September 2012


Subbody Journal
30 September, 2012

Chimera Cobody

Week 4 September ,2012 (by Kats D)

This week we practiced “A Size Walk,” one of Hijikata’s walking techniques. We studied how to let go of our human identities by accessing infinite qualia simultaneously; a technique called “multi-layering.”
We also focused on finding “ discontinuity” in our body by exploring Chimera and Nest Body.
Each of our dances became denser as we shifted freely from single qualia body, Chimera and Nest Body.
As a Cobody, we practiced how to become “one” body with various distances. Our human habit tends to think “oneness” means skin contact and uniformity. But as you see in nature, a flower and butterfly resonate as one without losing each individual feature. Our body is made of many different organs, but they all resonate as one body. Like that, we created Chimera Cobody in the space with various distances, all resonating as one. By letting go our daily conscious habits, the Co-Body became more dynamic and very strange.
After the performance, we had our end of the month party.
Ramesh cooked so many delicious dishes and we ate until we couldn’t move any more.

30 September, 2012

Chatru Rock Garden

Week 4 September ,2012 (by Kats D)

On Thursday we spent a whole day at Chatru Rock Garden, one of our favorite locations out of school.
We were surrounded by hundreds of huge rocks that came down from
Himalaya millions of years ago.
We were also surrounded by trees, flowers and grass.
There was a river right next to it.
We were also not far away from the traffic, so there was a strange mixture of qualia.
We listened to the qualia of our environment all day and researched.
At the end of the day, we shared our findings with each other.

26 September, 2012

Possessed Co-Body

Week 3 September ,2012 (by Kats D)

This week Roger and another new student Valerie joined. We continued with basic conditionings and developed our skill gradually. On Wednesday, Gio guided how to carry problems of our lives in various parts of our body. From there we practiced Hijikata’s “Body-Part-Detail-Whereabout” technique. On Friday we worked on Possessed Body. To be able to be possessed by other’s qualia, one has to throw away his/her own ego or notion that there is a separation between “your” qualia and “my” qualia. When we look things in the universe deeply, we realize that we cannot exist independently. Everything includes everything, which Buddhist call “dependent co-arising.” Because there is no self-existence, the self is “empty.” So, “emptiness” equals “oneness.”
With sprit of oneness, we performed our Possessed Cobody. One person enters and creates a world. The second person enters and possessed by this world qualia. Yet, because of the relationship between the two, the world change. Then the third person enters possessed by this relationship qualia and so forth. The performance was quite interesting.

Many new subbodies are coming up in this 2nd semester. My face is
dancing differently, my body is dancing differently. It feels like
I am going deeper in the density of the darkness of body.

(by Pan)

22 September, 2012

Letter from a student, Dellamore Dellamorteand a reply

Hello Lee

i) Some days ago, in night time, while leaving the dance hall and
going up the small path that connects your residence to the rest of
the Jogiwara village; for a moment I felt totally disorientated. It
was like the path didn’t exist anymore and the grass, trees and
nature in general surrounded me or even blocked my path. For a
brief moment I turned my head away to check if I took the wrong
path, but then immediately looked to the front again and of course
the path was there. I just had to look “more carefully”.
This brought to my mind certain things. One of them was the
uselessness of physical eyes. Seeing a Great Illusion, otherwise
known as “reality” is nothing to be proud of. In that sense,
physical eyes are annoyingly tricky! Consequently, I started
pondering about the use of “eyes” on Butoh and about different ways
to “see”. Kazuo Ohno used to say that he felt like he had numerous
eyes, all over his body. Eyes on his head, eyes on his legs, eyes
on his back, eyes on his fingertips or toes etc etc and through
those “sensors” he explored the visible and invisible environment
around him. Strong resonance can be achieved then!
Sometimes, during the conditioning we use to blindfold ourselves,
so different senses start to come on the surface and the dancer’s
awareness and sensibility is enriched and broadened. However,
there’s still one aspect that we haven’t explored yet; at least
during my presence at the Subbody Butoh Institute. To look at the
lack of light! Blindfold just blocks the eyes. But looking at total
darkness and observing it, is something totally different and the
qualia included are not the same. I had the chance to be in a dark
room, due to my occupation with photography in the past. It was
such an uncanny and strange feeling to be in a room that light
didn’t enter. It’s a useful opportunity for people to realize how
useless physical eyes are. So, if possible, it would be a valuable
experience if we had a class at night and all the dancers resonated
in a room that light didn’t exist. It would take a while to block
all the light entrances, but I think it would be worth it.

Non-dual eyes

Of course!
You should try to guide people in that way as a midwife.
It is good ways to enter the non-dual world in various degrees.
Try to investigate in practice ways for the variation of eyes;
Watching eyes, Animal eyes, Rotten eyes, Weakened eyes, Illusious eyes, Doble focused eyes, London-Paris eyes, Nest of eyes- nest of forest, Kabuki eyes, Compaund eyes, and Participation into the Skin.

ii) Are you familiar with Kunio Yanagida? I am a reading a book
nowadays and he’s mentioned in it. He was a Historian who based
his work in Folklore Studies. He talked about the possibility of a
truly Japanese form of autonomy, about the role of the children,
the women, the insane and the very old in the Japanese society,
about the problem of the individual subject etc. It is believed
that many Butohists of the 1st generation had been influenced by
his ideas. Which brought to my mind a line of the “Quiet House”.
Where Hijikata mentions a “peacock in Mr. Yanagida’s yard”….. Could
he mean Kunio Yanagida? Or are you sure it was a reference to one
of his neighbors?

Peakock of Mr.Yanagida's garden

It is not sure for me about the last question. Hijikata must read Yanagida's book a lot, also me too. But in that age, Mr. Yanagida is already gone (1875-1962). He must not meet Mr. Yanagida in daily world.
Mr. Yanagida collected many folklores from Tohoku erea which is Hijikata's neibours. Especially, he collected talking stories by old mem or wemen in Fukushima and published it as "Tohno Stories" (1910). That book is one of the deepest treasure book of strange stories of old Japanese animistic world. When an bear hunter entered in the deep mountain for long days without enogh sleep, they had often met strange situation of Hypnagogic hallucinations between asleep and awake, which you experienced in the Jogiwara village. In that subconscious mode, we entered the non-dual realm. At that realm the distinctions and borders disappeared. Human becomes bear, bear becomes human. Many folklore told us the non-duality between animal and human, Life and Death. Yes, that place is the place we must meet the very
Peakock which is the surprisingly beauty. So, as a metophor, your guess is exactly true.

iii) As I’ve already mentioned in the past, I consider it very
important for a contemporary Butohist (I don’t like the term Butoh
Dancer, that’s why I use the term Butohist instead, as Hijikata
did) to look back at the origins and the beginning of Butoh. To
explore why and how it started. (I don’t wish to talk at this point
about the political and social background of Japanese society in
the late 50’s, because it’s a fragile and complicated topic). But
to get back to the subject, Butoh in the beginning was related to
sex and violence and it also dealt with taboos of Japanese Society
back then, like homosexuality. It becomes clear that sexual energy
and violent energy are extremely important in Butoh, because they
are the blood and sperm of its birth. It is not easy to dance with
such Qualia, but it can make the dance much deeper and stronger,
therefore they have to be explored.
On top of that, I need to add that I don’t like the idealization of
the Human Being. I shall go even further and say that existence is
unbearable pressure and Life is a magical paradox, yet a paradox!
In the scale of physical beings on Earth, humans are just higher
than animals. However, Earth is a very low sphere. Humans might
have the potential to transform into Divine Beings, but most of
them act even worse than animals. Everyone can act as they want;
it’s a matter of choice. Thus it doesn’t matter. But Human History
is so full of destructions, monstrosities and pain and yet humans
don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. That is the feature of a
dumb man. A man who doesn’t want to evolve. But as I said, it is a
matter of choice or limited self-awareness if you prefer.
Humans are slaves to passions, therefore they’re vulnerable. Need
for sex and need for Death. SEX, SEX, SEX, DEATH, DEATH, DEATH.
Both Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata realized how close sex and
death is. They portrayed it on different ways through their dance.
A Butohist should dance within the borders of that great paradox
called Life. Between the borders of Universe. Between the borders
of Nothingness. Resonating is the LAW OF NATURE. But what if one go
against it? Isn’t it when nature reveals its most precious secrets
when someone decides to go against it? That comes with a price. It
might destroy the Butohist in a sense. But it would be the ultimate
dance, wouldn’t it? After all, rebirth (or resurrection if you
prefer) follows death. Death-Birth, Death-Birth, Death-Birth.
No family, no identity. No mother. No Father. No land. No Lovers.
No children. No bonds.
The Butohist shall transform into the baby who forcefully enters
back in its mother’s Vagina. Who denies the way of the Nature. Who
devours its mother from the inside until the baby becomes the
Mother. And then the Mother grows a penis and she fucks the
reflection of The Father that exists inside her. A new baby is
Born. The Baby fucks the Father and fucks the Mother. A new
creature is being born. Both the Father, the Mother and the Un-holy
Son. A new Fucking trinity.
(There are similar myths that might seem disgusting to most people,
like the myth of Oedipus for instance. But every myth hides a
unique Truth. So unique that it comes with a great shock. Similar
with the necessity of Grotesque in Butoh, which is related to the
darkest unconscious)

Sex and violence

Yes, sex and violence is the entrance for the abyss. It brings us in the chaos of Death and Life. Don't be afraid and proceed your way. The humanism or the idealized human being is the biggest commonillusion for us. To release from it, sex and violence are necessary paths. Though you must encounter extreme hardships of full of edge qualia.
Accept your destiny as a Butohist with a smile, and enjoy it!

PS. On a side-note and on a different subject, I would like to
mention that on one hand I find the String Theory interesting, but
on the other hand I find the Darwin Theory inaccurate, if not naive
and out-dated. Nor I accept the concept of Life coming from the
Water. Science shouldn’t be strictly related to Butoh. Because
Science, like Religion are both handicapped.

Dellamore Dellamorte

I agree with you what Science and Rerigion are both handicapped.
We need to be released from the binds of common illusions in the both.
To accept everything as Resonance, and to find a good way of Resonance is current way to overcome them for me..

16 September, 2012

Wave Cobody (by Kats D)

Because of Lee’s absence and the delays of many students, the last two weeks has been pretty quiet. It has been only four of us: Gio, Pan, Kats and a new student Solvaig. So, we have been taking things slow and really concentrating on “feeling” subbody signals in our body and really experiencing them without thoughts or judgments.
One of the things we focused on this week was to resonate as a wave. One person enters as a wave and creates “ripples” in the space. Another person enters also as a wave and two waves resonate with each other. Then the third person enters and creates even more complex resonance pattern in the space. With the visualization of “ripples,” there is no empty space between the bodies, so we can resonate in any distances. “Distance” implies that there is an empty space between two objects, but this idea of “distance” is an illusion because the space is filled with different qualia all the time. So, we reminded ourselves that there is “no distance.” Likewise, we emphasized on being “no-body” (no separation between subbody and cobody).
With few people and relaxed pace, it seemed that resonance was happening quite naturally. The group found spontaneous ending of the group improvisation in such an interesting way.
At the end of the day on Friday, we met another new student. Also, another couple of students are supposed to be arriving next week. It is going to be a pretty lively week.

8 September, 2012

Problem is biggest treasure house for solution

---Letter from Gio and Hints for Midwiving

Dear Lee

How're you?
Maybe you heard from kats, this week I gave one day workshop on
I could see my limit for now and realised to make some mistakes during

First of all, I couldn't find jo-ha-kyu of workshop. Somehow I gave
too much focus on 'ha' in many 'ideas'. I realised the importance of
previous and finishing process to open and melt, heal the ego.

Second is about language problem. It includes both, my limit of english
and using human language itself. I'm trying to speak more clearly and
less words, but It's not my language, you know, It need time more, so
still I disturb other subbody sometimes. (but on the other hand, it's
also a qualia 'human language disturbing you' somthing like that, if I
can melt the other's ego more, I think it could be no big problem.)
And in human language, there are too much lesson intended..
anyway I'll try to use less sentences and only words, and to speak
more clearly from my bottom.

At the same time, really I want to find new way with no human
language. In the deep silence, just to meet by body.
Please give me hint to invent that.

One more thing is that I believe body more than mind or consciousness
(including sub-world). It's very difficult to enter pure
subconsciousness world. The world is amazing maybe, but our human's
habit of consciousness is too deep.
Imagination, memory, emotion, feeling etc are very very important
qualia but I feel just 'human' in those world, not to take off human.

I'll try to enter into more deep sub world for 24 hours.
and at the same time, I'm giving various experiences, stimulus on
these parts of body.
This body remember everything as you said.
but our mind, consciousness are giving limitations to be human body,
like standing striaght and eating by hands... with own functions.

But if we give some unexpected experience to some part of body, the
part could remember a new function, story, memory. just we can meet
the signal of body.
In this view, for me 'body mapping' and 'dancing place' are very important.
In infinite segmenting and discovering new unexpected dancing place
and unique dancing guide me to new creature which my consciousness has
never met before.

and you asked us at the end of last semester.
Invent new pose , body shape amd give a various way.
Yes! new poses and shapes are also big hints.
maybe especially in the uncomfortable, unnatural, painful, strange shapes..
It's also connected with chapter2 of Quiet House.
"Shisha transform their shapes.."

That's why I tried 'dancing place conditioning' with bodymapping at last time.
but It need more depths and jo-ha-kyu.
Still many things are staying 'idea'.
For me, need more time than others to digest through body as my

And.. the boundary of 'my subody' and cobody you said, actually It
made me very hard during last semester somtimes. It made me to feel to
enter other human's ego.
Yes, you're right!

During this week, I encounterd with some deep moment.
I transformed with inner cavity, inner organ dancing to totally
unknown creature.
Just 'I' watched the transform.
Just I did to let the body move freely, give freedom to the body.
and one moment, this(my) body was soil and root.
The legs, head are not legs, head any more. Just keeping small grass,
flower(by one hand), the root stared to move underground and spread as
Rhizome beyond the land.

hm.. I don't know what's next.
Everything is in the process. Just what I know is this body starts to
reject human being.

For our book, actually the print you told me last email is not final I gave you.
But last time, I checked all. so just I'll order to print tomorrow.

I hope see you soon.

Feedback to Gio

Dear Gio

Your letter shows that you are reaching at the very place just in front of the
richest trasure house of creativity. You can just open the doors, That's all.

Hint 1
Turn your weak point to the opposite

Hint 2
Use the 'Reduction by X'

Try to reduce something from daily body. The possibility of this exerciseis
For exmple,
-Walk with reducing a part of body; a leg, an arm, eyes
-Transform with reducing eyes gradually from watching eyes to rotten eyes
-Transform with reducing human voice gradually from human language or
human singing to hegemogera language or weakened voice, collapsing voice,
qualia of harddly to speak, qualia of unable to sing, and so on.
-Move with reducing ages gradually, or increasing ages gradually and
transform weakened body, collapsed body, disabled body, and so on
-Move with reducing consciousness in various ways; becoming sleepy,
becoming dizy, becoming

Hint 3
Invent various encounter fields which students have to take off 'Human'
naturally with avoiding daily human elements.

Try to create a special field which student's body meets ' Proto qualia of Life'
; fear, shivering, dizying, shrinking, collapsing, weakening and so on, in
various ways.
Using proto qualia, proto emotion, and proto motion are the better, not using
normal human feelings, emotions, motions, memories.
For example, one person(A) stand at the center, and the others pass through
with various proto qualia. Let the center person resonate freely.
No need to explain by word, you can show just some samples of proto qualia by body.



Do you know?

All of the hints exist in your letter.
It means your subconsciousness has already noticed them.
Believe your subbody.