March 2011


School Journal
 29 March, 2011

Improvisation at town

Students of this year are energetic.
Already Honza from netherland has improved at Mcleodganj town last Sunday,
and uploaded a video clip.
Next Sunday, some students will improve together.
Also everybody can join in it.

Hi Lee,

Last Sunday I did a little improv,

Here is the link of the  video:

Some mistakes, but it was really fun to do…


Coming Sunday I'll organize an other little event with some other stuidents if they want to.


Next sunday at 15:00 at Mandala Coffee House at temple road. 


Vriendelijke Groet / Kind Regards / Cul8t3r

Honza Svasek


Enjoy, Copy, Mutate and Share...


25 March, 2011

Dance from the Bottom


Dance from the bottom of being, this is the bottom body.

What is the bottom body?

It is the most pressed subbody from the world into the minimum size.
It was not allowed to live in the daily world.
It was hidden at the bottom part of the darkness of body for long years.

When we become the bottom, it is so uncomfortable, but familiar at the same time.  It is the paradox of the bottom body. 

It is the bottom of the being for us.
We start an experiment to create the deepest butoh dance in the world from here as life which subbody and cobody become oneness.
We will sink down into where nobody knows, what nobody has been experienced yet.



 Crick Play bottun to see Full size slideshow with caption.
 20 March, 2011

We will go further this year

The first week of the Subbody Butoh School was finished.

This year, we started from the Breath of Life.

And tried to open Hidden qualia of Hidden skins, Hidden joints, Hidden cavities day by day.

Listened to subtle signal of the darkness of body, and created subbody movement.

And free resonance among subbody and cobody.

On Friday, each student created a short subbody dance which shows the essence of own life, and resonated freely.

That's all of this week.

An interesting and tasty resonance theater has come out only by these.

It is the first time for the school such a thing.


Some experienced students will join in next month.

I felt that we can go further with together in this year beyond the previous year.

It may be possible to enter the unknown realm of the darkness of body which nobody has entered yet.
Such a chance like this must be only one time in the life.
I have prepared it for long years.

Tsering Dorjee

 My poem about Dorjee

Please tell me
how I heal
from a violence so dark
The light of an unborn child was snuffed
from deep inside my pink bleeding body

The idea of love is like a sword
Run me through
a foot
Kicking me as I have fallen

A snow lion stalking
Lying to his teachers and friends
Leaving a half-eaten prey
A girl who loved him

For dead

11 March, 2011

Letter for new students 4
---Become a quiet body

The most imporatant thing to prepare subbody school is to become a quiet body.
During the long travel, our bodies was excited by so many new stimulus and suffer from jet lag. Then in your body, the sympathetic nerve is activated by Adorenaline (=Epinephrine) hormon.
Calm down your body and mind as quiet as possible.
Sleep and sleep, rest and rest, dream and dream.
Stop thinking and shift to listening mode.
This is the first thing to do at Himalaya.

Go to bank or Western Union where you can change money to Indian ruppes in this week.
Today's rate is 1,400 USD = 63,238 Indian ruppes.
Finish all daily things to do before the school starts, and pay the school fee in the morning on Monday 14th March.
Then you can join in the subbody school with a quiet body.

8 March, 2011

Letter for new students 3
---During your travel and arrival

Activate hidden bodies

Long travel by air plane make our body stiff, by long time bind in narrow space.
It brings big damage to our body.
How can we avoid it?
Be aware of all of your joints. We have around a hundred joints in our body.
Move each joint into three dimensions; up/ down, front/ back, right/ left.
Be aware of your all of your hidden muscles which connect to each hidden joints.
They are so small and hidden in the deepest layers of body.
Just a small movement( about 5 mm) is enough, but continue this exercise as long as possible.
It will activate whole of your body, mind and subbody.

Activate hidden memories

When you have nothing to do, remember all of your forgotten memories, dreams, imaginations, feelings, emotions, desires, and so on .
Start from the fetus memories, and shift to the memories at zero year old, one year old, increase the number of your age.

All hidden memories connect to your family, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, ancestors, sister, brother, relatives, friends, teachers, colleagues, and so on. Also remember all of them, and connect to the forgotten memories.

We travel from the daily body to the life via various layers of subbody for a year.
This works will help you to enter into your whole self world.
It is the first layer of your subbody process.

 Welcome to Himalaya!
1 March, 2011

Welcome to Himalaya!

Eagles are soring up to the high sky, this is the main event of the early Spring of Dharamsala.
From January to March, over ten thousand of step eagles gather together and soar up to the 5000 meters high sky. When they decide to travel, they fly straight to Nepal along the Himalayan mountains. And across the Evelest mountains to the Mongolian step. They spread to the step of Mongol and live for hunting animals during the Summer.
Students come to Himalaya as if in place of eagles.
It is big travel for eagles and students too, to travel arround half of the planet.
Some of students have arrived at India.
I have to wake up from the long sleep of Winter.

4 Februaru, 2011

Letter for new students 2

Conditioning for Winter

General preparation

The essense of subbody method is to stop daily mind/ body, and follow your subconscious body.
Our consciousness is bound by so many daily habits and illusion as a modern human.
The subconsciousness and subbody(=subconscious body) are free from these binds, then they have infinite creativity.
To open the infinite possibility of creativity of subbody, we need to release from all of daily binds as the human; nationality, gender, age, culture, religion, politics, economy, knowledge, power, and so on.
These boinds are in the daily life. Creaton must release from all of them.

We are bound by the so strong habits and illusions of daily life which the consciousness directs our body and movement.
But, our consciousness is bound by the so poor dualistic judgement, wrong/right, good/ bad, strong/weak, beautiful/ugry, true/fake, and so on.
Throw away all of these binds. They are just illusions in daily life.
Then the first thing to prepare is to stop thinking, including unconscious inner talking by words. And concentrate on listening to body.

Please prepare your body and mind to accept all of tendencies in your darkness of body which you will sink into everyday at the school.

Find a quiet place and sit down with free position of your legs, straight your spine, and listen to the body.

Sway freely physically and mentaly.
Sway freely from each spine, from various parts of body in various directions and dimenssions.

Follow any tendencies of your body and mind.
When a spontaneous movement come out, follow it.
When some memories, dreams, visions, imaginations, feelings, emotions, sounds, come up, follow them.

Continue this training until you can accept everything from the sub-conscious body without any judgment.

Physical preparation

In winter season, our bodies become stiff.
We need to keep extreme free condition of body, mind and life.
Please try this conditioning every morning, and prepare for new school.

1. Releasing sacrum-pelvis joints

Especially, the sacrum-pelvis joints become stiff during the night. Move your
pelvis to three dimentional direction; front-back, side-side, up-down with breathing out up to limit, breath in and hold for a second and relax it suddenly with breathing out.
You can do this exercise by lay down position, sitting position and standing
position flexiblly, if you feel cold also in your bed.
Continue it until confortable streams fill your whole body.
Taste and enjoy it.

2. Streaming from sacrum

Let various sways start from sacrum-pelvis joint, and spread to whole body, with vairious speed, qualia, direction, and rhythm.
You learn the vaporized body in this year, and transform various bodies; animal, stone, plant, kugutsu, bottom, chimera, hidden body, archetype, and so on.
Almost of transformation begins from bottom of body; sacrum, pelvis tale, spine, anus, inner organ, and deep memories.

3. Open your skin

Stand at a sunny place. Close your eyes and turn your body slowly.
You can sense where is the sun, not you but your life of cells can recognize it.
Open your fingers, the skin between fingers can feel air, temperature, wind and so on.

Take off your human, and become life.
Feel your life of each cell, you can feel the multi-dimensional resonance of life.