October 2015


School Journal
 Double Binding Choi and Solange
31 October, 2015

Transparent Resonance began to occur

In the end of October, suddenly the transparent resonance began to occur.
Also subbody=cobody has become increasingly the transparency.
It's the first time that I felt like that in the 10 years history of the School.
So, it began to occur something at last.
It begant to happen that the resonance among subbody=cobody reduced the ego and self and became the transparent
Students might not be aware of it.
As usual all students must continue to struggle with various problem, agony and suffering.
However, the emergency of novel subbody=cobodies one after another happens in the subconscious dancing at first rather than consciousness.
Especially, the changes happen in the resonance pattern of subbody=cobody among all students.

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26 October, 2015

Life Resonance, October 2015

The third week of October, students integrated each 30 minutes piece from the research in the darkness of body.
We could share them as own darkness of body, because there was no border in the non dual realm of Life.
Without talking, we can feel the inevitable deepening process with overcoming various hardships each other.
The novel method of <Resonant Rhizome> made it be possible.
We are growing to be One Life.

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22 October, 2015

Subbody Resonance at Kangra Ruins

We visited Kangra Fort, and students created 30 minutes solo or duo and cobody.

We have a few students in this semester, and each student
could integrate a long piece earlier than normal year.

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19 October, 2015

Carrying the Density and Saving the Intensity

We continue to investigate in Hijikata's last butoh score "Quiet House".
Last week, we proceed several chapters.
Specially, we foucused on the <Carrying Density> method.

"9. (Behind the mirror)

 Behind the mirror       a wall of light

        The dizziness, shivering and swaying shadow of flower are hidden in the freedom to carry the density at will."

And < Saving Intensity> technique.
It is called <Tame> in Japanese traditional method.

"12. Collapsing

 A shout and a girl – shivering before collapsing" 

<Tame> technique is about the most important qualia to share the best resonance with the world and audience.
Waiting for the best timing to come out with increasing the Intensity of a spacific qualia gradually until all audience can share the happening as own experience.
Slowly we are learning the important creation method with focusing the Life Resonance.

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9 October, 2015

Reduction by X

We started to investigate in Hijikata's last butoh score "Quiet House".
In this week, we learned the most important method of him;
"Reduction by X and regeneration" .
It is the secret method to transform various weakened body. Hijikata could not teach it to the students, only he himself tried it as his secret techinique.
Through sharing it, we could co-create various butoh world named 'Stuffed Spring" or "Behind the Mirror", and so on.
Each student reduced some qualia from one's daily body, and we shared various weakened bodies in the <Resonant Rhizome>.
A student reduced
<Inteligence> from human body, and we became Animal body (Hungry Tiger).
Another one reduced
<Conscious ness> and we co-created unconscious resonance world of Life.
Other reduced
<Intention> and we resonated together as somebody without intention.
Life is moved by someone always, Hijikata called it
"Red God" or "Huge creature which lives in the air".
Other reduced
<Four billion years Life history> and became <Infinite resonance of Cell>, and so on.

<Reduction by X> is almighty techinique to transform everything in the Universe(=macro cosmos) and invisible Universe (=micro cosmos).

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5 October, 2015

Resonant Rhizome, September 2015

On the lasr Friday of September course,
students integrated all subbody=cobody that they met during September which we focused on the <Resonant Rhizome>.
Next month we are going to research in the "Quiet House" which is Hijikata's last solo butoh score.
Most important methods were hidden there.

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1 October, 2015

Resonant Rhizome at Chatle Rock Garden

We visited Chatle Rock Garden near the school.
Each students found favourite place and co-created various world changes.

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