November 2016


School Journal

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Border Line/ Anais and Pilar  
New Born Subbodies of Pilar's Resonance Course 
27 November, 2016

Happy Birth of New Sobbodies
of Pilar's Resonance Course!

Yesterday, Six new subbodies was born from
Pilar's Resonance course.
They are so free, diverse and unique, released from binds of judgement.
Hope to let them grow up continuously.
Also the Subbody School started as one week course 12 years ago.
I reminded it nostargically, Pilar was a participant of one week class at that time.

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Breathing Landscapes/ Pilar and Cobody  
Antennas to Heaven/ Johanna  
 Alchemy of Creation/ Isa
Resonance in Tatapani Sanctuary/ Anais  
Tatapani Sanctuary 2 / Johanna, Pamela, Pratik, Aia, Jaime and Anais  
Tatapani Sanctuary 1/ Gorka, Pamela, Alex, Isa, Olga and Cobody  
Disable to Ex-Press/ Rhizome Lee and Cobody 
Jumping Wild/ Pamela and Gorka  
5 Subbodies in the Spider Web/ Aia, Anais, Isa, Olga and Pilar  
Two Solos on the Rooftop/ Laura and Zalina  
Invisible Sources/ Olga  
Anima mi Animus/ Aia  
Sisters Cells/ Aia, Anais and Olga
A Walk with Stacy Anais  
 Stone, Knife and Gum/ Pilar
6 November, 2016

Why Pilar continues to dance with knife?

2005, at the first time Pilar joined in the school from Colombia, she danced her nightmare. It was a scare dream to be shot by the gun of terrorist in the jungle.
Because it was very vivid movement, it is possible to remember also clearly now.
After then, she investigated the secret and mystery of her proto dream why has she to dream like that?
Gradually she found out a deep connection of her proto experience of the Caesarean operation and the other phenomena.
Gradually, she performed that a sharp knife is inserted into a small space, or various accidents are happen in the womb.
Also she investigated in the tropical forest tribe people with learning their song and culture.
She expanded her research to dance under the water as the fluid dance in the various sea or fresh water in the world.

After twelve years, still now she needs to quest her own mystery and secret in her Abyss. Because it is the multi-dimensional resonance among various Qualia in the darkness of body.

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The Table of My Childhood/ Anais and Pamela  
Holi Color/ Silvia and cobody  
Unfolding the Box/ Gorka  
Black Shadow Pamela  
Inner River Anais  
Nesting Princess/ Pilar  
29 October, 2016

Nesting Princess/ Pilar  

Pillar continued to explore in the before and after her birth experience in a variety of ways, and continues dancing during the decade.
Whereever she went dive in the water if there is water, and enter the cave or hole if there is a small space.
The darkness of fetus realm is also the place that so many Archetypes and Prototypes that should be called heritage of mankind's imagination and Qualia.
This day, Pillar found a mysterious cave under the the river flow of Jogibara valley, and transformed into a numinous being.
It is the unexpected big pleasure as a midwife to witness a subbody is maturing slowly over ten years of time.
This is owing to make a second studio that is for the midwife training for graduates.
Pilar's class starts tomorrow, and next year many of the old students will come back for the midwife training.
It is an extreme pleasure.

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