May 2012


Subbody Journal

4th International Butoh Festival Himalaya

 15 June, 2012

The 4th Int'l Butoh Festival Himalaya (All)

The 4th Himalaya Butoh Festival is over!
All pictures has uploaded, now we are editting videos,
and will be uploaded slowly.
Please enjoy it!
After Festival, now MOnsoon is coming Himalaya as if cools down the heat of Festival.
Dance is momentary art. It disappears after the moment of performing.
Where is the whereabout of performance?
Dance sinks in the non-dual darkness of Life resonance.
It starts subtle subtle resonance in the darkness of body of concerned.
And, after some decades, it starts novel creation.
In my case, After 25 years when I watched Hijikata's butoh performance at the 21 years old, I have decided to live as a butoh dancer.
The speed and shooting range of Life resonance is like that.
We perform at Himalaya for only one will start danceing after several decades at somewhere on the planet.
The depth of digging the darkness of body and amount of pain is proportion to the shooting range and depth of Life resonance.
This years dancers start getting the range and depth slowly.
It was the biggest harvest of this Festival.

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 9 June, 2012

The Face of Forest

By a technical mistake of camera setting the pictures of this piece were out of foucused, but we could recover them by capturing from video.
Now, we can share it though merely a part of them.
In this piece, multi-layered faces came out from Akshi's darkness of body which resonate with various behind worlds with carrying different density. Hijikata called it 'The face of forest'.
Please enjoy them. You can taste how many diverse subbodies are living in the darkness of body.
So, in your body, too!

The Womb / Akshi (India)

a bud. a flower.
melting dew.
a drop of water on pink , red
in a flower.
a dead rose.

Shisha of a daughter.
A friend’s daughter.
Her love affair.
Her father.
the blind and deaf.
hunger and exhaustion.
blood and destruction.
falling buildings, empty fat bellies.
licking blood.
walls of blood. pools of blood.
gun shots, fire, smoke. explosion.

Mother, my mother.
‘the shadow of my naked mother’.

The fool.
Purple….the fall
A dead baby..

Pain..agony.. a love affair of hands….taken to the skull
in the womb…the cord..
Eating blood..
Floating with the dead
carrying a message..carrying density.

In black.
Blue, green, orange.
A dagger.


What is the deepening a butoh dance?

Akshi who is the second years at Himalaya, showed the development process clearly.
The first thing is the deoth of multi-layering.
How much different qualia are folded in a movement, that's all.
In Akshi's dance, the number of subbodies increased remarkablly in these one year and half. So many different characters or personalities came out in a short time one after another. Because of a mistake of camera setting, it was not taken by picture, but it seemed as if 'The Face of Forest' which Hijikata mentioned as multi-layered face.
It is not so easy thing to dig the darkness of body and meet various subbodies and behind worlds, because every subbody has each deep reason to have to be hidden in the darkness of body. She encountered so many hardships of edge qualia. Sometimes almost being dejected utterly, and she overcame it.
I can believe that Life knew once what is the creation and the pleasure of creation, it finds solution by it self.
She leaned and got Hijikata's BPDW method of weakened body butoh.
It have to controll the four elements and wear them as multi-layers at the same time.

B: Body image
P: partial movement of each dancing place of body
D: Detail subtle dance
W: Resonance with Behind World

To complete it perfectly is nesessary more long time, but anyway her trained body is going to wear the technique.

The second thing is the depth to carry a secret of own.
She danced her whole life history last year, and this year she tried to upstream till the fetus age before the birth of individual being.

The third one is the nest stage to deepen various creation method of Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery), Zu-Ji-Cho (Picture-Background-Subtle sign) , Jo-Ha-Kyu, Tame, Momiyose and so on. Her dance will be polished and deepened by those techniques infinitely.
It is pleasure to meet at next semester.

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 11 June, 2012

Dancing Love's Shadow Solo / Eleanor (Australia)

On the last day of Festival, Eleanor danced her piece as a solo.
She integrated all subbodies and cobodies. It was a crystalizatin her total 68 years life to a creation.

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愛の影 ソロ エレノア(オーストラリア)


 10 June, 2012

Disappearance / Kristien (Holland)

Kristine performed in the forest near the school.
The landscape of HImalaya transformed to a spectacular theater.
She has continued Butoh-Contact workshop during semester with Pilar.
How can we conbine the subtle qualia of hidden skin or behind world with contact improvisation, it is so rich mine to invistigate in.
I have experienced CI for over ten years, then I know the difficulty of it.
The most difficult thing is the stimulus of physical contact is trrion times stronger than the qualia of hidden skin. It is too gross and amuse compairing to subtle qualia of Butoh.

This issue will become clear in the process of integration as a solo, because to integrate all subbodies and cobodies into solo is the process to shift all qualia into subtle qualia on the hidden skin.
In the Contact Improvisation, dancer has to be ready to support the physical weight of other dancers, a body which concentrate on it, is not able to listen to the subtle qualia which is trrion times subtler than it.
This is the traditional limit of contact improvisational dance.
This is the reason why I suggest to integrate all qualia of subodies and cobodies into a pure solo.
How would Kristine, pilar, Honza, Jonathan, Free and all contact butoh dancer dig this hard tunnel?
Also it is a pleasure of future.

(Honza(Holland) has a website of 'Contact Butoh')

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 8 June, 2012

An Eye is Falling / Pilar (Colombia)

It seemed hard delivery for her to integrate all subbody and cobodies、.but anyway she did it.
Especially, what 'an under water elephant' which she grew up during the semester as cobody, was integrated her subbody solo is beautiful thing.
She proofed that there are no border between subbody and cobody.
We can investigate in the unknown secret between subbody and cobody deeper in the next semester. It is one of the richest mine about non-duality of Life, though nobody knows.

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 7 June, 2012

Shadow of My Naked Mother / Noah (USA)

Bihind the masks of mortality shelters the face of eternity.

A dance of Life, dancing death in cycles of the flesh.

grow, bloom, wilt, fuck, feed, die, womb, "I", casket

She gave you Life followed by a sweet kiss of death.

Your mother, your sister, your lover, your daughter.

Sun, earth, moon.

Lost in the sky of amniotic fluid.

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 5 June, 2012

Suffer Little Children / Dellamore Dellamorte (Greece)

Pan from Greece was reborn as a butoh dancer Dellamore Dellamorte. The performance we so dense and rich for one hour half. But, he want to be in the darkness for a while, then only three pictures were opened. Dellamore means 'love', Dellamorte means 'death' in Latin.
Blessing for the birth of a butoh dancer!

What is prettier? A naked body or the skeleton that carries it?

What is vainer? The effort to live or the wish to die?

What is more morbid? Fucking your mother or killing your father?

What is more pathetic? Religious systems or political systems?

What is more ignorant? Forgetting the past or neglecting the future?

Humanity can turn into a hideous plague. Earth (= one of the lowest
spheres) is far from being a pleasant place to stay. Not cause it’s
not a beautiful planet, but cause it’s inhabited by parasites;
otherwise known as humans. Although the term humans sounds like a
compliment. Perhaps I should say “anthropomorphic humanoids”

Struggling and suffering is part of existing, which is admittedly
difficult enough by its own to deal with…But on top of that, all
sorts of monstrosities have been happening throughout the history
of mankind, which makes it all even more sickening. And they are
going to keep happening. Yet, humans tend to forget easily or they
just choose to look away, when something disturbs them, scares them
or shocks them.

Yet, the extermination of native americans in the name of
‘Religion’ (*cough*) is a fact.

The 3rd Reich and the Holocaust is another fact.

The deliberate castration of underage boys by the Catholic Church,
in a vain attempt to create an angelic choir, is one more fact.

Do I have to mention the genocide of Armenians or the pedophilic
scandals including priests? Etc etc etc.

That damn need for blood and sperm has been so “prominent”
throughout human history and it never seems to go away. Rape and
killing is an every day phenomenon. We reside in a world which
seems to be full of potential sex addicts. That's what I consider a
great paradox; 'cause this world is suitable for giving birth to
potential eunuchs. On the other hand, violence is "the law of the
weak". It's pointless to go in detail with that, cause actions of
violence are hardly ever worth mentioned, cause for the most part
they're utterly pathetic and repulsive.

Either you like it or not, life resembles a psychotic play of
ephemeral corpses who put on masks due to hab(r)itual necessity.

You’re going to keep suffering “Little Children”, till you realize
that you need to get rid of everything that binds you to this short-
sighted world. In other words, attachment is like a drug-flower
that needs to be uprooted!


Dellamore Dllamorte
(Pan changed his name)

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 4 June, 2012

Possessed Forest / Kats D (USA-Japan)

In the morning of the day, Kats Guided a workshop for becoming Possessed body, and perform together with participants and audience.
Audience joined on the stage as a forest trees, stones, dead bodies and unknown creatures.

We pursued for many years to vanish the bordaer between dancers and audience, he has completed a boderless theater by this trial.
We will develope it infinitely.

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 3 June, 2012

Beginning of the integration into multi-layering solo / Kristien (Holland) and Pan (Greece)

During Festival, all dancers not only create own peice, but also dance in other student's peices as cobody.
So many new subbodies and cobodies are coming out.
Next step is to integrate all subbodies and cobodies into a solo.
Kristien and Pan did it on last Friday.
It became so deep and condensed subbody solo, because all subbodies and cobodies were integrated as a multi-layered subbody.

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 2 June, 2012

Dancing in Love's Shadow / Eleanor (Australia)

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 31 May, 2012

Is Mr. Happy Free? / Free (England)

Innocence holds something of freedom

If the shadow turns

There is an opportunity to dance

Light and Dark

She is always there

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 30 May, 2012

Ag2NO3 / Javier (Arzentine)

AgNO3 is the chemical denomination for Silver Nitrate, the escencial element for making mirrors, its applied in form of salt, tiny particules of the 
"Lunar Metal" (moon related element) in a sheet that produce the known fenomena of "reflection/reflexion"
Is also the escencial element used in photography, applied in layers on the celluloid sheets. By the inference of light (Sun) the particules of AgNO3 (moon) as salt conserve the memory of those lights and shadows, technically called: "latent image" not visible yet but real, potencially existing before being treaten by a "developer" wich will make visible the invisible by the evidence of the opposite.
in the butoh piece AgNO3, the elements of mirrored worlds were replaced by Cobody in a sort of map on the stage.
after the map was placed all what happened was a question of resonance, the symbols (sign of reconnaissance) start moving their meanings in multidimentional realms (subbody, cobody, audience) ...
only they after some little things about the piece made sence for me, this is just a part of what i can tell about it.
this what follows is a fragment of the legend about the Yellow Emperor (one of the cobodies realms) by Jorge Luis Borges in his Book of Imaginary Creatures, something to introduce
“In those days, the world of mirrors and the world of men were not, as they are now, separate and unconnected. They were, moreover, quite different from one another; neither the creatures nor the colors nor the shapes of the two worlds were the same. The two kingdoms — the specular and the human — lived in peace, and one could pass back and forth through mirrors. One night, however, the people of the mirror invaded this world. Their strength was great, but after many bloody battles, the magic of the Yellow Emperor prevailed. The Emperor pushed back the invaders, imprisoned them within the mirrors, and punished them by making them repeat, as though in a kind of dream, all the actions of their human victors. He stripped them of their strength and their own shape and reduced them to mere servile reflections. One day, however, they will throw off that magical lethargy.
…In the depths of the mirror, we shall perceive a faint, faint line, and the color of that line will not resemble any other. Then, other forms will begin to awaken. Gradually they will become different from us; gradually they will no longer imitate us; they will break through the barriers of glass or metal, and this time they will not be conquered….
Others believe that before the invasion, we will hear, from the depths of the mirrors, the sound of arms.”
Jorge Luis Borges. The Book of Imaginary Creatures.


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 29 May, 2012

Anti / Roger (Switzerland)

Can you smell it?
Can you hear it?

I belong to you.
Please let me enter...

I can see you.
There is no entrance...
I am that door!

Who am I?
In or out?

In this world question don't exist.
Only the parado of gravity.

Closer than a brother
We embrace Love & Death.

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 29 May, 2012

Thread of an Abyss / Pilar (Colombia)


There is a room inside the body.

a room with a lock.

and I fall...

and I fall into the skin.


Memories of other bodies were hidden in the darkness of the skin

and the impossibility of touching oneself.


There is a room inside the body.

a room with a lock.

Might Death be hiding there?

A frozen space inbetween

all the clocks have stopped

nobody visits anymore.


A forest of emotions and the mind

were locked in a palace surrounded by walls,

in a black hole

inside the skin...

and in the distance,

the waters, the dusk, the elephants, the syllabus, the moon, the chants.


At the beginning, all Gods and Goddesses were in a transparent membrane.

Like night thieves, they slide out of it...

and around, there was only silence, an embrace, insects and strings.



There is a dance which is necessary to live, to overcome unknown problems in each own Life.
It is worth to perform only the necessary dance for Life.
Pilar is finding it after researching in it at Himalaya for forth times.
She tried to perform between the death and reborn, death and reborn.
What is the birth and death for Life?

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26 May, 2012

 Yajna - Sacrifice (燔犠) /Kats D

To sacrifice is to connect heaven and the earth,

To connect earthly desire with heavenly power

To connect selfish with selfless

To sacrifice is to be reborn

To reborn one has to die first

To die is to gaze into the bottomless abyss of being and

To accept the fire of darkness graciously

He wanted to live to be One with everything

Then he realized that he had to die in order to be One with everything

So he sacrificed his body into the flame to burn

Sacrifice is a journey

Kats D

 26 May, 2012

Yajna ('Sacrifice') Kats D (USA-Japan)

The 4th Himalaya Butoh Festival has started. Everyday unique and deep taste creations are coming out.
It will continue for two weeks. Please enjoy them.

Kats D is the fourth year in Himalaya, he integrated all subbodies and cobodies which he met in the first semester.
It grew up to deep and thick piece.
He did last conditioning before rehearsal. He guided us to feel love, "But it is selfish love.", "When we say I love you, it means 'Do you love me?'. He proceed it the selfish love has rotten in our darkness body, and it becomes bug. "It is your choce which you stay with the darkness or leave from it".
All of us had to taste that is my love selfish or not? and enter the question "what is love?" and so on.
He used almost of school landscapes and student's subbodies and cobodies.
We can see how subbodies and cobodies are growing up year by year infinitely, by opening the creativity of Life, and become a midwife which support others birth of creativity, originality and resonativity.

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4th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
25 May - 9 June, 2012 

 Butoh Performance  Workshop
All performances and workshops : Free





Dancer and Instructor





Subbody Hall




"Celeration of Nature"
Workshop by
Eleanor (Australia)







"Yajna -Sacrifice"
Performance by

Kats D
( USA-Japan)








"Thread of Abyss"
Performance by






Subbody Hall



Performance  by




Subbody Hall



"NO3Ag" Performance  by
Javier (Argentine)





Subbody Hall



Butoh Contact Workshop
Kristien (Holland)
and Pilar


Subbody Hall



 "Is Mr. Happy Free?" Performance by Free (England)





Subbody Hall



"Dancing in Love's Shadow" Performance by Eleanor (Australia)







Subbody Hall



Butoh Workshop  by Pilar



Subbody Hall



Performance by
Several Dancers







Subbody Hall



possessed Body
by Kats D



Subbody Hall



"Possessed Forest"
Performance by
Kats D






Subbody Hall



Butoh Contact Workshop
and Pilar



Subbody Hall



 "Suffer Little
Performance by

Pan (Greece)









Butoh Workshop  by Akshi (India)






"The Shadow of My Naked
Performance by





Subbody Hall




"Celeration of Nature"
Workshop by
Eleanor (Australia)



Subbody Hall



 "An Eye was Falling"Performance by




Subbody Hall


Voice Workshop  by


Subbody Hall

Butoh Performance
"The Womb"
by Akshi








Subbody Hall



by Pilar

  15:00 Subbody Hall 

 Butoh Performance
 by Several Dancers








Butoh Workshop  by Akshi (India)



Subbody Hall



Kristien (Holland)



Subbody Hall



Grand Final Performance
All Dancers

 25 May, 2012

Nomad Theater in the Himalayan Valley

One day of May, we visited Guna Valley of Himalaya, and each dancer found a place and created a cobody with own qualia.
We moved as a nomad group from a place to next places, with transforming various cobodies.
This year we continued to grow up cobody in various ways, now we share so flexible cobodies as the common wealth for creation. By supported them, now so rich creations came out.
There are hidden unknown secrets and mysteries between subbody and cobody. To investigate it is next stage for deepning creation. It has just started now.

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 23 May, 2012

Becoming Shisha which transform quietly yet infinitely

The most biggest change of this year is cobody.
Until last year, the subbody was given advantage,than cobody.
It was 'subbody first, cobody second', but I realized that it was my big mistake.
Subbody and cobody are not able to separate, it is oneness in the deeper realm.
We need to be very carefull to be equal between subbody and cobody.
This year's cobody grew up marvelously.
On the last Friday, after dancing as a cobody in Gio's peice, also they danced as a cobody in Javier's peice, Akshi's peice and Gessuri's peice, in a day.
Literally, cobody grew up to Shisha which transform quietly, yet infinitely.
And it doesn't mean to make light of subbody. Contrary to our thinking, it deepen subbody, too. I have never be aware of this paradox.
To become Shisha meant to erase the border between self and others, between subbody and cobody, and entering into non-dual realm. I realized it finally.
I didn't have any expectation, this is just the big gift from the Fukushima shock.
The process was extremely hard, everybody faced strong edges, and a few students has dropped out by this desperate hardship, because Ego and Self bind us so deeply. I could not help them.
Next stage will be how to solve this hard edge of Ego and Self. Midwife have to face and overcome this infinite hardship between subbody and cobody.

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 21 May, 2012

A Petal Falling in the Silence / Gio

The 4th International Butoh Festival Himalaya has begun from "A Petal Falling in the Silence" by Gio (Korea) and cobody.
She showed various pictures of dead people of Cambodia, Vietnum and so on.
She and cobody danced with them.
Sometmes, dead people's pictures projected on their body, and dead people started dancing on the dancer's body.
A petal which is falling in the silence, showed their last dance.
Our Life could not stop shivering with the last dance of Life.

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 21 May, 2012

Jump to Himalaya!

By the reason of indian visa, some students have to leave Himalaya earlier, then the 4th International Butoh Festival Himalaya has strated earlier than the schedule.

What is the Butoh of Life?
All students are trying to be Shisha desperately.
Overcoming the hardship of stopping ego, all students become cobody in almost pieces, and trasfroming infinitely.
It is so beautiful thing!

Please enjoy the festival!

And also due to some shortage of students, now we are accepting new students for the second semester 2012.

It starts 3rd September and ends on 7th December, 2012.
This is very rare chance to join in three months course, because our school is basically accept only one year course.

Why don't you start learning Butoh of Life in Himalaya, in this chance?
It is only this place on the planet where you can study real Hijikata Tatsumi's butoh method based on his butoh score for his last solo; "Quiet House" now.

When you understand his real butoh method, you must realize how "surface image of Butoh" are spreading all over the world. We need to take off all fake imeges of butoh, and study how to create Butoh of Life.

When we dance from the bottom of Life, our butoh could be able to travel from Life to Life.

Please come to Himalaya, and join us in this very precious chance with overcoming any hardships! It is worth to do.

The second semester will start on Monday 3rd September, and end on Friday 7th December, 2012.

We are waiting for a few earnest students who want to join in this international co-research for the depth of Life.

The new students can participate in the 5th International Butoh Festival Himalaya which will be held at the end of semester.

Now is the timing to jump to Himalaya!

Rhizome Lee

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Peacock and blood of dance 2
 Peacock and blood of dance 1
 12 May, 2012

Peacock and blood of dance

May is the creation month.
Students integrate all subbody and cobody、and search own peacock and blood of dance into the creation.

16. The difficulty of changing place

The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing place and reverse twisting them.

For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.

And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder that was dear to me.

They become the blood of the dance.    

A peacock is a metaphor of surprising experience for Life.
When Life encountered an unexpected thing, the qualia of surprising are inprinted on the body as Life memory. These deep impressive qualia of Life make a flower as the Flower.
Only Life knows well what is the Flower for Life. Then the Flower can travel from Life to Life through resonance.

Can factory is a symbol of deep memories which many original qualia are hidden.

Blood of dance is a metohor of each dancer's original qualia which are hidden in each part of body as forgotten memories or prototypical motion or emotion as fear, scare, shiver, dizzy, collapsed, frozen, twisted, warped and so on.

Dancer should research original deep qualia at each dancing place. When a physical movement and the blood of dance become oneness, the movements crystalize as a Butoh.

All of them are able to be taken by neither photograph nor video. Only realtime audience's Life can be shaked by resonance with it.
The blood of dance and own peacock are the most important thing for creation of Butoh of Life.

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 12 May, 2012

Infinite digging in the darkness of body

The last creation month has started.
We integrate all process of subbody and cobody.
It has several stages;

1. Conditioning;
Shift from daily body to subconscious body condition. And find the best condition of body/mind for creation.
---Transparency; Open half inward, half outward. Half here, half another realm
---Using twelve conditioning methods

2. Researching;
Dig tunnels in the darkness of body, and meet various subbodies and cobodies.
---Using Sen-Shin-Hitsu (Novelty, Numinousity, Necessity) method,
---Ten-bodies method (See Ten-bodies)
---Blood of dancing ;Prototype emotions, motions of Life; dizzy, fear, scare, shiver, shrink, brock, collapse, warp, illusion,,,
---Can factory; Deep memory, forbidden experience
---Proto dream; most impressive nightmare, repeated dream,

3. Creating;
Integrate all subbodies, cobodies and blood of dancing.
---Ka-Hi-Mei (Flower-Secret-Mystery) method
---Jo-Ha-Kyu (Beginning-Changing-Ending) method
---Zu-Ji-Cho (Picture-Background-Signal) method

4. Midwiving;
Take off Ego and Self, become a midwife of Life Resonance to listen to the breath of other's fetus of subbody and cobody, and support the safe process for them.

When students have experienced all process of one year, automatically they can be midwives and become Nomadic Rhizome which can spread at any place on the earth.

These processes are able to get by only whole bodily experience at least for one year.

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May Dream Theater 1 
May Dream Theater 2 
 10 May, 2012

May Dream Theater

Next day of Kangra fort, Students integrated these two months subbody and cobody research.
Some students developed Kangra Dream body piece in the school. Subbody and cobody are trained and grow up by being danced in the different places.
Gradually they get their own blood of dancing; original qualia, deep memory, nightmare, prototype sense, emotion, and motion, etc.

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Dreams of Shisha in a ruin Part 3 
Dreams of Shisha in a ruin Part 2 
Dreams of Shisha in a ruin Part 1 
 5 May, 2012

Dreams of Shisha in a ruin

On the end of April course, we visited Kangra fort near the school. It is a ruin of old fort. This area has good rock salt mines, and the salt was precious thing in the ancient age. There were many struggles, fightings, wars from ancient age. In the fort, many broken rooms of prizoners, soldiers, monks are ruined. So many people must fight and die. The atomospher is as if many spirits of Shisha were floating here and there.
Student's transformed Shisha and entered into other student's dreams world as Life. All qualia of Shisha resonated with together including ancient Indian Shisha.

Through the whole day dancing, gradually the borders between each others melted down and we could become oneness. It was a big change. Literally, students could transform quietly and infinitely as Shisha.
Gradually, the Butoh of Life which resonates beyond every border in the non-dual realm before the separation of self and others, is going to come out.

We got so many pictures there, we show them with dividing into three parts, day by day.

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