October 2016


School Journal

3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour
Dharamsala - Auroville - Bangalore - Tumkur -
- Kolkata - Delhi - Dharamsala

 Camel Caravan 1st India tour
Banyan Rhizome in Pune 
 "Oneness in Kolkata"
30 October, 2016

3rd India Tour!

We are panning the 3rd India Resonant Butoh Tour
as well as the previous tours.

Spread the breath of Life Resonance all over the India among various kinds of artists, young people including trival people, and build flexible network in India for exchange, collabolation, support young peole, education and so on.
Toward the worldwide network beyond all borders.


5th Jan - 28 Feb, 2017

<Tour plan>

Jan: Auloville (1st Auloville Butoh Festival?) - Bangalore - Tumkur, and so on

Feb: Kolkata (2nd Kolkata Butoh Festival) -
Shiv Nagar University near Delhi


Entry Fee: 1 area (1 week) 80 euros, all the way 400 euros. Former long-term students are free of charge.
Transportation, meals and accommodation expenses are each payment.
If you have any ideas of activity (workshop, collablative performance and so on) at your place, Please inform the link below:

Total organizer: Honza:honzasvasek@gmail.com

Bangalore and Tumkur; Devanjalee:devanjalee@gmail.com
Kalkota: Arshinagar Project, Sudipta: sudiptadawn@hotmail.com

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Nesting Princess/ Pilar  
29 October, 2016

Nesting Princess/ Pilar  

Pillar continued to explore in the before and after her birth experience in a variety of ways, and continues dancing during the decade.
Whereever she went dive in the water if there is water, and enter the cave or hole if there is a small space.
The darkness of fetus realm is also the place that so many Archetypes and Prototypes that should be called heritage of mankind's imagination and Qualia.
This day, Pillar found a mysterious cave under the the river flow of Jogibara valley, and transformed into a numinous being.
It is the unexpected big pleasure as a midwife to witness a subbody is maturing slowly over ten years of time.
This is owing to make a second studio that is for the midwife training for graduates.
Pilar's class starts tomorrow, and next year many of the old students will come back for the midwife training.
It is an extreme pleasure.

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 Resonance beyond the border between Self and Others
28 October, 2016

Resonance happens beyond the border between Self and Others

Students entered deep realm of subconscious mode and drew all Qualia on a paper.
And we resonated with other's drawing in every channel; body, movement, visual, audio, emotion, human relationship, world=self, and thinking channel.
We could enjoy that we resonated beyond the border between Self and Others, and beyond the channels.
It became so pleasant class.
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Lost in Tibet Aia, Silvia and Anais  
Beauty of Wildness Aia  
Silly Little Hearts/ Lara and cobody  
The Wall/ Johanna and cobody
 New Resonance Studio
23 October, 2016

New Class Starts on Monday,
1st Nov. with Pilar

On 1st Nov., Pilar will held new class
at new studio, Jogiwara, Dharamsala.

It is near the school for 5 minutes walk.
We name it "Resonance stuido.

Application: Pilar Deluzyoscuridad <danz.hada@yahoo.de>

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 "Santa Claus' Dream" Silvia and cobody
Deep World/ Olga and cobody  
Solos in the Indru Naag  
 Wongmar/ Pamela and Gorka
Behind the Mirror/ Aia and cobody
 Searching Atom/ Suman
Rusty Time Machine/ Laura and cobody  
 Resonance studio
  5 minues from the school5
12 October, 2016

Opening new studio for beginner!

On 23th October, new stuido will open!
It is near the school for 5 minutes walk.
We name it "Resonance stuido.

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 Pilar Dancing Underwater in Bali
12 October, 2016

Pilar will back to Himalaya!

Pilar will back from Underwater in Bali to Himalaya as a midwife for beginners course.

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Dance with the Red God 
11 October, 2016

Dance with the Red God

Life is always resonating with the world.
And moved by some one invisible.
Tatsumi Hijikata's called it < The Red God> in the "Quiet House", and <A huge creature that lives in the air> in the "Sick Dancing Princess".
Butoh dancers apear on the stage as a Shish (Dead) that was moved by someone, and transform into infinite beings and phenomena on the earth.
Let those diverse invisible beings appear on the stage.
It is the second developement of the <Clouding body> method which wears various original Qualia cloud around the body.

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Resonant Rhizome around the School  
 "The Choice" Jaime

Two Million Views!!
Subbody Butoh Video on YouTube

Views 2,010,213 ; Subscribers 1,950

Total views of Subbody Butoh Video on Youtube exceed beyond 2,000,000 views.
Now, everyday beyond 10,000 people watch our videos.
Thank you for your warm resonance!

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Europe Resonant
Butoh Tour 2016