Festival #3
November-December 2011


Himalaya Butoh Festival #3
27 November, 2011

Family day 2 / Natasja

Natasja continued Kid's workshop every Sunday in Autumn.
We invited Indian families from village during Festival.
Ten years ago, when I started living here, a lot of kids visit my cottage and played together everyday..
I dreamed to involve them into butoh dance. But I could not.
After 10 years, Natasja started to try it.

Kids are natural subbody and cobody, but they have another process from adult. I have to concentrate on adult students, then I have almost given up. she could open it well slowly and naturally, though only beginning.
Today it's became a Kid's Festival.
They transform various animals, created own mask by drawing, enjoy 'Origami (Japanese paper craft)' and danced together wearing it.
These trials are important in the process to spread Life Resonance in each local community and world.
Please try to invent your own way with opening various channels; drawing, singing, dancing, laughing, playing and so on, with various ages, sexes, topics at your place.

Multi dimensional resonance beyond borders will become oneness someday.

Subbody Journal
27 December, 2011

Natasja in Tatapani

In this Autumn, during I left Himalaya to visit Japan,
one weekend students visited Tatapani where is a sanctuary of Hindu with a holy hot spring.
I surprised to find pictures which Gessuri took Natasja's performance at Ttapani on the facebook.com. Because, Natasja was so wild like a Tarzan in Jungle in those pictures.
I couldn't know about that through another pictures by Ramesh cameraman. Picture is fearful, because it gives us only a partial qualia of whole.

At Subbody Butoh course, we try to release various subbodies and cobodies one by one from the darkness of body for one years.
For one years subbody-cobody process, we meet various ten bodies; Quiet-body, Proto-body, Animal-body, Hidden-body, Oposite-gender-body, Weakened-body, Vaporized-body, Bottom-body,
Chimera-body, Nest-body, Possessed-body, and so on.
After one years experience, it become able to integrate all subbodies as a butoh piece.
Also like this wild subbody is living in our darkness of body.
They have so different natures. A subbody is so shy, and another subbody is so wild.
Some subbody comes out slowly, anothe one comes out suddenly, as a explosion of volcano.
Hijikata called it "Mad king- Hiliogabalus". In Yoga calture, they call it "Kundalini".
If we meet them at the beginning process which we don't know well how to communicate with them, it might be so dangerous. I have met almost near death experiences during the travel in the darkness of body without any guide.
Because they have so strong energy and extreme speed to come out and spread. We cannot control their speed of growing up in a second from minmum size to maximum size.
We need to meet them after we have pretty experiences how to become friend with subbodies. Otherwise, they are so wild and violent that we cannot control them during the beginners process.
In the subbody method, experienced midwife will guide you to meet various subbodies one by one slowly, and we can learn how to communicate with them one after another from tender one to violent one.
it is very necessary to become midwife for ourselves and for others to guide safe birth of subbody and cobody, too.
This is the reason why the minimum term of subbody school is one year. It takes time at least for one year to experience the whole process. Without knowing the whole, nobody can understand it by only partial knowledge.
Please understand it deeply.

22 December, 2011


Let's meet after 5000 years!
Grand Final of the Himalaya Butoh Festival

On the Final day, all dancers wore their own costume, and I spoke with them after a short conditioning, "Let's meet after 5000 years later!".
None of us must remain on the earth, but maybe Life will continue.
Elements of us maybe transform another being. Some of them will be stone, bacteria, grass, and so on. We danced this day the meeting after a long time of 5000 years, and enjoyed the resonance freely.
Audieance might be puzzled at first what is happening, but slowly they could resonante with this no story theater. And finaly everybody has crossed over the border between dancers and audience. Fortunately, we are the being who can dream extreme dreams beyond logic. Some audience were from rare place such as Mongol, Brazil, and so on. We could enjoy beyond the borders on the earth.

20 December, 2011

On the Edge / Gessuri

Gessuri from Guatemala-Canada was facing many hard edges. He came here to create his master piece with facing his darkness. His subbody wished to come out strongly. But in this Autumn, I had to leave from Himalaya for over one month by visa problem, and I could not have enogh time to help the birth properly. He fell into a hard condition unable to move, because his subbody was facing nearly miscarriage.
After hard struggle, oneday he diceded to leave from Himalaya and to try next year again.
But also it was ambivalent decision, because his subbody was crying to be born.
I heard his subbody's shout, "I cannot wait to come out until next year!". I suggest him to try to dance once without thinking before leaving.
He danced this piece on the day of 111111.
I don't know the subbody was the same as he planed as his master piece ot not.
The birth of this subbody was so strong explosion, as if the only one moment of the Emergence of Heriogaballus.

"There is only one moment of Heliogaballus.

What endures is another face of extreme moderation."
("Quiet House" chapter 22)

His subbody hit the floor and jumped against the wall many times with full of suffering. I and the other students were moved deeply. Because at that time almost of students were facing the similar difficult birth of subbody, too. But we were released by this performance, overcoming the crisis on the edge of miscarriage and come out though it was so difficult delivery.
How this subbody will grow up in next year?
Nobody knows. We don't have any background knowledge about how various subbodies will be integrated, or they will be independent from each othe in the darkness of body and the process of creation, because they have unknown resonance pattern in the Abyss of non-dual and multi-dimensional realm.
I hope it will become clear during the next year in Gessuri's subbody case.

18 December, 2011

Resonance Theater in the Forest / Isabelle

In this year, I could not have class in the forest at all, since I had to leave from Himalaya many times by visa problem.
But, in the Festival, Isabelle did a open workshop in the forest.
Isabelle guided participants to respect the silence way of living of trees in the forest, and to resonante with them freely without thinking.
Forest is one of the best place for healing.
We try to become quiet as same as trees and rocks.
When we listen to the silence of them, we are ashamed of ourselves, how we are swung by so busy consciousness comparing to them.
Their silence has something noble of Life.
We can calm down our Ego and Self, and to become a quiet body.
To be quiet body is the beginning of everything for opening the creativity of Life.
Also in the process of subbody creation is full of hardships. During we dig into the darkness of obdy, we often encounter the unexpected hard edges.
When we cannot heal by ourselves, it is the best way to borrow tree's or rock's power for healing.
By listening to their silent way of living, the plant part of our body, or metalic part of Life are activated by the resonance, and we can resonate with their silent way of Life.

16 December, 2011

Possessed / Kats D

Tha last open workshop and Possessed Theater by Kats D could open a novel horizon.
When we heard about 'Possessed' normally almost people make face, because in the contemporary society it is regarded as a premodern ignorant fenomena as occult or something.
But, he did it with participants of his workshop.

For my ten-bodies, there was a 'Possessed body' from over ten years ago.
My butoh pieces; 'Infectious Fever', 'Dead Fever', and 'Black fever' were possessed pieces which my dead friends borrowed my body and created.
They were not my creations.
But, for students of school, I could not guide it until this year.
I had no idea how to teach it at all.
Only I could to guide to 'Passive body' which is moved by something or someone else.
After we enter the subconscious body mode by swaying meditation, one person receives various stimulas, by touching, sound, voice and so on from other studnets around, and being moved by them. We used the practice for passive body often.
But I felt that there are thousand miles distance between passive body and possessed body, I could not find any next step from there until this year.
But, this year we study Hijikata's "Quiet House' for one year.
Students used to calm down Ego and Self, and were able to be 'Passivebody' enough to be moved by various stimulus from outside or from behind world.
They could transform mature passive body which is moved by somehting from behind world.
Our Life is resonating by various qualia of behind worlds where our ancester's qualia, shisha(=dead)'s qualia, and another being's qualia are floating.
We used to practice to resonante with them often.
Also we became 'Chimera body' which plural qualia enter into our body and moves us.
It was the same as the possessed fenomena which another being's qualia possesses our bodies and moves us.
Hijikata's 'The Art of Shisha' has guided us to possessed body naturally during one year.
I was aware of that there is only one hair distance between 'Passive body' and ' Possessed body'. I noticed that I didn't have the braveness to proceed beyond the only one hair distance by my wrong impression.

In that workshop, Kats guided people from the paractice for passive body to possessed body carefully and smoothly. The first participants were enjoyed the fresh experience to be moved by something. And some of them joined the possessed theater with long term students naturally.
I surprised at that they were so naturally guided by Kats, and they could touch the Life Resonance beyond the borders between self and others, as natural fenomena for Life.
When we are not bound by the common consensus of modern inteligence, we can feel the Life Resonance through body naturally
Of course, we need special skill as a Midwife to guide beginning participants until such a activity to join in the performance.
It is impossible without very carefull mastery skill incliding deep tone of voice, pricise timing and flow which is unable to discribe by words.
I surprised at that Kats did it by only one day's workshop. I recognized he grew up to mature Midwife.
I was so glad that I felt I can die at any moment.

13 December, 2011

Leftovers After the Ruin / Akshi


Akshi made this cobody(=Group) piece with using full of 'Art of Shisha' which we reseached for one whole year.

Butoh dancers were coming and going between this world and the other world many times, changing shapes.

They came out from the darkness of the behind world, and met each together.

then they became a flame of a candle and carried their bodies on to the stone, and materialized.

They remembered various qualia of the living world; light, wind, sound of bird, and so on. The living world is full of bright qualia.

Slowly, Shisha resonated with various qualia and started movement borrowing  others' shapes flexibly.

Then someone stole the light from them and they had to wander in the darkness. They met others and joined in the carnival of Shisha.

But after a short while they had to be put back into the small box; where they shrieked in agony.

Shisha traveled various statuses between heaven and hell.

Akshi's solo; 'A Doll' was performed in the evening after this piece

in the shivering weather of Himalayan winter.


When I describe  the above, some people might suspect that it is some kind of a second coming of an ancient ritual or an occult.

But it's completely different from them. Because, ancient religious people or occult people are not aware of what they are bound by, a specific common illusion, just like the contemporary people are not aware that their so-called inteligence is bound by contemporary common

illusion and the big flood of informations.

Butoh dancers have to be aware of what is happening around their Life transparently.

Of course, the image of archetypes and prototype emotions; fear, shivering between death and life, are attacking us strongly from the darkness of body. They have extreme strong power to bind us. But we endure the twisting forces and try a 'Reverse twist' to change it, an original creation by a hairbreadth.

When we are aware of what is happening around our Life transparently, then we can be a medium of all phenomena of Life Qualia between life and death.

Life is always resonating with everything beyond the borders of life and death, and beyond time and space.

To train how to become transparent medium of Life with releasing from all kind of binds against Life is the essense of 'The Art of Shisha' by Hijikata and the subbody method.


10 December, 2011

A Dream of Calabi-Yau Fetus / kats D

What is 'Calabi-Yau" of the title of this piece?
It means a Multi-dimensioanl space which is discribed by the matimatics invented by Dr. Calabi and Yau. You can see the pictures below.
By the String Theory of contemporary physics, The Strings are resonating in the eleven dimension which the size is 'Plank Length' ( the minus 33th power of 1 meter) which is minimum length in the Universe.
After the Big Ban, only three space dimension and one time dimsnsion are expanded to the present size of Universe, and the rest seven dimensions are still in the Plank Lenth dimensions.
According to String theory, all matters and energies are generated by the change of resonance pattern of the String.
The String theory is not recogmized as a standard theory. It is on working process of fifity years research.
It will need more than hundred years when it will become common knowledge of us.
But we don't need to wait the day.
The standard theeory of physics is bound by the concept of individual article; as atom, quaek, electoron and so on.
At the same time, our daily inteligence is bound by the concept of individual, Ego, Self, citzen and nation-state. All of them are illusion.
When we stop thinking and listen to Life, Life is resonating with everything in the multi-dimension beyond all borders; time/space, death/life, me/you, mind/body, individual/group, inner cosmos/outer cosmos, and so on.

We, butoh dancers take off all of the illusions of Human by whole body=mind=brain. We can feel the multi-dimensional resonance of Life not only three material dimensions, but also Life is resonating with various invisible dimensions; memory, dream, fantasy, vision, illusion, desire and so on.
To research through body these invisible resonance of Life is butoh of Life.

Tatsumi Hijikata integrated all of his reseach into a butoh score for his last solo 'Quiet House'.

Behind world
Behind the mirror
Infinite realm
Reduction by X and regeneration

All of his terminology are to investigate in the hidden reality of Life which is resonating nad transforming in the non-dual and multi-dimensional realm.
In the 20th century, some phylosophers, Jille douluze, Felix Guatarri have found a new concept; 'Rhizome' for future human .
Rhizome is a new way of living which has extreme flexibility of transformation beyond the dualistic binds between individual and group, it can commects and separate freely beyond all borders of nation-state, nationality, religion, culture, sexuality, knowledge, money, power and so on.

Hijikata's 'Art of Shisha' is also an unique research for future hman beyond the binds of dualism; self/others, life/death, in/out, material/ mental, past/ future, and so on.
Life is resonating beyond the border of Life/ Death.
Various archetyps, proto dreams, prototypes of emotion; fear, shivering, dizzyness, desires, instincts are resonating and transforming in our darkness of body.

Kats took off Ego and Self which we, all human are bound, and tried to transform infinitely beyond sex, gender, age, perdonality, nationality, indentity, and so on.
He change form and being with carrying density, and jumping wildly as much as possible.
At the first trial of this piece was forone hour, and the second performance in the festival, it expand to one hour and half.
It is on the way of growing. The new born subbody will grow up through many times performances at various conditions. He has to take care of his new born subbody to grow up until it will recover the wisedon of four billions years Life history. Then it must become his secret teacher and lifelong sword friend.

The 'Calabi-Yau' may grow up to a symbol to share the image of future human for expand infinite creativity of Life, beyod the "Rhizome" and 'Shisha'.
Because the String has infinite posibility of resonance pattern in the invisible subtle multi-dimensions.
Nobody has watch at such as extreme free being.
Life is always searching a novel possibility of creation of resonance with everything.
Dancer is a being to be moved by subte feeling for future, and embody the new possibility of living which nobody notices yet.

 Sinking in the darkness of Body
 Resonance of Strings in eleven dimensions
String is changing shape, size, number by connecting and separating
with other String at every moment  
Qualia of life is also resonating and transforming in the non-dual and multi-dimensions.Many sensitive artist has been awared of it, and tried to show the hidden reality.
10 December, 2011?

What is Calabi-yau Fetus

For readers who want to know about Calabi-Yau space, we show some samples to explain it by visual images. Please mix and integrate these three sample images above, then it will approach to the qualia of 'Calabi-Yau Fetus' by Kats D a little bit closer.

8 December, 2011

The Origin of the World / Jonathan

"The nightmare is this naked body" --'Quiet House' Tatsumi Hijikata

Jonathan from Canada continue to research the darkness of proto-dream.
His last workshop was also around the mystery above of Nightmare=Naked body.
He realized that the dream is the hidden place where the mystery of the the birth occures, and we can research entering the dream world by our body.

We can understand Hijikata's mysterious word by long time body experience what he meant not only naked body but also our body and mind itself is nightmare for Life.
Our limited body of human, knowledge, information, intelligence are the nightmare for Life.
Hijkata wrote at another note.

"We came this world just as a role of human"

We can accept to be human as a given role, and take off it freely.
Then we can become Shisha which is able to transform everything transparently.

One more deep mystery is cobody's dreambody.
When we take off the illusion of individual human,we meet non-dual resonance among collective subconscius cobody. So many archetype images and prototype emotions;fear, shivering, dizzying, and dreaming are swaying there.
Jonathan did a workshop; 'Dance with No Dancer' to research how the dream begins and how the dreambodies are resonating.
Then this cobody performance 'Origin of the world' was experimented.

When onebody transforms a dreambody, the others entered into the dreamland flexiblly as various being with resonance. And the dream desapeared the other dream began.
Each one's dreambody entered each other and muddled as a collective dream. It was an intersting experiment.
So strange rhizome land came out.
We will continue this investigation farther.

Jonathan performed his subbody solo;"&".
But we didn't record it by his hope.
It was another reseach about naked body.
We cannot open it in India.
In the first semester, he performed a solo with talking language.
And in the second semester, his voice sunk down into Hegemogera language which has no clear meaning and mixed with bodily sound.
It was also a trial into the non-dual realm of audio channel.
There are a lot of other world behind human language, connects to the Silent Abyss of Life.
When we take off human body, human dance, human voice, and all conditions of human, we can enter the realm of nondual resonance world of Life.
His journey will continue.
After this he will move to Spain and complete a thesis about nondual birth.
He is a scholar in philosophy.
What thesis will come out?
It is a pleasure for us.

5 December, 2011

Rhizome / Natasja, Gio

After performing own solo and cobody piece, Natasja and Gio created a duet piece; named "Rhizome".
We have researched how to take off all conditions of Human, including Ego and Self for one year.
And we slowly transformed to Rhizome=Nomad=Plateaux.
They are manifold which has many entrance and exit, flexibile transformation with separating and connecting.
Natasja and Gio tried to experiment for becoming Rhizome.
They seemed enjoying the experiment of carrying density, jumping wild and rsearch novel relationship beyond human.
During this festival, every one's creation infected each other beyond the border of individual and group, developed their creativity extremely.
Only through free resonance without any restriction against Life, its infinite potentiality can be unfolded. In this Festival which over twenty subbodies and cobodies has been born, the infinite explosion of creativity and originality happened to start with multi-dimensional resonance, though it is just the beginning of it.
It was felt as if the 'Superconductivity of Creativity" which any resistance disappeared and all qualia could resonate flexiblly.
A new conglomerate of Rhizome=Nomad=Plateaux was born at Himalaya.

Next year, fortunately, many of dancers will remain here as co-researcher for deepning creation and midwife. Each one will dig own tonnel toward the behind world, nightmare, trauma, necessity, and abyss. By sharing all of work together beyond borders of daily body, an ideal condition for developing infinite creativity of Life will be unfolded.
That is what I want to realize for long year.
We are reaching at the place just in front of door.

2 December, 2011

Dagomara Jose (For U, man EHAKILEVE) Isabelle

Isabelle from Sweden-Denmark danced a Nightmare of the Family and the World.

Life meets with multi-dimensional misfortunes.

Life cannot choose one's parent,  nor sex, nor nationality.

Innocent Life which was struck by the pressure of family, society, sexual abuse, incest taboo, trap, various unhappiness in the world, has to hidden in the depth of darkness of body.

Mother cannot take care of them properly enough.

That was the environment which her Life was born.

And all worldwide misfortunes of sexual violence, environmental disruption, ecocide, war, and so on, struck her Life as a multi-dimensional pressure, and shut her subbody in the depth of the darkness of body.

Her various dancing place of body tried to do 'reverse twist' against these multiple forces, and change them to a creation.

The Flower of butoh come out through the struggle against the Mystery and Secret.

She wore a green costume, maybe it was a symbol of fragile Life, the cosmic birth, the natural life we all originate from, but are already enslaved as we are forced to enter the human condition. She projected various world misfortune of raped body, killed body, ecocide, and green field. She danced with wearing all of them on her skin.

The strange scene which she was bound by father/lover/animus/inside masculine personality with being caressing, and became a boxed body, was a Flower and key Secret of this piece.

Most of audience might receive them just a strange chaos.

But, the non-dual chaos which multi-dimensional qualia come together and muddled as oneness is the reality of Life.

Isabelle tried to this hardship. It will take time to complete this piece. What is completion? Nobody knows.

But this theme is unavoidable for everybody who wants to create the Butoh of Life.

30 November, 2011

A Doll / Akshi

Akshi was born in a family filled with love and brought up in affluent circumstances, dressed with pretty cloths, learned traditional Indian dance, educated modern intelligence and knowledge.

In Japan, we call it "A girl raised in a box", though it becomes so rare today.

Akshi's subbody noticed that she is in a box, what was believed as oneself is like a pretty doll.

In the first semester, also she danced this feeling in her self history.

After walking as Kugutsu body, when she faced a mirror, Her Life gushed out with howling wild voice.

Many strange subbodies which endured in the darkness of body for long years came out one after another.

Most of audience surprised, shocked and left. They could not stay, because also their hidden bodies resonated and started breathing.

The explosion was so strong at this day that all Life of audience resonated and was moved strongly.

Various skins as a doll was coming loose and falling from her body in her every move.

Traditional Indian dance technique which can control various part of body precisely which she learned transformed into Butoh technique.
All of her property became oneness and crystelized as her novel creation.

Her kidney and liver ran into other part of body and started dancing with taking off old skins and cloths.

All of us who were watching was moved deeply by the force of Life. Nobody has not seen the dance spouts out from the bottom of guts.

Today is the commemorative day which the first Indian Butoh dancer was born in twelve years history at Himalaya. It's a big pleasant harvest.

29 November, 2011

Mumyouki / Igu

Ikuko from Japan, who continued subbody training for ten years,
has succesfully transformed to 'Igu Iwabuchi' as a butoh dancer and midwife for subbody-cobody.
Everything which she investigated in her darkness of body is crystalized as this one hour butoh piece.
A proto body movement which crawls on the floor like a maggot,
eating flesh of human, killing others, an atrocious event about childbirth, killing baby, transforming a demon, lion dance---, all of these are gigged out from her body, deepened and corrected for many years.
Now those are integrated into oneness as only one Flower, Secret, and Mystery.
She is always attacked by extreme nightmares which she kills others, or being killed, eating flesh of human, throwing away baby, and so on.
She endured these edge qualia and succesfully twisted them as an unique creation.
Creation is always 'Reverse twist of edge qualia' by Life.
I have watched these hard process for thes years.
It took time for ten years.
Yet, it need much more long time to complete it.
It is just a new born baby of subbody.
A baby of subbody has to grow up through repeating performances at various place.
Igu will perform at Bangkok Butoh Festival in Dcember, and return her hometowm to make a new practice place and a butoh group.
Already an encounter happened with a young guy who is shaked by her butoh. He is from Tohoku which is the same prefecture as her.
A baby of subbody is growing up through being performed at various place, and being watched by various eyes.
It increases number of demensions of resonance,
and grows up to a multi-dimansional and non-dual Butoh of Life.
It will be a long life sword friend and master of life who will give her so important suggestion and awareness.
Finally, Igu got it.

27 November, 2011

Family day / Natasja

Today is the middle day of two weeks Festival.
We invited Indian families from village.
Ten years ago, when I started living here, a lot of kids visit my cottage and played together everyday..
I dreamed to involve them into butoh dance. But I could not.
After 10 years, Natasja started to try it.
Natasja continued Kid's workshop every Sunday in Autumn.
Kids are natural subbody and cobody, but they have another process from adult. I have to concentrate on adult, then I have almost given up. she could open it well slowly and naturally, though only beginning.
Today it's became a Kid's Festival.
They created each mask by drawing, enjoy 'Origami (Japanese paper craft)' and danced together wearing it.
These trials are important in the process to spread Life Resonance in each local community.
Please try to invent your own way with opening various channels; drawing, singing, dancing, laughing, playing and so on, into various ages, sexes, topics at your place.

Multi dimensional resonance will become oneness someday.

25 November, 2011

"Abyss of womb" / Pilar

Pilar from Colombia is the fouth time to Himalaya.

At the first time, she danced her nightmare which she is shot by terolist's gun and dying.

At the second year, she continued it and completed it.

After then she quited her work as an archetect, and started travelling Middle South America.

Maybe it was a journey to research who am I, where am I from. She sunk under the water in Mrxico, learn Watsu (water-shatsu), contact improvisation and various Indio cultures.


This year, she brought Amazon to Himalaya.

In this "Abyss of Womb", the water of Middle-South American Indio spirits is flowing.

Especially, this year she started singing an unique Indio voice which is like spitting.  And the voice involved her into the deep culture of ancestral Abyss.


We can feel struggling fetus, sweet healing in the womb, wisper of ancester, spirits of water, various art in the forest, and life memories during fetus age are echoing.

She erased the border between this world and behind world of her.
And transforming to contemporary shaman by wearing magical techniques of behind world. Always we are surprised at her piece which has a magical structure as if Time/Space machine. She can design a strange structure beyond time/space. Hall connect to tropical forest, womb, under water, cave, space shuttle and so on. Her career as architect is integrated in her creation.

Her travel will continue. She has to continue to deepen this piece with creating various structures by her time/space machine. And a novel 'Butoh of Life' which connects to ancestral culture will be born from there.

It was also my boundless dream to resonate with Aborigines people in the world, though I couldn't visit the Amazon nor Aborigine. We are resonating in the non-dual Abyss of Womb beyond any borders.


23 November, 2011

"Behind the Picture" / Gio

Gio from Korea guided face workshop, in the morning.
It was her first Butoh workshop.
She guided us to show various face each other with face to face position, started from simple anger face or sad face, and proceed to complicated face; half of face is angry, the other half is laughing, and so on.
Finally, 'Chimera face' ; half is baby face, the other half is mother's face.
And, she guided us to show one's life by face dance.
Each participant showed one's history which is hidden behind the persona for daily life. We shared each hidden face together.

Next, she showed us a slideshow of Cambodian people's pictures killed by Porpoto group which is exhbited at Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide in Cambodia at Pnompen.
"They took picture"
"Before killing"

And many pictures of Cambodian killed people.
She said, "What is the face before killed?"
"Today we will dance it."
"Dancer will invite you on the stage. Please dance together with us."

In the theater, people's pictures were projected on the black curtain.
Dancers who showed their face between curtain came uot from the picture and walked to the last moment of killing feild.
What face does the Life show at the last moment?
Dancers who have learned 'the Art of Shisha' for one year, became the medium of Shisha(=the spirit of the dead) and danced.
The Shisha came out from the other world behind the picture as dancer's body.
The kiiled people were the same generation with me. Young generation dancers were danced as them.
I couldn't stop to tear.

And dancers approached to audience to invite dancing together.
All people who were invited entered the stage and danced without any hesitation.
Even a Tibettan Buddhist nan who is inhibited to dance strictly entered the stage.
Life couldn't stop resonance beyond the daily rule.
A dreamy world as if Shisha started dancing with borrowing dancer's body appeared in the theater.

This dance erased the border between the Shisha's world and this world.
Not only it, but also it erased the border between dancers and audience.
Absolute Life resonance occured and eraced the borders.
It was my deepest dream for long years, but I couldn't tell the others well.
Gio did it instead of me.
I could see the dream was realized miraculously.
It happens sometimes in the life.
Today is my dead mother's 86th birthday.
It became the big present for my mother who had extreme resonant nature beyond Death and Life.
Thank you Gio and all students!

21 November, 2011

"Zoe" / Natasja

Natasja from Holland integrated all her travel of the darkness fo body for one year into one hour and half piece. It has 45 minutes cobody=group part; "Life in Transition" and 45 minutes subbody solo part; "Zoe", both parts are connected into oneness.
She guided people with each way of transition, and let various strange encounters happen.
She already created one hour solo in the first semester with using method of jumping wild and carrying density. She deepened her subbody beyond sexual identity, she met male subbody in her darkness of body. She atarted solo as male body with penis, and changed to female, finally maybe no sexual being.
Zoe is a symbol name of "Freedom of Inspiration and Healing".
Totally she could integrate subbody and cobody world as oneness. 
It took for one year. Still she will continue to work about this for long years.

I am happy to see that each student grew up as strong choreographer and flexible resonance dancer. But, we don't stop here.
In the contemporary dance world, dancer and choredgrapher are bound by hierarchic system which only one choreographer directs choreograph, and dancers have to follow it. I know that all contemporary dancers nature is pretty rhizome, but not enough yet. We need to be released from all hierarchic system, and be rhizome without any binds. In the Life world, there is no hierarchy. It belongs Human world. Life just resonates with everything.
The real revolution for infinite creativity of Life has just begun.

20 November, 2011

Embryos of subbody/ Monika, Carmen, Noah, Chico

Four short course students, Monika(Hungary), Carmen(Germany), Noah(Holland), Chico(Brazil) started first performance of Festival.

Subbody need for one year to grow up to a Fetus.
Now ten long student's subbodies are going to be born as a baby.
For only one month their subbodies are just Embryo.
Their subbodiies are just learning how to survive by inoccent movement in the darkness of body.
Please watch how their subbody and cobody will grow up through the Festival. It must richest experience which pass through ten workshops, twenty performances and cobody experiences by body.
Monika from Hungary had joined Subbody workshop at Budapest 9 years ago. To meet old friend is one of the happiest thing in life. Especially, she could show us that she continued to dig the darkness of body for these years. I was so happy to know that the seed which was planted long years before, is growing up.
Well, from tomorrow, the fetuses which traveled for one year in the darkness will be born as a baby of subbody and cobody.
You must understand why we need at least for one year to sink into the darkness of body. We need at least twenty different subbodies to integrate as one hour solo dance. They are still Fetus or Baby, but very flexible transformable fetus.
We call it Rhizome,Nomad, or Plateaux.
Hijikata called it Hoopee or Shisha.
Anyway they are transparent.
It's pity that any photograph cannot catch it.

3rd International Butoh Festival Himalaya
19 Nov - 2 Dec, 2011 

 Butoh Performance  Workshop  Other Events
All performances and workshops : Free





Dancer and Instructor







 Temple road,
Rocpa Cafe,
to Moonpeak Cafe


at various places of the town








Subbody Hall

Children's Class



Workshop  by Natasja



Subbody Hall

SubbodyButoh Workshop
(Given in Japanese)



Workshop  by Ikuko



Subbody Hall

 "鮮 Nouvelle" performance



Carmen (Germany)






Subbody Hall

SubbodyButoh Workshop



Workshop  by Kats D



Subbody Hall

 "Life in Transition"









Subbody Hall




Workshop  by Gio



Subbody Hall




Guide by




Subbody Hall

 "Abyss of Womb" Performance







Oasis Cafe
(Macleod Ganj)


Butoh talk & performance








Subbody Hall

"A dance with No Dancer" Workshop



Workshop  by



Subbody Hall

 "The Origin of the World" Performance



Guide by






Subbody Hall

SubbodyButoh Workshop



Workshop  by Akshi



Subbody Hall

 "A Petal" Performance









(meet at Subbody School)

" Spirits of the Forest" Workshop



Workshop  by Isabelle



(meet at Subbody School)

Resonance Theater






Subbody Hall

"&" Solo Performance








SubbodyButoh Workshop



Workshop  by Ikuko




In front of

Moonpeak Espresso








Subbody Hall

 無妙鬼(Mumyouki) Performance



Ikuko (Japan)




Subbody Hall

Family day


Guide  by Natasja


Subbody Hall

"DagomaraJose (For U, man EHAKILEVE)" Performance


Isabellle (Sweden-Denmark)








No Activity







Subbody Hall

SubbodyButoh Workshop



Workshop  by Pilar


Subbody Hall

"From Game to Ritual" Performance






Subbody Hall

 Improvisation performance









Subbody Hall



Butoh Workshop

Workshop by Natasja





Subbody Hall

 "Leftovers After the Ruin" & "A Doll"




Subbody Hall

 "Rhizome" Duet Performance



Natasja and Gio





Subbody Hall

 Possessed body Workshop


Workshop by Kats D



Subbody Hall

Possessed Cobody Performance

Kats D



Subbody Hall

 "ツトム君の夢ーA Dream of Calabi-Yau Fetus" Solo Performance 


Kats D




Subbody Hall

Grand Final Performance

All Dancers


19 November, 2011

A Dream of Calabi-yau Fetus/ Kats D

Kats integrated all subbodies which met during these years into this one hour piece. He is the third times Himalaya during these several years.
Normally, I skech all movement of students and give short advice, but Kats said, "Don't write, don't say any thing, just see it without word".
Then I am released from daily work as a midwife, I could enjoy his performance.
With watching various feeling comes up.
One of them is "Why do we dance?"
Kats's subbodies shows so many tendencies in the darkness of body.
Each of them seemed to try to go out and find new way of living from his daily body and mind.
Kats's physical body is male, but his inner spirit is female.
In his first part of female body, his subbody is struggling between his only one physical body and other tendencies of gender and sex.
But not only sexuality, his subbodies proceeded to transform into so many variations of Hidden body, Proto body, Kugutsu body, Vaprized body, Animal body, Chimera body, and Possessed body, one after another.
"Hey, How far do you want to go?"
I asked to his subbody, it replyed to me,

" Beyond far away from Human!"

His subbodies seemed to be possessed by strong pathos to go as far as possible beyond the limit of Human.
His subbodies tried to escape from his indentity, sexuality, nationality, personality, physicality and so on, including humanity, as if all of <-ity> are enemy to bind us in the limitation.
Life doesn't want to be bound by all of those property of our daily body.

"Calabi-Yau Fetus" tried to take off all of mental and physical cloths of human life.
It cannot stop transforming until to reach the infinite Abyss. The travel entered into String realm where minimum sized Strings are resonating in extra eleven dimensional world.
We may get the maximum freedom there.
How can we find novel principle of Beauty in that completely different world?

17 November, 2011

A Petal/ Gio

Gio from Korea has completed her subbody and cobody at once today.
In the process of creation, it happens that everything becomes one at a stroke. Mind, body, technique including makeup and costume were integrated in short order.
The title of her cobody was "Face Carnival". The title let me guess some funny face work. But she showed pictures of holocaust at Auschwitz and Cambodia. And she introduced pictures of Cambodian people which were shot before killed. She saw them at a museum of Holocaust in Pnompen.
And she guided to dance the various faces before killed.
Students followed and danced by her guide.
After that she showed her subbody solo.
I have no word about it.
I can say just I encountered the moment of the birth of a butoh dancer.
My Life was shivered deeply.
A big clapping ocured naturally after the performance.
It was exceptional happening in the practice place.
A real completion of creation makes everybody happy.

School Journal
15 November, 2011

Abyss of Womb/ Pilar

Pilar from Colombia is the fourth time to Himalaya.
She continue long travel in the darkness of body.
During it, she met a nightmare which is shot by terorist,
Shamanic voice of Indio, trasparent underwater world, and abyss of womb.
She was not delivered through mother's vagina because she was born by Cesarean section. That's why she sticks to the experience of delivery. In this Summer she met her mother in India and heard about the circomestance of her birth.
Slowly all of the experiences are coming together and are going to be integrated into one.
Today she guide the others in her special world which was a smal darkness of the hall, Stuffed Spring, Hot Spring, Mud on the skin, and fire.

All students travel through ten defferent worlds which each student guides. And the subbodies which was born during last week will be trained and grow up.
The last stage of creation is on going.

12 November, 2011

Big Harvest on 111111

Yesterday was 111111--It became a special day to remember as the biggest harvest day in Himalaya.
After one year research in the darkness of body, students integrate all experiences, experiments and encounters into a creation.
Almost students could integrate it into one hour solo dance.
I have no word about it, you can see only picture, but even through the picture, you must feel how deep Flowers, Secrets and Mysteries are come out.
One of the biggest Harvest day it was, during these ten years in Himalaya.
It will be remembered forever.

But they are just still fetuses. They have to be grown up throuhg coming experiences to dance many times at various places, in the various ocnditions.
Then slowly they will grow u as an adalt Butoh peices. It has just started.

The Resonance net will give them an ideal condition to grow up.
Bo and Syv who were students of the first semester of this year are opening various chances of performances and workshops at Bangkok, Pathaya, and Singapor.
Some of students including Ikuko and gessuri will move there and collaborate with them. Rhzome dancers become Nomad and by gathering together they generate Millie Plateaux.

3rd International Butoh Festival Himalaya 2011
6 November, 2011

Facing the edge

November course has started.
After one year travelling in the darkness, students integrate all subbodies and cobodies in the month.
Almost students met hard edge qualia everyday, every week, every month. Edge qualia is encounter between dayly body-mind and subbody. Arnord Mindell call it encounter between the first process and the second process.
They are felt so unconfortable and unpleasant feeling and bind our body and mind firmly. Sometimes we cannot move at all. All students experienced and overcome them somehow for one year experience.
Also in the "Quiet House', Hijikata wrote that we have to overcome the hard qualia which bind our each part of body.

"16 The difficulty to change place


The body is the dancing place. A dancing place of hand, a dancing place of hip, a dancing place behind the elbow, and so on.

The depth of the dancing place is formed by overcoming hardship and connecting memories involved in each part of body.

For example, I find that it is very precious thing that there is a peacock in the garden of Mr. Yanagida's house.

And, the place of the can factory is told by my dear powder.

They become my blood in the dancing."

In the integration process, all of them come back and attack us again, bind us by stronger force. We have to pore our red blood of dance into each part of dancing place.
Some of students could not move at all for a few days.
We exchanged each edge qualia, and share them together in the middle of hardships.
Through the edge sharing work, slowly some of them could find out the sollution anyway. This is the growth of subbody and cobody through the one year experience. We need for one year at least for this process. This is the reason why the minimum course is for one year.
Without struggling against edge, we can dance only surface movement, it is not worth to see and show. Life need to share only real creation which is necessary for living.
This is the 'raison d'etre' (reason of being) of the subbody school.