October 2013


School Journal
26 October 2013 

 A body eaten by the world/ Santeri and cobody

" ●A body being eaten by the snow
●A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious 
●A woman glared at me and I became a stick
●A body without intermediary
●A body that have been already danced by someone
●A body that was forgotten
●A body being removed the outlines from
●A body that was left alone too much
●A body that had been stolen by steam
●A body that continues to be eaten
●A body being fused and merged with Sick Dancing Princess

Hijikata Tatsumi "Sick Dancing Princess"

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26 October 2013 

 Becoming Hoopee/ Robert and cobody

"A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee."

Hijikata Tatsumi "Quiet House"

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23 October 2013 

Happy four billion years for Life!

Thank you very much a lot of mail for birthday!
(With students and Ramesh's children. Monuj and madina was absent this day.)

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26 October 2013 

Monuj, Aymon, Sebastien and Kan

This week was subbody integration week.
During the month, each subbody has grown by experiencing diverse world attack and discombobulation as subbody-cobody.
It was the same experiences as the 'Hijikata Boy' in the "Sick Dancing Princess".

"●The method of clouding the body

●A body being eaten by the snow
●A body stormed into by something monotonic and anxious 
●A woman glared at me and I became a stick
●A body without intermediary
●A body that have been already danced by someone
●A body that was forgotten
●A body being removed the outlines from
●A body that was left alone too much
●A body that had been stolen by steam
●A body that continues to be eaten
●A body being fused and merged with Sick Dancing Princess"

So, I guided student's subbody into the similar body experiences as Hijikata boy in the "Sick Dancing Princess".
Their subbodies have grown up by passing through various unexpected worlds.
It was the necessary hard traning to enter the world of "Sick Dancing Princess". Subbodies slowly learned the method of clouding body and multiple resonance of Life.
From next week students will integrate all of subbody and cobody world as each peice.

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 Monuj Piyu Sebastien and cobody in Tatapani
22 October 2013 

Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani 2
Aymon, Kan, Robert, Santeri and cobody

Cobody of this year is a little bit different than before.
We need to take off ego and self deeper and feel the other's subbody as one's own subbody.
Then we can resonate with what behind world is necessary for the subbody, and co-create it as cobody.
As cobody we can feel what is needed to reverse twist for the subbody, and is able to the optimum stimulus for subbody as same as resonance shiatsu.
We have been pursuing it more than ten years in the Himalayas, and it become able to realize now.
Subbody=cobody method began to show its worth, not only a group improvisation.
We could proceed move one step closer to the co-creation of the real Butoh of Life.
It took more than ten years experiments for merely this one step.

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21 October 2013 

Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani 1
Anneri, Ankur, Lisa and cobody

We visited a Hindu sanctuary Tatapani and co-created a Nomad Rhizome theater.
It is the first place for everyone, novel subbody and cobody came out through Life Resonance in the novel world. Each student integrated 12 munites subbody dance and the others resonate with co-creating behind world for each subbody.
Cobody listened to Johakyu of subbody of a friend , and become behind worlds that the subbody needs the most.
It can not be found unless we become Life, rather than the expression of self and ego, to shed it.
We are going to finish the researching subbody=cobody process for two months now,
and entering to the creation process with using all sources collected during two months.

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20 October 2013 

Dancing the subbody=cobody that is pusshed out

These are the second part of Unexpected Nomad Rhizome which another person by lot decided the place to dance.
When a body is put at unknown place, unexpected subbody for oneself might be forced out by the resonance with the unexpected situation.
Dance the necessity of subbody that comes out by pushed out, not by thinking.
Dancing movement coming pushed out from a limited body, it's the basis for Hijikata Butoh,
such a constrainted body as stone, tree, beast, and geisha girl, and so on.

This is one of the allpications of it.
Various subbodies were come out from the body put on the narrow vellanda, small backet, flower garden, stairs with many eggs.
Other students danced to co-create the best behind world to support the unexpected subbody .
All of those are to encounter the necessary subbody=cobody.
Please enjoy it.

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19 October 2013 

Unexpected Nomad Rhizome 1

A variation of nomad rhizome theater.
In case of normal nomad rhizome, a subbody choose one's own dancing place, and travel from first subbody's place to next place together as cobody.
But, today we tryed another variation.
Another person by lot decided the place where a subbody must dance.
When we enter the unexpected place, and listen to the Life Resonance, then unexpected subbody comes out.
We just follow the novel subbody.
At first, please enjoy the first group.

Please enjoy the first half part of it.

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17 October 2013 

Nomad Rhizome

2. Important

“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance.”

Hijikata wrote this word for himself as the most important thing to create his last solo "Quiet House".

Nomad Rhizome is good way to learn this infinite transformation.
Each dancer finds a special place where one's subbody wants to dance, and integrate all of one's subbodies at the place.
The other dancers dance becoming a behind world for the subbody.
Be the same as shiatsu (acupressure) , feel the subbody as one's Life, and give special qualia that is most needed for the subody.
In case of shiatsu, to give the most proper pressure which the receiver's Life needs is essense.
Not too strong, and not too weak, we need to find the only one best point and best pressure.
In case of resonance butoh, not only pressure, we need to find only one best qualia and best timing for friend's subbody.
This is co-creation of subbody and cobody.
To listen to the Johakyu of subbody carefully, and at the optimum timing, become the best behind world.
We 've learned various resonance pattern in the subbody school.
In particular, so many resonance pattern of Life are written in Hijikata's "Sick Dancing Princess".

Large invisible creature lives in the air
Smoke bug
Shady thing
Dismal air
Passing figure as spy
Sooty dancing princess
Huddling only by body
Light bulb to resonate with a woman crying
A woman stare and a boy becomes a stick
Behind spirit
Shrink and sensitivity of old man who knew the
useless of the body

・・・ and so on.
It is countless just in the first chapter of "Sick dancing princess".
Practice them one by one, and try them in the free resonance Nomad Rhizome theater.
We could just begin it this week, because the monsoon is prolonged abnormally this year.
We will develope it to create the real "Butoh of Life" with opening the infinite creativity and freedom of Life.

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 Shrink and sensitivity
12 October 2013 

Method of 'Clouding body'

""Hey look at them!
Insects are alive without breathing.
Look! The thinned down waist smoke bugs have come walking this way. Surely there could be a bug at the middle, reincarnating into something.” I've been brought up with the method of clouding the body, participating in such as observations I overheard.
All because, shrink and sensitivity of old man which knew the uselessness of body had been wandering about me."

"Sick dancing princess" Hijikata Tatsumi

Students while sinking into the darkness of body, facing and overcoming each own problems,
slowly are getting the 'mothod of clouding the body' that Hijikata placed as the basis of transformation method in the "Sick dancing princess".
It is not only body technique, but it is a total integration method of multi-layered Life Resonance. It must be the most complicated dance creation method in the world.
He pursued the "Butoh of Life" in the abyss of Life where the differentiation of self/others does not come out yet.
It is non-dual world that Life resonate in the multi-dimensional realm.

How is it possible to enter the world?

Each dancer becomes obscure being as the following;

The invisible,
The unspeakable,
Difficult to discribe,
Something ambiguous,
Things suspicious,
Dismal air,
Invisible huge creature lives in the air,

When they are going to start resonance in various ways on purpose unknown, a numinous atomospher appears.
Obscurity of every scene is increased, a mysterious world that can not be captured in the consciousness and what's going on is not clear, appears.
It was so wicked and eerie even for me.
It is the world of the "Sick dancing princess" which Hijikata pursued as his unexplored butoh after his actuall creation was inhibited.
Life is quavering in the non-dual darkness before the self-other differentiation.
The world is able to co-create not by such human intention, but by Life resonance.
Because, it is the real world of Life resonance in the multidimensional and non-dual.
Without fear, Let's co-create the world which makes us shivered.

This week, students were divided into two groups. The first group, Anneli , Kan , Lisa and Sebastian co-created the four obscure scenes.
Please taste the weirdness of dismal air.

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Not City Park, but...  
Lisa and cobody  
 Marion and cobody 
 Santeri and cobody
4 October 2013 

Support the "Reverse twist"
as cobody

<Creation through sharing each Life Resonance>
This is the method of "Butoh of Life" that was found out this year finnaly.

In the darkness of body , there are so many qualia are hidden, that life is twisted, pressed, restrained and all kind of qualia which Life was not resonate well.
They became a subtle qualia of stiffness, pain, sadness, blockage, habit, adiction, shadow, not-me, and so on.
Generally, those are called <Hurt> or <Twist>.
If we continue to listening to them, we can catch subtle digns that they are trying to coming out.
That is subbody=cobody ( subconscious body). Life that was twisted is hearing about the opportunity to overcome the hurt by <Reverse twist>.
Students have understood all Life has own problem, and shared each other's problem.
We are trying to feel other's problem as our own problem.
It is possible to help each other to share friend's creation by the <Reverse twist> as our co-creation.
Sometimes we give pressure to become a force of the world to twist friend's subbody.
Or, we become an invisible behind spirit, underground force, invisible huge creature who lives in the air, and so on.
It is the same as Shiatsu(acupressure) method. we give the most apropriate pressure to a point that the partner really wants to be pressed.
Not less and not too much, we get the most proper one by empathic imagination.
As same as shiatsu, as a cobody we become the most appropriate world that the subbody really wants to dance in, with the best timing.
This week, Santeri and Marion which has been joined with a delay, and Lisa who continue from first semester danced, and the others participated the world as cobody.
From August, students have shared issues and traumatic experience of each other already,
and have trained Shiatsu also, they can co-create various invisible world immedeately together.

At first, please see Santeri and cobody piece.
Kan and Robert became the invisible world that Santeri is struggling.
Emon and Sebastian became a behind world that passed through in another dimension.

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