March 2015


School Journal
31 March, 2015

Magical Witches

There are so many kinds of Archetype and Prototype are living in our darkness of body.
Archetypes are images in the collective unconsciousness which Jung found; god, devil, ghost, witch, monster, fairy, Heaven, Hell, and so on.
But, one more deeper realm, also Prototype of emotion and motion are hidden; shivering, fear, frozen, floating and so on. They are always transforming and streaming beyond time and space.

" Something like Prototype which we suck up from the body are disappearing with melting to the extreme elegance." (2nd Chapter of "Sick Dancing princess")

We become various archtypes and prototypes flexibly everyday, every weekend theater. This is the main training to take off the condition of human and become Rhizome of Life or Shisha (=Dead).

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30 March, 2015

God being torn to shreds

In the "Sick Dancing Princess", Hijikata boy recieved so many attacks from the world, and been invaded, eaten by them until he lost the outline of the body.
The depth of the hard attacked experiences is proportional to the resonativity (=resonance ability) with others unhappy experiences. In the "Sick Dancing Princess", there are so many varieties of collapse of being by attacked from the world long years and become disabled body or collapsed body and mind. He called it,
"God being torn to shreds".

[16. God being torn to shreds]

 There was one or two God being torn to shreds wherever we went. On every house we went, people that could not suppress passions of the soul anymore was sitting in the house, and was shouting by screech having the nostalgic iron tongs. I'd had been watching these people who was tasting the precision of as much as on the verge of becoming fool, with empathy as I could understand them.

[17. The basis for a human being who has collapsed from around anymore]

Compared to such a state, probably what we found out by sharp-sighted is mostly broken, and is merely empty corpse of the type.  Because the basis of a human had been collapsed anymore from around, I would have been able to watch it as I don't need to think of. 

We remember the first experience to encounter them before learning language. Only at that moment, we could resonate with them and been merged into them immediately before the differenciation of self and others.
We became various Gods whoes soul was torn to shreds.
This is the practical study of "Sick Dancing Princess". We cannot understand it by head, but our subbody=cobodies can resonate with them.

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28 March, 2015

Starving Ghosts

The third week of March, we proceeded to study "Sick Dancing Princess" and tried to dance various beings in it, Huge creature which lives in the air, Torn soul god, Sooty princess, Hijikata boy who was eaten by the invisible world, various monsters, and so on.
We will dance infinite archtypes and prototypes in the darkness of body.
The most important thing is the flexibility to transform anything if a friend want to share as cobody.
We will go to the realm wheather to be me or to be not-me is not so important, to be aware of what the bind by self and ego is the most stupid thing.
To be the "Starving Ghosts" is one of the trials.

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25 March, 2015

Dancing The Invisible

The second week of March, students found each own 'behind world' and co-created them.
Each own behind world was as the fllowing;
・Transformation of Gravity
・Being approached by 'Ghost' or "Behind spirits' and merged with the ghosts
・Faces become a seaweed and moved by the waves on the shore and become dry up
・Become Norwegian Mountains and caryy a stone whch a person was caught in the stone, and transformed to that person.
This is like a warm-up for learning 'Sick Dancing Princess".
Because it is full of subtle invisible qualia of Life Resonance that modern inteligence does not know by the unconscious ignorance.

22 March, 2015

'Ankoku Ankur' Jaime

Jaime danced our friend Ankur.
He is now attacked by the remained big power of Indian Caste system and trapped for many months.
Jaime resonated with the whole tragedy.
Ankur and Jaime were students of same semester, and danced together a lot.
'Ankoku' means 'Black and Dark' as 'Ankoku Butoh'.
We will continue to dance until all the Hierarchy (=Tree) system which trapped us in the long human history, shall be vanished.
I hope all the old students may resonate with Ankur and help him.
Become Rhizome!
Become a Secret!
Untill all the borders and powers shall be disappeared.

15 March, 2015

Dancing in the Chaos of Multi-dimensional Life Resonance

The depth of dance is depend on the numbers of invisible dimensions which it resonates with as the 'Behind worlds".
Whether dancing solo or in herd, performance that is not listening to the invisible signs of the 'Multiple Behind World' is poor and cold.

Because it is in possession by the biggest modern archetype of ego as the illusion of 'self-expression'.
Butoh of Life is not such a small thing.
To listen to the faint but infinite signs of multidimensional Life Resonance and dance them. it is "Butoh of Life".
How can we do train it?
This year's Subbody Resonance Butoh School have got the methods of it clearly and will go straight.
It was discovered and polished in the India Rhizoming tour of this winter.
We have been practice a number of new techniques from the beginning.
How to turn off the ego, and to stop thinking and judgement, I am showing all of them through my every day's movement, because by word, it is not possible.
Fortunately, from this year Gio and me will guide the class as the midwife half and half. Half of the time I guide as the midwife and half Gio will do it. I can move as a dancer again after a decade absence.
It is so happy to be dancer again, though the time to be remained will be short.
Please steal everything from my spontaneous movement during I am dancing.
I find so many novel techniques and methods through dancing everyday than before. But a new problem happened. When I dance full time everyday, most of new findings are only to show through the body movement, it is difficult to describe by words and I have no time to write them because of fatigue out.
Sorry for the readers, the article will be decreased than ever this year.
If you want to learn it really, just come to Himalaya!

11 March, 2015

India Rhizoming Tour
6 March, 2015

Highlight of India Rhizoming tour 2015

India Rhizoming tour brought so many unexpected harvests.
The most unexpectd one is what I could become myself again, or what I was reborn again. And many novel methods were found out. Many new projects were generated. All of them will become new contents of the Subbody Resonance Butoh School 2015 and our multi-layered new activities.

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