March 2016


School Journal
6 April, 2016

Sharing the Each Own Qualia

We start to share each own qualia with various cobody
resonance pattern.

Dismal Air
Stuffed Spring
Gabedge Disposal space
Stone garden
Chimera cobody
Jungle gym
Another planet

and so on

Students find own most important qualia, and invent unique resonance pattern to co-create the world.
We share all world and with co-creating it, carry own secret, mystery at the same time.
Yesterday and today, we shared qualia and co-created various world as the following;

Sati shared her qualia, bound by spider's thread, and 'Ruthless Spring".
Honza: "Hopeless Boredom"
Julie: 'Tunnel"
Pamela: "Small People Surcus"
Sarah: "Wasp and Butterfly

This week we continue it and share every student's unique world with researching each own Secret and Mystery.
This is the novel creation process in the non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance.

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Spider's thread theatert
31 March, 2016

Toward the Jumping wild

Today is the last integration day of March course.
This month, we studyed "Transparency", "Carrying Density", "Jumping wild" and so on.
Until last year, these are the last thing to laern in the end of semester or year.
But, this year I took off all my bound of teacher Archetypes; step by step educational method and so on.
And I became a midwife of Butoh of Life.
Butoh of human is bound by many human conditions; theme, thinking, dualistic judgement (good/bad, right.wrong), natural feelings and senses of daily body and so on. I listened how to take off them.
And tried to guide to the non-dual chaos and discombobulation directly with sharing each one's world qualia and world changing qualia and so on.
It is the real Life Resonance world.
It was felt too much invasions to the subbody process that was guided in the previous years for old students.
It was unavoidable issue for this revolution of subbody method.

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30 March, 2016

Carrying the Secret in the World Co-creation

We co-create the various world change together in the subbody=cobody theater with sharing one of the student's qualia with same or similar resonance pattern.
And in the first world, when some one catches another qualia, we share it and co-create another world.
During this process on co-creation, at the same time, each one research own qualia at various dancing places and carry the Secret or Mystery.
It is the double process of co-creation and self research in the multi-dimensional Life Resonance.
Finnaly, I noticed that this is the Butoh of Life.

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Sharing the World Changes in the Rock Garden
27 March, 2016

Sharing the world changes

In the Himalaya Rock garden, we shared each one's world qualia, and world change qualia.
Someone initiated specific world qualia and we shared it with body and movement as own qualia.
We co-created a world or world changes.
In that world, when another one found specific subbody movement, we als oshared it with same resonance pattern or different resonance pattern.
During the whole day, we palyed it at the Rock Garden.
On that day is Holi a color festival in India. We wore various color, and Indian audience enjoyed it. A boy said that it was so interesting and moved deely.
So, we are spreading this way of free co-creaton like as a child play, so that anyone can copy and share.

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18 March, 2016 

 Toward the Transparent Butoh

This year, we started to share to be transparent which is the most important thing in Life.
Transparent means not being bound by anything.
We try to listen to inside 50%, and to outside 50% at each moment.
Then we can go and come flexiblly between daily Tree world and chaotic Rhizome world in the darkness of body.
We are going to create the Transparent Butoh of Life which resonates directly from Life to Life.
It's just starting.

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 Revival Series of Subbody video

Student's videos before 2009 are difficult to see, because they were posted to another account so far. This time all of them have been moved to the current account. The picture quality is bad, but dance is fresh. Some of dark videos are improved brightness and contrast. Please enjoy.

Sayaka & Cobody collaboration at Himalaya  
A Beggar's Dream _ Xavi  
Ancestral Part 2_Chiara_  
Approaching the Twilights Ozerk Sonat (Turkey)  
Fallen From Grace Odile  
Picking the darkness Igu いぐ・闇毟り  
Rock Uterus _Gadu  
Hanging on the cliff _ Silvian (Holland)
Requiem for a dream _ Pit  
Steps _ Ricardo  
When we didn't know we were human _ Gessuri  
"Far Forest" Kiyoko 
 5 years history of Fukushima Resonance Theater
11 March, 2016 

 5th Fukushima Resonance Theater

After 5 years from the Fukushima Desaster, now the leaked radiation spread to all over the Ocian. And little weak creatures in the Ocean are attacked by the radiation and have mutated into various deformed body.
Today, we started dancing with becoming the mutated creature in the Ocean, and reborn as another Life.
I really felt that it may be big chance to open novel Life Resonance with various deformed Life.
Let's remamber that we are ONE Life on this planet.

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