November 2014


School Journal
November 14, 2014

Last Free Resonance Theater

On Friday to 9th Butoh Fesitval two days later,
students performed last free resonance theater of this semester,
and spreaded flyers in the town of Dharamsala.
Now, two weeks such as the big storm begins from tomorrow.
Aga who was sick by India diarrhea, seems to have finally healed over.
This term, the Himalaya Butoh Festival is not the end of course.
The India Rhizoming Tour for three months is ahead.
From 2nd Delhi Butoh Festival, and join the troup of Honza from Netherlands, and we travel to Varanasi, Sunderban, Kolkata, Kenduri, Auroville, Pune, and Mumbai.
It is a tremendous journey between the terrible urban crowd and the uncivilized jungle.
We cannot expect what happens in India Tour at all.
Hopely, everybody survived safely and the newborn subbody-cobody grow up to the tough Nomad=Rhizome.

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November 13, 2014

'Broken Shoes' Gaby

Gaby made a Solo with shoes.
In this piece, she tried to open each dancing place one after another.
It became clearer remarkably than before that is happening on her body with her secret qualia.
Thus dancer continues to pass own secret qualia on each dancing place, and deepen the mystery by one step and one step. It is the necessary blood of butoh.
The Flowr of a butoh blooms supported by such an integration of the carrying Secret and deepning the Mystery.

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November 12, 2014

'Ripples' Wodico(Maki) and Gio

November Cherry is blooming now fully in the garden of the school.
In Japan and Korea, Cherry blooms in March or April, but in Indea, it is November.
Wodico(Maki) and Gio created a duet ubder the cherry blossom with connected by a Life Tube.

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November 11, 2014

'Mother Superior' Emanuel and Pamela

Emanuel and Pamela hade a duet.
"What is the good mother?'
We can share this question for ourselve's issue.
The image is resonating with the archetype of "Great Mother", "Amigo" and "Anima" and so on in multi-dimension so complicatedly.
The depth is bottomless.
I also still continue to be stepping decades in front of this question, but can't solve it yet.

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November 10, 2014

'Searching for the Keys' Ashiesh and cobody

Ashiesh (from Kasimir, India) shared his own qualia with others.
At first he guide to remember qualia of home in which we were born, and resonate with familia things in each childhood. Next, leaving that home for specific reason, and finally those qualia are burnt out.

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November 8, 2014

Tatapani hot Spring, Nov 2104

We visited Tatapani hot spring.
Everybody research a favorite place to integrate subbody-cobody.
After this, everybody enter into the last integration process, it will be so dense, multi-layers qualia resonance process toward the Festival.

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November 7, 2014

'Ripple' Gabriela, Gio, Maki at Tatapani

We visited Tatapani hot spring.
Gio shared a technique named "ripple" that causes the ripples blowing a small breath under water with three women.
It was just before sunset, oblique light was reflected on the body,
Their bodis were wearing a beautiful fluctuations of light and shadow.
The newborn subbodies are growing up, through dancig in various locations, with learning how to resonate with the phenomina in the nature.

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November 6, 2014

'My Home' Maki

"Sleep, Eat, Put out, Give birth, Hatch, End, Become empty, And also Dwell in the other house"
Maki wrote after this solo piece.

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November 5, 2014

'A Hair Dancing in the Sky' Gabriela and cobody

Gabriela tried to integrate subbody-cobodies with everybody.
Each student have to invent an original conditioning to share each sub-cobody world, Gio supported the process.
This process is necessary transformation from subbody to the midwife which is able to guide the whole co-creation process.
It takes time, long long time, but anyway everybody is involved into the process.

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November 4, 2014

'Sounds of Silence' Pamela and Gio

Pamela and Gio created a duo with mud painting body.
Started from a deep silence and listened to the subtle prototype qualia in the silence of the body, as shivering, fear, silent shout, and so on.
Slowly it developed to a strange relationship.
The process was so transparent.

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November 3, 2014

'Extacy of Dead Body' Aga and Ashiesh

Aga beame a Dead Body, Ashiesh carried it on the stage, and put stone on her body, bound head by croth, and put a candle in her mouse. Aga danced it as an Extacy of Dead body. A novel duet.

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November 2, 2014

'Devil's last Dinner' Emanuel and cobody

Emanuel from Mixico and cobody co-created intersting world.
He guided the others to his own world which is Devil's Dinner party.
They ate Emanuel's flesh and inner organ together, and co-created the strange development. In this semester we have tried to share each one's issue, wish, problem as own one. The new traning has started working now dynamicly. See the beautiful last collapsing scene, it is impossible to create by the thinking.
It is the
Novel Flower of Co-creation.
Slowly it is blooming.
We can enjoy the unexpected deveropment of the co-creation through three more months during the India tour..
They will perform it at the 9th Himalaya Butoh Festival, 2nd Delhi Butoh Festival and various place of India Rhizoming Tour with changing member of the local participants. Each piece will grow up to strong subbody-cobody through the Rhizmoing tour. This was my long long dream. The dream has come true.

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