March 2013


School Journal
31 March 2013 

Gloomy Spider/ Dust Gio

Gio integrated her reserch during the winter to spring into thirty minutes piece.
Many times she has met a "Kan body" which could not move, could not breathe and anyhow she tried to shift it to a subtle weakened creation at the small stream in the Himalayan mountain.

Holi India 
 Songkran Thailand
30 March 2013 

Holi Forest

Last Thursday was "Holi" one of the three great festivals in India known as color festival. When we walk on the road, suddenly we are put color water or color powder.
It was originally a festival of Evil exorcism, has developed into a festival to celebrate the arrival of Spring by colored powder and colored water putting each other.
Thailand has Songkran festival which put water each other by all people. It is a big festival even called "Water War".
Both are very old festival origined from animism age to resonante with a huge invisible creature lives in the air as well as Hijikata's Kamaitachi whic is the main being in the "Sick Dancing Princess".
These festivals are old training how to resonante with invisible animistic being or spirits.
Through such trainings, the ancients might have accept invisible being which might attack us without reason at any time.
Modern Ego cannot accept them which are too much unreasonable. But, we need to take off our Ego absolutely to enter Hijkata's butoh world.
Learning of the multi-dimensional resonance of Life, begins from the learning to accept the unknown, invisible, unexpected thing which attack us without reason.

On this day, students integrated all subbody=cobody which they met during these three weeks in the Himalayan forests, and also danced wearing the Holi colors of India.
Color on the skin changes our subbody condition a liitle bit as well as white paint, blach paint, golden paint.
We will increase the number of dimensions of Life Resonance step by step.

23 March 2013 

Dance the Invisible Life Resonance

The second week, we try to dance the invisible Life Resonance.

● Dance the Invisible
● Dance the Life Resonance

What is the invisible is the Life Resonance actually.
The resonance pattern is infinite.
Then the Life Resonance transforms infinitely beyond all boundaries among self and others, me and you, subbody and cobody. It sometimes transforms a huge creature which lives in the darkness, it becomes behind world, Shisha, fairy, monster, smoke, proto creature, angel, air and so on, countlessly.

Our daily bodies are bound by dualistic illusion which is bound by visible things, but Life is resonating wit heverything beyond the border between visible and invisible.
This process is the process of the preparation to enter the Hijikata Butoh World.
When all students would get what is the invisble Life resonance, we can enter the depth of the "Sick Dancing Princess" world.

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16 March 2013 

3.11 Fukushima Life Resonance theater

The first week of the Resonance School 2013 became the raging resonance theater, that always new wave of the world continues to attack people.

1. Each student integrated three minutes essense of the first week which we learned the following;
● Fukushima Walk
● Dance by the moved qualia, attacked, stormed, eaten and so on
● Dance the Invisible
● Dance the Life Resonance

2. All divided into four groups of 3-4 persons,
Shared by all the movements of their own group and dance it with resonance.

3. Appeared as a group with sharing the own qualia of the members of each group.

4. When first group A has finished dancing, group B appeared as the same.
Group A will resonate in various ways to qualia of group B;
attacked, infected, involved, eaten, pressed, and so on, danced countless resonance pattern with next group.

5. After all group appeared, someone brings the qualia of Fukushima walk; Earthquake, Tunami, Nuclear plant explorsion, and radiation leak. All dancers were involved into the disaster.

6. Everyone became mutated creatures which was malformed by the radioactive contamination, and finally to explore a new world as the novel mutants.

Always new qualia stream appeard in the space, and everybody had to resonate with them by various resonance pattern.
Theater became like a raging resonance theater.
Students from the past were too surprised at the difference so far, but anyhow have responced.
Maybe for flesh students, did not know what's going on in the space caught in the vortex of chaos. Yes, this is the first week experience to become Life.

This year, I stopped to divided subbody and cobody dualisticly, because I realized that it was my mistake to bind students by the dualistic differenciation between self and others, sebbody and cobody.
A revolution happened in the subbody-cobody method, that there are only resonance from the beginning to end.
Resonance with the invisible, resonance with qualia of behind wirld, resonance among hundred trillion cells in the body, resonance with the world and Universe, resonace with the all Life memories of four billion years.  
We have to followe the multi-dimensional vortex of resonance.
This is closer to the truth of Life than ever.
Subbody-cobody method have continued over ten years
and the great revolution is going on right now.
Much deeper and necessary subbody=cobody must be born through this whole year storm of Life Resonance.

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11 March 2013 

Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya 2013
started today. This is the butoh score of the World Life Resonance of today.

Fukushima Walk

1. Calm down your mind and body through various conditioning methods; breath of Life, vibration and swaying conditioning.
Open all hidden skins; world layer, mother's body layer, womb layer, and placenta layer.
Stand quietly and listen to the subtle shivering of the hundred trillion cells of your body.
Start Ash walk.

2. Focus on the world layer of your hidden skin which is resonating with the Earthquake of Japan.
It was two years ago and far away distance, but still our Life is resonating with subtle qualia.
Follow the Life Resonance in any size; from minimum size to maximum size.

3. Focus on the mother's body layer of your hidden skin, and listen to Life Resonance with the Tsunami.
About twenty thousand of people died or missed.
Follow the Life Resonance with them in any size and in any way.

4. Focus on the womb layer of your hidden skin, and listen to the Life Resonance with the Fukushima nuklear plant explosion and meltdown.
Follow the Life Resonance of it in any size and ways as the same above.

5. Focus on the placenta layer of your hidden skin, and listen to the Life Resonance with the influence of radiation leak in your amniotic fluid and Pacific Ocean.
Follow the Life Resonance with the mutation happening at the small creature in the Pacific Ocean and your embryo or fetus.
Follow the Life Resonance with it in any size; from minimum size to maximum size.
Dance the invisible Life Resonance of your hundred trillion of cells and become the mutated creatures.

6. Co-create the world after the disaster together with free resonance.

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How to calm down till the school starts.

Feel the Life of the surrounding trees, birds and cows,
They are the teacher of Life Resonance.
It is not imited to the Himalayas, all creatures, insects, birds, and plants on earth are resonating with the world.
But, if your self-consciousness is remained as the daily body mode, you cannot feel the Oneness as Life.
Because you are too proud as Human, I am not the same as other Life. We need to calm down this sense of border between self and others including all Life.
Respect them as the teacher of Life Resonance.
And calm down as quiet as grasses, birds and cows.
Our adult human body has hundred trillion of cells.
Listen in your each cell's Life. Until you can feel they are resonating with all qualia of the world.
Please rest, sleep enough.
This is the first thing to do here before school starts.

Important principles of the school for becoming One Life.
1. Be present at school everyday as much as possible.
2. Be at the school before 9:30 a.m. and do conditioning by your self till 10:00 am. Being late must disturb other's subbody condition.
3. Keep perfect silence without any talking except of payment and order lunch to school staff; Bablu and Ramesh.

 8 March, 2013

Welcome to Himalaya! To the land of Life Resonance! 

Now most students are arriving at Dharamsala, Himalaya.
You might encounter many kinds of culture shock, and body/mind must be excited during the long travel.
Please have a enough rest, relax and calm down your body /mind until the first day of the school as much as possible.

Suggestion for new vistor

Contact with Ways Travel and ask to pick up you at the airport. You can ask them a guest house and bus ticket to Dharamsala. Bus station is too complicated for first visitor.

Ways Tour & Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Dharamsala office
Tel no: 0091-1892-221910 / 221988
Delhi office
New Tibetan Camp
Majunu-Ka-Tilla, New Delhi -55
Tel: 0091-11-23813254, 23811479
Mobile: 9811289552

More info:
There are many unbelievable tricks at the airport and stations to aim your money. Don't contact with unknown people. This is the reason to recommend you a reliable travel agency.
Don't drink public water, and cold drink of the shop.
Don't eat fresh vegitable, too.

How to get Here from Dharamsala.

When you will arrive at Dharamsala or Macleod Ganj, ask a taxi to go to Jogibara village.
It takes for 15 munites, taxi fee is 200 Rupees, 
You can see the school from there. 

Address of the school

Subbody Butoh Himalaya
Jogiwara village,Mcleod Ganj,Dharamsala‐176219,H.P.,INDIA
Tel:9882302025 (Bablu)
In case of calling from Delhi, 91-9882302025  (English)

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 5 March, 2013

Welcome to India,
To the Holy land of Sick Dancing Princesses!

Now many students are arriving at India. You must meet them in Delhi, and also Dharamsala.
They had been nearly cleaned up and hidden from modern society in developed countries, but India is a non-dual land people resonate with beggars and street disabilities.
They are the first teachers of Butoh of Life.
When you will meet these teachers, Please listen in your body what diverse resonances are happening?
You will meet infinite tendencies of qualia; shock, pain, sadness, anger, sympathy, afraid, running away, ignorance, effort to forget, Ego block between you and them, relief, and so on.
Accept everything.
Sometimes a hidden memory that you can not remember may come back.
Sometimes you may notice the incredible poverty of Ego and Self.
Sometimes a lump like stiffness may come out at some part of body.
All of these is the first lesson of Life Resonance in India .
Without waiting for the "Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata,
India is a land of Sick Dancing Princess.
One of the reasons that opened the School in the Himalayas, India, is this .
Also, they live much in Dharamsala .
Keep it in your deep body and meditate with all of those qualia.
This is the first lesson of Life Resonance in India.

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Sebastian Li gave you a good timing suggestion
about above on the facebook from my text.

"When you meet strange and dangerous subbodies within you,
you can just recognize them and leave from them.
Keep safe distance with them until you are ready to contact them.
Slowly slowly you can become a friend with them in the safe distance.
And some day you can dance them finally."

Rhzome Lee

 3 March, 2013

Site name has changed;
Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya

The most important is Resonance.
To mprint it in Life, we changed the site name as above.
Already Japanese site name was "サブボディ共振塾ヒマラヤ" from five years ago. 共振(Kyoushin)means resonance.
I was afraid if we translate it directly in English, it becomes too long. Then I did not change till now.
But now, without learning resonance deeply, we cannot go ahead any more. Because, subbody has small Ego. Even small Ego, if it wants to express itself too much, it disturbs resonance so strongly. Characteristic of subbody is disonance, it doesn't know how to resonate well with others. But, when it strats to express itself, it is bound by the strenth of Ego. Charactoristic of Ego is Dominance.
Essense of Ego is to persure death of others.
When subbody express its Ego, it activates other's Ego immidiately including me. If my Ego is activated, I cannot to be midwife. Lat year I had to face the infinite vitality and mysterious depth of my Ego. I had to realize that I didn't know about Ego even only one/ trrilionth of its abyss.
Subbody has to learn how to calm down oneself, and how to resonate with the world with finding the best timing of Jo-ha-Kyu including me.
This is the most important thing than other stuff. Without deep resonance, we cannot go deeper realm this year. Because Hijikata's "Sick Dancing Princess" world is before the division of self and others. It is non-dual Life resonance world. We will start to study it in this year. That's the reason why we change the site name now.

All students who were born in the advanced information age, must meet very hard edge to take off Ego and Self.
But we can go deeper only by overcoming these edges.
Infinite rich mine is waiting us after that.

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 3 March, 2013

Dance the Invisible Life Resonance

The last day of winter workshop, Santeri (Finland), Gabor (Hungary), Pan and Gio integrated all resonance during winter.
We open up the baundary between subbody and cobody, and focus on just dancing the invisible resonance with behind world.
It became a novel hervest of co-creation to take off Ego and Self. We got a confidence to dance the invisible resonance not as Human who has Ego and Self, but, we want to dance Resonance of Life.
We will deepen it during the year.
Through these experiments, deeper subbody and cobody than ever must come out.

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