School Journal
July 2019
June 2019
May 2019
 Expanding Butoh Festival
April 2019
March 2019
 Transparent Rhizome
 We learned a lot form Mushimaru-san
 8th Fukushima Resonance Butoh
 Dattan Fantasia and 15 solos
 <Dreaming Share> by Life Resonance
 An exciting start! without any leader
January-February 2019
 Kan Walk
 Behind world share
September 2018
 Nomad Rhizome by five Trios
 New co-creation method has begun
 Cobody Dreaming Share
 Summer Intensive
 Subtle Llistening and Rhizoming technique
 Deep Listening
2018 1st Semester
 <Dreaming Share ver.02 with changing places>
 Dark House
 7th Fukushima 3.11 Resonance

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of Subbody Videos!

January 2018
 Infant of Smoke Bug Rhizome Lee
December 2017
 Thank you for
9 million views on YouTube!
 Resonant Rhizome of Smoke Bug
New Studio Open! 
November 2017
 This is the Resonant Rhizome
 Become Wolf!
Become Bee's swarm, Mole's tonnel
and Rhizome!
October 2017
 Thank you for
8 million views on YouTube!
September 2017
 Thank you for
6 million views on YouTube!
 Eurasia Resonant Butoh Tour 2017

August 2017
 Subtle Listening by Ma Dar at the Wheelchair Butoh Workshop in Hungary
June 2017
 Ramesh, forever! / Rhizome Lee and cobody 
 Listen, Move, and Listen
May 2017
  One week till the Festival
 Ten weeks Integration of subbody=cobody
 The South Asian Fringe Day 1
April 2017
 Behind and front of Mirror
 This is the <Ha> of Jo-Ha-Kyu
April 2017
 April Harvest
 Cobodies share in the forest
Reduced body Share 
March 2017
 Moving line as if the "Kamaitachi"
 Resonance "School" Revolution
 The 6th Life Resonance
with Fukushima 3.11
 Letter for new and old co-researchers and participants

India Resonant Butoh Tour


 3rd India Tour!
November 2016
 Why Pilar continues to dance with knife?
 Nesting Princess/ Pilar
October 2016
 Resonance happens beyond the border between Self and Others
 Behind the Mirror Aia and cobody
 Searching Atom/ Suman
 Opening new studio for beginner!
 Pilar will back to Himalaya!
 Dance with the Red God
September 2016
  Nomad Rhizome in Himalaya Carotta
 Clouding Body Theater
 How to change your body
July - August 2016
Europe Resonant
Butoh Tour 2016
Subbody Gathering
in Almeria

Spanish Himalaya
June 2016
May 2016
April 2016
 Carrying the Secret 
  Octopus Tomato
 How can we support each other Transparently?
 Kangra Rhizome 
 Solos transform to Rhizomer
 Letting your Problems Devour you
 Proto Qualia Rhizome
 Sharing the Each Own Qualia
March 2016
 Toward Jumping wild
 Carrying the Secret in the
world co-creation
 Sharing the World Changes in the Rock Garden
 Toward the Transparent Butoh
 "Far Forest" Kiyoko/ Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya 
5th Fukushima Resonance Theater 
Jan-Feb 2016

2nd India Life Resonance Tour

 Resonant Subbody Butoh Performance
  "Resonating, Kali and Sick Dancing Princess
 Kolkata Butoh Festival
  Next steps in the tour
(Kolkata, Delhi)
 Indian Children is a teacher of Pure Life Resonance 
 Subbodies spread Resonance from Himalaya to all over the India!
 Good News from Kolkata!
 Let's wash our brain in the diverse cultures!
 Unleash your naked Life in the earth of India!
Decmber 2015
 Million Views on Youtube Anniversary!
 Indian Children is a teacher of Pure Life Resonance 
 "Black Fever" Rhizome Lee Budapest 2000 
 "空 Kuu (Emptiness)" Gadu
November 2015
 "Ghost-Childplay-Fetus" Brittany and Cobody
 "Attachment-Misery-Kingdom" Ram and Cobody 
 Entering the Non-Dual realm
  "Whispers of the Soul take1" Brittany and Isa
 "Breathing Water" Essi and Cobody 
 "Quiet House" Sati (Gio), Mago (Choi) and Cobody
  Co-creation of diverse behind worlds
  Unraveled / Brittany
 Multi-Resonance Body
 Resonant Rhizome at Tatapani Hotspring
 A Harvest Week of Subbodies
October 2015
 Transparent Resonance began to occur
 Life Resonance, October 2015
 Subbody=Cobody at Kangra Fort
 Carrying Density and Saving Intensity
Reduction by X
 Resonant Rhizome, September 2015
 Resonant Rhizome at Chatle Rock Garden
September 2015
 Becoming Transparent Life through <Resonant Rhizome>
 Born in a Strange Place
 Researching for the Bottom Body
 Sharing Various World Changes
 First Resonance Theater
July-August 2015
Hungary 2015
 Life Resonance Workshop Beyond the Barriers
 Resonant Rhizome beyond Barriers in Hungary
 Resonant Rhizome in Hungary! 2015
 A Resonance Experiment of Voice, Sound and Subbody at!15 Butoh Festival in Germany
 Yamazaki, Hit my body with stones! 8 in Germany
Resonant Rhizome in Spain
 Resonant Rhizome Workshop in the Spanish Himalaya
10th Internatioal Butoh Festival Himalaya
May 2015
 Free Resonance in the Dry Pool
 'Soil' Katrine
 'Mountain of Laundry' Jaime and Aymon
 Snow Line Moon Dance by Josua
 "Ripple" Dust Gio, Gabriela and Wodico
 Cosmic Tree Laurence 
 "Strange Density" Dust Gio and cobody
 "A tiny Person on your Back" Gio and cobody
 Free Resonance in the Garden
  "Between Life and Death" Marcus and Katrine
 "Turning Over" Katrine and cobody
 The Unrevealed Beauty/ Laurence and cobody
 "Poison Forest" Aia, Cris, Jeane, Katrine, Lili, Marcus and Sara
 "Nest" Katrine
 Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani 1
Mud Tribes
 'Whats left if anybody is gone'
Marcus and cobody
 'Dream Catcher'
Chandana and cobody
 'Evil spirits of rivers and mountains'
Sara and cobody
April 2015
 ’Nightmare of Flesh’ Batash and cobody
 Kangra Dream Theater
 'Dark Feminine' Odile and cobody
 'Dark Feminine' Aia and cobody
 Subbody Drawing 2015
 Carrying the Secret, Mystery and Flower
 Reserching the Abyss in the Himalayan Rock Garden
 Resonance in the Silent Speed
March 2015
 Magical Witches
 God being torn to shreds
 Starving Ghosts
 Dancing The Invisible
 'Ankoku Ankur' Jaime
Dancing in the Chaos of Multi-dimensional Life Resonance 
January-February 2015
India Rhizoming Tour
 Highlight of India Rhizoming tour 2015
 Donna and cobody at Mumbai Beach
Rhizoming workshop in Mumbai 
 "Healing with Deformity" in Pune
 ”This is the Butoh Rhizome"! in Pune
Inspiring to Rhizoming Roots by Snehal! 
"Zeami" of India 
West Bengal
 West Bengal Highlight
Baul music passed through the body like crazy wind 
Collaborative performance "Oneness" 
 We met a
"Hijikata boy"
 Oneness Workshop in Shantiniketan
 Happy New Year from India Rhizoming tour
India Rhizoming Tour
January 2015
 International Butoh Workshop in Kolkata
December 2014
 Dancing in the 'Blue City', Jodhpur
 Dancing in the Dry Lake
 How to resonante with Tribe people
 Meeting Rabari tribe people
 Camel Caravan Starts!
 Honza, Wodico, Donna on the tree
 'Yamazaki, Hit my body by stone!' Rhizome Lee
 Morning Resonance in the desert
 Pushkar, Rajasthan 1
"The Red God" 2nd Delhi Butoh Festival 
November 2014
 Last Free Resonance Theater
 'Broken Shoes' Gaby
 'Ripples' Wodico(Maki) and Gio
 'Mother Superior' Emanuel and Pamela
 'Searching for the Keys' Ashiesh and cobody
 Tatapani hot Spring, Nov 2104
 'Ripple' Gabriela, Gio, Maki at Tatapan
 'My Home' Maki
 'A Hair Dancing in the Sky' Gabriela and cobody
 'Sounds of Silence' Pamela and Gio
 'My Home' Maki
 'A Hair Dancing in the Sky' Gabriela and cobody
 'Sounds of Silence' Pamela and Gio
 'Extacy of Dead Body' Aga and Ashiesh
 'Devil's last Dinner' Emanuel and cobody
October 2014
 'Grounding' Udit and cobody
 'Ancient Mother' Raissa
 'Interpretation of Dreams' Guarang , Raissa and cobody
 '10,000BC' Guarang, Maki and Udit
 'The Kiss of The Spider' Emanuel and cobody
 'Last Dance' Aga
 'Dream bodies in the Himalayas'
 'Dead Dad's Dolls' Aga, Raisa and Pamela
 'The Invisible in the City' Maki, Pamela, Gaurang, Aga, Raissa, Udit and Piyu
 'Rollings' Gabriela and Gio
 'Milking Cow' Pamela
 'Hantenten' Maki and 'Vna Vez Mas' Inga
 Burning Peacefully' Gabriala, Maki and Gio
 'Blooming in the Rock Garden' Gabriala, Inga, Maki, Pamela and cobody
 Four solos
 'Papaya' Pamela
 'Falling into Blossom' Gio and cobody
September 2014
 'No Title 1' Pamela and cobody
 'Old Rusty Ship' Julia and cobody
 'The Cycle' Gaurang and cobody
 'Sho Jiva Vakaru (Everything is alive)' Udit and cobody
 'It's only Invisible' Maki and cobody
 'Amazon - Our Mother Earth' Gabriela and cobody
 'Birth and Death in the sand' Julia and cobody
 'Water and body' Maki and cobody
 'Behind the Window' Gabriela and cobody
 'Primordial man and woman' Udit and Maki
 'A Girl in the Spider Web' Pamela and cobody
August 2014
Poland Workshop 2014
 Mini Festival in Poland workshop
 Back to the wild in the Polish woods
 Free Resonance by Honza, Kaska, Monika
 Mutual resonance with subbody drawing
 'Gloomy Jam' in an old Polish House
 Painting performance Honza, Jordi, Aga and painters, Music: Felix
 Nomad Rhizome at a stone pit in Poland
July 2014
Italy Workshop in Piedinterra 2014
 Subbody=cobody Jam in the Piedinterra
 Nomad Rhizom in a river near the Piedinterra
 Free Resonance in the Piedenterra Farm, Italy
Greece Workshop in Syros 2014
 Nomad Rhizome in the Syros island
 Nomad Rhizome at the Mediterranean coast
Method of the 'Clouding body' 
  Butoh score of “Sick Dancing Princess” part 1 ‘Clouding body’
May 2014
 'Toward the Origin 2' Laurence and 'Solo' Rowan
 Hot Spring Rhizome in Tatapani 
  Riverside Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani
  'A Duet Mazrka' Olga & Rowan, 'Back to the origins' Laurence, ' ' Caroline
  'Matiers' Aymon and 'The Fort of Kangra Cave' Jaime
  'Pamela' Pamela in the Gloomy Air
  Caroline, Madina and cobody
  'The Broken Tree' Duet; Ankur and Jaime
  'Soldier's Wife' Olga & 'Sense' Aless
 'Red Line' Elena
 A Harvest day of subbody=cobodies
 Three Solos and a Quartet; Shamaayal, Ankur, Chong, Aymon, Jaime, Robert
 Three Duets; Olga&Elena Pamela&Laurence Aless&Robert
 Two Duets;
'Love for You' Ankur and Gio
'Dance of Life' Jaime and Gio
 'Kangra Fort 2014'
April 2014
 ''Unexpected happening and laughter by Trickster' Jaime and Mickeal
 'Sugar Death, Hell Birth' Robert
 After cobody experiment Gio
 "Surrender to Nature" Gio and Cobody
 Ankur, Aymon, Marie and cobody
 Aless, Micheal, Shai and cobody
 'Ourobiography' Robert
 'Quivering Space' Gio and cobody
 Sucking up proto qualia from the earth
  'The Living Part of This Stone' Aless and cobody,
'Delivered Into The Wild' Jaime
  'Big Tree Lover' Olga and 'Michelangelo Is Showbiz in Purgatory' Robert and cobody
 'Ash Girl' Gio and Pamela
 'Father' Ankur and Aymon
 'Honest to God' Mickeal
 'Give Yourself Permission' Jaime
 'Bottom' Ankur and cobody
 'Transformation' Olga and cobody
 Shisha Terracotta Soldiers Qin Dynasty/ Chong and cobody
 'La・die・bug' Pamela
 'Spectrum Demon Stration' Michael
 'Sooty Tomato Love' Gio
 'What do you remember Little Stone' Marie
 'Candle Blame' Ankur and cobody
 'Busy busy!' Robert and cobody
 'Facing to Ego' Chong and cobody
 'Unwelcome world' Pamela and cobody
March 2014
 Behind spirits in a costume room and cobody
 Unexpected Birth 2 Olga and cobody
 Unexpected Birth 1 Mickeal and cobody
 Unexpected Birth in unknown world
 The Discontinuity in 'A size walk'
 Riverside Nomad Rhizome
 Dancing the invisible 'Behind world'
 3.11 Fukushima Life Resonance theater
 Life Resonance with 3.11
November 2013
Himalaya Butoh Festival #7
  Harvest of Cobody=subbody
 Grand Finale
 Roots and Air Madina 
 Heal the World Kan and cobody
  'Sanctum of Shadows' Ankur and cobody
 'Box' Sebastien and cobody
 SYVYYS Anneri
 Mud Love Soup Aymon and cobody
 'Milandre ex Tractee' Marion and cobody
 'Roots' Piyu and cobody
 Fragrance Mystery in Mountain Rivar Santeri and cobody
  'Icarus Diving Deeper' Robert (USA) and cobody
 'Flower' Kan (Japan)and cobody
  'Tower' Anneri (Norway) and cobody
  'Three Sisters in The Between' Solveig and cobody
 'Abra-Ka-Dabra' Piyu and cobody
 'Amigolion' Lisa (germany) and cobody 
  'What is your behind' Madina(Ukraine)
 'What Happened to the Map in the River' Santeri
 'I am Eternal' Monuj (India)
 Necessity of dance
 Become a Secret!
 Multi-layered Behind World
 Subbody Gathering
October 2013
 A body eaten by the world/ Santeri and cobod
 Becoming Hoopee/ Robert and cobody
 Clouding body/ Monuj, Aymon, Sebastien and Kan
 Happy four billion years for Life!
  Monuj Piyu Sebastien and cobody in Tatapan
 Aymon, Kan, Robert, Santeri and cobody
 Anneri, Ankur, Lisa and cobody in Tatapani
 Dancing the subbody=cobody that is pusshed out
 Unexpected Nomad Rhizome
 Nomad Rhizome
 Method of 'Clouding body'
 Support the "Reverse twist"as cobody
September 2013
 Start from sharing Proto Life Resonance
 Sharing each Life Resonance
 Gate 1 / Monuji & cobody
 Becoming multi number
August 2013
 Sharing Life Resonance as fetus in the same womb
 Welcome to Himalaya in the Monsoon!
June 2013
Himalaya Butoh Festival #6
 Welcome to Himalaya in the Monsoon!
 Grand Finale / 6th Int'l Himalaya Butoh Fesitval
 Sp=PB/Me (Spirit=Fear✕Bird divided by Me) Javier and cobody take2
 Untitled / Agu
Freedom-Constriction-Nuturing / Honza and cobody
 Give Me 5 Minutes / Kaska
 Edge Of An Abyss/ Monuj and cobody
 Forgotten Forest / Solveig
 A Normal Family / Allesia and cobod
 Subbody Revolution / Honza
 Subbody Butoh Street Performance in Dharamsala/ Agu, Ankur, Prerit
 Falling/ Kristien solo
 Paralized/ Alexey and cobody
 Spirits of Dead Animals/ Monuj
 Mother Oyster and the Cocooned Oven/ Ankur and cobody
 Good Girl Alessia and cobody
 Gloomy Spiders/ Dust Gio
 Falling Through Skin/ Kristien
 Babylon/ Alexey and cobody 
 Subbody Weather Kaska and cobody
 "Red Light Butoh" Alessia, Kasuka, Lisa and cobody
 Empty House Solveig, Kristien, Lisa, Kasuka, Alessia, Honza and Monuj
 Fride_Kristien and Alexey
 Leeches Noise_Lisa and cobody
 Falling Night/ Kristien and cobody
 Rapping Up/ Honza and cobody
  Kindling/ Monika and cobody
 Stone Garden Theater
 Sp=PB/Me (Spirit=Fear✕Bird divided by Me)Take1 Javier and cobody
 The time to integrate
 Festival Program
  6th International Butoh Festival Starts next week!
May 2013
 Depth of Darkness/ Anneri and cobody
 Free Resonance in a Cafe
 Real time Life Resonance
Freedom-Constriction-Nurture/ Honza and cobody
  From Multi Number Resonance to
Transparent Cobody
 Family Picture/ Alesia and cobody
 The Dinner Himalaya ver.
  Javier, Honza
 Aymon, Marion, Sebastien
 Nomad Rhizome in Himalayan Rock Garden
 Nomad Rhizome in Himalayan Forest
 Nomad Rhizome in Himalayan River
 Behind Mirror/ Gio
 Silent Tree/ Kaska
 Multi Numbers Theater
 Twin Fetus/ Marion
 Co-creation of an Unknown World/ Aymon
April 2013
 Jogibara Dream Theater Solo
Jogibara Dream Theater
 Kangra Dream Theater Part 3: Honza, Kaska, Solveig
 Kangra Dream Theater Part 2: Kristien, Lisa, Sebastien
 Kangra Dream Theater Part 1: Aymon, Javier, Marianne, Monujg
 Breath of Earth with Tibetan Children
 Dancing Earth and Bottom until meeting a necessity
 Dancing the Earth
 Four Solo exploring the earth and bottom 
Bodies in the Stone Garden
 Rhizome of earth and bottom
 Nomad Theater exploring Earth and Bottom
 Four Witches Theater
  Subbody=Cobody Theater
 World Transforming Theater
 Opening to the Life Resonance
March 2013
 Gloomy Spider/ Dust Gio
 Holi Forest
 Dance the Invisible Life Resonance
 3.11 Fukushima Life Resonance theater
 Fukushima walk
 Welcome to Himalaya! To the land of Life Resonance! 
 Welcome to India! To the Holy land of Sick Dancing Princess!
 Sebastian Li gave you a good timing suggestion
Dance the iInvisible Resonance
  Site name has changed; Subbody Resonance School Himalaya
January-February 2013
 Dancing the Resonance with various Behind worlds
 Kingdom of Himalayan Griffon
 Letter 2
Opening Subtle Listening
 Letter 1
Keep conditioning every morning
 Step eagles have came
Himalaya Butoh Festival #5
 Highlights of 5th Internatinal Butoh Festival Himalaya
 Grand Finale of 5th Internatinal Butoh Festival Himalaya
 I carry the Phallus of Tatsumi Hijikata in My Heart/ Dellamore Dellamorte
 Forbidden Girl/ Gio
 The Red/ Agu Tara (Akshi)
 Way Home/ Valerie
 Sphenoid/ Solveig
 Remains of Pleansure and Pain/ Kristien
 Subbody-cobody in Switzerland
 Death Baloon Elephant/ Akshi, Gio, KatsD
 Free Resonance Theater
 Navel Ear/ Kristien
 Aum Namah Shivaya/ Akshi
 Forbidden Girls/ Gio
 Kuu-Emptiness/ KatsD
 Festival Program
November 2012
 Reborn from a near misscarriging subbody/ Monica
 Near Death Subbody/ Pan
 Way Home cobody/ Valerie
 Navel Ear cobody/ Kristien
 Rhizome Sister/ Gio
 Listening to Sphenoid Bone/ Solveig
 Fire cobody/ Valerie
 Earth cobody/ Kristien
 Stone cobody/ Akshi
 Stone Garden of new students
 Monika researching
 Solvieg integrating
 Valeriya Black face
 Kristien in the pond
 Invitation for each Abyss of own behind world
 A letter from Pan 2
 A letter from Gio
 A letter from Pan
October 2012
 Nomad Rhizome in Tatapani Day 2
 Stone Garden Theater 1, 2
 Solveig & Valerie in Tatapani 6
 Kristien & Roger in Tatapani 5
 Peacock cobody
 "Dead Tree and Salmon"Kats in Tatapani 4
 "Forbidden Girl" Gio in Tatapani 3
 "Talking to God"
Akshi in Tatapani 2
 "Landing of Flaman" Pan at Tatapani sanctuary 1
 Nomad Theater of Forest Cobody Part 2
 Nomad Theater of Forest Cobody Part 1
 We started from Cobody creation
 Bugs Cobody
September 2012
 Chimera Cobody
 Chatru Rock Garden
 Possessed Cobody
 A letter from a student, Dellamore Dellamorte and a reply
 Wave Cobody
 Problem is biggest treasure house for solution
July 2012
 "Let me tell you a secret (addressed to humanoids)"
Dellamore Dellamorte
 Sen-Shin-Hitsu method in Researching process
 Secret gift of A Size Walk
 My biggest teaching / Asuka
June 2012
 "Your Light is My Darkness (in Praise of Shadows)" / Dellamore Dllamorte
The Spirit of Butoh / Dellamore Dllamorte 
May-June 2012
Himalaya Butoh Festival #4 Videos
Himalaya Butoh Festival #4 Photos
 The 4th Int'l Butoh Festival Himalaya (All)
 The Face of Forest
 Dancing Love's Shadow Solo / Eleanor (Australia)
 Disappearance / Kristien (Holland)
 The Womb / Akshi (India)
 An Eye is Falling / Pilar
 Shadow of My Naked Mother / Noah (USA)
 Suffer Little CHildren / Dellamore Dellamorte (Greece)
 Possessed Forest / Kats D (USA-Japan)
 Beginning of the integration into multi-layering solo / Kristien (Holland) and Pan (Greece)
 Dancing in Love's Shadow / Eleanor (Australia)
 Is Mr. Happy Free? / Free (England)
  Ag2NO3 / Javier (Arzentine)
 Anti / Roger (Switzerland)
 Thread of Abyss / Pilar (Colombia)
 Yajna ('Sacrifice') Kats D (USA-Japan)
 Nomad Theater in the Himalayan valley
 Becoming Shisha which transform quietly yet infinitely
 A Petal Falling in the Silence / Gio
 Jump to Himalaya!
 4th International Butoh Festival Himalaya
 Peacock and blood of dance
 Infinite digging in the darkness of body
 May Dream Theater
 Dreams of Shisha in a ruin
April 2012
 Dancing Shisha in the Red God
 Subbodies encountered unknown cobody
 World=Self Storm Theater
 What is "The Red God"?
 Discombobulation theater
 Co-creation of Original Cobody
 Advanced Bugs walk by original qualia
 Jo-Ha-Kyu in the ferest
 Advanced Bugs walk by original qualia
 Dancing with a wall of the world
 Entrances and exits of a nest
 Learning Jo-Ha-Kyu from Himalaya
March 2012
 What is the Discontinuity of walk?
 The discontinuity and the forest
as the World=Self channel in "A Size Walk"
 After The Disaster
 Started from World Channel
 Fukushima attacked the world!
 Fukushima changed the school
 Deep Resonance is beginning!
 Butoh of Shisha, Abyss of Life
 Calendar 2012
November 2011
Himalaya Butoh Festival #3
 Download FestivalPhotoBook
 Family day 2 / Natasja
 Natasja in Tatapani
 Let's meet after 5000 years!
 On the Edge / Gessuri
 Resonance Theater in the Forest / Isabelle
 Possessed / Kats D
 Leftovers After the Ruin / Akshi
 A Dream of Calabi-yau Fetus/ Kats D
 What is Calabi-yau Fetus
 The Origin of the World / Jonathan
 Rhizome / Natasja, Gio
 Dagomara Jose / Isabelle
 A Doll / Akshi
 Mumyouki / Igu
 Family day / Natasja
 Abyss of womb / Pilar
 Behind the Picture / Gio
 "Zoe" / Natasja
 Embryos of subbody
 Program of Festival #3
 A Dream of Calabi-yau Fetus/ Kats D
 Pre-performance at Himalaya town
 A Petal/ Gio
 Abyss of Womb/ Pilar
 Big Harvest on 111111
 Facing the edge
October 2011
Deep teste of Life
Transparent Nomad Cobody
Calabi-Yau World
September 2011
 Deepnening the Resonance
 Carrying a Secret
 Density of Nature/ Syv
  Sekitei (Stone garden)- Keeping the eternity in the moment
 Dreambody resonance from Isabelle
July 2011
 Debugging the Fool /Honza
 All is purple/ Akshi
June 2011
 Affliction/ Natasja
 Loves Shadow/ Eleanor
 Second International Butoh Festival Himalaya has started
 Toward Transparent body
 Passing through eleven worlds
 From the bottomless fear / Ikuko
 Deepening Flower, Secret and Mystery
 Festival Program
 Sinking into the Abyss
 Butoh Festival#2
 Build and crash
May 2011
 Chocolate Party by Witches
 Polishing Details
 Newly Born Universe -Encounters- Living/ Syv
 Whispers of the shadow of a quivering leaf / Bo
 Who twisted me?
 Dancing the warped qualia between world and life
April 2011
Grandng Resonance for 5 weeks ---Gio
 Autobiography on the ROAD/GIO
 Co-creating Jo-Ha-Kyu
 Street Nomad Theater
 Butoh Poem /Isabelle
 Entering into Non-dual realm
 Moving Nomad Theater
Landscape and Constellation 
March 2011
 Dance from the Bottom
 We will go further
 My poem about Dorjee
 Welcome to Himalaya!
Subbody Butoh Himalaya Homebage