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School Journal  
27 March, 2019

Transparent Rhizome

Finally, we are successfully building the new <Transparent Rhizome> method based on the previous experiments of Resonant Rhizome and so on in this semester.
To realize the Transparent Rhizome that we co-create a miraculous development of Butoh through only Life Resonance without a choreographer or director, all dancers have to get the following techniques as own blood. If only one person loses it, the transparency of dance is collapsed down.
Hope to share these points by both short and long course, then Thursday, Friday’s collaboration and the Festival will work.

Connect freely and separate flexible at any time at any part.

Segmenting and transforming diversely

3°Reduction by X and regeneration
X can be any Qualia, we can become any beings and world can transform dynamically
4°Deterritorialization and reterritorialization
Each part can separate and connect from the territory
We can move with changing Qualia and numbers beyond any borders
Listen to inside half, outside half.
The half co-creating cobody world and half carrying own secret always
Not being bound by anything, even internal Qualia and external Qualia

7°Create a traveling map as the beauty
Each one creates own traveling map and shares it with others. It will be a basis of the creation of each own Butoh-fu

(They are connected to the “Clouding body (Obscuring body)” the technique of “Sick Dancing Princess” and the “Dismal air”.
“People are moved by a dismal air that felt uncomfortable, mysterious and gloomy.” (Hijikata)




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 Life Resonance trailer Vo. 1  
The four Similitudes | Leire and Cobody   
The one who survived | Yi   
Wet Spagatti Ariel   
Smoky Mesh Margarita and Raul   
Becoming Life in the Nature   
21 March, 2019

Becoming Life in the Nature

We need to wash our brains that is dirtied by too much daily information.

We went to Himalayan Rock Garden, and we learned the deep silence from the stones.




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Reply and Tejas   
Nabila and Yogesh   
21 March, 2019

Becoming Life in the Nature

We learned the deep silence from the stone of Chatle Rock Garden.




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 Suvaj March 2019  
Sweep Rhizome Lee and Cobody   
19 March, 2019

Creation of the original Butoh-fu

We study ”Kan(disable)” Qualia of Hijikata. And create each own Butoh-fu using Hijikata’s Qualia or original Qualia, like the following.



1. Injecting acid on the tips of your fingers

2. Kissing the bottle and listening to the ocean

3. Lost in the forest full of nettles and dragonflies

4. Inhaling cotton powder unable to breathe

5. Fall into the river, eaten by big fish



1. Squeeze air feet and toes

2. Arms explosively attacked by light

3. Face being put paint inside

4. Stomach dried up completely

5. Auschwitz (becomes a completely different place, an empty space with no history, no walls, no people, the nothing itself. You leave this non-space in the regular human walk but you are totally hollow in the inside)



1. Chocolate that tastes like dal (at the dining table)

2. Clothes become part of your skin

3. A fool being chased

4. Pigeon toes gecko

5. Gecko trying to drive the same car



1. Attacked by light

2. Locked in a small room in every pore

3. Raise the eyes of an old women

4. Hunchback

5. Last steps of your dying grandmother (the reincarnation is your most necessary Qualia)



1. Only head – Birds fly away from the temple

2. Arms connected – Drunk bear – Honeyhands

3. Ghost of mickey mouse, dead cartoon

4. Showing mommy your handmade dress

5. Your dress turns you into stone with worms at your feet, you can’t scream no teeth



1. Rock cicada’s eye

2. A doll smolders busubusu

3. Plants crawl the temple

4. A face of the pomegranate tooth

5. People who are made of ice



1. Passing of the myriad gaze

2. Being gouged and melt

3. Multi-layering of nerve mescaline

4. Destroyed every qualia as crystallized one picture for me. By one word, one action, sensationally.

5. Become Budha tree



1. Ash walk (quiet the mind)

2. Listen for a boat pulling into the Chennai harbor (Awareness of hearing without focus.

3. The wish to move proceeds ahead. Shape follows. (The soul/self/essence of all the dancers in the space exits the body you move without purpose or direction.)

4. Blurred flowers wander (The self/ soul/ essence of all the dancers in the space take on the form of blurred flowers.)

5. Half a million bugs on a tree. The insides are all gone. (The Flowers’selves have drifted away. There is no longer an “I” experiencing qualia. There is only an experience occurring rest in this awareness.)



1. Being Kissed

2. Leaking water

3. Drowning spider is smiling

4. Blurred face in the next door

5. Walk, Walk, Walk. Who is crying ?



1. Multi-layering of nerve mescaline

2. Generate and dismantl of a doll by soil

3. Origin of mouth and teeth

4. Internal organs hanging out of the body

5. Rising up with the darkness gradually (Hands together. Stand up. )



1. Who have been put paint on the wall

2. Crack

3. Ghoast with a child’s face to mouth

4. Attacked by light

5. Being confined to the crystal



1. Bodies are nailed down to the floor, captured, connected.

2. Hundreds of angry bees are stiriging us setting us fire

3. Child bullying its parents hysterically

4. Former protecting her/his animals from a huge storm

5. Soft breeze blows away all pasts of your body, all that remains is an abstract doll skeleton.



1. People who are made of dust

2. Smoldering doll busubusu (only watch)

3. Old woman being kissed (only watch)

4. Ghost playing the organ (only watch)

5. Collapse of the begger



1. Each time the is replaced each time. The eye becomes thinner.

2. White sheet the great white

3. Black dots flood

4. The hair drinks up the great white

5. Dry croud. It’s all in the eye. It’s all in the I. It’s all in the eye. It’s all in the I.




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Medusa | Alessia   
  Jaako-Adam"Domesticated Hoopee"-Yojesh  
 A dream theatre

Creating a dreamy space, almost sleeping. we listen to the dreams and we manifest them thru theatre and dance.
This is not a workshop or class but a dream club,
 We support each other’s realizations of dreams and desires, coming from the world of night,  sleep, and invisibility
Looking for Motivation to exploring feeding life with what comes from the dreamworld and see where it leads us.
No judgement, committed people  training for lucidity, conversations between awake and sleep

Anyone interested Welcome to the dream club, Let’s dance and stage our dreams
with the night being our companion
mon-tue-wed 7pm-9pm
@subbody Butoh Theatre, jogibara Village
for more info-

Mushimaru-san and 15 solo   
13 March, 2019

We learned a lot form Mushimaru-san

The weekend performance was rich harvest with Mushimaru-san's solo and all participants.
We learned his method and mixed with subbody method, each dancer ound unique solo or duo.
When different Qulaia meets different Qualia, unexpected resonance emergence happns.
Thank you very much, Mushimaru-san.
Hope to see you again!

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11 March, 2019

8th Fukushima Resonance Butoh

The 8th Fukushima Anniersary day has come.
We have continued 8 years Fukushima Resonance Butoh on March 11 every year.
Today, we activated each cell's memories of the disaster during four billion year's Life history.
Also, we studied "The discontinuity" from Hijikata's "A Size walk".
Jo: We started dancing from a size walk.
Ha1: After for a while, some students initiated the first discontinuity of a big earthquake, the others were involved in it.
Ha2: The second discontinuity of the big Tsunami was initiated by other student's.
Ha3: The third discontinuity of the radiation leak was initiated by other students group. All of us are attacked by it and some parts of the body were mutated by the radiation.
Kyu: We develop it to the maximum as the Kyu part of mutated and disabled Life resonating with the sea creatures that were still suffered by the radiation leak.

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Period | Mushimaru Fujieda   
  Dattan Fantasia and 15 solos  
8 March, 2019

Dattan Fantasia and 15 solos

The 4th day of March 1st week, in the morning Mushimaru-san guided to become diverse body images and based on it, to his choreography "Dattan Fantasia",
and in the afternoon Lee guided to integrate this week's subbody-cobodies as 5 minutes solos with questing the neccesity of creation for each Life.
Unique cobody movements and subbody solos were born one after another.
So rich resonance emergences between "Natural Physical Poetry method" of Mushimaru-san and subbody method happened.
This years co-researchers are lucky to learn two methods in the beginning.
Tomorrow we will perform these pieces, it must be remarkable rich harvest as the 1st week of semester.
Thank you Mushimaru-san!

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Dreaming share in March   
6 March, 2019

<Dreaming Share> by Life Resonance

This morning we did <Dreaming Share> that let each cell's forgotten memories activate and share it with one minute talking and co-created 18 different dreaming world.
We cahngesd the dancing space according to each dreaming world.
Participants could experience that through only one minute meeting, we can co-create various dreaming world without special choreographer or director. This is subbody=cobody co-creation method that we could find after 20 years reseach.

This <Dreaming Share> is just a recent finding. It is very important technique to co-create a world through Life Resonance without a special leader like a choreographer or director.
It is final finding method that we can change the world from Tree-like Hierarcic order to Rhizome without any center, and top-down herarcy.
These recent methods series of <Medimotion>-<Dreaming Share>- <Co-midwife>- <Resonant Rhizome> are conpleted only last year.

All old students and new people!

Please once come back to Subbody school to get this new method. We need you for the next step to spread our Life Resonance to all over the world.
Hope to dance with you at Himalaya again!

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Nihilistic Syndrome | Ozerk   
4 March, 2019

An exciting start! With the special guest Master Mushimaru

This year's Subbody Resonance School has started successfully with Master Mushimaru from Japan.
In the morning Lee guided basic Subbody medimotion to Subbody-cobody resonance, and afternoon, Mushimaru-san guided his "Natural physical Poetry" method.
Subbody method and Mushimaru method is some part so similar to becoming the dreaming body.
Participants enjoyed Mushimaru san's original technique "Moving with the breathing".
Following the guidance of Mashimaru-san, the image of the body steadily transforms into fluids, stones, octopus, plants, and air, it was a surprisingly rich journey.
Natural Physical Poetry and Subbody method are similar like brother and sister.
Long term co-researchers get fresh finding Mushimaru-san's "moving with breathing" technique and invisible connection of fingertips of both hands.
Tomorrow, Mushimaru-san will guide in the morning and afternoon Lee will guide.
It is big fun what novel movement will come out through the resonance emergence of both methods.
It is big fun.
Mishimaru-san, Thank you for the fresh wind!

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Next Monday, 4th March, new semester strats!

The opening week at the Spring semester at Himalaya Subbody Butoh Center in Dharamshala brings Mushimaru Fujieda, butoh master from Japan. This Spring, the facility is going to be full of activities! Check to see what they are. Also, don't forget about the weekend by-donation activities:

Friday 3 pm - performance showing

Saturday 7 pm - Open Mic night

Sunday 7 pm - Butoh/Dance Jam

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23 February, 2019

Mushimaru Workshop and performance

We are honor to announce Japanese Butoh Master Mushimaru workshop and performance at the first week of Spring semester of Subbody School.
Let's learn his technique through the opening five senses worshop.
Also he will perform at the weekend Subbody-cobody theater on Friday.

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 Enter Text| Samar  
 This is the End- Gora  
14 February, 2019

Kan Walk

We study Kan Qualia that Hijikata collected for his whole life.
Kan means Life couldn't resonate well. The most Butohtic Qualia. We studyed them in the 212 Chapter of "The Butoh", and I selected as a Kan Walk butoh-fu as the follwoing.

Kan Walk

1. Start from Ash walk or own weakened body
2. Squekey air
3. A plant grows up from inner organ to temple
4. A bird flying away from the temple
5. Place the whereabouts into your body
6. A rocomotive passes in your body
7. Gauged and melt
8. Wire in the body
9. Stain into the wall
10 Crack
11. Rock cicada's eye
12 Torn God
13. Framen or your own Kan body

We danced this walk and I gave a homework to create own Butoh-fu with using Hijikata's Kan Qualia or own Qualia.

Next day we danced each own Butoh-fu.
It came out so diverse Kan Qualia as the following;

Mrs. God by Jitu

1. Hundred year old woman with Alzhimer's lost, alone in highway as night
2. Alien dance music from afar
3. Flower grows out o sex organs guides to the source of music
4 Blorred wandering a foreign city
5. Slow expression into a swarm of crowds

El Camino (The Road) by Omar:

The itch

Wander inside the ear

Right eye and left side of the face melts

Face of the forest

Being confined to the crystal

Old woman is being kissed

The gravekeeper

Locked in a small room in the chest

I disappear into the Haze

For the Dead by Piu:

An abused doll smoulders busubusu

It is snowing very much and you get diarrhoea

Your friends start dying around you.

Both life and death rejects you.

These scars suck up your breath and out of the body

Your internal organs dehydrate fully

Neck, Muscles, Cavities, Fluids etc. all body stiffens

You become confined in a shiny crystal cage

The dead are resting around you

Rise up fuelled by all the darkeness and breakthrough the cage

Blurred face comes forward

You travel through many realms and your face and gaze changes in each so you give myriad faces and gazes

You are moved from your chest towards the hazy ashes around a puneral pyre

Doll body disintegrates into the hazy ashes

You disappear into the hazy ashes

A Ghost plays a haunting music

A banshee wails

Dream Gone Wrong by Gora:

Come down the valley after ingesting LSD

You are in hallucinaton mode

You find a garbage dump on the way

Insert or ear plastic and metal from the garbage

Shedding off of the skeleton

Become a stuffed bag

Falling into the river

Swallowed by Anaconda

By Samar:

A repeated cold thought embedded(covered) with so many questions attacks your school

This though has a relationship with another thought - and another thought - another thought - a.. and so on.

When you talked to all that there is no thought or questions remaining.

Your all thoughts melt don and drain out to the river and leaves you in a genuine (creative) state.

Now, you can smile.

So many unique Qualia came out. Through this experiment we got confidence to create each own Butoh-fu and use it for the co-creation.
We can open novel posibility for co-creation in the next semester.

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 Pink Peep | Naireet  
5 January, 2019

Behind world share

Life resonates with countless invisible ”Behind Worlds”.
We will stop our daily thinking by medimotion conditioning and become subbody = co-bodied mode which our body can meet freely countless forgotten Qualia of the darkness of the body. We share and co-create each Behind world.
It has become an interesting journey to follow various aspects of Life. In the summer and winter intensive course, we are making new experiments.
We do not yet know what kind of Butoh is born through this quest. But, sometimes we can see the future in these experiments.

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 Mirage | Alex, Lee and Cobody