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Subbody Journal
 3 Solos in April | Saga, Sonja and Rita
 Lethe Remembers | Ozerk
 Destny | Sudeep
 Jeje | Akash
 A.5 No Fish | Lisa and cobody
 Listen Alex, Rusty, Saga and Santeri cobody


 Anniversary | Alex, Lisa and Sonja
Off Duty Ozerk
 Washing Experience | Pamela and cobody
 Silence in a crime | Vishal and cobody
 On the way to Swarm Lisa and cobody


Jamu / Alex and cobody 

Syntax Error | Ozerk from Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya on Vimeo.

 Syntax Error | Ozerk
<Dreaming Share ver.02 with changing places> 
 22 March, 2018

<Dreaming Share ver.02 with changing places>

This year, we found novel way of resonance almost everyday.
The way of <Dreaming Share> developped to ver.02.

1. Everybody becomes lucid dreaming mode through the conditioning 2 new version. It is simple, we are moved by someone with very slow speed into various directions. Then we can easily become subbody mode.
And follow the dreaming by whole body.

2. We move to another place from the studio and continue the lucid dreaming.

3. We decide the group (A,B) and the order by lottery.

4. First person(A1) guide the other people of the group A to one's place and initiate with word or movement, A group co-create A1's dreaming world. B group support it by audio resonance.

5. Next person(B1) guide and co-create.

It was amazingly interesting co-creation than ever.
(See the videos)
We got the novel way of co-creation, this wil be one of the basic of co-creation of the year.

This would be develope to <Proto dream theater ver.02>, <Rhizoming share ver.02>, <Resonant Rhizome ver.02> and so on.


Dark House 2 and Chimera cobody from Rhizomelee on Vimeo.

 Dark House 2
 Dark House 1
 19 March, 2018

Dark House

Usually we go to nature on Thursday, but this week it was stormy wheather, then we shift to the school house.
At first everybody found favourite place in the house, and research the subbody with dreaming.
After then we exchange the place by lottery.

A person was guided by another person to his/her place with blindfold, and danced there.
And the first guide person started whispering his dreaming to his blindfolded partner.
Then suddenly the <Blind Guide> and <Dreaming Share> merged and became one.

It grew up to so interesting day as you can see the video above.
This year. I stopped all planning and programing of the class, and just listened to the various Qualia of everybody's darkness of body.
Then through Qualia and Qualia resonance, so many unexpected novel ideas of researching came out everyday.

This would be a fortune of Non-dual.

 From pair and trio to Resonant Rhizome
From pair and trio to Resonant Rhizome 
 Subbodies of March 1 / Zalina, Vishal, Akash and Ev
 Resonant Rhizome in Jogiwara Valley 1 / Zalina, Pamela and Maria
 7th Fukushima 3.11 Resonance
 11 March, 2018

7th Fukushima 3.11 Resonance

We resonated with the Qualia of the deseaster attacked north east Japan 7years ago.
The largiest Earthquake M9.0, 20m hieght Tsunami, Explosion of Atomic plants and melt down, Radiation leak. It still continues to spread radiation into the Pacific Ocean.
We resonated with the small creature in the ocean, when they are attacked byt the radiation, the DNA of cells mutated, and makes body malformed mutant.
Each part of body is twisted, bend, shrunk and disabled.
We continued to share the misery of small creature's Life every year of 3.11 Anniversary day.

It is first or second week of the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya every year. We start from the deep resonance as Life. It becomes a tradition of the Subbody school.

This year some old students come back to the school, Ozerk(Turkey) after 9 years, Lisa (Germany) after 5 years and so on. I am so happy to meet them and dance together.
We will continue to deepen Subbody method constantly.

 Resonant Rhizome in Jogiwara Valley 2 / Vishal, Sonja and Franzi
 Meanwhile (all creatures)
Resonant Rhizome in Jogiwara Valley 1 / Zalina, Pamela and Maria 
 Bouncing back to bvild / Pamela
Towards the light / Teresa 
 Smoke Bugs Accidents / Rhizome Lee
 Winter Rhizome Lee and cobody

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We have continued just dancing the Life Resonance.
and now, 10,000 people are empathizing it.
Also, the number of viewers is going to exceed 1 million viewers.
It encourages us a lot.
We will deepen it further with confidence.

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Subbody Winter Course 
 Smoke Bug Affair / Rhizome Lee
 Organs Alive / Suman and Cobody
 Snake Lizard Iguana / Pamela
Infant of Smoke Bug Rhizome Lee
 6 January, 2018

A Sudden Change

I was trapped by an entanglement of anger, sadness, hatred and unexpressed love to my mother for long years, because my mother suddenly had disappeared when I was 3 years old. But, last Friday a sudden change happened.
In the researching with the blindfold guided by Pamela in the Subbody Winter course, I remembered a tale that my mother told me. It is a story that Lion pushs the baby down under the cliff to train the baby stronger. Strangely, I could accept all experiences in my childhood as this tale. I appreciate to my parents to give me the hard challenge, and it made me tough. Last Friday I danced it in the Garden. Falling down the stairs and climbing up it to build myself. I tried to dance my unknown Anima with a small bicycle.
Slowly it seems that I could be released from my infantile trauma.

 Smoke Bug's Rhizome in the Garden / Lee and cobody
 Unspoken Tale / Margarita and Naresh
Subbody Winter Course 

Conditioning with Monkies!

Himalayan Winter on Sunny days are full of Sunshine.
Warm up in the sunny garden infront f 5000m Himalayas with monkies and create something new everday!
It is the heaven of Life!

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 Woken Ashes / Margarita
Smoke Bug's Rhizome / Lee and cobody 
16 December, 2017 

Resonant Rhizome of Smoke Bug

This winter, we postpone the annual India tour to 2019,
Instead of it, we continue the work in Himalaya during the winter at the newly established Resonance Studio.
I planed to write "Transparency", "The Butoh" and other books of pending issues for lonf years.
I want to continue the listening to Life "What Life really wants to do".
In December, Silas, guides the Winter Subbody Course as a midwife, and Pamela will do it in January and February.
I began to join in it as a comfortable one participant.
Suddenly my dancing spirit awakens and the brain-mind-body returns to the dancer.
I had a feeling of extremely liberating freedom of creativity rising from one to the next after a long absence. I noticed that I usually gave such a happiness to the students.

Anyway, unexpected emergence may occur besides the plan of writing for this winter.
"Rhizome of Smoke Bug" are a sentense at the biggining of "Sick Dancing Princess" by Tatsumi Hijikata.
The several lines were added by him when it was publisshed as a book.
Well, here was condensed the essence of "Sick Dancing Princess".
"That will be an insect on the way of Life reincarnation", an old man of his local land talked about, is the crystarized essence of the world view of Animism that was the background of this book.
It was the same as "Shisha" written in the butoh scores of Hijikata's last solo "Quiet House".
"The Shisha (dead) transform quietly yet infinitely."
Hijikata has noticed that the infinite resonativity and transformablity of Qualia which was the greatest discovery in the history of mankind discovered in the Animism Age.
"Smoke bug"and "Shisha" are similar symbol of Animistic veiw of the world.

Infinite transforming Qualia in Animism =Shisha (Dead)=Smoke Bug

I will follow the essence of the butoh revolution that Hijikata was grapsing.
"Rhizome of Smoke Bug" is to dance the infinite transformation as a Cobody of <Resonant Rhizome>, not only solo Butoh performance.
First of all, on the first day there were few audience, but we received full acclaim.
In this winter, we try to vary this "Smoke Bug's Rhizome", with changing various arrangement.
Let's invent devising psychosomatic techniques that will be necessary from next year.

 New Studio Open!
Every Week Subbody Workshop!

15 December, 2017 

Subbody Never Sleep in Winter!

Dear Friends!

Subbody Himalaya has no winter vacation.
During whole winter, we continue every day conditioning, researching and co-creation.
And on every Friday, we hold the Subbody-cobody theater as usual 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm.
in December, Silas is guiding as midwife. Jan-Feb Pamela will guide it.
Lee will join in the whole winter.
It's free for long term co-researchers of 2017 and people who plan to join in 2018 March starting course.
If you have time, please back to Himalaya and warming together the new Resonance studio.

Warm resonance!


 Next Monday 11th Dec. StartS!

 Let's Open Your Full Creativity
and Originality!

Himalayan winter is warm by plenty of Sunshine!
You can start on Every Monday!

Dec 11th, 2017 - May 25, 2018
June 11th, -Nov 23rd, 2018

Mon-Fri, 10:00-5:00
@Resonance Studio
Dharamsala, India


 Silex / Alex, Silas and Cobody
 Bottomless Nature / Santeri and Cobody
 Narcissistic Sisters / Mohit, Naireet, Silas and Sonja
First Resonance at New Resonance Studio
 Highlights Video of 14th Himalaya Butoh Festival
 15th International Butoh Festival Himalaya Trailer
An Usual Lovely Day / Gorka 
 Two Strangers / Adam and Rita
Come and Kill me / Silas, Alex and Bobby

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

 NoBody / Margarita
 If Lansimerro can do it we can do it Santeri, Sonija, Emilia and Ruusu
 Connection / Mohit, Vishal and Naresh

International Butoh Festival Himalaya

 Next Sunday Starts!

Nov 26 - Dec 8

Everyday Workshop 11:00-13:00
Performance 18:00-20::00
At Subbody Butoh Himalaya
Free of Charge

 Highlights of Himalaya Butoh Festival #1- 14
 The Critique / Emilia and Sonja
 Leaves of Grass (Tribute to Walt Whitman) Santeri
 This is the Resonant Rhizome
 The self and the other / Harshad and cobody
Becoming Wolf / Adam and cobody 
November 11, 2017

Become Wolf!
Become Bee's swarm, Mole's tonnel!
Become Rhizome,
and a Secret!

Adam mailed me.

"I've been reading Deleuze's A Thousand Plataeus, and in his 2nd plataeu (one or several wolves) describing his "becoming-wolf" he describes something that immediately made me think of a free-resonance sort of creative cobody"

"I am on the edge of the crowd, at the periphery; but I belong to it. I am attached to it by one of my extremities, a hand or a foot. I know that the periphery is the only place I can be, that I would die if I let myself be drawn into the center of the fray, but just as certainly if I let go of the crowd. This is not an easy position to stay in. It is even very difficult to hold, for these beings are in constant motion and their movements are unpredictable and follow no rhythm. They swirl, go north, then suddenly east; none of the individuals in the crowd remains in teh same place in relation to the others. So I too am in perpertual motion; all this demands a high level of tension, but it gives me a feeling of violent, almost vertiginous happiness. (page 29)"

I replyed.

"What's a coincidence!
That part is what I just am going to recommend you.
There is the deepest secret and mystery of subbody and cobody.
I have continued to research it for 20 years.
Please try to guide to that cobody to the various participants.
So many rich hints, you must get.
'Mille Plateaux' is one of the most interesting Butoh text. I believe so."

At the last Friday theater, Adam and cobody danced the "Becoming Wolf", and it became a dynamic <Resonant Rhizome> that everybody expanded the space and passed through with dancing.

"Wow! The is the real <Resonant Rhizome>!
Finally you got it!"

My dream is coming true that the world starts dancing and changing to Rhizome!.

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Subbodies at Tatapani 3 / Mohit, Nresh, Vishal and Sonja 
 Subbodies at Tatapani 2 / Adam, Johann, Rita and Harshad
 Subbodies at Tatapani 1 / Santeri, Emilia, Gagan and Margarita
3 Subbodies of November 2017 / Mohit, Sonja and Ruusu 
Looking for Violence / Emilia and Gorka 
 Death Ceremony / Naresh
2 November, 2017

Acepting Short term participants

A new studio is completed on the rooftop of the Subbody Resonance Butoh building.
We are recruiting short weekly and monthly students each week.

Short term courses are guided by the following midwives.

November : Adam, Santeri
December : Silas
January : Pamela
February - March : Santeri, Adam
After April : Adam, and so on.

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 Accoucher / Santeri and Vishal
 Pan / Alex
 I'm feeling great, thanks for asking / Adam Koan
 Flow / Margarita and Cobody
2 November, 2017

New Studio comple!

A new studio is completed on the rooftop of the Subbody Resonance Butoh building.
We are recruiting short weekly and monthly students each week.

Short term courses are guided by the following midwives.

November : Adam, Santeri
December : Silas
January : Pamela
February - March : Santeri, Adam
After April : Adam, Gio and so on.

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4 Subbodies in October / Gagan, Leire, Naresh and Ruusu 
 October / Gagan and Margarita
Helpless / Johann, Naresh and Vishal 
Winter war / Emilia and Sonja 
 Only for you / Mohit, Margarita and Yi
 Clouding the Story / Alex and Santeri
 Earthquake mood / Alex, Bobby, Emilia, Gorka, Harshad and Silas
 Nomad Rhizome in Carotta 3 / Vishal, Leire, Margarita, Johann and Gorka
 Nomad Rhizome in Carotta 2 / Adam, Gagan, Ruusu and Bobby
 Nomad Rhizome in Carotta 1 / Mohit, Santeri, Harshad, Naresh, Rita and Yi
Zero Intention / Alex, Ruusu, Sonja and Gorka 
You are super smart / Silas and Yi 
Vitun Kusipaa Vittu / Emilia 
 Reincarnation / Margarita and Yi
 Princess of Discs / Adam, Bobby, Emilia, Harshad and Ruusu
 Don't want to meet any Humans / Bobby (Pamela)
 Slept Longfoot / Alex, Margarita, Sonja and Santeri
Moon Tide / Margarita and Yi 
 After Womb Blues / Sonja
 Re-Lay Breaks / Inge and Batash
 Hello Terra Motin / Bobby, Emlia and Silas
 Earth Creature / Naresh
 + -1 / Alex, Harshad, Vishal and Santeri
In the Jogiwara Valley / Margarita, Mohit and Naresh 
Brutal Steve Adam Koan 
 Qualia / Bobby, Naresh, Ruusu and Yi
Completely Incomplete Batash, Gagan and Margarita 
 Moherix / Inge, Mohit, Silas and Sonja
 In the Reflections of the Ripples / Alex, Ruusu, Santeri and Sonja
 After mid night / Inge and Silas
 Eaten by Love / Ruusu, Sonja, Harshad, and Margarita
 Nonsense might make sense /Santeri
 Moving Lines / Margarita and Naresh
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 Dance God / Adam and cobody
Only This / Alex 
Black Black Fever / Rhizome Lee Budapest 2000 
The Good Hand / Adam 
Fashion Butoh Excercise Guided by Adam 
4 October, 2017


 This week, 6 old researchers guided the class instead of Lee as the co-midwife tp listen to each other and support each other for the birth of novel subbody=cobody.
In the Subbody Butoh, there is no teacher, no students, but midwife to listen to the subtle breath of subbody=cobody and support the safe birth, to open infinite creativity of Life.
It is the process to transform to Rhizome which can connect freely and separate flexiblly beyond all kinds of borders.
Rhizome is a sprout form of future of human without any Hierarchical Tree order that was found by a philosopher, Gilles Deleuze (1967).
This pics (Total 18) are in the Adam's guide of his "Fashion Butoh Exercise".
Please crick the picture above to see all pictures.

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Blood of Dance in 4 Solos / Mohit, Rita, Vishal and Silas 
Smashed Snails Eaten Butterflies / Santeri and cobody 
Mother/ Pamela and Naresh 
Webbed Widdow Alex, Yi and Gorka 
Butoh Images of Quiet House 
Agohori/ Naresh  
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 What is Hidden under the Hidden Lake Santeri and cobody
Crushing Bobbie (pamela) and cobody
Nomad Rhizome in the River and Forest 
Nomad Rhizome in the River
 C=O=A / Gagan and Mohet
 Life Cycle / Inge and cobody
Stone Teresa 
GRAVE Digger / Santeri 
Working Title / Alex 
Half Apple of Biater Silas, Gorka and Alex 
5 Subbodies / Inge, Vishal, Teresa, Gagan and Rita 
Orbit being moved / Pamela & cobody 
Summer Night Butoh Fever / Adam, Xin, Gorka, Pamela and Rita 
 Summer Guy / Gorka Ferrero
Sigil / Pamea 
BECKY / Adam Koan 
Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

Sigil / Pamea 
Nest in Geneva / Sebastien, Aymon, Bruce and Cobody 
"Amazon" Laurence's Dreaming Share 
Aymon's Dreaming Share
Listen to the Rock / Irene and cobody 
Original Weapon in the Forest / Andrea and cobody 
A Travel to Underground / Jerone and Cobody / Switzerland  
"Turn Down the Slope" Pierre and cobody  
Coboby Gathering in Switzerland / Asuka and Cobody  
Subbody Journal
"Becky" Adam Koan 
26 August, 2017

Summer Night Butoh Fever

Yesterday evening, there was held the Subbody-cobody theater.
In spite of middle of monsoon, it was full of deep performances, by the old and new students; Gorka, Pamela, Adam, Rita, and new participants of Adam's class.

Photo: Adam from last night's performance, entitled Becky. Video to come eventually. Way backed up with things here. (Photo by Evelyn Chen)


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"Where are you now?" Eva and cobody
 Listening to Subtle Qualia in the Rain, Budapest
Peter's Dreaming Share in Budapest 
 Judit's Dreaming Share in Budapest
Lotti's Dreaming Share in Budapest
 Lotti's Dreaming Share in Budapest
 Eva's Dreaming Share in Budapest Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017
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 "Transparent Listening within the big sounds" / Subbody Butoh workshop in Ozora Festival, Hungary
 ” Subtle Listening” Subbody Butoh workshop in Pecs, Hungary
14 August, 2017

Eurasia Resonant Butoh tour 2017 has finished

Yesterday, we dance in the mountain in France near Geneva, and all activities of Eurasia tour has finished. We got so rich harvest, new Qualia, new methods, new resonance pattern.
I have experiments of new methods; Dreaming Share and Resonant Rhizome, listen-move-Listen and so on in various conditions. We could deepen it a lot.
Thank you, all organizers and participants!

Next year, now Pamela and Robert prepares USA-Mexico Resonant Butoh tour 2018.
After next year, we will back to Eurasia tour 2019.
The Russina workshop has been canceled by visa issue, but, we will realize it after next year. If someone wants to organize it, please inform us.


Rhisome Lee

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 Beyond the Boundaries 3/ Wheelchair Butoh performance in Hungary
 Beyond the Boundaries 3/ Wheelchair Butoh workshop in Hungary
4 August, 2017

"Beyond the boundaries 3" Wheelchair Butoh in Hungary

Wheelchair Butoh in Hungary entitled "Beyond the Boundary" is the third time this year.
The title came from the word that a wheelchair person said in the first year, ”We have been treated in two ways. One is as useless children, the other is another is as an object of nursingcare. But to be able to dance together beyond the boundaries is the happiest experience. "
Yes, We will continue dancing, until every boundary disappears from the earth.

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 Beyond the Boundaries 3/ Wheelchair Butoh performance in Hungary
Wheelchair Butoh Workshop in Hungary
Subtle Listening by Ma Dar 
31 June, 2017

Subtle Listening by Ma Dar at the Wheelchair Butoh Workshop in Hungary
Subtle Listening by Ma Dar 

Ma Dar(Dara) guided Subtle Qulaia Listening at the Wheelchair Butoh workshop in Hungary.
She used a paper with chaniging the shape and how to listen to the subtle Qualia with handicapped participants.
Participants was fascinated so earnestly to listen to the physical and memorial Qualia of the paper.
It was so beautiful Resonance that everybody became One as Life.
In the past she was working to care of disabled people.
That experience was fully made use of.
This is the Origin of Ma Dar's midwife.
I did not understand the Hungarian words, but the Qualia that she guided was so rich and various transformations.
After using paper, she guided to listen to subtle invisible Qualia without paper.
This was the 3rd day, on the 4th day, she continued it with using each one's favorite things, it lead each one's so intimate forgotten memories with favourite book or doll and so on.
And 5th day was with water bag.
In the guiding the last performance, she guided a walk with resonating each one's water Qualia.
The Qualia of water is so deep as the bottomeless.
It was also so interesting diverse walk.
She finally guided the whole last performance at the musium.
Lee could just watching the process that a new midwife was born. I was just surprising at the so fast growing of her.
Next year, Robert and Pamela are preparing the USA and Mexico Resonant Butoh tour. Then Lee will not able to come Hungary, but instead of me, Dar will hold the Wheelchair Butoh workshop as a midwife.
It is pleasure what beautiful resonance will emergence.

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 Last performance in Rotterdam
 Nadîja @ Schoonoord historical garden, Rotterdam
 Dancing own world=self image
at Subbody Resonance Butoh workshop in Rotterdam
 Subbody Drawing at Rotterdam
 John Giskes near river Oude Maas, Rotterdam
 Butoh performances /
2nd week of Rotterdam subbody butoh workshop
Ramesh, forever! / Rhizome Lee and cobody 
July 14, 2017

Ramesh, forever!

A week after I heard the death of Romez, I danced Romez at the Forest Park in Rotterdam. A lot of memories overflowed over 20 years spent with Romez. Among them, in the desert of Rajasthan, the bodily sensation of Romes at the moment when sudden cerebral hemorrhage occurred came to my body.
How many times have I danced the dead?
Ally, Yamazaki, Tsuji, Hashimoto, the dead of the Pacific War, the deceased of Auschwitz, a strange death on the streets of Delhi, the dead of Fukushima 3.11 ....
Through dancing the dead and I will be one.
The darkness of my body is full of the dead. It's as if they are playgrounds.
Little by little, it gradually approaches the country of the dead.

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 Riverside Rhizome in Rotterdam

butoh impro from john giskes on Vimeo.

 Fractal Rhizome in Rotterdam / John Giskes, Beatrijs, Bushra, Koffe, Milou, and Rhizome Lee
 Listen, move, and listen / Netherlands
25 June, 2017

Listen, Move and Listen

The Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017 has begun at Rotterdam, Netherlands.
We started it from Listening.
Listning to the subtle invisible Qualia in the darkness of body.
Listen, and if you catch subtle tendency at a part of body, move with following the tendency, and listen to subtle Life Resonance Qualia again.
During dancing, keep listening constantly.

When we concentare on the listening, it is so beautiful.
Why the listening is connect with the beauty.
It is a mystery, but probably the figure of listening to the deep Life Resonance Qualia is
able to lead the audience to the listening itself.
We don't know what are we listening, We cannot explain it by word what are we listening.
The Life Resonance Qualia are invisible and so subtle.
The way you listen to something you can not see is perhaps human beings take off human clothes and listen carefully to their lives. It is listening to the mystery of life and the awe.
Dancer's listening is able to involve others into the listening to the Life Resonance. It is beautiful.

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13 May, 2017

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