May 2017


Subbody Journal
The Living Room Dara, Silas and Cobody  
 未練 Lingering Affection  香織 Kaori
 Needle Maiden / Pilar
Jealousy / Anna Lena, Naireet and Yoko  
 Tontra Remixed / Honza and Cobody
 Stone, Fire, Ice / Alex and Honza
20 May, 2017

One week till the Festival

The 14th International Butoh festival Himalaya will start on Friday 16th May.
Last Friday, dancers tried the last rehearsal or investigation before it.
Please expect the Festival, many novel experiments are waiting for you!

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 3 Solos and 1 Trio
/Isa, Pilar, Eloise, Andreas, and Kaori
 YoKoKoBo / YoKo and Cobody
 Holy Dough / Anna Lena and Naireet
 Possiblly Monish / Dara and Silas
 Light Space / Freda and Cobody
 Knot / Naireet and Cobody
 Laniakea / Dara
 Piece of Whore / Alex and Anna Lena
13 May, 2017

Ten weeks Integration of subbody=cobody

Each dancer integrated subbody=cobody for 10 weeks from March.
We can introduce the growth and deepening.
Each dancer has been digging the darkness of the body for a couple of months and a half, and their bodies have changed little by little.
With the Cloud of Qualia entangled in each Life, by reverse twisting, they have grown into original butoh body.
Alex and Anna Lena danced each other's "Behind world" and the visible world.
They tried to visualize the non-dual and multidimensional invisible Life Resonance.
The Himalayan Butoh Festival is coming in the next two weeks.
My work as a midwife of subbody = cobobody is over.
Afterwards by mutual midwiving which opens each creativity fully, it will further refine from now.

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 Atma Rati / Dimple Kaur
 Shadows of Fire / Naireet
 The South Asian Fringe Day 3
 The South Asian Fringe Day 2
The South Asian Fringe Day 1 Part 1 
The South Asian Fringe Day 1 Part 2  
Where are you? / Alex 
6 May, 2017

The South Asian Fringe Day 1

It is a celebration of various artists gathered from South Asia and Subbody Resonance butoh.
It is a fruits of India Resonant Butoh tour that we contniued for three years.
We will continue to cultivate flexible Artist network in India and World.
On the first day, the regular weekend Butoh performances by the dancers of Subbody Butoh also became enthusiastic.
During this week we shared the various curtain technique that Silas and Dara experimented, and it opened up the others creativity.
Each one experimented how to visualize the dance with the invisible behind world.
Alex integrates the journey of the darkness of body which has been digging since March, and it cirtainly deepened into the necessity of her creation.

A variety of events of Fringe Festival that will last for three days will be introduced little by little.

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 Resonance with Drawing
 7 Solos / Pilar, Emilia, Kaori, Anna Lena, Isha, Freda and Lila

South Asian Fringe Festival

Many artists from Delhi and Kolkata gather in Himalayas and collaborate!
  At the following 4 places in Dharamsala
Subbody Hall  Mud House Resonance
 Projection Space
performances and workshops are 60RS for each





Dancer and Instructor




Mud House

Butoh Workshop



Honza Svesek


 Projection Space  # International Video Art Exhibition  


Subbody Hall

10 Butoh Perfomances

(Free Donation
as usual)


Subbody Resonance
Butoh Group and Guest Performers

   17:00  Mud House  Museum of Million Hamlet by Parnab Mukherjee (India) 



Subbody Hall

 The Voice of Refugee


 by Rashee Chauhan (India)

    Subbody Hall  The First Alone   by Lidiane (Brazil)
    Subbody Hall  Yama No Mai   by Yoko & Kaori (Japan)
    Subbody Hall  #birthday #letter (stop) for # Yehuda Amichai has been redirected (stop) delayed by 3 days (stop) found at # Jogibara #Village (stop) .. (end of msg) - a performance    by Parnab Mykherjee (India)
    Subbody Hall  Tantra Remixed - A prayer to gravity  by Honza Svasek (Holland)
 6Sat  11:00-
 Projection Space  # International Video Art Exhibition  









by Dr. Dimple Kaur


Subbody Hall
Physical theatre Workshop



by Niranjani Iyer

 Mud House Chandra Shade- Under the track of the moon by Aia Scarton (Brazil) 
 Mud House Poetry Session by Maham Suhail ( Networked Performance) - Pakistan
 Mud House  
What is life about?
by Anna Lena (Germany) and Freda (Canada)



Subbody Hall

 Burn presented


 by the Pocket Company (India & Tibet)



Subbody Hall

Shadows of Fire


by Naireet Basak (India)



Subbody Hall

Music performance


by Peter Tegner (Sweden)

 7Sun  11:00-
 Projection Space  # International Video Art Exhibition  
Subbody Hall  Open Session   Open to Everybody






Going there



Laura Monning (Germany)





Atma Rati : Gita - the most significant psychotherapeutic discourse



by Dimple Kaur

Subbody Hall  Deep Orient   by Laurence (France)
    Subbody Hall  Kashmir by Lhamo (Hungary)
   21:00  Mud House Binaural Journey : electro - acoustic sound experiment by Gorka Ferrero (Argentina)
Please Enjoy it 
Kaze to Tomoni with Wind / Yoko and Cobody 
 Bear Alive / Dara and Silas
1 May, 2017

Behind and front of Mirror

This "Bear alive" by Dara and Silas, experiments to dance the behind and front of the mirror with skillful usage of curtains.
It focused the interaction of the both world; the behind world and the daily consensus reality.
Yes, Life is always resonating with invisible Qualia and physical Qualia.
We are going to dance the subtle Life Resonance, it is non-dual and multi-dimensioanal resonance.
In recent years, we continue an experiment dancing behind people and things, dancing between, under, over , among, and so on.
I've been experimenting with various ways to dance in the behind world, but thanks to this curtain technique further interactions are accelerated.
We dance invisible subtle Life Resonance.
How can we make it visible or perceivable?
Experiments will enter into the new horizon from now.

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Suballet / Aia and Lidiane
30 April, 2017

This is the <Ha> of Jo-Ha-Kyu

This piece Suballet has typical Jo-ha-Kyu.
Especially, very clear <Ha>.
<Ha> is to break <Jo> and unfold novel dimension.
Aia and Ridianne showed unison duet ballet as <Jo>, and broke it remarkablly.
Everyone, learn from this what is <Ha>!
Does your piece have enough <Ha>?
Jo-ha-Kyu is resonance method to share your important Qualia with the world. Without <Ha>, you would lose the deep resonance.

Until April, performances of co-researchers has not enough <Ha>. Most of people bound by the first idea and forget Transparency that keeps the exact balance of 50% inside, 50% outside.
Someone was bound by inner listening and forgot to break it.
Someone is bound by outer intention to show fun or idea to audience, and forgot Transparency.

Be Transparent!
Not bound by anything.
Break your self, it is <Ha>.
Surprise yourself, it is <Ha>.

Without surprising yourself, how is it possible to resonate with others deeply?
Hijikata wrote it as the
<Peacock>, in "Quiet House".
Stop thinking!
And remember the moment that your Life was moved by something deeply!
Life know well about the <Peakock> that your Life was impressed deeply in your life.
Stop thinking and listen to the Life.

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