March 2014


School Journal
31 March, 2014

Behind spirits in a costume room Jaime and cobody

Jaime (from Spain) chose a dressing room and asked others to become behind world freely.
Under the random cloths, various monsters and so on came out.
Maybe, for his subbody, the darkness of body would be a chaos like that. So, It is a discombobulational world, without any clear orientation. Life is resonating in the non-dual and multi-dimenssional world. Slowly new born subbody=cobodies are learning the various resonance patterns in it. It is the optimum envilomment for subbody=cobody to grow up.

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30 March, 2014

Unexpected Birth 2 Olga and cobody

Olga (from Russia) chose a small space and asked others free audio resonance. Each student chose some instruments and resonated. She weared a white cloths like a skin of larva or pupa of insect.
She has slept in a sweet childish dreams, and woke up with swaying inbetween the before birth and the metamorphosis.
Many her fetus subbodies, proto subbodies, hidden subbodies came out and transformed to others.
Maybe, the sound that others made would be heard for her fetus subbody as the invisible outside world of womb.
So, it is one of the most tasty and mysterious moment between birth and death. Here are so many posibilities of infinite creations. Olga, you got nice beginning.

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29 March, 2014

Unexpected Birth 1 Mickeal and cobody

Mickeal (from Austraria) chose a small room, and asked others to become 'Elite'. Each student stood with inflated own Ego. And he became a servant. A big contrast was born.
Maybe, he tried to face to his own pride, ego, intelligence, identity and so on.
It is just by chance that we were born with this human body.
We might have been born as a slave in Ancient Age, or as an ameba or bug. It's all chance.
It is our task is to open a resonativity with all Life, without settling on the accidental fortune what was born as a man.
This morning, I guided 'Conditioning No.10' to integrate all subbody=cobody during this three weeks. The essense of it is to face own problem, and feel the resonance between inner micro cosmos and outer macro cosmos.
To find the best resonance pattern with our Ego is one of the deepest theme for lifelong.

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29 March, 2014

Dancing the mystery of the Discontinuity and Continuity of Life and Death

What is Life?
We, as a human is bound by the thought that we can choose everything by own will, but it is completely illusion. We need to take off the human illusions and become Life.
Life is not able to choose anything about oneself.
We cannot choose the birth place, parents, sex, nationality, time and species, too.
To become Life means to accept everything about oneself.
On Thursday, each student searched a strange place for one's accidental birth in the school, and exchanged it.
A student was brought to unknown place where other student found with blind fold, and danced at the unexpected birth at the unexpected place.
On Friday, each student found own birth place and asked the other students to co-create a special condition by cobody.
Through those, finally all students could open unique subbody=cobody world. This is just a beginning. To dance whole Life, whole universe, we need at least twenty subbody=cobodies like this. One by one we create and collect each weekend. In the end of year we will integrate it as the one hour butoh piece. It must become the begining of the life long creation.
We need to dance someday the deepest mystery of discontinuity and continuity of Life and Death.

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The Discontinuity in A size walk 
 The Discontinuity and coninuity of Death and Life
29 March, 2014

The Discontinuity in 'A size walk'

The essense of Hijikata's message to the future students of Butoh in 'A size walk' is "The discontinuity" in the last line.

A size walk

1. Walk with becoming a fixed size body.
2. Not walking, but shift body between heaven and the earth.
3. Eyes become glass ball eyes, open the third eye between the eyeblows.
4. The speed which the scenes are reflected on your glass ball eyes is quicker than the speed which you see the scenes.
5 Put the razor blades under the soles.
Carry a water vase on the top of the head.
7. All joints are hanged by spider's thread.
8. A wish to walk goes ahead, the shape of body follow it from behind.
9. The traces of walk are hanged in front of you and behind.
3. Eyes become glass ball eyes, open the third eye between the eyeblows.
5 Put the razor blades under the soles.
6. Carry a water vase on the top of the head.
10. A forest at the back of teeth. Spider's threads in the empty cavity of body.
11. Already the eyes have stopped to see, the legs have stopped to walk.
Your being itself become walking eyes, and walking legs.
12. The walking demands the discontinuity of walk, and suggests an expanse of space.
1. Walk with becoming a fixed size body.

Normally we learn it as the most fundamental butoh walk. But, Hijikata hided a secret abyss in the last line for the advanced deepning usually.
Remenber the last line of "Bugs walk"; "(Will is bug/ sense of material)".
It is the suggestion for advanced self research to find each own necessary qualia instead of the qualia of bug.
Also, this "Discontinuity" of the last line of 'A size walk', is to suggest the infnite research for each one's advanced creation.
Because to open various different dimenssions, and jumping wild among the diverse worlds is one of the most important technique of the 'Art of Shisha' for Hijikata's weakened body butoh. Though it is pity that the importance is not known by most of butoh people.

This week, we learned the basic of 'A size walk' from Photo bai who has the traditional technique to carry the water vase on the head.
And we tried to enter the different dimenssions with the size walk. various landscapes resonate with the change of the constellation of the darkness of body.
Landscape gives us the hints of the entrance to enter the another dimenssion.
The disconyinuity and continuity of Death and Life is one of the deepest mystery for all of us, we have to face and to solve it.
Become the flexible subbody=cobody which is able to dance jumping wild among all of different worlds.

This article is saved in the 'Practice Guide", too

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 Jaime, Chong and cobody
  2 Mickeal, Robert and Riverside cobody
 Ankur, Chong and Riverside cobody
22 March, 2014

Riverside Nomad Rhizome 1
Ankur, Chong and cobody

On the 2nd weekend of Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya 2014, we visited Himalayan River downhill from school.
We walk down the steep hill for half hour with silence. It is a walking conditioning to learn the silence from the rock, tree, grass and so many teachers in the nature.
And each student found the favourite place in the riverside and resonante as subbody=cobody.
Someone became the silent being on the cliff, someone learned the "Jo-Ha-Kyu" from the river stream. Someone resonated with the gabbages on the field. We will introdue them one by one on each day. Please enjoy it.

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 Dancing invisible 'Behind world' 4 Robert and cobody
 Dancing invisible 'Behind world' 3 Ankur and cobody
 Dancing invisible 'Behind world' 2 Pamela, Micheal and cobody
 Dancing invisible 'Behind world' 1 Olga, Jaime and cobody
15 March, 2014

Dancing invisible 'Behind world' 1
Olga, Jaime and cobody

The 10th year of Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya 2014 has began.
This year, we started from listening to subtle qualia(=Flirt) in the darkness with blindfold, and share them through Hidden Skin Resonance each other.
Life is always resonating with infinite diverse qualia in the physical world and the invisible 'Behind world' at the same time.
It is so subtle then we need to calm down langage brain activity into the minimum level, and be 'Subtle body' then we can listen to them.
To be aware of the subtle "Flirt" that is subtle qualia of Life Resonance between Life and the invisible 'Behind world', we call it "Sati".
Because the Life Resonance with the invisivle 'Behind world' is the main theme in Hijikata's "Sick Dancing Princess". And by sharing it deeply, Subbody method and Hijikata method is unified as one.

On Friday of the first week, students danced integrated subbody=cobody of the first week.
Each found an unique place around the school and the other resonated as the 'Behind world cobody'.
To start this from the first week is novel experiment of this year.
We will upload it by 5 groups. First one is Olga from Russia and Jaime from Spain and cobody. Slowly we upload them on each day.

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 3.11 Fukushima Life Resonance Theater
(Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya, March 2013)
12 March, 2014

3.11 Fukushima Life Resonance theater

These 3 years, Subbody School begins with Life Resonance to Fukushima.
Slide above is March of last year.
Students gathered from around the world, suddenly resonated with the qualia of 3.11 Fukushima; huge earthquake, tsunami, explosion and meltdown of nuclear power plants, radiation leak, and malformation of mutations that the marine life of the Pacific Ocean was attacked.
Students resonated with the all tragedy of Life.
They took off the self or ego as human, and just resonate as Life.
It is so beautiful, isn't it?
Here is the beauty of selfless weakened body that Hijikata found finally.
This is the Butoh of Life.
Even we are malformed, disabled, sick and dead, the Life Resonance is the deepest basis of the beauty for Life.
We are now released from the long imprisoned condition by the modern common illusion that such as self-expression is the art.
When we get out from the feudalism of the Middle Ages, the expressionism of the bourgeoisie had a revolutional meaning.
But, now it has become the prison of old-fashioned anthropocentrism that miss the tragedy of Life on the planet.
Fukushima gave us the chance to notice it.

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11 March, 2014

Life Resonance with 3.11

Depth of 'Proto body'

We usually start from researching own Proto body in the beginning of school.
Listen to the most lazy and slowest tendencies in the darkness of body, and follow them by whole body.
Life is resonating with all qualia which Life experienced during the four billion years Life history.
Then everybody can find own Proto bodies.
This is the most basic transformation from 'Gross human body' to 'Life'.
When we become the weakest being like bacteria or ameba, we are able to resonate with subtlest accident of Life.
The weakest being has the deepest resonativity (=resonance ability).
I recommend this to all of you.
Become the weakest being on the planet, then we can open deepest Life Resonance.

Passive Proto body

Next stage, we try to become 'Passive proto body' that is moved by the world.
We accept all influence from the world as the weakest Proto body.
We are moved by the ocean wave, storm, earthquake, volcano, thunder, Ice Age, and so on.
We are eaten by another creature, bug or worm.
We become empty body by being eaten up.
We die many times and reborn many times as various form of Life.

Resonance with 3.11

Three years ago, the biggest earthquake attacked East Japan, and also 20m hight tsunami attacked and killed thirty thousand people.
Nuclear power plants exploded and meltdown.
Numerous radioactivity was strewn in the sea and air. It is still ongoing.
It Attacked the larvae of small marine life of the Pacific Ocean, the radioactivity continues to cause malformations of small creatures.
Life force of malformed larvae is weak, it will die soon, then it is a few to be found. It means that trillion times number of deformities occurs in fact.
When we become a weakest Life, we can resonate with the terrible tragedy that is happening in the Pacific Ocean now.
Today, as usual all students of subbody school became the weakest proto body of single celled creature, and resonated with all qualia of 3.11; big earthquake, tunami, explosion of nuclear power plants, radiation leak and the mutation of small marine creature that is happening now.
I also recommend it to all of you.
To become butoh dancer means to open deepest sensitivity and resonativity (=resonance ability) with Life and Death.

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