May 2014


School Journal

8th International Himalaya Butoh Festival 2014

 'Toward the Origin 2' Laurence and 'Solo' Rowan
Hot Spring Rhizome in Tatapani 
 Riverside Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani
 'A Duet Mazrka' Olga & Rowan, 'Back to the origins' Laurence, ' ' Caroline
 'Matiers' Aymon and 'The Fort of Kangra Cave' Jaime
 'Pamela' Pamela in the Gloomy Air
24 May, 2014

'Pamela' Pamela in the Gloomy Air

Pamela and cobody co-created a strange world.
Everybody transformed various being in the darkness of body.
This is the "Gloomy Air" a kind of 'behind world' which Hijikata pursued in his "Sick Dancing Princess".
The variations of it is infinite. Life is shivering with the invisible behind world, with countless resonance patterns.
Slowly we are entering into a novel realm.

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 A Trio and two duets Ankur, Aymon, Jaime, Olga, Shamaayal, Mickeal, Robert
Ankur, Robert, Olga,
Pamela, Chong, Jaime,
Mickeal, Laura, Shamaayal,
Gio, Caroline, Srujit and more 

8th International Himalaya Butoh Festival
8 June (Sun) - 20 June (Fri), 2014
at Subbody Resonance Butoh School Himalaya
Every morning workshops, and evening performances
All of free of charge

Four solos and cobody Pamela, Madina, Rawan, Coroline 
 A Trio and two duets Ankur, Aymon, Jaime, Olga, Shamaayal, Mickeal, Robert
18 May, 2014

'Wheel of Life' Chong and cobody

Chong ( China ) has to return home before the Butoh festival in relation to visa.
He integrated subbody=cobody of this three
months, last weekend.
He shared his own subbody=cobody world with original conditioning, and the other students could share his invisible behind world.
It seems to have become the experience interesting than expected.

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 Caroline, Madina and cobody
 'The Broken Tree' Duet; Ankur and Jaime
 'Soldier's Wife' Olga & 'Sense' Aless
11 May, 2014

'Red Line' Elena

Elena (Russia) inprovised in the garden about two weeks spending in Subbody School.
After dancing on the grass, she entered into audience place and went away with saying goodbye to this time-space.
It's a beautiful 'Jo-Ha-Kyu' of using space.
She has learned various butoh method, but here awakened rich source of subbody-cobody, will come back in September, she said.
Keep deepening, Elena.

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A Harvest day of new born subbody=cobodies 
10 May, 2014

A Harvest day of new born subbody=cobodies; five Duets, three Solos and a quartet

In one days of last Friday of April course,
so many new subbody=cobodies were born.
What we cannot upload all of them, is pity.

'Love for you' Ankur and Gio
'Dance of Life' Jaime and Gio
'Toward the within' Pamela and Laurence
'Tied to Birth' Aless and Robert
'Two side of Moon' Olga and Elena

'Kiama Ennata (Dark Godess)' Shamaayal
'Non-title' Chong
'Dust' Ankur

'Run' Aymon, Ankur, Jaime and Robert

It is developping more and more with increasing the depth on yesterday, the first Friday of May course.
Now we are going to investigate in 'Sick Dancing Princess' of Hijikata, it is also deepest unexplored world of butoh. Everybody must encounter many edges and overcome them anyway to meet the necessity of dancing in own Abyss of Life.
What will happen on the Festival of June?

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 Three Solos and a Quartet; Shamaayal, Ankur, Chong, Aymon, Jaime, Robert
 Three Duets; Olga&Elena Pamela&Laurence Aless&Robert
  Two Duets; Ankur and Gio, Jaime and Gio
7 May, 2014

Two Duets;
'Love for You' Ankur and Gio
'Dance of Life' Jaime and Gio

On Friday, five duets, three solos, and one cobody piece, total nine subbody and cobody were born.
Here, at first we introduce two duets with Gio, this day was last day of Gio who is leaving to Calgary, Canada for co-creation with Gessuri and Javier.

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 Chong Pamela Mickeal Olga Robert in Kangra fort
6 May, 2014

Chong, Pamela, Mickeal, Olga,Robert and cobody at Kangra fort
'Om Namah Shivaaya' Chong
'Untitled' Pamela
'Deliberation' Michael
'Jasmin Thorn' Robert
'Verushka von Lendorff' Olga

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'Blue Blood (Bukovski Inspired)' Elena 
 'Celebration of Life' Aless and cobody
'Sufferings (From Past)' Shamaayal and cobody 
'Beyond Space' Laurence and cobody 
4 May, 2014

'Lonesome Cave' A duet Jaime and Ankur

Qualias(qualities of feeling) primarily
discovered/explored were loneliness of being in a
completely new unknown space/dimension; and glimpses of a deep darkened cave, where our weakened defeated self resides. Ankur Pandey


Jaime and Ankur found like a dark cave in a ruin house Kangrafort. Big bats lived there.
Both of them are meeting each own heavy edge.
There Life must feel here is the optimum space to listen to the qualia of edge.
They moved with silent speed. We were also moved deeply. Because not only them, now all students are facing each own edge, and trying to overcome it.
This year, earler than other years, the season of creation in the Abyss including hell and heaven has begun.

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 "Surrender to Nature" Gio and Cobody
29 April, 2014

After cobody experiment Dust Gio

First of all, thanks to all subbodies deeply from my bottom of heart, life.
I could feel how much you opened resonance ability, the full of honesty from your life, abyss.
This cobbody experimnet was very short but very intense for me.
I was dreaming the real beautiful resonance life to life without any judge, idea.
Actually this is a big experiment for me as practicing to listen to air, wind, flower, life, me and you.
The moments in the cobody was the most beautiful encountering in my butoh experience.
I can't describe my feeling with words. Just I want to share this video.
The moments, constantly life and body cross creating new space, relationship, qualia, world..
And actually I feel very sorry at the same time.
I tried to listen to the space transparently all the time but the last moment, after chaos I've lost the transparency. We were supposed to find an ending together in full of resonance.
But my ego made ending in different speed from another subbodies. I was following my qualia after Chaos. So I felt very sorry about that somehow I disturbed your own deep world was continued. Because I know, all subbodies were one of the deepest moment.
I will learn more how to listen. This experience would be precious message for my dance of Life.
Warm hugs and resonance to all the subbodies, cobody.

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27 April, 2014

"Surrender to Nature" Gio and Cobody

Gio integrated these years investigation in the darkness of body before leaving to Canada for collaboration with Gessuri and Javier.
She shared her best or deepest Mystery, Secret and Flower with cobody.
The piece has four parts.

1. Stones
Dancers became a stone which is the smallest bottom body, and became rolling stones.
To becoming quiet stones is 'Jo' ; the beginning part to invite every dancer and audience into another time-space from daily human world.

2. Seeds to Flowers
When they met and became a big stone, slowly each part of body started subtle resonance with the world, and transformed various Flowers.
In butoh world, 'Flower' means not only a beautiful normal flower. Any ugly shapes and movement could be novel 'Flower' when it finds the best timing, even inner monster.
Everybody researched in the darkness of body and bloomed own monster or flower.

3. Walking on the life
She introduced a poem. It was a Tibetan poem about the mystery about why we fall into the same problem many times. She also danced it three years ago. It is so hard to solve the problem, because it is connected with other unknown problems in the complicated multi resonance in the darkness of body. The infinite depth is one of her Abyss. She has continued to enter the Mystery for many years and researched the Secret.
And now she found a certain way how to share her Abyss with others.
So, we can share own deepest issue by becoming cobody.
She guided others through an original way of conditioning, in the morning.
Every subbody could face the own problem which each one encounters many times, and danced it.

4. Chaos
The last part is 'Chaos'.
"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Already long term students have met so strange chaos in the darkness of body. It is quit discombobulation without any clear direction and no orientation. We take off all conditions of human; the identity, sexuality, nationality, and sink into the Abyss as non-dual Life. We need to accept it to open the infinite creativity, originality and resonativity of Life.
Every dancer developped dancing with jumping wildly among diverse dimensions. Random encounters, strange relationships came out one after another.
This is the three years integration by Gio.
It could open new perspective of subbody=cobody which is able to share own best and deepest qualia in Abyss. It is the richest world of the Quest for everybody. I was eager to realize it for many years. We will share the harvest soon.
Thank you. Gio!

The Tibettan poem is the following;

I walk down the street
There is the deep hole in the side walk
I fall in.
I am lost..I'm hopeless.
It isn’t my fault
It take forever to find a way.
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don’t see it.
I fall in again.
I can’t believe I'm in the same place.
But it isn’t my fault.
It still take long time to get out.
I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in…it’s a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.
I walk down the same street
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk
I walk around it.
I walk down another street..

"Autobiography in the five chapters"
(The Tibetan book of living & dying)

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