September-November 2018


School Journal
 3 Solos in October


November short course

I will be leading the short term intensive courses
at Himalayan Subbody Resonance Butoh during november.
If you end up around Mcleod Ganj you are welcome to join.

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Collapsed | Mohet and Cobody 
 You & me Vishal
 Dance your Essence
 Too Female | Zalina
 Phd in Butoh | Adam
 Visible | Mohet
 Over thinking | Ashok
 Not So | Zalina
 Good luck being weightless and playful on your death bed | Adam
 Greed | Mohet
 Broken Circuit | Gora
 On the Roof | Ruusu
Shaking Muscle | Nabila 
 5 October 2018

Dancing some own issues

Last wednesday every co-researcher listen to the darkness of body, and danced ten or several issues in ten minutes.
We upload them one by one.

"Shaking muscle" Nabila
"On the Roof" Ruusu
"Broken Circuit" Gora
"Greed" Mohet
"Good luck being weightless and playful on your death bed" Adam
"Over thinking" Ashok
"Not so" Zalina
"Stucked lost" Leire
"Frustlated Prince" Prince
"Crushed beans" Guneet
"It" Dara (No video)
"Connected Disconnected" Samar

From here, each one's subbody=cobody will grow up to one hour master piece till the end of semester.
Please watch the process warmly.

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 Dance your Life in 3 Minutes |
Gora, Vishal, Mohet, Adam, Leire, Ruusu, Ashok, Adi, Nabila, Zalina, Ana and Samer
 The RhizomeTheater
Transittion Rhizome "Descending to Bone Kid" 
 September 30, 2018

Transition Rhizome

One progress has been brought to Nomad Rhizome.
Adam guided to overlap the end of one dance with the beginning of the next dance.
By this, from the beginning to the end is organically connected.
We could transform into one Rhizome.
Yes, at last, we turned into a creature.

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Nomad Rhizome in the School 
The Mirror | Ruusu 
Return to Self | Miki 自己に戻る| 三木 
 No Qualia but still Alive | Guneet, Laulie and Vishal
 Tension | Guneet and Nataliya
 Homunculus Rex | Prince and Tzaddi
Confusing Heart | Mohet, Nataliya and Samer 
 The Boomerang Ritual | Adam, Miki and Varun
23September 2018

Nomad Rhizome by five Trios

  In the rock garden on Thursday, We danced Nomad Rhizome by three Quintett groups of five people.
On Friday we did Nomad Rhizome by the five Trio groups in the school space.
It was totally unpredictable Jo-Ha-Kyu development, what kind of world will be opened next, and entertained until the end.
In a normal theater which one person choreographs and directs, this never happens.
Finally, the Resonant Rhizome co-creation method, which the only one choreographer is eliminated is approaching the day when it overcomes the old style Tree system.
It's full of fun in the future.

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 Nomad Rhizome in Chatle Rock Garden
21September 2018

Nomad Rhizome in Chatle Rock Garden

 Monsoon is finishin. We went to Chatle Rock Garden, and danced Nomad Rhizome, which everybody find faborite place, and co-create with travelling each place.

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 A Pink Girl with a Knife | Piu
 Things that I felt newly | Miki
 Birth of Human ego, Ocean


 There were no Humans Cobody B
 Eye Metamorphosis Cobody C
 3 Solos in September 2018 | Gora, Gvneet and Tzaddi
 Android Tea Party Cobody
 Falling into Stars Love | Natalia and Gora
 A Pink Girl is being Dehumanized | Piu
 Burning Body | Ruusu and Cobody
10 September 2018

New co-creation method has begun

 We completely revolt the co-creation method from Tree way to Rhizome way this year.
We changed from the previous way of Tree that a person composes a whole piece.
Now everybody becomes Rhizome that initiates each different part by own Qualia and integrates it together into a piece through the Life Resonance.
It becomes a Chimera and deepens the degree of the numinous and clouding.
It is an exciting experiment to approach to the Butoh of Life.
Cobody Dreaming Share  
5 September 2018 

Cobody Dreaming Share

a> へのリンクToday we did the first "Cobody Dreaming Share".
After opening various Hidden skins, we try to remember the forgotten memory of cobody or co-being. During four billion years Life history, our Life experienced so many resonance patterns of Life Resonance.
The first 3 billion years, Life was the one-celled creature.
1 billion years ago, Life invented the new resonance pattern of the group cell. It was one of the greatest inventions that lead to the multi-celled creature in the Life history.
Each cell could resonate properly in the subtle distance between the contact and not contact that we named the placenta layer Hidden skin in the subbody method.
(This was the missing link that makes able to realize the <Cobody Dreaming Share>.)
We practiced it, and we tried to remember the forgotten memory that we were resonating in various cobodies as diverse creatures.
We share each one's cobody dreaming with movement and minimum words.

Unfolding Another Dimension

Diverse cobody images came out one after another. As if another dimension is unfolding.
This is a characteristic phenomenon of Qualia in the dreaming.
From very subtle Qualia that is almost nothing, a specific world unfolded and appear as a special world.
We enjoyed this interesting process.
We will continue this sharing a lot in various ways.
We will get so many cobody resonance patterns, and able to use it in our co-creation flexibly.

Today, the following <Cobody Dreaming Share> we got.

Vishal: Mother's womb
Nabela: Breaking seed
Maria: Spiderweb
Tzaddi: Insect Liberation
Natalia: Ancestor drinking tea in the garden
Gora: No name
Ruusu: Summer rain
Prerna: Snowfall
Mohet: Snakeskin
Luv: Plague
Zalina: Hermit Crab
Varun: Ulal King statue
Samer: Unsafe workspace

One after another 13 unique cobody worlds were appearing.
To see it was as if we were in a magical world.
I was surprised that the creativity of Life is truly infinite.
All of these cobody images will be shared by this year's co-researcher as the common property. They are so lucky that can collaborate based on such rich materials.
So, finally, we could complete the subbody=cobody co-creation method after 20 years struggle.

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3rd September 2018

Starting the new semester with the
Stone Garden theater

We could have a beautiful start of the new semester.
We shared the essence of the new subbody method;
Medimotion, Rhizome conditioning, Listening to the double Resonance of inner Qualia and outer Qualia, Co-Midwife that support each other to open infinite creativity of Life with giving and accepting novel stimulus to remember forgotten Qualia, and so on.

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 Chimera imago | Lee and Cobody