March 2012


Subbody Journal
 28 March, 2012

What is the Discontinuity of walk?

12. The walking demands the discontinuity of walk, and it evokes an expanse of space.--- "A size walk"

What is the discontinuity of walk which is wrote at the last sentense of the "A size walk"?
Why does it demanded?
Because, our Life belongs neither in the physical three dimensional
space, nor in four dimensional time/space which our daly bodies beleive as the consensus reality.
Life is resonating in the multi dimensional and non dual time/space.
Hijikata hide the secret hint for the truth of Life which he got in his lifelong research, even in the text of workshop for beginners of butoh.

"Hide the abyss.
At the surface."

(Hugo von Hofmannsthal)

I misunderstand for long year that this is by Nietzsche. But I noticed that it was by Hofmansthal through reveiwing my young age's notebook during this winter.

There is an artist who drew multi dimensional and non dual world for his life work.
It is Roberto Matta (born 1911/died 2002) , for him the reality of the world was composed by the discontinuity of multi dimensional world as same as Hijikata. It is the very reality of Life as our dream world.
Life does not belong in physical three dimensional space.

Today, students entered the space as the discontinuity of each subbody world, and co-created a multi dimensional theater. It was amazing to see. Slowly students get the reality of multi-dimemsional and non dual Life Resonance. This is one of necessary element for Butoh of Life.
Even at the surface of sentense which an artist inscribed, there is hidden an entrance to the Abyss.
I have found so many hints are hidden in Hijikata's writing.

Many artists drew another dimension which he/she got as a true reality. But there is an artist who drew the connection by the discontinuity of multi dimensions, it is Roberto Matta who was from Chile.
He beleived that the true reality of Life is like this.
Today, after students self research of the darkness of body, I showed his drawings, and suggest that please enter the space as different dimensions which relate by the discontinuity.
Then the subbody-cobody theater of today became amaizing 'Multi dimemsional theater'.
Slowly students are getting the true reality of Life day by day.

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 28 March, 2012

The discontinuity and the forest
as the World=Self channel in "A Size Walk"

We start studying "A Size walk" of Hijikata Butoh method.
This is a text of workshop for beginners, but it contains the same construction as "Quiet House" 
which was a Butoh score for his own solo.
When we catch it through opening "World=Self channel", it becomes clear.

A Size Walk

1. Walk as a fixed sized body.

2. Not walking, but shifting body between heaven and the earth.

3. The eyes become glass ball eyes. Open the third eye on the forehead.

4. The speed which the scenes are reflected on your glass ball eyes is quicker than the speed which you see the scenes.

5 Put the razor blades under the soles.

6. Carry a water basin on the top of the head.

7. All joints are hung by spider's thread.

8. A wish to walk goes ahead. The shape of body follows it from behind.

9. The traces of walk are hung in front and behind of you.

3. The eyes become glass ball eyes. Open the third eye on the forehead.

5 Put the razor blades under the soles.

6. Carry a water basin on the top of the head.

10. A forest in the back of teeth. Spider's threads in the empty cavity of body.

11. Already the eyes have stopped seeing, the legs have stopped walking.

Your being itself becomes walking eyes and walking legs.

12. The walking demands the discontinuity of walk, and it evokes an expanse of space.

1. Walk as a fixed sized body.


From 1 to 6 is the basic becoming process from daily body to butoh body. We reduce every condition of human body, and we transform to a reduced body.

1. Walk as a fixed sized body.---Reducing flexibility

2. Not walking, but shifting body between heaven and the earth.
--- Reducing will for acting as a subject

3. The eyes become glass ball eyes. Open the third eye on the forehead.
--- Reducing will for watching, and open hidden skin eye as Life

4. The speed which the scenes are reflected on your glass ball eyes is quicker than the speed which you see the scenes.
--- Reducing the illusion what we are subject to do something, then accept the fact of resonance what is happening

5 Put the razor blades under the soles.
--- Reducing a habit of walking as a human

6. Carry a water basin on the top of the head.
--- Reducing the walking habit with liminted body

7. All joints are hung by spider's thread.
--- Reducing the will of moving and becoming a being moved

8. A wish to walk goes ahead. The shape of body follows it from behind.
--- Reducing the illusion which we have will, wish, heart, mind within our body

9. The traces of walk are hung in front and behind of you.
--- Reducing the consensus reality which we belong in only this physical four dimansional time/space

3. The eyes become glass ball eyes. Open the third eye on the forehead.

5 Put the razor blades under the soles.

6. Carry a water basin on the top of the head.

10. A forest in the back of teeth. Spider's threads in the empty
cavity of body.

--- Reducing the illusion of daily body which we don't have
any mystery in the darkness of body, being aware of the inner
Abyss which resonates with various behind worlds.
"A forest in the back of teeth" is a metaphor of micro cosmos which resonates with macro cosmos.

11. Already the eyes have stopped seeing, the legs have stopped walking.
Your being itself becomes walking eyes and walking legs.
--- Completing of the reduced body

12. The walking demands the discontinuity of walk, and it evokes an expanse of space.
--- The world transforming to multi dimensional and non dual world, and the self becoming multiple subbodies and cobodies.

1. Walk as a fixed sized body.

From 1 to 7 are reducing process of each channel; body, movement, visual, and audio.
From 8 to 12 are reducing the world image and self image channel.
In the Quiet House, they are discribed as the resonance between nest of eye and nest of forest, or the multi layered hidden skin.

 26 March, 2012

What will happen on the way of subbody process?

A student asked me what is the purpose of the travel in the darkness of body?
I answered that I cannot say anything about the purpose, because the concept of "purpose"  belongs in dualistic dayly world.

(on the way of writing)

 24 March, 2012

After The Disaster

The Second week of 2012, subbody cobody theater became as if
a world after the disaster.
Attacked by Fukushima shock, the world channel of students was opened.
And now we noticed that the world channel connects to the non-dual
Life channel in the influence of the big disaster.
When we take off the human, we can feel the subtle resonance 
of Life with the world. When the radiation leaked and spreaded to the Pacific Ocean, the fluid of each cell resonates with
 the fear against the poizon water. 
Butoh dancer can catch the subtle qualia of fear of Life.
Otherwise we cannot regard us as a butoh dancer.

Hijikata wrote in the 'Quiet House', 

"A butoh dancer has to be familiar with a bird's fear and bug's fear"

In the 1960' Japan, only Hijkata could resonate with the Minamata disese which was caused by the poizon of marcury which the Chisso campany thrown out,when all modern and contemporary dancer and choreographer. And he could create the weakened body butoh.
Now it is our turn to create a new butoh body after the Fukushima. 
Students has already started it in Himalaya.

 22 March, 2012

Started from World Channel

Normally, in the one year course, we tryed to open the world channel at the end.
But, this year, we have opened it on the first day as the one year anniversary of Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown.
And also this week, we experienced many world qualia through cobody practice.
Today, some students seemed to have an edge qualia against cobody group movement. I resonated with it and remember my trauma against miritary qualia in my education. I could not resonate well with it in the athletic meeting in October. We have to learn become straight line, line walk, and group movement. My Life want to escape from it.
Because my Life received a forced qualia.
Maybe, in the world experience we have a reason for creation.
Then this week we tried to research world qualia.
But, it is a dangerous way, if subbody is not enough to open world channel, some subbodies may be miscarriged, because of the strongest edge qualia, and trauma. I as a midwife have encountered so many miscarriged subbodies and cobodies. Deep sadness of failures made me a sensitive careful listener.
Slowly we challenge to open the world channel. This experiment is the gift from Fukushima.

 17 March, 2012

Fukushima attacked the school!

After the Fukushima experience, we changed a lot.
We don't know when an earthquake would happen.
Life have to accept any kind of terrible accidents.
To accept, to find the proper distance, and to wait until finding the proper resonance pattern
 with it, that is all what Life can do.
Normally, in the first week, I used to guide new students to calm down. But, this year, I could not avoid the influence of the Fukushima disaster. Then the program of the first week was completely changed.
Each student found a world image and initiated it to create it as cobody and danced in the world as subbody.
The following table is 1.Initiator of each cobody world, 2. Cobody world which co-created, 3. Subbody which danced in the cobody world.

 Initiator of the world  Cobody world Subbody
Kats  After the disaster  Gio 
 Aida Framan  Pan 
 Gesurri Ceiba Forest  Roger 
 Kristine Seed-Ameba  Aida 
 Gio  Kugutsu carrying dead baby  Javier
Roger   Moving Forest Kristine 
 Pan Wispering Kugutsu Forest  Kats D 
 Noah Humanoid  Gesurri 
 Javier  Magma Island  Noah
(On Friday afternoon, Aida left by some circomestances. Pan took the place instead of her.)

Each scene which cobody co-created became unique and strange world.
It was amazing that in such a short time, new students group could resonate with this world co-crewation.
The influence of the Fukushima might change our world channel of Life Resonance.
New students must fall into deep confusion, but this chaotic conditions is the richest field to open infinite creativity of Life.
The Abyss of behind world is much more stranger world which any logic we share in the dayly world does not work at all.
It is multi-dimensional resonance and non-dual world.
We don't have any launguages and logics to discribe and understand it yet.
We can experience it only through our living body and resonating Life.
This accidental sudden change of the school is the inevitable gift from Fukushima.
May all dead and missed sleep quietly. We will dance your dreams and hopes.

 14 March, 2012

Fukushima changed the school

This year's subbody school is so special.
It is completely new for me.
Maybe for old students, too.
Fukushima gave us the big change.


On the first day of the subbody school 12th March.
It was the first anniversary of Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown.
We danced with resonating to the magnitude 9.0 earthquake 
of Japan, 20meters hight Tsunami, and meltdown of the Fukushima
nuclear power plant on the first school day.
It was very radical and deep starting of the school.


On the second day, We research the four billions
years Life history. Each student created an
unique proto body, and we enjoy the resonance
among various proto bodies.


On the third day, we practiced plants movement
and animal movement, and we create various
forest, animal world, ocean, mountain and so on.
Maybe, these complicated experience gave confusion to newstudents. yes, The Forest is a symbol of chaotics of behind world in the "Quiet House". New students could get the chaotic qualia of the Forest. 
Every day we could co-create various world by cobody.
Maybe tomorrow, it will be able for each student to find each own unique world and become an initiator of that world. All students share them.
We will continuw this for one year. All students get so many world images and resonance patterns with various worlds.
If it will be realized, it must be a revolution of subbody method.

 10 March, 2012

Deep Resonance is going to begin

Welcome to Himalaya!
Most of students of 2012 are arriving at India.
Now we are going to start new resonance as subbody-cobody, and as Life.      
The first thing to do is to calm down your body and mind.
During long travel, your body become adrenaline mode
to encounter many stimulus and cultural shocks in India.
Your standard in Europe doesn't work at all here.
India has its own time. You may feel so slow!
Please accept it with respect.
Otherwise you are bound by anger and Ego.
Here is another world which has unique time and another logic.

Second thing to do is dreaming.
Have a good sleep and remmber all forgotton memories in your whole Life.
Dreaming and day-dreaming are the biggest source of creation.

See you on Monday, 9; 30 in the morning.

This is the map way to the the school.

When you will arrive at Dharamsala, ask where is Taxi stand, and come to Joigibara village by Taxi. It is 15 munites, arround 200 Indian rupees.
If you cannot arrive at, call Bablu who is the manager of school

Bablu mobile; 9882162109
( in case you call from Delhi or out of Dharamsala; 09882162109 )

March 3, 2012

Letter for new and old students 2

What is Subbody Butoh Method?

1. Subbody and Cobody

Exactly, it is subbody cobody method.
Subbody means subconscious body.
In our daily world, mentality and physicality are regarded as the different things.
But, in the subconscious realm, subconscious and body are not separated, but muddled and unified as oneness. It is the subbody.
Cobody means resonating subbody.
Through breathing and swaying meditation, we calm down our daily body and mind, and shift ourselves from thinking mode to listening mode. It is a kind of self-hypnoism process to open infinite creativity of Life.
When we stop daily thinking and judgement enogh, we can feel various subtle signals are streaming and changing in our dakness of body.

2. Resonance

Subbody butoh methos is a resonance method.

Life is always resonating with everything; gravity, light, air, temperature, smell, sound, and not only with those physical things, but also mental elements; memories, dreams, emotions, imaginations, illusions and so on.
They are always streaming and transforming in the strange and complex ways by the Life Resonance.
The resonance pattern is infinite.
Because Life does not belong in the physical three dimensional space, but resonating in the multi-dimensional and non-dual realm.
Its complexity is infinite. Subbody and cobody are the special ship to travel in the unknown realm. that's why the creations of subbody and cobody are novel, numinous and original.
To affim and accept all resonance of Life, it is the essense of subbody butoh method.

3. Qualia

Life is resonating always through Qualia.
Qualia are everything which Life feels. Qualia of the gravity, Qualia of the light, and so on. But it is so subtle. It is million times subtler than the language thinking and information. Then the daily body cannot notice Qualia by masked by the big power of informations.
We need to be released from all of them. It means to take off the Human. Human is bound by strong ego and self, and influenced by the storm of informations. Ego and self are the biggest disturbance against Life Resonance. Because ego and self are supported by the division between you and me, in and out, individual and group, and so on. These differences are just illusions in the realm of Life.
Wee need to be released from those dualistic binds for becoming Life.

4. Butoh of Life

The subbody world is full of creativity and originality. You don't need to effort to create something. Just concentrate on the listening to the darkness of body. Not you but your subbody will create various novel movements. You can just give your body for subbodies and cobodies, and follow them with vacating your ego and self. It becomes a novel, numinous and necessary creation without any restrictions.
Tatsumi Hijikata who was the originator of Butoh pursued the Butoh of Life, not as the self expression or ego expression. He said "Never forget to take of all conditions of Human. Enter the non-dual realm before the division of self and others." It has another logic from the welknown logic of daily world. He called it "Hidden logic".
Subbody cobody method is to research the Hidden logic of Life Resonance in the darkness of body.

5. Transparency

We can contact the infinite creativity, originality and resonance ability in the realm of Life. But it is not our creation.
The creation is the biggest gift from the Life and for the Life. When we create something novel, we return it to the Life. This is the butoh performance and midwiving workshop. Creation is niether self expression, nor our property. We return all of our creation for the Life.
Taste the whole process transparently, and share it with the world transparently. It is the most tasty thing in the Life.


Letter for new students 1    
Information and Qualia

22 January, 2012

What is subbody?


Subbody means subconscious body.

In conscious realm the body and consciousness is separated, but in subconscious realm subconscious and body are not separated. It is oneness. We call it subbody.


Difference between Information and Qualia


The first step to become subbody mode is to stop information, and listen to qualia.
This is the basic of basic.

Qualia is everything which Life resonates. Life means each cell's Life.

Our adult body has hundred trillion cells. Each cell feels each qualia and they are resonating together. Qualia is resonance, and information is object.

Our human can create information from qualia. Qualia is multi-dimensional resonance, and Information is dualistic object, without resonance.

Information is able to be shift to binary number (by 1 and 0, =on /off of electric signal) , and it is able to be used by machine like computer or digital camera, CD player and so on.

But machine can neither feel nor use qualia. Only Life can feel qualia.

This is the big difference between information and qualia.


Our daily body and daily mind are bound by too much information.

Information( by language(words), images, sounds and so on) is dualistic, and too rough and strong comparing qualia which each cell feels. Information is trillion times rougher and stronger than qualia. Information is roughly simplified from multi-dimensional resonance of qualia to dualism.

At first, you need to understand this incredible difference between information and qualia.

This is the most important thing to learn subbody method.


How to release from the binds of information


Stop reading newspaper, magazine, and book. Turn off TV and Computer.

Stop talking with others, and stop inner talking with using word.

Inner talking is automatically coming up. When you notice it, just inhibit it.

And try to listen to the body.

Sit at quiet place, and calm down all tensions of your body.

Breathe in and out with long breath.

If you find some part of body has tension, release it by the following method.

1) Inhale and give air to that part.

2) Hold your breath for a while.

3) Exhale at once and release down the tension.

4) Try this releasing at various part of your body which is bound by a tension or stiffness.


Shifting from thinking mode to listening mode


Now you can feel various subtle bodily feelings are streaming in your body and changing at each moment.

We call it qualia stream.

Qualia is everyhting which Life feels; qualia of Gravity, qualia of light, air, sound and so on.

Life is resonating with various qualia, not only present physical qualia, but also inner qualia which is folded in each cell; as memories, dreams, imaginations, illusions, and so on.

Duble resonance of memorial inner qualia and present outer qualia is characteristic of qualia. Inner qualia and outer qualia are resonating like duet always.


Stop human. Become Life


Sit quietly. And listen to your Life. Accept all qualia of Life.

Always ask your Life "What do you want to do most?" and follow it.


Slowly you start swaying with subtle rotating your sucrum and each spine one by one from bottom to head in the three dimension; water, arrow, and slide door dimension.


Just listen to the qualia stream in your body without thinking and judgment as a human.

Not to translate your feeling to language. It happens unconsciously, be aware of the process and just inhibit the unconscious language process. Because language is bound by dualism (good/bad, right/wrong, in/out, self/others, individual/group, subject/object, and so on).

Especially we are bound by very strong archetype as Ego and Self. It disturbs the transparent resonance as Life.

Take off all condition of human, and become Life.

This is the hardest edge which we have to overcome in the process. 

We need to release from all dualistic judgments as human to accept multi-dimensional and non-dual resonance as Life.