October 2014


School Journal
October 31, 2014

'Grounding' Udit and cobody

Udit intedrated his subbody-cobody into this piece.
He guided the others to his world by own conditioning.
This is the neccesary process for the festival and the India Rgizoming tour. Becuase, this winter each student willfuige a workshop with public to share one's most important qualia with others. Each subbody-cobody will grow up throug the many experience of Himalaya, Delhi, Varanasi,Kalkutta and so on, with changing members of the cobody.
Slowly the subbody-cobody will grow up from fetus to baby, child and mature. It need pretty long process to perform a piece many times in different conditions.
This year, we will get the first chance to grow up each subbody-cobody through the India Rhizoming tour.

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October 30, 2014

'Ancient Mother' Raissa

Raissa danced a subbody piece which she met in the Kharotta mountain. In the process of creation, an archtype of 'Great Mother' seemed to visit her body. It might be an unavoidable process for woman to become mature, thoug it has unknown bottomless depth which before an old student Odile atempted. She had to face unknown deep darkness of 'Feminine'. It also connected to the mystery of 'What is the sexuality?' So, it is unavoidable issue not only for female, but also for male.

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October 29, 2014

'Interpretation of Dreams' Guarang , Raissa and cobody

During the proto dream work, a novel thing happened. Gurang and Raissa started ti mix their dream world, from Guarang dream world to Raissa's dream world, we jumped randomly. It became so unexpected "Jumping wild" subbody-cobody.

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October 29, 2014

'10,000BC' Guarang, Maki and Udit

Guarang, Maki and Udit danced in the forest with going back to ancient people. Guarang gave her a worm as a love gift. Maki has grown up in the city, but gradually involved into wild world of Indian subbody-cobodies. The changing process is so intersting.

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October 28, 2014

'The Kiss of The Spider' Emanuel and cobody

A new student Emanuel created a dream body oiece, and the other students co-created his dream world, immidiately. All students of this semester could take off 'Human' and grew up to the Rhizome so flexibly. To share this ultra flexiblity, we can co-create each one's invisible world which Life is resonating mystriously in the Abyss of Life.
In the last semester I could not guide all students to this condition. A few student encounter the hard edge to take off the "human Illusion, including ego and self". We could not find the solution. But I learned from this falure as a midwife. Maybe my guide of conditioning to be cobody is not enough. Then I change the class to share any problem which a student meets with together, and share the process to overcome it as one's self problem.

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October 27, 2014

'Last Dance' Aga

On the last day of October course, each student integrated all subbody-cobody. Each piece was around 30 munites or more. It was total over three hours long theater.
Aga (Poland) cut her hair in dancing. It might be a decision to break up from her daily body.

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October 26, 2014

Gaurang, Maki, Pamela and cobody in the Himalayas

In the 4th week of October, each student research own Proto Dream that is the most impressive strange dream in one's life, and co-created each dream world.
On Thurs day, we went to Kharotta mountain ( 2000 m high) near the school and danced it. The constellation of the dreamland resonated with the land scape of Himalayas, and developed it. We are investigating in the resonance with inner cosmos and macro cosmos in various ways. It is the one of most rich way of reseach for creation.
Next Friday, extreme subbodies and cobodies were born surpisingly.

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October 25, 2014

'Dream bodies in the Himalayas' Aga, Emanuel, Raissa, Udit and cobody

In the 4th week of October, each student research own Proto Dream that is the most impressive strange dream in one's life, and co-created each dream world.
On Thurs day, we went to Kharotta mountain ( 2000 m high) near the school and danced it. The constellation of the dreamland resonated with the land scape of Himalayas, and developed it. We are investigating in the resonance with inner cosmos and macro cosmos in various ways. It is the one of most rich way of reseach for creation.
Next Friday, extreme subbodies and cobodies were born surpisingly.

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 Haapy Diwali 2014
October 24, 2014

'Dead Dad's Dolls' Aga, Raissa and Pamela

Pamela and new students Aga (Poland) and Raisa (Brazil) co-created a trio piece. Dance is instant communication, it comes out throufh momentary Life Resonance.
They shared a Qualia of the dead of Dad.
Before and after of the death of someone in the family, what happens in our daily body/mind and subbody-cobody.
If we have lost Dad or Mama in our childhood, also 'the Child with them' have to change. It had to be hidden in the darkness of body and we forget it. We need to seek the Lost Child in the darkness of body. When we will be able to shift it to a creation, we could be released from the invisible bind. There are many different reasons and processes which a subbody-cobody was born and lost or forbidden in the darkness of body.
This is the reason why we have to continue to dance the whole of darkness of body till we will success to integrate all of those hidden or forbidden subbody-cobodies.

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October 19, 2014

'The Invisible in the City' Maki, Pamela, Gaurang, Aga, Raissa, Udit and Piyu

Last weekend, students co-created a long piece shared with the qualia of invasion by the Electronic-magnatic wave in the modern city life that Maki met in September as own qualia instead of Bug's qualia in the 'Bugs walk'.
In therealm of Life, there is no distinction between subbody and cobody, between individual and group. We co-create a world that one of us want to dance in it eargaly, and deepen own subbody-cobody.
It is invisible, but all Life must feel fear of evil effection from the modern life behind the convinience of it.

Everyone feels the subtle fear which is symbolized by the invisible electromagnetic waves behind the convinience of modern life, is invading Life. The dance lasted an hour and a half in total.
Especially, in the second part that connected solo-duo-solo-duo, very realistic subbody dance came out one after another.
Someone danced what oneself is controlled by the computer, someone danced unknown fear in the city, someone danced the invasion by the TV game. Maybe, it was one of the necessary dance to survive for each.
And, in that chaotic cobody world, each individual subbody is possible to deepen subbody-cobody dance for oneself.
Hijikata Tatsumi explored the invisible resonance between Life and the 'bihind world' in "Sick dancing Princess" in one volume, in diverse multi-dimansional resonance pattern in his childhood background as the Tohoku Japan. And now, the young butoh dancers are deepening it by replacing it in the 21st Century.
So, now and here, we are modernizing the Life Resonance with the invisible 'behind world' qualia.
It's so, this is what's a butoh world of "Sick Dancing Princess" in the 21st century.
Many years it took, finally we are able to reach the wellhead of the necessity of the Butoh of Life.

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October 17, 2014

'Rollings' Gabriela and Gio

Gabriela created a duo with Gio. Though both were with blind fold, their resonance pattern was fullof diversity, sometimes show the contrast, and sometimes contact. The practice of resonance method is developping in the creation.

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October 16, 2014

'Milking Cow' Pamela

Pamela tried to change charactors or sexualities by make up during dancing, from neutral to manish body, and woman's body. This is also important transformation ti dance the whole self. This semester she continue to invent original investigation in each week.

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October 15, 2014

'Hantenten' Maki and 'Vna Vez Mas' Inga

Maki and Inga created solos. This week, we investigated to open novel dancing places of body and change the dancing places with being aware of the "Detail, Part, Whole body and Behind world (DPW-B) method of Hijikata in "Quiet House".

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October 14, 2014

'Burning Peacefully' 2nd Experimental collaboration Gabriala, Maki and Gio

Gio asked students to bring a phrase of favourite poem, and guided a class to dance with resonance with the poems. This title is also from a poem. The trio's Jo-Ha-Kyu was something novel development. Including funny strange relationship though camera couldn't catch it.
Week by week, students invent the varieties of resonance pattern.

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October 11, 2014

'Blooming in the Nature' Gabriala, Inga, Maki, Pamale, and cobody

We visited the Chatle Rock Garden in Dharamsala and each student found a land scape to open subbody-cobody.
This years weather is so unusual, the monsoon continued from June to October, then we had to practice only in the school.
The Monsoon is broken year by year remarkablly. Life have to resonate with the world change.
The inevitable tremendous disaster must hit the Life and agriculture in Asia in the near future that has been dependent on the monsoon rain for tousands years. Now, Life is trembling in the predictive of the big unexpectable Catastrophe.
This is the first day to go out of the school in this semester.
Subbody-cobodies met a novel land scape and bloomed it in each place.
Inner micro cosomos and outer macro cosmos are always resonating.
Qualia of inner constellation resonated with the qualia of outer world change, and create novel qualia slowly.
See the pics of 'Eiko and Koma’,Theay are one of second generation of Butoh who spreaded to the world in 1970'.
'Eiko and Koma' investigated in a method to place their body in the natute or town, and folow the body transformation with listening to the body.
Comparing to them, our six weeks subbody-cobody after birth is just baby. They will be trained through the practice between hall and nature gradually, and through the Himalaya Butoh Festival, Delhi festival, and India Rhizoming tour, it will grow up what is able to dance at any place.
How will it work, it is fun of this year.

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October 10, 2014

Four solos; Gabriela, Maki, Gaurang and Julia

'Passar Ao Mundo' Julia
'Into' Maki
'Gaia' Gabriela
'Black Blood' Gaurang

Each student integrated the five weeks research of the subbody.
In September course we learned the basic process of subbody and cobody to stop daily mind/body and become subconscious body with listening the subtle qualia of Life Resoance.
And learned the Jo-Ha-Kyu, Sen-Shin-Hitsu, Zu-Ji-Cho and so on of the basic creation method through 'Bugs walk' by Hijikata.
In October we are studying the technique how to open various dancing places of the body, and how to change it.
Slowly each part of body remembered various Life Resonance, and becoming multi-dimensional resonance body through subbody=cobody experiences.
We continue to deepen it thorugh the whole October. Wait for a while how their body change from not only an individual human body to multi-dimensional resonance body of Life.
This is the necessary basic transformation technique of The clouding body (Obscuring body) to enter the world of 'Sick Dancing Princess" of Hijikata.

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October 5, 2014

'Papaya' Pamela

Pamela is now the second semester, she noticed of her habit that her elbows is bending always and it may be too self gurad posture.
One day she tried not to use her elbows that keep straight position always. Then suddenly the other part of her body opened novel movement that have not opened ever. So many new dancing places of her body; Wirsts, shoulders, legs, tongue, and so on.
This is the most remakable effest of the "Reducing body techinue" of subbody method than ever. She could invent unique butoh body miraculously.
This kind of miracle of creation happens sometimes during one year course, but not able in the short term students.
This is the reason why the one year course ids minimum term of the subbody school. Now by economical reason, many students are difficult to join in the one year course, and we accept short ternm students, but please try to be join in the school as long as possible, if you want to be unique professional butoh dancer who is only one in the world. It needs time.

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October 3, 2014

Experimental Performance
'Falling into Blossom' Gio and cobody

Gio is now in the third year of the school, from September she has organized extra course out of the usual class that guided by Lee .
During for one month Gio and cobody co-created a piece in the extra time in every evening, and opened new "Experimental Performance Dance of Nature" after usual subbody-cobody theater on last Friday.
After each solo piece performance, the cobody piece was performed.
It was amazing piece than ever, with full of originality, diversity and beautiful resonativity.
Surprisingly every student have digested all technique that learned in September; ten-bodies method, resonace method as 'Awase-Hanare', opening various dancing place of body and so on.
Especialy, cobody changed the world one by one with opening own unique and novel subbodies.
Gio is growing an excelent midwife that not force own intention, but listen to the best timing to grow up each subbody's potentiality.
It will continue on every Friday during the semester. Please come on the school and enjoy it.

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