May 2015


School Journal
 Free Resonance in the Dry Pool
'Soil' Katrine 
 'Mountain of Laundry' Jaime and Aymon
Snow Line Moon Dance photo by Josua 

 Full moon day, student climbed on the Himalayas and danced on the snow line of 4000 meters under the stars.
 "Ripple" Dust Gio, Gabriela and Wodico  
Cosmic Tree Laurence 
 "Strange Density" Dust Gio and cobody
 "A tiny Person on your Back" Gio and cobody
 Free Resonance in the Garden
 "Between Life and Death" Marcus and Katrine
19 May, 2015

 "Between Life and Death" Marcus and Katrine 

Marcus made a stange costume by many bones which he collocted at Tatapani, and danced the duet with Katrine.
Katrine started dancing with white skin, but while dancing her white and Marcus's black skin mixed together, and co-created a beautiful ending with gray skin.

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 "Turning Over" Katrine and cobody
 The Unrevealed Beauty/ Laurence and cobody
"Poison Forest" Aia, Cris, Jeane, Katrine, Lili, Marcus and Sara  
19 May, 2015

"Poison Forest" Aia, Cris, Jeane, Katrine, Lili, Marcus and Sara 

On last Friday, students danced four subbody=cobodies in a day, it was a school record than ever.
The first one is "Poison Forest" which was developed from the mud cobody in Tatapani.

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 Nomad Rhizome in Tatapan
""Nest" Katrine 
Jeane, Katrine, Sara in Tatapani 
17 May, 2015

"Nest" Katrine 

Katrine found a nest made by floating branches of tree.
And danced from there, with inventing various steps and unique movement at each dancing places of body.
It was a real integration of all learning of "Quiet House" and "Sick Dancing Princess".
Please learn from this, there are so many secret techniques of Hijikata are hidden.

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 Alexander, Laurencce, Marcus in Tatapani
17 May, 2015

Alexander, Laurence, Marcus in Tatapani

There are numerous animal bones in the riverside of Tatapani.
Marcus collected it, and buried his body with the bones.
Now it's the middle of creation process, every students reseaching on the edge between death and Life, between stillness and movement toward each own Abyss.

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 Mud Tribes in Tatapani
15 May, 2015

Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani 1
Mud Tribes

We went Tatapani hot spring, and danced in Nomad Rhizome way as usual.
Ten students have found each favorite place respectively,
If there is demand, while participating as cobody each other, and moved one place to another.
This day, there were good mud places here and there, and most of students danced with covered in mud.
When the skin becomes mud, it reminds the days of the fetus in the womb naturally.
We could enjoy the oneness feeling together as well as than ever.
Something has certainly changed.
All students know that it is above all important that do not express the ego too much.
This is the center of center which I could not share as trying to convey until now.
Old students! Sorry very much!

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 Lili, Cris, Katrine and Laurence
 Aia, Sara and Katrine
8 May, 2015

'Whats left if anybody is gone'
Marcus and cobody

Marcus integrated his subbody=cobody with others.
Each 8 dancers danced Qualia of a channel of the 8 channels (Body, Movement, Visual, Audio, Emotion, Human Relationship, World=Self and Thniking channel.
After dancing, everybody ig gone through the windows.
He read a poem;

Whats left if anybody is gone
No physical presence, no thinking around,
no emotions and longings in the atomosphere
Whats left if anything is gone
and no thinking exists anymore
endless silence
ever lasting emptiness
there is something behind mystery of eternity

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6 May, 2015

'Dream Catcher'
Chandana and cobody

Chandana who has co-created "Oneness in Kolkata" in the India Rhizomig tour visited school, and collaborated with students again.
All students also joined the piece with own experiment of lighting.
She will join in the Butoh Festival in this June.

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 Batash, Laurence, Alexsander
Jeane and Marcus, Katrine 
1 May, 2015

'Evil spirits of rivers and mountains'
Sara and cobody

Sara invited all dancers into her dream.
Each dancer performed as the specific dream being;
Spider, Awareness and River, Rock, Butoh dancer turn into chair, Moss, Male voices, and so on.
Totally so strange realm came out.
So, we are co-creating only one Secret.

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 Nomad-Dream in Kangra Fort 
25 April, 2015

Kangra Dream Theater Part 2

In the Kangra ruins, we co-created a long dream with Nomad-Rhizoming.
We danced under the strong Indian Sun shine, under the ruins, entangled by banyan trees, and so on, connected 10 people's dreams one after another.

This is the part 2 of it.

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24 April, 2015

Kangra Dream Theater Part 1

Last week we danced each Proto dream, and on Thursday, at the Kangra Fort we co-created one long Dream thater with ten students. This is the first part of it. Please enjoy it.

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 Marcus, Sara, Jeane, Batash and Aymon
'Stuffed Lotus' Katrine and cobody 
 World Life Resonance
 Fallen from Grace: The Descent (Part 1 of 3) Odile 2014

"Dark feminine"; The relayed issue by taken over

"Dark Feminine" is a deep theme to explore,it has visited an old student, Odile in 2010, then after she has returned to the United States, she completed it into a long Butoh piece, 2014 over 4 years. It concerns not only to women, but also to man, because the archetype of "Dark Feminine" or "Great Mother" have settled for long time in our darkness of body beyond the sexuality.
Exceeding the time, it is taken over by another student of the school.
Because it is the unavoidable issue to release from the binds of archetype and prototype of sexuality, and common illusion of it.

Acctuall, we have to reach to the non-dual horizon which it becomes not important whether dark or bright, female or male, and me or not-me.

School Journal 2010
19 November, 2010 (Introduce an old article)

'Dark Feminine' Odile and cobody

Students sink into the abyss of life, and research each own qualia by various way, and guide into it each other in this month.
The travel is full of mysteries, we cannot expect whatever will happen.
Odile met "Dark Feminine" in the travel into her abyss.
She said " I noticed that I don't know anything now."
She has to deconstruct her peice which she constructed until then at all.
One of the symbol of it is "Ereshkigal", a Mesopotaminan goddess who lives in the underground. She has a sister Inanna who lives in the Heaven.
Inanna is a goddes of Love, War, and Fertility. Ereshkigal is a goddess who can control the power of the dead.
Inanna did the descent of the underground passing seven gates with lost clothing, and the ascension.
(For more info; Crick here)
Odile quated a word "Myth is the mirror of the Soul, and guided us into her abyss.
I also traveled together and encountered unexpected big edge.
My own travel is written at "Sink into the darkness"
To share each one's abyss brings us into deeper awareness which we could not notice by alone. The travels of students resonates and deepens each other.
Because the travel into the Abyss is to enter the non-dual realm of life which the boundary between self and others disappears.
In the abyss of life, there are no copy rights.
We share deep mysteries and secrets which are folded in the each abyss of body, these diverse fertility brings each one's flowers infinitely.
The more diversity of mystery and secret suport the richer hervest of flowers.
This is the most important stage of the life resonance which we ca nshare at the last stage of the subbody school. It is million times recher and deeper in the one year course than the short course. That's why I oriented to the long term class.

 'Dark Feminine' Aia and cobody
18 April, 2015

Art of alter ego of Ramesh

Including the photographer role Ramesh who had hold the subbody resonance school for many years became sick and not able to work as thousands persons ability than ever.
But, as if it is too much to fill the place of him, his second daighter, Pitar and third daughter, Shiv came to shoot video and still camera and all of the editing works of video and still images. Just like as the art of alter ego, it has powered up than ever. The video above is the first video editing work of Shiv, it is pretty good for the first time, isn't it? It's fun for future.

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18 April, 2015

'Dark Feminine' Aia and cobody

This years class is so high level and progressed a lot comparing than ever. Already long pieces as festival level with co-creation of original cobody world were born each weekend.
Last week Aia guided us to her 'Dark Feminine' world. We danced
in the non-dual chaos in the womb, and transformed into various archtypes; as the Great mother, monster, fetus or embryo, behind spirit, spider web, and reborn as novel beings.
'Dark Feminine' is also an old student Odile's main motif of her Life work. A relay of soul is going on.
It's very profound experiences for each of us to share the other's Mystery and Secret of Abyss.

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 Subbody Drawing 2015
18 April, 2015

Subbody Drawing 2015

We drew subbody Drawing, after transparent subtle body meditation.
And enter each other into other's drawing through various channel. Especiall, it was intersting that we entered with DPW-B (Detail, Part, Whole body and Behind world) method.
All students grew up transparent resonant body. We can use it and resonate with any arts at any galleries or exibhitions.
It was my resonance practice in my young age.

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 Aia, Batash, Aymon and Anneri
Jaime and Gio 
 Katrine, Jeane, Sara and cobody
 Marcus, Jaime and Lee
12 April, 2015

Carrying the Secret, Mystery and Flower

We are facing to the Neccesity of creation in each unknown Abyss, faster than usual year. Dancer carries each own Secret and Mystery to find the timing to shift it to the Flower in each experimental piece. This process will continue to meet own Necessity of dancing.

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 Sara, Jaime, Markus, Jeane, Katrine
 Aia, Aless, Batash and cobody
10 April, 2015

Reserching the Abyss in the Himalayan Rock Garden

We visited the Chatle Himalayan Rock Garden near the school. In the varieties of land scapes,
students research a spacific landscape which resonates strongly with the constellation (=inner landscape) of the darkness of body.
It was so deep harvests than ever, each student reseach into the limit of hardships and danced on the edge. It became a Heartbreak theater for watching as an audience.
Now we will cntinue the Quest toward the each Abyss (=bottomless depth).

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 Aymon, Markus, Aia and cobody
 Batash, Sebastien, Katrine, Sara
4 April, 2015

Resonance in the Silent Speed
--An experimental performance by Gio, Anneli, Sebastian and Jaime

"The Beauty is based on the Life Resonance"---
although this was an strong premonition long years, I could not have confidence, then it was only as a hypothesis till now.
Is the essence of beauty is based on the Life Resonance, or not?

But, in the fourth week of March, Gio, Anneri, Sebastian and Jaime, four long-term student, did an experimental performance to share an extra slow speed.
It was by applying the technique of <Reduction by X and regeneration> of Tatsumi Hijikata.
They reduced the speed of movement extremely and continued dancing 40 minutes experimentally.
Each movement was probably left to each and just listened to the subtle resonance.
It was felt for me as a proof of the hypothesis that is "Beauty is in Resonance".

What is this exactly? I asked myself with.
It was just the resonance with the speed.
And added on it, it is not just a resonance.
It was resonance with the qualia of reduction by X, which reduced a qualia from common human being.
The resonance with the qualia of weakness might hit the heart.

<Life resonance with the qualia of reduction by X> is the essence of Weakened body Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata.
Simply saying, it is non-dual Life resonance with sick people, disabled people, crazy people and the dead people untill being merged into them.
Life resonance to all those negative factors,
was crystallized in one word of <Reduction by X>.
Unexpectedly in March of this year, we were able to come up far than usual.
All students are earnestly facing to the "sick Dancing Princess" and researching each own experiences to be eaten by the invisible world.

April course will be standing on this, we are able to proceed to novel experiment of Life resonance.
We will try to find each own
<Qualia of being eaten by the world>
<Qualia of reduction by X>,
<Qualia of Weakened>
<Qualia of Resonance with disability>

and resonate with all of them together.
What Beauty of Resonance would be generated by
sharing them.
It will be unprecedented experiment for the Quest of novel beauty.
The mystery why was this school named "Resonance Butoh School" which was not clear for me, might be approaching the time to open.

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22 March, 2015

'Ankoku Ankur' Jaime

Jaime danced our friend Ankur.
He is now attacked by the remained big power of Indian Caste system and trapped for many months.
Jaime resonated with the whole tragedy.
Ankur and Jaime were students of same semester, and danced together a lot.
'Ankoku' means 'Black and Dark' as 'Ankoku Butoh'.
We will continue to dance until all the Hierarchy (=Tree) system which trapped us in the long human history, shall be vanished.
I hope all the old students may resonate with Ankur and help him.
Become Rhizome!
Become a Secret!
Untill all the borders and powers shall be disappeared.

15 March, 2015

Dancing in the Chaos of Multi-dimensional Life Resonance

The depth of dance is depend on the numbers of invisible dimensions which it resonates with as the 'Behind worlds".
Whether dancing solo or in herd, performance that is not listening to the invisible signs of the 'Multiple Behind World' is poor and cold.

Because it is in possession by the biggest modern archetype of ego as the illusion of 'self-expression'.
Butoh of Life is not such a small thing.
To listen to the faint but infinite signs of multidimensional Life Resonance and dance them. it is "Butoh of Life".
How can we do train it?
This year's Subbody Resonance Butoh School have got the methods of it clearly and will go straight.
It was discovered and polished in the India Rhizoming tour of this winter.
We have been practice a number of new techniques from the beginning.
How to turn off the ego, and to stop thinking and judgement, I am showing all of them through my every day's movement, because by word, it is not possible.
Fortunately, from this year Gio and me will guide the class as the midwife half and half. Half of the time I guide as the midwife and half Gio will do it. I can move as a dancer again after a decade absence.
It is so happy to be dancer again, though the time to be remained will be short.
Please steal everything from my spontaneous movement during I am dancing.
I find so many novel techniques and methods through dancing everyday than before. But a new problem happened. When I dance full time everyday, most of new findings are only to show through the body movement, it is difficult to describe by words and I have no time to write them because of fatigue out.
Sorry for the readers, the article will be decreased than ever this year.
If you want to learn it really, just come to Himalaya!

11 March, 2015

India Rhizoming Tour
6 March, 2015

Highlight of India Rhizoming tour 2015

India Rhizoming tour brought so many unexpected harvests.
The most unexpectd one is what I could become myself again, or what I was reborn again. And many novel methods were found out. Many new projects were generated. All of them will become new contents of the Subbody Resonance Butoh School 2015 and our multi-layered new activities.

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