge old building.
Invaded from the window, danced at hall and disappeared from another window.
It was a unexpected moving line like a "Kamaitachi".
(Kamaitachi is, also became the title of photo book of Hijikata Tatsumi, an imaginary creature beleived that lives in the blizzard of the Tohoku region, and sometimes attack people cutting the skin sharply.
It was a moving line that I had never anticipated, so I was amazed at.

All collaborators!
Please surprise me, not only follow my suggestions or instrutions, but sometimes break it dynamically, and find novel invention.
I'm always waiting you surprise me unexpectiedly.
When only one beauty in the world would be born, it is your own flower.

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 Waiting Butterfly / Edward
 I love my Doll / Anna Lena
 Black Ondina / Edward and Pilar
24 March, 2017

<Prototype Dreaming Share>

We meditated the experiences of the ancestors of mankind that migrated from Africa 200 thousand years ago, and spread to the world We shared each proto Qualia with movement.
This trip was very difficult, it would have been full of danger and disaster. These hardship Qualia are engraved in the darkness of the body as Archetype and Prototype.
The Prototype is bodily sensation that is imprinted in a deeper area than the Archetype.
The Archetype has images like ghosts, monsters, hell, and gods.
However, the Prototype is stamped as a primitive bodily sensation without images such as fear, shivering, blockage and so on.
Today we did <Prototype Dreaming Share> at the nearby river and co-created each world with movement.
The shared Qualia are as follows.

- Getting lost in the desert
- Entering inside
- Monkey Battle
- Finding the Island of Hawaii
- Octopus to find music
- Body melts down
- Ten fetuses on the rock as womb
- Small animals climbimg Himalayas
- Snake's tongues touch me
- Becoming a rock listening to the sound of the river

We will continue to share and accumulate these Proto and Original images in different ways. These experiences will be integrated as co-creative pieces at the end of the semester and end of the year.
I'm looking forward to what kind of Personal Myths and non-dual and multi-dimensional Abyss of Life will be danced.

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 Forgotten Dreams/ Vishal, Yoko, Chaoba and Cobody
 Behind the Skin/ Andrew, Dara and Anna Lena
 Holi Rhizome/ Jaime, Edward, Alex and Cobody
19 March, 2017

Resonance "School" Revolution

In the second week of March, we explored the Hidden Qualia; Hidden Joints, Hidden Muscle, Hidden Cavity, Hidden Fluid and Hidden Skin.
And explored the Hidden bodies that was folded into the darkness of the body for a long time as the shadow, not-me, inferior charactor, dissociated personality, and so on.
Using self-hypnotic technique to open the full imagination of subconscious, and <Dreaming Share> to co-create each one's original world.

A ragical revolution is proceeding that to take off the Tree (=Hierarchic) system as the "School".
We stopped to be "Butoh School", there is no teacher any more, every one is co-midwife to support the birth of subbody=cobody.
This revolution is based on a number of new techniques;
<Transparencious>, <Co-Midwife>, <Resonant Yoga>, <Resonant Rhizome>. Those are shared with all co-researchers slowly and gradually.
We are not a 'Butoh School" that has the hierarchy of teacher and student any more, but
we become <Butoh Rhizome> aiming for model of the future society.
We try to be the non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance relationship as Life before the differentiation of self and others!
Although old students might be puzzled by the difference from the past, new co-researchers accept it that this is the Subbody Resonance Butoh.

We integrated two weeks subbody=cobody as solo, duo, or cobody peices at the favourite places on the premises.
Let's divide the nine dances into three and introduce each of the three worlds.

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 The 6th Life Resonance in Fukushima 3.11
 The 1st - 5th Life Resonance in Fukushima 3.11
10 March, 2017

The 6th Life Resonance in Fukushima 3.11

Tomorrow is the 6th Anniversary of 3.11 Fukushima.
Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya has a new semester on Monday of the second week of March every year.
We have been dancing to resonate in Fukushima 3.11 every year for the 6 years.
The radioactivity that continues to leak from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown still diffuses from the groundwater to the Pacific Ocean, causing mutations in larvae of small creatures on the ocean floor and continues to afflict the life of the earth.

The Resonativity (=Resonance ability) is the most important thing for Life, though modern human has forgotten.

Today, we integrated to dance the multiple resonance among the subbody=cobody of the week, disaster of human history and the Fukushima 3.11.

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6 March, 2017

What is going on is transparently visible

The new semester has begun today.
I tried to intoroduce the new method,
<Dreaming Share> from the first day of semester.
After the normal conditioning and self researching with the "Upstreaming the life meditation",
I guide to dance today's subbody in two options of sharing way.
1) Share it with just movement
2) Share with movement and words

Some have started moving from saying "the whole bodybecomes Eye".
Some said "Massaging grandfather's body" and do it.
Some danced with various hidden voices.
As others danced silently, as usual.

During the first experiment, I noticed the big difference that compared with the conventional way to share by movement alone.
Just a short word adds, what is happening in the field became possible to share it much more transparently.
This was an amazing difference.
In particular, the transformation such as "the whole body will be visible" is difficult to understand what is going on, even if it shows with movement alone. In order to share invisible qualia more precisely, a word gives big help.

Another merit is that it supports to remind today's subbody.
it happened often that a beginner forgot own subbody entirely.
It is because the first subbody mode is too much confortable experience, and forget everything quickly.
However, if there are a word, it is easy to remember, and it will help to integrate on the weekend's integration day.

Through this, not only will we become merely a subconscious mode like the conventional one, I found it to be of great help to nurture
<Transparency> that can clearly see the all process.
Transparency is to open 50% inside and open to outside 50%.
It is not to be bound by any thing, not to be bound by impulse from inside, and not to be bound by the pressure from outside.
And it developes to various variant, for example the <Resonant body> which is moved by someone 50%, and moves by itself 50%.
And the
<Transparent Riken-eye (=distant eye)> while moving as a subbody, at the same time to watch yourself from outside, by distant eyes.
While being variously variant, we finished the first day.
The issue of reacquiring all phenomena as resonance, it may start with accepting everything as a dual process.

Anyway, this special year, although the appearances are similar, the subbody method will be a series of revolution has begun.
(Tomorrow may start deepening the "School revolution" that everyone will be a midwife.)

Life, Qualia and Resonance 

4 March, 2017

Letter to new and old co-researchers

As we had previously been aiming, we declare this year, " We take off the school and grow up to the Butoh Rhizome! ".
We are not the Tree type organization based on the hierarchical order of school anymore.
We will shift to a co-creation group with no distinction between teacher and student, no above, no below.
Some people might be surprised at, actually, there is nothing change.
It is long before the Subbody Resonance Butoh has no teacher.
As a midwife, not a teacher, I have listened to the breath of people's subbody which isgoing to be born from the darkness of body and gently helped the process of the birth.
I decided to declare to encourage awareness of the collaborators and midwives themselves.

Welcome to Himalaya!

Introduction, there are some important things we want to share.
In Himalaya, the first thing to do is to calm down and to be empty.
Forget everything, dream and relax.
Please liberate yourself from the attention to self, your ego, identity, nationality, sexuality, etc., that you have been caught in the daily society until now.

Here, we are going to start traveling the subconscious world together.
Our daily consciousness does not know the sub consciousness at all.
As consciousness touches subconscious or subbody = cobody, it tries to ignore or deny.
While traveling, be careful with yourself so that such ego and self do not express too much.
(Do not worry! If you do not know what to do by yourself, I will take a consultation on Saturday afternoon at any time.)

We will gradually strip off the unconscious customs and habits that we had in the daily world. Please discard the customs of thinking, judgment of right and wrong, addiction to net information through mobile and PC.
All of them hinder the journey to the subconscious world.

What is Subbody Resonance Butoh?

1. Subbody = Cobody

The subbody method is exactly called subbody=cobody method. Subbody means the body of subconscious.
In the daily world, the mind and the body are considered different. However, in the subconscious world, the subconscious and the body are not separated. It is unified as a whole. We call it "subbody".
Cobody had previously said "it is a resonating subbody". However, in fact, since the subbodies are always resonating with each other, the subbody is cobody at the same time.
In daily eyes, subbody is sometimes singular and,sometimes moving as a swarm or group, but in the subconscious world, there is no intrinsic distinction between the two.
That is a non-dual world before the distinction between self and others is born. There is no distinction between me and you, inside and outside as the daily world. On the contrary, there is no classification such as good or bad, true or false, bright or dark. Such an illusion is only in the human daily world.
Nobody makes judgment in the nature of Life. Life is just alive. We must not bring the human illusion of dualistic judgment into there.

Through respiration and fluctuation meditation, we calm our everyday mind and body, transitioning from thinking mode to listening mode listening to a faint feeling of the body.
That will be the first step in opening the infinite creativity of life.
When you stop your daily thoughts and judgment sufficiently, you can feel that a faint indication such as a fine feeling, image, memorable memory, etc. is changing and transforming deeply in the body. We call them "Qualia".

2. Resonance

Essentially, subbody butoh methos is a resonance method.
Life is always resonating with everything; gravity, light, air, temperature, smell, sound, and not only with those physical things, but also mental elements; memories, dreams, emotions, imaginations, illusions and so on.
They are always streaming and transforming in the strange and complex ways by the Life Resonance.
The resonance pattern is infinite.
Because Life does not belong in the physical three dimensional space, but resonating in the multi-dimensional and non-dual realm.
Its complexity is infinite. Subbody=Cobody are the special ship to travel in the unknown realm. That's why the creations of subbody=cobody are novel, numinous and original.
To affim and accept all resonance of Life, it is the essense of subbody butoh method.

3. Qualia

Life is resonating always through Qualia.
Qualia are everything which Life resonates. Qualia of the gravity, Qualia of the light, and so on. But it is so subtle. It is million times subtler than the language thinking and information. Then the daily body cannot notice Qualia by masked by the masking of informations.
We need to be released from the habit of Human. It means to take off the illusion of that we are Human. the concept of Human is trapped by the dualistic division. It divides Human and animal. Human is valiable the nanimal. It is trapped by the division of self and others. Always self is most important than others, Ego is the top importance in the world for the daily body and mind. Ego is the strongest archetype in modern age. It is the strongest common illusion, instead of the religion of pre-modern age.

We are infulenced by the storm of informations.
All informations are genarated on the basic concensus of it. When we contact with the information, we are bound by the dualistic illusion. Ego and self are the biggest disturbance against Life Resonance. Because ego and self are supported by the division between you and me, in and out, individual and group, and so on. These differences are just illusions in the realm of Life.
Wee need to be released from those dualistic binds for becoming Life.

4. Butoh of Life

The subbody world is full of creativity and originality. You don't need to effort to create something. Just concentrate on the listening to the darkness of body. Not you but your subbody will create various novel movements. You can just give your body for subbodies and cobodies, and follow them with vacating your ego and self. It becomes a novel, numinous and necessary creation without any restrictions.
Tatsumi Hijikata who was the originator of Butoh pursued the Butoh of Life, not as the self expression or ego expression. He said "Never forget to take of all conditions of Human. Enter the non-dual realm before the division of self and others." It has another logic from the welknown logic of daily world. He called it "Hidden logic".
Subbody cobody method is to research the Hidden logic of Life Resonance in the darkness of body. So, we study the Hidden logic in the subconscious world as the co-researcher.

5. Transparency

Transparent means not to be bound by any thing, not by inside, not by outside.
Then, we can contact the infinite creativity, originality and reresonance ability in the realm of Life. But it is not our creation.
The creation is the biggest gift from the Life and for the Life. When we create something novel, we return it to the Life. This is the butoh performance and midwiving workshop. Creation is niether self expression, nor our property. We return all of our creation to the Life through Life Resonance.
Taste the whole process transparently, and share it with the world transparently. It is the most tasty thing in Life.

What is Life?

We share the each one's answer on the first day. Please prepare your answer for this question and we exchange it. it is the first co-research of the first week.

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour

Dharamsala - Kolkata - Tumkur - Bengaluru -
- Goa - Auroville - Sri Lanka - Delhi - Dharamsala

Sri Lanka Colombo


Dancing Resonance

Friday at 18:00-21:00
Prana Lounge Colombo · Colombo, Sri Lanka

Discussion Details
An invitation to expand your dance and dive deeper into the wisdom of your body, to create and express your wild and true dance with Pilar Echavarria.

The essence of this workshop lies in listening to the authenticity of our body, in movement or in stillness, and allowing the inner dance to unfold. We would do this through practices, frames and scores of exploration from different methods of Subbody Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Movement Arts.

Open for everybody that loves to Dance and have the curiosity to explore deeper into your body!

ABOUT Pilar Echavarria

Pilar ECHAVARRIAhas been co*creating movement classes, workshops, and festivals to guide and explore Contact Improvisation, Butoh and movement in the water since 2010 worldwide. She is Organizer and creator of "Liquid Dance Laboratory" in Ibiza-Spain and "Liquid Flow Festival" in Mexico.

Pilar has has been dancing and researching the body since 2006 through different arts and techniques of improvisation, movement and healing: Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Authentic Movement, Continuum Movement, Tao Shiatsu, Body Mind Centering, Axis syllabus, Somatic Arts, WaterDance, Watsu, HealingDance, Jansu and Aguahara; while learning and teaching, performing and creating, living and traveling around the world.

Her inspiration and study in Contact Impro is attributed to teachers Daniel Lepkoff, Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Ray Chung, Eckart Mueller y Daniela Schwartz, Joerg Hassemann, Frey
Faust, Karl Frost and the CI Commuity in Argentina. In Butoh by Minako Seki, Atsushi Takenushi, Katsura Kan, Diego Pinon and the ‘Himalaya Butoh School’ in India where she studied for two years. And in the Water Movement by Shantam and her own self research.

Cost : TBA
Student Discount 50%, please present your student ID upon registration
India Goa
 Dancing on the beach at Arambol in Goa
 Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

 Schdule of Summer tour 2017 is almost fixed.

1. Netherlands (Rotterdam): Jun 19-July 3
2. 2nd Subbody Gathering (Barcelona):July 6- 15
3. Poland (Michalowice): July 18- Aug 7
4. Switzerland (Geneva) : August 10 - 16
5. Russia (Uragivostock) : August 20-25

Let's enjoy it!