November 2012


Subbody Journal
23 November, 2012

Reborn from a near misscarriging subbody/ Monica

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20 November, 2012

Near Death Subbody/ Pan

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20 November, 2012

Way Home cobody/ Valerie

When we open world-self channel in the creation, multiple worlds are start resonating together. So, real world and behind wrolds are interacting always. Valerie tried to dance the dying body in the fire, and 25 Tibetan people suicided by fire during October and November, 2012. Israel attacked Palestina by 2000 misyles.
We have to resonate with all of these misery, though it is extremely hard for Life.
It will continue untill the vanish of the biggest Monster; nation-state. The illusious division of people and delusion hatred will continue until that time.

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20 November, 2012

Navel Ear cobody/ Kristien

Deepning of cobody is real co-creation process.
It can be deepened through only resonance.
In case of voice cobody, each dancer has to invent each subbody's deepest voice.
Cobody is not role play, but to dig each Abyss resonating with friend's Abyss.
Solveig researchs sphenoid sound, Gio reseachs forbidden girl's voice, KatsD research emptiness voice.
When all of their deepning will become one, it is the co-creation which we are investigating in.
This is the first stage of cobody in the subbody school. It is so hard, but students are opening new realm of cobody.
It's potantial seems infinitely rich and deep.

Today, Kristien's voice starts to contact the tribal voice which her mother came from, Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean Ocean.

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18 November, 2012

Rhizome Sister/ Gio

The last part of Gio's "Forbidden Girls",
"Rhizome Sister" has come out in the form.
It is the last part following "Fetus in the gabegge disposal place", "Baby Factory", and "Forbidden fruit".
Gio has created a duo of the same name with Natasja, and now try to develope as a cobody piece with five dancers.
It is going to be a more complex composition.
All dancers have to ask oneself to participate it,
"What is a girl?",
"What is a boy?",
"What is the sexuality?",
"What is forbidden to be a woman?"
Othewise, nobody can participate in it.

This year's creation of the subbody school deepened in this novel way.
While each student's "Behind world and Blood" echoed each other, and been involved into bottomless depth with the infinite spiral.

Modern choreography way was an 'excelent' choreographer create thecomposition and direct other dancers into his/her world.
When we are bound by the common sense which "someone is excelent than others", only a choregrapher can direct it.
But, when we become subbody, cobody and Life, there is no border among Life. Every subbody-cobody-Life can create unique dance.
We investigate in how to break away and overcome the modern way of creation for long years together in Himalaya.
This year, finnally we are finding a novel way. It's a way of resonance among subbody, cobody, and Life.
This is the the first attempt, we meet hard edges and unexpected dagers everyday.
Always someone including me meets very hard edges and falls into a condition unable to move at all.
It is too painful for each not want to continue creation, everyday one or two students try to stop all creation and run away.
Subbody and cobody which is going to be born are on the edge of miscarrige each time.
I as a midwife share all edges together, too.
Each other's day-to-day,we replace life and death most of the time.
However, it is the deepest way of the creation that we found out after so many trials and errors so far.
Let's just hope sincerely that all students pass through this hard process safely.

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Sphenoid bone
(Crick picture for rotating) 
17 November, 2012

Listening to Sphenoid Bone/ Solveig

Each student is deepning own subbody-cobody.
Deepening means segmenting, multi-layering various qualia and through the blood of dance each dancing place, and details.
Solveig is segmenting to her listening with foucusing on the Sphenoid bone and spenoid sinus.
It is so subtle qualia, then hardly to catch by picture.
But real creation of butoh is persuing in the invisible realm.
(The bone she masks on the head is another animal bone which she got at Tatapani, but may be resonating.)

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 Abysss of Fire
14 November, 2012

Fire cobody/ Valerie

Valerie showed us a slideshow above.
It was so hard pictures which people's body is burning out.
We resonated with them as Life, and share her cobodies.
Dancers shift from Ash walk- Humanoid walk- Strange relationship- and Fire! as the climax.
This is the Kyu part of the piece.

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13 November, 2012

Earth cobody/ Kristien

Kristien experimented voice and movement cobody during the week. This brought us a revolution of cobody.
It starts from
<Earth cobody> of voices and sounds. Each one opens various voice and sound as the forest cobody with listening carefully each other to be fertile.
And one subbody blooms a
<Flower> with clear solo voice, song or sound, the others support it. And in case of when others join the flower, it becomes <Bush> as a kind of forest cobody.
Bush also returns the earth again to open other flower or bush.
Earth-Flower-Bush method bought us a clear vision how can we develope cobody into richest Flower-Secret-Mystery.
How to realize the hidden potential of cobody is one of the long theme of the school as well as how to deepen subbody. It is going to bear fruit after repeated trial and error. The method became one step transparent by this revolution.
We realized that our audio channel has special potential for developing subbody-cobody.
This revolution is a precious common wealth for all Life.
Thanks Kristien!

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12 November, 2012

Passing through stone cobody/ Akshi

Akshi created her Kyu part of subbody-cobody piece.
Vampire approachs standing persons, dancing the flighting qualia. Carrying stone cobody is passing through the dead world.
<Passing through cobody> is one of the necessary choreography to create multi-dimensional world. Hijikata used to create excelent passing through cobody often.
Another dimension intrudes a world.
Defferent worlds are resonating by discontinuity for Life.
Japanese novelist, Haruki Murakami's world is also various different worlds are connected by discontinuity.
Akshi has read Huaruki's novels a lot, she know well about this.
We have to deepen the mysterious discontinuity of multi dimensional resonance world for dancing mystery of Life.
She is going to create a long piece by integrating all subbody and cobodies during the month.

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11 November, 2012

Stone Garden of Akshi, Gio and Kristien

Long term students did sixty minutes stone garden.
It was so deep garden.
AKshi and Gio was for two years, Kristien one year, digging the darkness of the body in the Himalayas.
The deepening of butoh appears as the depth of subtleness and multi-layering of each movement transparently.
Gradually it approaching to the multi-dimensional resonance and non-dual of Life.
The flower, secret, mystery are deepening.
Now it is the timing to polish with reducing duplication and complete Jo-Ha-Kyu.
Terrible surprise will be waiting in the process, but they have already met very hard near death edges and overcome.
They would somehow survive.

Next week they will integrate each two peices of subbody and cobody, and one workshop for open participants. Slowly the total view of Festival is coming out.
After festival, they will spread to the world with carrying these three works as Nomad-rhizome.
Student's resonance network is growing year by year.

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10 November, 2012

Stone Garden of Solveig, Valerie and Monica

Last weekend we got big harvest of six long subbody solo and three cobodies.
The first slideshow is Stone Garden theater by Silveig, Valerie, and Monica. They are integrating subbody=cobody as one hour solo.

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8 November, 2012

Monika researching

Monika joined school later, now she is on the way of self researching.
She tried to dig different tunnels everyday.

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7 November, 2012

Solvieg integrating

Solvieg is going to integrate her subbldies to 30 nimutes solo.
And will integrate subbody-cobody piece with her experiment of transformatin of skin.
Now it is on the way.

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6 November, 2012

Valeriya's Black face

I surprised at Valeriya appeared with black face.
It is a precious peacock for us.
I don't know how the unexpected surpise connect to the beauty,
but, there is a deep secret connection between the surprise and the flower of dance.

Hijikata called it as the peacock.
Zeami who is the Noh dance master said,
"Flower, Interesting, and Unusual is the same meaning." in his 'Kaden-sho'.
We should try to invent novel thing at every moment.

Anyway Valeriya will deepen this black face more.

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5 November, 2012

Kristien in the pond

Kristien danced solo in the pond.
She reduced gross movement, and so subtle qualia came out, through various dancing place. This piece will grow as one of her subbody.

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4 November, 2012

Invitation for each Abyss of own behind world

This month is creation month for each integrated piece.
Each student has own unique behind world.
Last week we tried to share each own world, through sharing visual images, pictures, misics and so on.
This day, we brought own favourite music and danced with resonance with various misic qualia.
Based on these sharing process of each world by body, we can co-create all pieces as one subbody-cobody.
To experience these process is the first time in the school.
Slowly we are approaching the cobody resonance realm without words.

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3 November, 2012

A letter from Pan 2

Dear Mr. Lee,

I’ve just had an amazing experience. It is 2:24 am now. I woke up
at 2:00 am and even if I felt tired and wanted to sleep again;
something made me write down about the experience I’ve just had

My astral body and my physical body and in general many different
bodies and subbodies became one-ness. And through my sleep I
received a wonderful gift. My consciousness became multi-
consciousness or no consciousness or sub-consciousness or
unconsciousness. All mixed together. And I felt blessed for that I
receive such inspiration, motivation and guidance in the astral

My body was dancing and it was like time stood still. There was a
discontinuity of space. No boundaries of time. It felt like the
space around me was fragmented. For example, I could cut a small
piece of space that was above my right shoulder and I could dance
in there. I could go in those particles and be those particles. And
my body was rotating in the strangest way.

All the training and guidance that I’ve received so far became one-
ness or one-nest! My joints weren’t mine anymore. They were dancing
in their own way. Like they were following their own wish. I wasn't
trying to move them. They were just moving by their own will. And I
thought: “Ahh, that’s the secret of disabled body”.

At the same time, there was no separation between my body and the
space around me. I was dancing in a multi-dimensional space.
Everything was dancing. And in the darkness of my body, I felt
eaten from the inside. I was giving space inside my body to
someone. And Hijikata entered that space and he became that space
and he started dancing with me, in me. We were sharing the same

Amazing experience. A true blessing.


A letter from Gio

Dear lee

Thanks for the moring, kan flower..
After coming back, I experienced somthing unexpected moment.
I'd love to share that moment with subbody friends and you.
So I uploaded on facebook and send you as following.
I need more time to listen to my subbody about what's next.
Anyway tomorrow morning i'll visit you.

Dear Subbody Butoh friends

I’m not sure if I can give you about her(gio) experience exactly in these sentences or not. I’d love to share through body but in the limits of space I hope to resonate beyond space by these writing.

This morning she(gio) encountered an amazing moment.
She visited Lee and Lee told to her an unexpected phenomen...
She faced a big blockage in subbody mode on the stage last week.
Her strange subbody couldn’t move, couldn’t follow Lee’s direction even though she was watching the whole process from outside as transparent eye.
She was going to less less less body, felt like becoming a dust in the strange light, to extreme shrunken condition. Anyhow finally her subbody escaped from the subbody hall and was closed from this visible world. The subbody was trying to come outside from her deep memories, but couldn’t come out instead it hid in abyss again. At the same time her conscious body was closed from outer world making huge distance and starting to move out to new world to breathe. The process was mystery and incomprehensible for her, maybe also
for lee.

Anyway this morning, Lee has found the clue of the phenomenon as ‘Kan flower.’
She was able to accept the clue naturally, deeply with crying.

The following is what she wants to share with butoh friends.
After visiting Lee, She came back to her space and started to move, dance very spontaneously. She didn’t do any conditioning, but her various subbody came out one by one with strange sounds, languages, breathings. She couldn’t stop. Her hidden, pressed deep subbody was quaking to come out desperately. In that moment her body was not hers, really. She could see what’s happening clearly.

She remembered one phenomenon which she watched at the exorcism performance in Korea. The people who wanted to get exorcism believed that their one of dead family was floating with mortification gotten from this world before dying as forgotten spirit. In the performance of shaman, suddenly the shaman was possessed by the dead spirit and started to cry, move, dance, and talk with living people. When the process went to climax, the sprit was disappeared and everything was calm down. Maybe today’s experience of gio was different from the performance. But she felt some connection with that in some point, the pressed forgotten spirit and her pressed forgotten subbody by outer visible world.

One more thing what she wants to share is about being midwife.
You know, her subbody has been being born one by one and mixed by Lee and you guys.
Since last year, all subbody friends, you were her subbody’s mother, though the experiment as midwife you gave her birth, fed to grow up.

My dear friends and also mothers..

She encountered a big awareness through this morning experience.
The thing is the final midwife for her subbody is ‘SHE’
For now ‘SHE’ could give a new birth to her or kill the pressed subbody knocking the womb’s door desperately. ‘SHE’ has to take on all responsibilities and possibilities for her subbody from some moment. SHE(gio) is facing on very complicated state on the various borders, listening to her subbody’s yelling behind the door. SHE is looking for some space to give a birth to her subbody, until yesterday the space was for just other life to live in but now for safe space for giving a birth.

In this process she wanted to resonate more strongly with her friends and to take their wisdoms as her subbody’s mothers.
She misses you, your energy, your breathing, your subbody.
She wishes you be the best midwife for others and also for your own hidden subbody in your abyss.

Friends, Mothers with earth energy
Send warm resonance and light

much love, Dust Gio

A letter from Pan

Dear Mr. Lee,

today it was maybe the 1st time that I felt I guided in a way that
respects all different subbodies. Not being strict, not putting
restrictions. Letting my voice come through my subbody and allowing
my guidance to be direct, yet kind and gentle.

I've been thinking about it lately. How to guide properly. It's not
easy. And keeping in mind that everyone is different. The guidance
has to be able to touch all students. So then, we can finally
remove our individuality and become one-ness. Transforming,
exploring, becoming shisha.

But it's a really difficult process. Both for new students and
midwives. And most importantly if the new students have tried
different dance forms before. Their bodies are used to move in a
certain way and they find it so difficult to look in their darkness
of body and stop using their mind. It's a common "problem". But it
is necessary for a midwife to be able to guide in a way that will
lead to "The Body That Becomes" (as the Butohists of the first
generations put it). No thinking of how to move. But reaching an
alternative consciousness through the subbody mode and letting your
body move by its own will. Only then the blood of dance can run
through every single cell.

Sometimes I am getting upset and irritated when I see dancers with
conscious mind, conscious eye, conscious body to try and dance
Butoh. It looks like "Butoh Zombie" as you described it and it's
definitely an ego-self expression! And there are many many dancers
in the world who try to perform Butoh, but without destroying their
daily body, without destroying their daily mind, without destroying
all their habits, forms and movements by trying to "twist and
reverse" them. The result is "HORRIBLE" in my eyes. Because there's
no blood of dance. It's like an imitation of Butoh and it's
something I can't watch. It makes me sad (if not angry).

d it's the reason that sometimes I am strict and stubborn when I
guide. But I am realizing that for some people it takes more time
than others to get in subbody mode and discover their darkness of
body. Some may never succeed. Some may be lost in the process. But
it is important to guide through one direction. That direction is
"Blood of Dance" or "Spirit of Butoh" as I call it. Only then Butoh
will be resonance beyond life and death and not ego-self
expression. Only then Hijikata will smile from the Behind World.

As an epilogue, I would like to use the following words of Hijikata

(from 'Being Jealous of a Dog's Vein'):

"Stuffed into an izume, with all kinds of things pressed in around
me, tied in so that I can’t get out, I wet myself, as children do.
And so the nether regions of the body begin to itch. So I cry. Not
just me; all over the fields plopped down here and there. Loud,
pitiful crying… but it doesn’t reach those working [in the fields]!
Because the sky is much too wide in the rice fields, and then
there’s the wind. That’s why, looking at the sky, I thought to
myself “you damned idiot”.
When evening came and [I] was taken out, [I] couldn’t stand. My legs
were completely folded up. I had become a cripple! This child
absolutely refused to look into its family’s faces. The [basis for
the] “folded joints” lies therein. It is a comedy and [a] very
serious [affair]; having one’s wings trimmed. As if the legs have
simply slipped away and fled the body. Where did the legs, that
have gone away forever, go? I think, only the body of a child,
bullied to the utmost by an izume, knows this."