September 2014


School Journal
September 30, 2014

'No Title 1' Pamela and cobody

Pamela found unique creature that is moving by only head rolling oe waving, cobody became this creature covered body by black cloths.
They danced the bugs walk only at face, and she gave them a world change qualia by putting dead leaves into their mouths.
And after then, she transformed in so diverse ways to enter unknown another dimensions. Maybe her subbody entered into non-dual and multi-dimensional realm. She herself doesn't know what is happening, just she followed the body. Sometimes like this miracle moment visits us during subbody dancing. So many different movements and tasty transformations came out from her body. When like this fenomena happens, it is the chance to travel deeper realm of the darkness of body. Remember all Life Resonance, body movement and the qualia, open the transparent "Riken eye (Distant eye) and watch it sensitively.
Later you can integrate them into your own piece with carrying density and jumping wild flexiblly.
It is the Art of Shisha which Hijikata wrote in the "Quiet House".

2. Important

“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with unexpected nonchalance.”


It takes time to be the condition of the Shisha that is able to transform quietly and infinitely. Pamela is in the second semester, now she is able to dance the whole self. We cannot name it at first, then it is reasonable to title it as "No title 1" so that is not to bind subbody by a thinking theme or narrow meaning in this moment. Becase it is the infinite treasure box of the creation.

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September 30, 2014

'Old Rusty Ship' Julia and cobody

Julia found own qualia as a rusty metal instead of bug.
And developed it to An old Ship is rusted and decayed in the ocean.
Ask male dancers to become a rock, and femele dancers to be a ocean wave.
She as an old ship is rusted and decayed gradually, and eaten by the decayed qualia to transform into unknown something in the storm of them.
Bugs walk is an eccelent butoh score to learn the Jo-Ha-Kyu method of developement. Next stage is to deepen the Jo-ha-Kyu from simple one to multi-dimensional one.
The butoh score of 'Quiet House' will guide us to investigate it.

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September 30, 2014

'The Cycle' Gaurang and cobody

Gaurang danced with upstreaming to the fetus world.
It is the biggest transformation of the world for our Life that process from one celled Life to Embryo, fetus and deliveried as a human baby.
The first ten months, we are floating in the proto ocean of womb. We did not know that we are human. The self and others were not separated, fetus and the womb was oneness. We spend time in that non-dual world, and deliveried as a human baby.
He asked Julia to be the mother's womb, and others to song a lalaby song in own language.
After deliveried, the outer world approached him and invaded him as the unknown 'Behind world'.
To upstream to the fetus world is one of the deepest tunnel to research the the mystery and secret of Life.
He had met a rich vein toward the abyss of Life.

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September 29, 2014

'Sho Jiva Vakaru (Everything is alive)' Udit and cobody

Udit, after dancing the 'Jo' and 'Ha' of "Bugs walk" on the table, He was kicked out from it into unknown world.
He was attacked by something mysterious and entangled by them gradually.
Cobodies co-created the process of invasion as the invisible 'Behind world'.
Many of the people who grew up in the south where a lot of snake live, used to experience the nightmare attacked by a snake often.
Also in the local Myth and narrative there are a lot of variations of it.
Or sometimes hit by floods that is a Violent figure of land spirit or another. subtle
His images of world transformation might also came from some archetype or original proto dream.
Life is scared trembling behind the invisible world universally.

Butoh of Life begins to be aware of the subtle trembling of Life Resonance as the basis. Every student have met unique entrance to the tunnel leading to the own abyss. Everybody have encountered the unconfortable creepy 'Edge-Qualia', and experenced what as soon as it has been converted to the creation, all of them has been sublimated and disappered.
It is the magic of creation. Now we are ready to go further.

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September 28, 2014

'It's just Invisible' Maki and cobody

In the developement stage of Bugs walk, unique qualia that Maki found instead of 'Bug' in the Bags walk was electromagnetic waves that can not be seen flying the space, and invading human body.
Maki has worked in a movie maker as an office worker aside to continue the small theater activities in Japan.
During the time, har Life might feel the potantial fear against it.
The electromagnetic waves are invisible, but they effect our Life certainly.
For Life in the 21st century, she caught a sharp tremor to the 'behind invisible world' exactly.
When the big earthquake of 3.11, she was practicing in a theater, and lighting equipments fell down violently from the overhead.
She has chnaged to the street performances to escape from the danger.
After attacked by various crisis when she was wondering for the future,
she knew about the Subbody School and came to Himalaya.
Here we are dancing a variety of Life resonance of diverse students who have gathered from all over the world.
The crisis of the Amazon forest in South America, and crisis of radioactivity and electromagnetic waves in the advanced society, it is one for Life

In the developement of Jo-ha-kyu, the electromagnetic wave attacked al ldancers in different ways, and surprising and unexpected transformations occured among the dancers.
Especially, two young India dancers began crazy exquisitely. Now India is one of the developed IT country also.
Since it was so subtle and fine sounds trembling, although it is not reflected in the photograph.
It was the moment everyone became one.
To dance the resonance of Life and invisible 'behind world beyond the distinction between self and others, it's a road that approaches the universal Butoh of Life.

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September 27, 2014

'Amazon - Our Mother Earth' Gabriela and cobody

September 4 weeks has finished. Students integrated all subbody=cobody that met during for one month.
The cobody-subbody theater was so deep and full of resonance that have not seen during the school history.
Gabriela started dancing from the 'Moving forest cobody' that she has resonated deepest during the practice.
In the forth week we studied 'Bugs walk' by hijikata, and replaced the bug's qualia by own qualia, and created own butoh.
For Gabriala, when she became the Amazon forest, the bug was 'human itself' that continue to cut down the forest. But, a new life sprout again.
What is this becoming in the future?
Gabriela seemes to enocunter the inner necessity to dance the fate of the nature and human on the planet.
We will begin studying the "Quiet House" and "Sick Dancing Princess" by Hijikata in October.
This subbody=cobody will meet other individual qualia in the darkness of the body and entangled by them. It must grow to multidimensional resonance butoh of Life.
Anyway all students get the most important things that is inner reason to dance and resonance each other as one Life. It is a big harvest of the September.

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25 September, 2014

Inner wildness Gaurang and cobody

Kobodi and wild Goran Inner

Goran came from Central India, from the body of the ash pillar in the garden
I was transformed into beast body.
Shishi-tai is one of the most primitive sub-body.
You are also many kinds of livestock and beasts of various wild Himalayan Fortunately.
Flow of clouds and river stones are flying to the change in pace.
As mentor them, we will polish beast body inner, plants, vaporization body, and bottom body.
To dance all the resonance of the macro cosmos and outside the micro cosmos of the darkness of the body
There is a need to dig out a sub-body of ten or more bodies.
It's work that take a really long time.
Students this year young Fortunately.
I can wait You Can not Hurry the time sub-body = Kobodi every single will ripen slowly.
That you wait for the machine.
Midwife continues listened with a focus on the maturation of the time that was slowly.

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September 24, 2014

'Birth and Death in the sand' Julia and cobody

Julie came from Brazil, danced in the rock
garden in the backyard.
While she was reseaching her Life memories with
sand and stone, it seems to have met the motif
of birth and death.
Pamela (Mexico), Gabriela (Argentina) has
resonated with her.
Primeval Life Qualia peculiar of Latin American
might be lurking in the body of them.
How it will open now, it's fun.

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23 September, 2014

'Water and body' Maki and cobody

Maki from Japan, danced in the water park backyard.
Water is the home of the original for Life.
Body of the waterside might recall Life memories of the life when we lived underwater long time ago, or fetus age, and it is possible to transform unique proto body. Also the other students, the bodies resonated and turned into fluid gradually.
In this way we will continue to research the tendemcies of prptotype or archetype through subbody=cobody little by little every week.
The long journey of the vast darkness of the body has just begun.

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22 September, 2014

'Behind the Window' Gabriela and cobody

Gabriela from Argentina inteegrated ger subbody at the wall side of the hall.
We tried to resonate with it as cobody in various ways, and she chose the 'behind world' that cobodies resonance pattern that the cobody are coming crowded bleeding from outside the window. What's going on behind the scenes, it is not visible to her, she had to open senstive resonativity of Life, her skin became ears, her hidden skin became eyes and resonated with them.
Through this it is able to be visualized that is invisible subtle Resonance of Life.
Inner micro cosmos of Life is resonant with the outer macro cosmos always.
We learn this from "Sick Dancing Princess" of Tatsumi Hijikata. We will pursue this technique and realize the unexplored Butoh of Life through the year.
We are going to dance the invisible, and it will be able to visualize it transparently by subbody=cobody resonance.

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21 September, 2014

'Primordial man and woman' Udit and Maki

Udit who is from Delhi, danced a duet with Maki from Japan.
He sunk to the bottom hole of the lunch table in the garden, and appeared as a primordial man living in caves of the Stone Age, and began to dance in primitive movement.
He asked Maki to transform gradually from modern lady to resonante as subbody=cobody.
They developed various resonance pattern, sometimes she hided in the cave and came out again, and so on.
During to see the Jo-Ha-Kyu developement of their resonance, we felt as if it were a mythological world, like Izanagi and Izanami, or Amaterasu and Susanoo in primitive mythology in Japan that is far older than the world of Adam and Ive.
Maybe, some Qualia of Archetypes or Prototype were unfolded in the darkness of audience by the resonance.
Regardless of whether dancers are intended or not intended to dance it, the hidden Archetypes and Prototypes are activated through the resonance spontaneously, if we could dance from the depth of the darkness of body.
It is the Butoh of Life to dance the whole Life Resonance transparently.

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20 September, 2014

'A Girl in the Spider Web' Pamela and cobody

During three weeks, students learned how to explore in the darkness of body, how to become the Quiet body, how to shift from daily thinking mode to listening mode to the subtle qualia of Life Resonance.
Students caught subtle qualia like flirt in the darkness of body, and have met verious subbody=cobody that are hidden in the darkness of body for long time; Proto body, Hidden body, Bottom body, Plant body, Animal body, Vaporized body, Kugutsu body and so on.
In the weekend of the 3rd week of second semester, each student tried to integrated all of them, with finding a special space and created a short piece. The others resonated with it as the 'Behind World cobody'.
Life is always resonating with invisible behind world.
When we are able to share the other's subtle Life Resonance, we can co-create it as the one Life
We are going to dance the invisible subtle Resonance of Life and to co-create it. This is the basic subbody=cobody method for the unexplored Butoh of Life that is found out through investigating in the 'Sick Dancing Princess' of Tatsumi Hijikata.
Now it is going to be realized in the Subbody Resonance School, though it took so many years.
Now the Monsoon is going to finish. We are going to be able to expand into the nature slowly.

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