September 2015


School Journal
5 October, 2015

Resonant Rhizome, September 2015

On the lasr Friday of September course,
students integrated all subbody=cobody that they met during September which we focused on the <Resonant Rhizome>.
Next month we are going to research in the "Quiet House" which is Hijikata's last solo butoh score.
Most important methods were hidden there.

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1 October, 2015

Resonant Rhizome at Chatle Rock Garden

We visited Chatle Rock Garden near the school.
Each students found favourite place and co-created various world changes.

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28 September, 2015

Becoming Transparent Life through <Resonant Rhizome>

This semester, we have started with new method of <Rhizonant Rhizome> which resonate flexibly as Life beyond individual and group from the beginning.
Previously, we focused on each one's subbody (subconscious body) and sunk into the the darkness of the body to find a subbody movement. And co-create cobody (=resonating subbodies) as a group movement.
But, it was a mistake to bring such a distinction of subbody and cobody in the darkness of the body.
In the darkness of body, it is non-dual and multi-dimensional resonance realm as Life, there is no distinction among individual, group and kind.
A adult body is consisted by hundred trillion cells. Each cell has Life, a human body is resonance of hundred trillion Life of cells.
Life is not a material which is able to count by normal mathematics.
In addition, each single cell' Life is four billion years old, it has survived beyond long years, and has deep wisdom as the life memories in it. It has all kinds of experiences beyond the barrier between the individuals, species and kinds.
It is also a part of the huge Life Trend that continues to survive four billion years.
Life is something that is resonating beyond the dualistic distinction of space and time.
Life is not possible to catch Life by dualistic logic.Modern scientific cognition and any religious inteligence was bound by the dualistic logic and failed to understand Life, though they don't know that they are bound by old-style logic.
We need to invent a novel non-dual and multi-dimensional logic to understand Life.
The novel logic does not exist yet.
Now we can try to be <Resonant Rhizome> by whole body and mind, then we can experience the non-dual and multi-dimensional Life Resonance by whole existence including subbody and cobody.
We need to take off the narrow consciousness, and become Transparent Life itself that is resonating beyond the boundaries of the individual and kind, beyond time and space. the new method of <Resonant Rhizome> is the way to be found recently to become the Transparent Life through the whole body experiences.
We are deepening it while dancing.

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24 September, 2015

Born in a Strange Place

On Thursday, students found some of the places their subbody wants to dance in the building, and co-created each dance at those places.
However, we could not choose the first place by oneself.
The first location was chosen by the other students, and was taken by blindfold to the place where they danced.
We don't know that the world is what kind of world, which was carried out to be guided.
The other student co-created the unknown world together.
The second and third location was the place where each one had found.
Life cannot choose a location that is born.
We cannot choose our parents, born country, era, gender, own features.
It's no choice but to accept all.
Similar, students accepted the strange world where they was guided, and danced with real time resonance.
We have to explore various resonance pattern with the unknown world as a new Life.
We co-created the dizzying world transformation in all together.
This is a new development form of <Resonant Rhizome>. Through these experiences, all students are going to grow up to the <Resonant Rhizome> with joy.

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Looking for a Bottom 
Bottom Bodies of old students 
24 September, 2015

Researching for the Bottom Body

This week, we explored a variety of mental and physical transformation techniques.
We walked with putting a stone on the head, to learn the Size walk of Hijikata Tatsumi.
And we explored the Bottom Body with reduced body size into the minimum.
What is the Bottom Body?
20 years ago, one day it has been sprung out suddenly from the darkness of my body.

It is a painful posture, but also connected with a strange sense of security that somehow I could become my original place.

The mystery of the Bottom Body, I've investigated in it more than 20 years, while continued dancing it thousands of times.
In the beginning, I thought that it might be a special case of mine. But, while I investigated in the secret of the darkness of body with keeping track of Hijikata's quest with resonance, only recently, I noticed that also Hijikata had continued to quest for the same mystery of the Bottom Body.
In his case the secret of Bottom body had led to his babyhood experience of "Izume (basket for the rice and baby)".
Hijikata had continued to dance into the mystery of the Bottom many times, and tried to regenerate as another being with infinite transformations from the Bottom again and again.
His first solo was entitled
"A seed". It was in the modern dance recital, the audience expected "Oh, he's gonna be in flower from a seed", but he betrayed their carefree expectation at all. He continued to struggle and roll with keeping the Bottom shape on the stage from beginning to end.
And also in his last solo,
"Quiet House", he repeated to dance the Bottom Body many times.
It was called "Boxed Body (Being housed in a small box)" with a lot of variations.

“I was sleeping naked, and dreamt of horsemeat
Where did the whereabouts go?
Mad King was housed in the box
The whereabouts of the box is connected to a fine dismantling
Dance of hair
Reduction by X and regeneration”

"A bird with long nose hair and a bird which became a box"

"Small box of joints – Hans Bellmer – Samurai Commander – Princess – Tiger"

"A samurai commander becomes a queen, the queen will be put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the dancer, Hoopee."

Bottom (=Boxed) Body of Hijikata

Many variations of transformation into the Bottom (=Boxed) body, and regeneration as another being from the Bottom were performed.
Why did he have to repeat it many times?
Because, by only dancing thousands of times with own body, he believed that the deep Mystery and Secret of his darkness of body must be solved.

When you would encounter a deep Mystery which you could solve it only by dancing it many times, you were facing to your own
Dance it repeatedly!
Continue to dance it until the Mystery would be solved, even thousands of times.
That is the inevitable
"Butoh of Life" for the Life.

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18 September, 2015

Sharing Various World Changes

Each student chose two or three worlds which their
subbody wants to dance, and we share all of them
with dancing. Totally, we experienced so many world changes.
This is the way for learning the <Jumping wild> of
Hijikata Butoh which he tried in his "Quiet House".

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Hungary 2015
23 September, 2015

Resonant Rhizome in Hungary

In the first week of Hungary workshop, many old participants joined in after 13-15 years.
1999-2002, I often visited Hungary and Eastern Europe and had workshops , collaborative performances in various palces.
Judit, Agi, Agnes, Gabi, Nora, Silvia, Yanosh, and new participants, Tom, Adam and so on joined in it.
To meet old friends is one of the most pleasant thing in life.
Also I met with a singer Karanas Eva, video artist Tivadar who worked together at that time.
All of them grew up in each way, someone became dancer, teacher, dance serapist and so on, they said the workshop changes their way of life. I was so happy.
Judit and Agi have continued to work with handicapped people, and Agnes will collaborate with some wheelchair dancers who joined in the second week workshop.
Also, Kaska organized collaborative work with traumatic people in Poland.
Something is changing little by little.

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17 September, 2015

Life Resonance Workshop Beyond the Barriers

Photos of Hungary workshop has arrived.
How lively face of everyone!
My face, also.
I felt that I wish to live with such faces.
The workshop has changed my life.
Thank you, Everyone!

This was a mixed workshop of people with variety of disorders, disabilities including healthy people.
3 wheerlchair dancers who belong in the wheelchair dance company in Hungary, told.

"In the society, the attitude of people towards us had been divided into two kinds.
Either whether treat us like a child, or take a distance with ignorance.
But such barriers were nothing here. "

"It is the first experience to dance with wheelchair and healthy people together, and I felt very happy.
Though, sometimes I moved too much, and the body was screaming by surprising. "

"Our wheelchair dance company want to create a new dance piece in this way. "

Visit the site:

I was surprised to hear this.
Is it the first time?
Such a strong barriers to divide people has established in Western society!
Because I live in India which such isolation facility is still not much,
All persons with disabilities are living together.
However, the old barriers of Caste System still devides people strongly in India.
A dancer who participated in the workshop again after 15 years, said.
"We want to create a dance with them, this year."

So, something began to change a little by this workshop.

Also, the mother of a body who could not move and speak by the central nervous paralysis told.

"Every morning in this week he started song and play music by instrument from the next day! Maybe, because of what everyone resonated with his shout in same voice.
There was a surprising change.
Above all I am so glad that he could move with a laugh and lively. "

So, it's the power of Life Resonance.
Life is inspired by the resonance, it is empowering.
And the Life Resonance is lacked in the contemporary world fundamentally.
But we can resonate each other as One Life.

My life has changed through this experience.
I felt that I would like to push myself forward to the activities to erase the barriers in the society.
I will live as a midwife for not only as the subbody of students and participants as ever.

We need your support for this.
If you resonate with this, please join us.
If you know some organization of any disabled people, please inform us.
Also we need fund, now we are building a donation site, please help us.
Let's become a midwife of Life Resonance for the future society of human without any barriers.

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11 September, 2015

First Resonance

Second semester of Subbody Resonance Butoh School has started.
On Friday, as usual new students danced the first Resonance Theater.
Each student chose three different butoh bodies which we learned in the first week, and shared them together.
Jiho (Korea) and Brittany (USA) chose the same worlds; and connect to Choi (Korea) and Essi (Finland)'s world.
Totally, it became the Jo-Ha-Kyu started ed from Stone garden - Vaporizing - Proto creatures - Mountain walk - Earth - Own memory - and Water.
In this semester, we focus on the co-creation through Life Resonance.
Everybody co-created each other's world and experienced the diversity of the world change. This is the most novel and rich way of "Butoh of Life" that we could find after ten years experiment in the school.

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