September 2013


School Journal
30 September 2013 

Start from sharing Proto Life Resonance in the darkness

Finaly almost students arrived at Himalaya.
We start sharing various kind of Qualia of Life Resonance.
1. Through "Resonance touch" we shared the most confortable qualia of vibration, sway, wave, shock, collapse, and die.
2. Through "Resonance shiatsu" we shared qualia of pressure, pain and confort. In each moment, we tried to "See Ego", "Hold Ego" and "melt Ego" according to the Tao shiatsu method.
3. After learning how to touch each other, we exchange all qualia which we experienced in one's life with becoming a Life with partner. We listen to each other what is the most appropriate timing, speed, strength, density and so on.
4. We enter the darkness of body with blindfold. Walk in the space for 20 minutes and met various qualai of Life Resonance, including prototype emotion; subtle fear, awe, surprise,quaver and so on.
We met various archetype image; invisible creature, ghost, monster, fairy, strange atmosphere and so on.
We met mother-type movement as Life; shivering, shrink, sway, shock, attacked, stormed and so on.
These qualia are Proto Life Resonance. To start from here, this is the point. We can feel various subtle resonance with the "Behind world".

Hijikata wrote;

" Butoh dancer has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s fear. ("Quiet House")

Bird's fear and Bug's fear means this Proto Life Resonance.

5. After blind walk, we shared qualia of Life Resonance which we met in the darkness. At first with blindfold, by pair through touch channel.
6. Without blind fold, by pair, we shared various subtle response of body, with detail dance and part movement through visual channel.
7. And we share each qualia of behind world by all with various movement.
8. Self reseach to deepen each own qualia and jumping wild various other's qualia which we shared.
9. At last we shared all qualia of Life Resonance in the subbody-cobody theater with sharing various resonance pattern.
We listened to the Jo-ha-Kyu of total development of subbody-cobody theater from beginning to the end, and tried to co-create the total Jo-Ha-Kyu.

This is the novel beginning menu of subbdy class to share Life Resonance. Finaly we could find it. All old students and midwives, please share it and deepen it.

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27 September 2013 

Sharing Life Resonance experience

Slowly, each student catch deep Life Resonance experience in own life. And we share it with entering the own world as cobody.
This is the way to create butoh by Life Resonance by neither ego nor self expression.
After ten years struggle in Himalaya, finnaly we got it.
Students shared Solveig's world entering into the rasing water, and cells disconnected from body and start floating.
We shared Kan's disunderstanding human relationship world.
We shared Ankur's world attacked by behind spirits.
And we shared Lisa's intestine transforming world.
Students who continued from August become cobody.
Next week, five more students who were late by visa problem will join in and will share each other's Life Resonance.

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24 September 2013 

Gate 1 / Monuji & cobody

From the beginning of the semester, we explored the darkness of the body, each student has research not only subbody, but also own behind world and co-created them by cobody resonance together.
First, Monuji integrated subbody solo and one of his own cobody world today, because he is to return to his hometown of Assam for his marriage next week.
If we're up to last year, this is almost OK for the Butoh Festival in November.
But, for the total creation which aims this year, it is not just a part yet.
Long-term students, dug up mumber of of different 'behind worlds' and co-create by cobody.
So, this year we are learning Hijikata's total composition method of combining alternating group dancing and solo. Hijikata in his later years used it frequantly, we will explore its meaning.
We aim to work subbody is ever-changing in the multidimensional world transformation.
If we do not go to the place where Hijikata had reached, it is never to come visible what is after Hijikata Butoh.
To investigate in "Sick Dancing Princess" which is Hijikata's unexplored butoh for Hijikata, it's this kind of thing.
It is the world of the raw Life where Life is transforming infinitely while shivering and resonating with infinite dimensions of visible and invisible world.

The dancers would have to pluck and eat own darkness of the body until the limit.
But, most of students are trying to cross the first gate without hesitating.
We are going to go far.

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20 September 2013 

Becoming multi number

Monsoon of four months has finally dawned.
Students danced out into the garden for the first time.
One of the unique features of subbody-cobody is what it can transform various number.
A subbody can transform to duo, trio, quintet, quartet, and all through resonance.
Today, students are imposed to become a variety of possible number of subbody-cobody.
In the various deployment, we continue to ask Life in every moment .
"What do you want to do the most?"
And we throw our bodies into Butoh of Life.

'Riken Eye'

This is a good practice to get the transparent 'Riken eye'( eyes which watch yourself from the outside).
Among the subbody-cobody theater of free resonance, with listening the Jo-Ha-Kyu of the whole developement from the beginning to the end, be aware of when and where is the best timing is, which number brings best contrast.
Listening to inside 50%, and watching from outside 50% always, we put the body into the optimal timing.

Mystery of subbody and cobody

In the dancing, when we cast oneself into the herd from single subbody, and when we peel oneself from the group, we taste unspeakable unique qualia.
In the mutual transition between subbody and cobody, the most tasty mystery and secret is hidden.
We can transform into one, two, three, multi number, and all, by Life Resonance.
We are touching "a mystery of Life which Life is beyond number".
And we notice what it is far more tasty than such thing as individuality and identity which was particular in the modern society.

In the daily life, sometimes we are the individual, become couple, or three like a love triangle, and become a member of a group.
But, it is completely different between to become cobody and to become a member of a group.
To become cobody is we become a swarm itself, not become a member of the group.
Cobody is an unsolved mystery of Life.
It is also completely different from being bound by common illusion as 'Nation-state'.
Life is considered as an individual life normally in the modern society, but not only that. It is just an assumption or modern illusion. Because of we are bound by the narrow view point of Life, we have missed from the mystery of Life.
Our body has hundred trillion cells. We are resonant body of hundred trillion of Life of each cell. Each cell continue living for four billion years.
Life is one huge Life tide, too at the same time.
We cannot count Life. Life is beyond number. This is the deepest mystery of Life, which the common illusion of 'human' hid.

Actually the Multi Number theater which we transform diverse kind of number, is a radical experiment to change our relationship beyond the modern relationship of 'human' and toward the future.
Only through these experiences as rhizome, we can get real freedom.

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