May 2011


School Journal
29 May, 2011

Chocolate Party by Witches

Pilar from Colombia was an archtect before. She needed to stop feeling space for several years. Otherwise she could not consentrate in body.
But, she said recently she can feel space again and become able to enjoy using space.
This day she invited four witches from the world and open a chocolate party at the lunch table in the corner of garden.
They played body painting by mad, competion of changing faces, and attached chocolate on their wrist. They returned the underground with tasting their chocolate on the wrist.
The party by various witches gathering from Colombia, Japan, Holland, France, and Denmark was so gorgeous and powerful.
The dances what come out from student's darkness of body become deeper week by week.

26 May, 2011

Polishing Details

Now each student's peice became longer, then only a few students can perform whole peice in the weekend theater. The others polish details of solo part.
Also this process is very important to complete each whole peice. To create whole peice with cobody part, and to polish precise details of each solo dance.
And sometimes we practice for jumiping wild, for forest face, for chimera cobody, for strange relationship, and so on with studying Hijikata's Butoh score of Quiet House one section by one.

When we could integrate all of those, the piece will be completed as a butoh of life.
Slowly we can understan that Hijikata's Butoh score of Quiet House is so excelent guidance for creating butoh of life.

24 May, 2011

Newly Born Universe -Encounters- Living/ Syv

There is a small mountain of gravel and woods in a corner of the school garden.
Syv was hidden under the grassel, and surprised us to apper from under the gravel and woods.
She invented various strange encounters with Kats, Bo, Natasja and Pilar.
To create unique encounter may be newly born of Universe.
"One encounter, in one life", this is a principle of Japanese tea method.
Each encounter is only one time in the Universe.
Syv danced these encounters.
Bo was gone to Thailand, also some of us may die tomorrow.
We can live each moment fully by changing it to a unique creation.

There is only one moment of Heliogabalus.

Things that endure – It was the other face of dazzling moderation

Heliogabalus is a symbol of extreme explorsion of creation.
Creation is only once explorsion as becoming like mad king in one's life.
To endure with keeping dazzling moderation, or to jump into the only once creation of life, there is a moment to choose one of them in our life. Syv jumped into the creation of life. She will invent various encounters and new living ways through this peice as "one encounter, in one life".

22 May, 2011

Whispers of the shadow of a quivering leaf / Bo

May is usually so dry season without any water.
But, unseasonable storm has come.
It is too early to the monsoon. But, the rhythm of the wheather on the planet has become out of order from last year.
Student's creations are growing with resonating the world.
Over half hour peices has come out from most of students darkness of body.
Weekend theater as usual has to limit to perform only four student's peices.
The others polish each solo part, but also solo grows up unexpectedly longer.
Total length of the theater was over four hours at the last week.
Bo from Thailand created one hour peice as the last creation of the school.
She has met so hard qualia on the process. Being attacked by edge qualia, she had to cry many times, but finnaly she overcame all edge qualia and changed to the strong creation. This is the reverse warp. You got it!

15 May, 2011

Who twisted me?

We cannot live as we want. Always something disturbs us and we are twisted against our wish. Who does twist our life? It is the world. World appears in different ways for everybody. But the fact that world twists us is the same.
This week we shared the qualia which world twisted our lives.
We just twist, warp, or press each other by each one's way of warped.
We co-created it by cobody, and so various warped worlds came out.

Squeezed by naked bodies
Constipated emotion
Forest of sick dogs
Attached by bugs and birds
Fukushima, mon am our
Magician's sword box
Lonely planets and Gravitational repulsion
Treated as Chapatti
Grandpa's last erection dream
Sticked by strange eyes
Lullaby by silent shout

Purple vapor

When we could reverse warp these warped qualia, we will meet our necessity of dancing.
It takes time.
We will deepen it week by week.

 7 May, 2011

Dancing the warped qualia between world and life

Various warped qualia which was preassed, or twisted from the world are imprinted in our life.
Life has to wait until the time when it ca nreverse the warped qualia.
And the time comes, it becomes necessary creation for life.
A deep dance is created as a reverse warp of life.
Hijikata's last butoh "Quiet House" was created as a reverse warp which his dead sister's life was twisted by the Japan nation state for pursuing the world war.
kazuo Ohno's butoh was also created for a reverse warp of his friends who died in the world war.

How can we find it?
It is the main research in the darkness of each body at the Subbody school.
The hardest process has started to meet it.