October 2011


School Journal
31 October, 2011

Deep taste of Life

The fourth week of October, each student created around 30 minutes solo.
The taste became so deepening. It is not taste of human but taste of Life in the non-dual and multi-dimensional life resonance. The Art of Shisha is to travel multi-layers of life with trasforming various subbodies and cobodies between life and death.
I know well that this process is so hard to dig the darkness of body until these level.
Students encounter so hard edge qualia everyday, and overcome them somehow.
We continue this process for one more month which must be the hardest.
I could just pray "May all subbodies and cobodies be born peacefully".

27 October, 2011

Riverside Nomad

The third week of October, students visited a Riverside Sanctuary of old Hndhu temple with hot Spring.
Each one found a favourite place, and created a piece.
Water side has a deep atomospher resonating between this world and other world. Especially, in the upstream of the river, there are so many temple and burning place of dead body. The ash is directly thrown into the stream. The river in India is a special place between death and life.
For students who learned "the Art of Shisha" which transforms flexiblly and infinitely, here is an ideal place for contacting each Abyss and behind world.

When I was editing pivtures by Picassa by Google, I noticed that now we can upload a video of slideshow on Youtube.com.
I have tryed it.
Please enjoy it.

16 October, 2011

Transparent Nomad Cobody

Students became 'Transparent Nomad Cobody', in the subbody-cobody theater at the end of 2nd week of October.
Each student guided class with becoming midwife each other without Lee.
I am so happy to see their dance through pictures.
We train to become transparent from the beginning of the year, and actually we can see they become transoparent through the pictures of this week.

Becoming transparent

To become transparent means to open inside 50% and to open outside 50%, and we are released from the both bind of inside of the darkness of body (Ego, Self, Archtype, Emotion and so on) and released from the bind of outside (Others, Environment, Audience and so on).
To be transparent body was one of the most farthest ideal condition in my dance history for long years.
But, now students slowly approaching to be it.

In the whole year, we learned 'The Art of Shisha' through Hijikata's 'Quiet House'.


“Shisha (the dead) transform their shape quietly and infinitely. It is not rare that they use shapes of others flexibly and naturally.


I noticed that to be Shisha and to be transparent is the same.
We need to be released from all binds for becoming transparent Shisha.
It is different between to erace Ego and Self and to become transparent Shisha.
In the dancing many things come up from the dakrness of body, ego, self, archtype, emotion, trauma, hidden body. proto body and so on. And we meet so many thing in the dancing world, others, relationship, environment, eyes of audience and so on.
All of them is worth to dance, but we need to be released from them with dancing at the same time.
Jumping wild is one of the way to avoid from the binds. When we dance some of them, at the next moment we can jump another thing. This is one of the merkmal (index) to release from the binds of them.
In the picture we can see all dancers are transforming from one body conditon to other body one after another in each moment flexiblly with carrying various qualia.

With seeing them, I felt " Oh! Today is the best day to die."

Becoming Nomad-Rhizome

Rhizome can be connect and separate flexiblly at any time and any shape.
Changing between individual and group like a slime. It is natural as Life.
Nomad is tranfering rhizome.
Travelling place to place beyond any borders.
We can grow up to Nomad-Rhizome. It is the next stage after Human.
Dancers change place with tranforming various subbodies and cobodies.
We can invent various resonance pattern.
It generates the most rich experimental feild for transparent Shisha.

What is next?
I am waiting for what will be created by students.

7 October, 2011

Calabi-Yau World

Student Midwife Week 1: 10/3-10/7/2011


Kats guided “To Be Moved” qualia conditioning and we became Possessed Body. For Subbody Cobody Theater, we became Possessed Cobody. There were so many new sounds, facial expressions and movements from everybody.


In the morning, Akshi started with a swaying conditioning while hugging a partner like a mother and a baby. Then she guided us to our “Can Factory” as Shisha. There were many new findings. In the afternoon, Jonathan focused on our hands. We practiced extremely subtle movements of the hands. Then we opened imaginary touch channel and we traced and shaped our imaginary world. We became Mescaline Cobody, shaping and entering into each other’s world.


Gessuri focused on opening our pelvis joints and move from there. We also gave each other resonance touch and stretch and it was very relaxing morning. In the afternoon, Gio guided a shivering conditioning. She wrote “Every Moment Has Own Shivering” and we shared our own shivering qualia with each other. For Subbody Cobody Theater, we became shivering eggs or boxes and she guided us to find our “Hoopee” through the process of hatching out of the egg.


We started in the garden and Natasja guided us to feel the roots coming out of our feet to the ground. We imagined the roots reaching down through rocks and other “obstructions.” Then she guided “fetus meditation” and we traveled our life from fetus to now. She asked us to find three “obstructions” in our lives and dance as the roots go beyond their obstructions. We got in touch with very deep qualia. Then we shared our “dance of life” in 5 minutes.

In the afternoon, Kats guided “X Reduction and Regeneration” exercises and we became “X Reduction and Regeneration” Cobody, in which we reduced or regenerated each other’s “X” qualia. So many strange relationships have appeared.


In the morning, Kats gave a brief lecture on Superstring Theory and we each adopted a photo of Calabi-Yau space as our “teacher” of the day. We went into our Subbody using the image of our Calabi-Yau space and we self-researched the rest of the morning in order to create and refine our solo pieces. At 3 pm we gave our regular weekly performance and we became Calabi-Yau Cobody. We performed for nearly two hours.

Initially, there was a concern on everyone’s mind about how this week would go without Lee, but the concern should have melted by now. Everyone did a fantastic job of becoming Subbody Midwife and we have learned a lot from each other. It is very exciting to see what will happen next week.