September 2019


School Journal
Mushimaru & Ikuyo & Gloria Mclane Butoh Performance at Andes NY 9.Nov.2019 
Mushimaru Fujieda & Kobayashi Ikuyo - Ishin-denshin. 
 Period Mushimaru Fujieda

Let's Learn Mushimaru Butoh

World wide Butoh master Mushimaru Fujieda will visit

as a guest facilitator

9th- 21st March as the same as this year.

10:00 to 17:00


Listen to the Forgotten Memory | Rhizome Lee Video Lecture 

Life Resonance Beyond the border 
23 September 2019

Lee have a retreat for a while

Now I noticed that I had a big mistake to treat my darkness of the body.
I decide to have a retreat for a while to listen to my Life. I need to shift my way of life and recover my Life.

The Noguchi Taiso class by Jullie is held at Dome, upper Dharamkot in the morning, and afternoon Ozerk will guide his Ecosystem of emotion class.

Now I am writing to explain as transparent as possible to all of concerned.
Please wait for a while.

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 Rummage Sail | Ian
A sick man | Jitsu 
The last Exit before Reason Ozerk and cobody 
 Cartain Looked Stairs | Ian
5 September 2019

My Qualia Stream

My Qualia stream from the dreaming share practice we did yesterday with Lee at subbody Class.

Stuffed Beauty...

a dense forest on rocky mountains
an emerald stream flowing through
diving into it as a snake
a very old grandmother at the bottom of the stream
and a council of snakes.

you gaze into the ancient woman's eyes,
something is being transmitted.
snake people feed you with green stones,
you swallow them.
and they carry you up.
moving towards the clouds.

many beings hidden behind the clouds,
you touch the wind body,
it storms;
you touch the rain body,
it rains.
you fall and fall and fall
as a rain drop
on to the desert sands.
sands devour you with thirst.

a beautiful woman rises up from the sands.
she doesn't remember what she'd lost
but she feels the lack.

hundreds of butterflies fly off
from within her skin.

a stuffed beauty
desperately struggling
to dance for her lover...

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Opening Performance at Dome 
 Opening Performance at Rock Cafe

 Tommorow, Starting New semester!

This year we perform every weekend.

On Frinday at Subbody Hall 15:00-17:00

On Saturday or Sunday at Town, Cafe or nature

Summer Intensive
Dive | Naireet and cobody 
Rising | Vidisha 
Dance with me | Thu 
Death | Naresh 
Becoming | Adila and Cobody 
The Inquisition Finds the Sleepers | Rita Soma & Cobody | Madrid 
Dahva Inovia | Rita 
 Talking to Vishal | Vishal
Meeting the Space | Vidisha and Cobody 
30 18 | Ujjawal 
Trailer of Subbody Butoh by Raul
 Photographies by Raul
16 July 2019

We invite Raul again as the Exchange Artist in the 2nd semester of Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya

Thank you for many applications for the exchange artwork. We decided to accept Raul in the Autumn semester continuing from the Spring semester. He will be discounted the school fee of 100% for the exchange work. He did a lot of excellent works of videos and photographies as the below.
Especially Trailer video of Subbody Butoh. We need these videos to let know our activity to the world absolutely.

The other applicants, please wait for the next chance of 2020. We are still accepting your unique proposal. mail to, please.

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Tendency of Nature | Giulia and Naresh 
6 July 2019

Subbody=Cobody Dome Performance!

Nobody is able to stop the energy of the New Born Huge Creature; "Subbody=Cobody".
Half of the members are moving to Europe for the Life Resonance Butoh Tour, and the remained dancers plus new participants perform on Friday at School, and on Saturday=today, perform at Dome, Dharamkot, Dharamsala.
Enjoy it!

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Subbody=Cobody Rhizome 
 Subbody=Cobody Rhizome
30 June 2019

Subbody=Cobody Rhizome

In the 18th Himalaya butoh Festival, a huge invisible creature was born.
It is the "Subbody=Cobody Rhizome" after 20 years pregnant of Subbody School Himalaya.
I was too much bound by the dualism before, then The birth of it was disturbed for long years.
But, in the festival, this new born creature got extra energy and dancing everyday with connecting freely and separating flexible.

After the Festival, this creature start moving toward Europe together.
Adding Adam and Gio's Euro tour that wad scheduled already, they are going to move as the Rhizome.
Already Aleks erformed "Invisible Cities" at the Festival in Italy.
And others are moving to each places, in Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,Spain, Switzerland and Serbia and so on.
We will inform it later.
Let;s join in the Subbody=Cobody together, and dance in the hot Summer in Europe.

Also in Himalaya the Subbody Summer intensive is on going.
New participants are enjoying to become Subbody=Cobody from the first day.
This video and pics are on the second weekend.
It was true that the border between self and others disappear in the subconscious realm.
We will deepen this new finding during the Summer.

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Gio at Dharamsala 2019 
 Mix Dreaming | Summer intensive 2019